Исландия на автомобиле. Большой выпуск.

Исландия на автомобиле. Большой выпуск.

five days on the way, 2200 km on European roads and loads of time in the ocean and here I am in Iceland Iceland Somehow, I imagined this moment differently Thought that Iceland will meet me with sunny weather I will see green shores of Iceland buuuut Ferry Smyril Line Agust 16, 2018 I’m not big fan of pathos speeches but seems that this is the first
SMART cabriolet on the Iceland On smart to the Iceland watch in this video popular locations special effects black caviar useful advices there is enough space for everybody incidents the stone leaved a mark on windscreen police conflicts unboxing instruction just stupid Reykjavik locals answers on main questions why the ice in my whisky is white and here it’s blue and beauty beauty much beauty welcome on border As usual, it’s not like I imagined everything I thought that Iceland will meet with fanfare a stranger on SMART who came here from far lands but nope, guys on border said «and you man come to another gate, we need to talk and check your car» Most of all I’m worried not about the fact will they allow me to move on or not, of course they will allow but for the fact that I have canned food in my trunk here allowed only 3 kg of such food but I have more than 6 kg if not more I was detained on the customs control checked my documents and now something will happen Cool! I was sure that they will check all my stuff but it’s ok they only checked my documents Here is the main rule on the first day in Iceland Wuss, control yourself, leave the phone and stop making photos every 15 meters there will be enough beauty you will see enough waterfalls, meadows, mountains etc take it easy beauty is everywhere easy I said and seems right now I will take my cam and start making video from the first moment, you fall in love with Iceland with its meadows waterfalls boundless spaces pleasure to drive in such beautiful place It seems that Lord somehow changed the laws of physics here the laws of physics here and lowed the sky below in Iceland these clouds hand over your head such a feeling that you can touch them On your first hours here you get acquainted with locals with lambs and with free Iceland horses This is a special breed, which is found only in Iceland Animals and landscapes are not the only what you pay attention to there is one more thing prices We began often complain that life became expensive petrol and restaurants are expensive Guys, you just have never been in Iceland I’m not philologist at all but I think that word «expensive» invented by the Icelanders I will show you what does it mean So, I’m here in supermarket and it’s not usual, it’s supermarket of sales, here the lowest prices Be honest, I saw those prices and I’m in shock Now I will show you everything every time I filling up my car in Iceland -its like pain I know, that there is no need to insert such thing at the beginning of the video but it’s my personal blog and I share everything with you I wouldn’t be me, if not get in troubles at first day so, it happened again! I’ve lost my second camera * lost my first one, three days earlier in Denmark As usual, I leave my cam on time-lapse and took off my dron decided to make a video of myself in the car and forgot about camera, and remembered in 5-10 min about it was shocked I came back in 20 min (not more) cam was in the field I came and there was no cam Now, I don’t know how I will make further videos as now I have only one camera left when I came and saw there is no cam I was so upset, even can’t clearly describe those emotions I had I’m so empty and don’t even know what to do now know nothing and where to go I have found the moment when I leaved my camera in the field here it is this is cam you see here? on tripod, a big one and I left and dron flew with me For you, maybe, it’s just a camera but for me it’s several months of work I decided to go to the Police can’t find the Police phone number for your understanding, I ask locals where is Police office they told “I have no idea where, maybe somewhere” somewhere It means that people don’t have troubles here If you will ask where the police office in my city be sure that any grandma on the street will tell you and in Iceland its somewhere it’s clear I have found police office but it was closed They work from 9am – 3pm with lunch break I’m ready to do anything to find my camera I asked so many people and visited several camping it’s like look for a needle in a bottle of hay I think, I should ask guys from hostel hostel camping I’ve booked a room in hostel I’m so exhausted cause I’m not ready to stay in camping in such mood and hostel cost me 73$ that is the most expensive hostel ever there is no another so expensive hostel in the world 73$, insane For such price you can book a normal hotel in another country and here you will stay in the room with 8 people whatever I just need a rest and tomorrow be ready to know what to do next here what happened next, magic Helen hostess in the hostel Guys, there is 99% that they have found my cam it seems that police took my camera I don’t believe 3 hours later So, it was not police, who took my cam but people who worried that someone lost a cam and gave it to police officer now, I have 1800$ in my hands and priceless information understand? here is my baby right now I’m shooting on that cam you see the difference in video quality and how it would be pity to lost it Big thanks to Police of Iceland they are cool but even bigger thanks to the people who returned my camera they showed consciousness and now I have one more reason to love this country guys, remember this place, here work very nice people As for me, I will remember it forever Helen from hostel, thank you very much Hey, Iceland I know you just one day, like a lil life in one day You impress me, of course at the positive side There must be something unreal, as I can see the first thing you feel here is the smell of sulfur glad that you can’t smell it do you know how bunch of vapers look like? this yellow stuff is sulfur there is a really strange thing for me people came here from all over the world to take photos of this treasures come to us, to Marhanets, Zheltye Vody, Karabash, Nikopol any place where you can find metallurgical plant you also can see the same image smells disgusting, big crowd, something is gurgling nearest flora has all colors of rainbow if everything is the same why you should pay more (ukr humor) The geothermal theme in Iceland is so interesting that I decided to make separate video you can find link in description trip in Iceland can be more full if you have a car with big wheels and people on small cars such as mine use main roads only it’s custom here, to drive cars with large wheels such as like this one or this car in the left is ok and on the right is not so much ok however, not everyone travels by car there are a lot of people on bikes and hitchhikers people told «hey dude, you travel on SMART, you are insane…” here you see, people travel even on bikes it’s real challenge I’m on car and it’s ok roads the main road which goes through the whole island and bends around is a good one and its asphalted, but there are some sections with gravel on it which usually flies out from cars ahead into your windshield and that’s what you have after what’s the hell, the stone in my windshield memory from Iceland the stone in my windshield was very painful ok, I should confess I’m crazy about traveling by car I enjoy such traveling but understand that this way of traveling is not for everyone my nationality makes me pick up calculator and count tickets on ferry from Denmark to Iceland with my car – 1000 euro housing costs – 200 euro fuel – 150 euro it’s not much cause I’m on my SMART total amount 1350 Euro Oh, I forgot I counted fuel and housing costs only in one way plus 350 Euro and finally total costs – 1700 Euro I didn’t expect, it’s so expensive Ok, let’s combine this way of traveling with traditional lets open application AviaSales for instance departure from Minsk choose the date, October in a month one passenger So, we have the cheapest ticket – 545$ it is four times cheaper than mine this application has new function fast tickets booking it means you enter your information ones and on your next booking you can fill in inf in one click if you want to experience fast booking just find tickets with lightning sign and link on this application you can find in description of this video it’s cold let’s get warm better now Iceland with all it’s high prices still have the real advantage beauty is for free yep, guys from the high of drop you can see how epic and beautiful it is and no people at all but the reality is different *(I know that there is something on my nose) *(since I travel alone, nobody told me that I have something on my nose ) be ready! if you come here in the morning, good photo will never be done because tourists many tourists one tourist
(rare stuff) if you come here during peak season, be ready to wake up early, if you want to see most interesting locations you see, there is no parking place even camping and now is the most interesting housing prices I won’t comment something just know that everything you see right now are not hotel but guest houses there is the only way live in camping but if you travel by car you have bunch of advantages you can take the whole home with you SMART has very small trunk it was a challenge to pack all my stuff in that trunk all in all there are many useful stuff in here I took large tent sleeping bag two gas balloon food pan gas burner auto pump inverter tourist mat toe warmers Real situation, I’m city guy, once in my life I set up a tent and it was on Orel&Reshka this small challenge of mine is for those who have never been in campaigns do I have a chance to set up this tent and how much time it will take I will time how fast I will set up my tent now and in the end of my trip let’s do it go-go why there are no pictures, how should I understand it on the image it looks better than mine what is eyelet who knows what is eyelet, insane why it’s so low? it should be higher I see people have nice tents and I have a piece of sh*t ok, it’s just one night who cares than I will learn instruction in details stupid instruction I’ve spent 20 min 15 sec but if you will watch videos in internet or just will find not stupid instruction you can do your best and set up it in 10-15 min, I think I wish there won’t be rain at night I know as a good host, I should welcome you in my house, but you should wait for a while it’s still not the end get settled a lil now let’s see what I can get for 15$ besides of lawn for tent beauty shower eatery/kitchen teapot microwave that’s it I never thought that I would say that i start my stream in my tent i can do like this Guys, I thought that I’m insane as decided to live in a tent but right now, when my tent home became comfortable and warm I have super warm sleeping bag I realized that it’s super cool t’s a good escape from the city life real city detox people, just try it someday super awesome of course I will come back home with pleasure and will sleep well in warm bed but this way of traveling will reload you I have to survive this night because outside +7C but night ahead Iceland is so diverse sometimes it’s like Lanzarote island in the Canaries sometimes like Switzerland without snow on tops sometimes Arizona or Utah but with so many green colors and all this beauty you can see on one small island its main road length is 1500 km you can cross it on simple car or minibus or camper car whatever But you have an option to do as I did travel by own car it will take more time you will travel in your own car with your own stuff from home there is something unique it will takes more time and more effort to prepare but it worth it believe me you won’t regret it these small Iceland towns live several tens thousands of people but they are even nicer of that fact architecture and landscapes it’s amazing I don’t know if they understand and feel the fact that they live in such beauty or they lost their freshness of vision and do not pay attention on it that is the treasure of traveling you can see many cities where you senses are not sharpening and you see the beauty as it is cause in your own city you can’t feel the beauty of surroundings as you cross those street every day and here I enjoy every moment of being there simple and small Iceland city this awesome guy told me that today is day of the Reykjavik City in the centre of it will be a big party I’m a lucky man, will celebrate Reykjavik birthday the biggest part of the country live in Reykjavik there are no skyscrapers or wide streets but there is something unique and special while driving in this city, I feel a lyric mood this city makes me feel respect to it and to people who live here I don’t think that life here is very easy anyway, I can’t say that people who live here – unhappy I think it’s vice versa it’s funny but locals wear only t-shirts how it’s possible, as it’s so cold outside yelling on Icelandic I have no idea what did he say but I know the main thing, that in one thousand years Icelandic didn’t change at all it means that modern Icelanders can easily read manuscripts of thousand years old try to do the same trick with old Slavonic doubt that you will understand something I’m walking along the embankment and realized that I couldn’t shoot the good overview of the city today cause every third person here is drunk I think that they don’t have many holidays here so I expect that in several hours city will be full of zombie vikings The City Birthday Unexpectedly, but Iceland also has flower sellers on parties here on city party you can see local starts and everyone knows who are they people enjoy, sing and dance it’s always funny when you travel and see that every city has its own celebrities and thousands of people dance while unknown red guy with freckles, singing on the stage it’s really funny you think what is going on and who is that hippie it’s local star, guys I can’t believe, people
I have never saw such I open booking.com and see that in the capital on this country I can stay only in one place costs 120$ it’s not a hotel…it’s guest house with f.cking 6,5 rating on booking.com it’s insane, how it’s possible I have no idea what to do I have no plan B thanks Polina, I’m grateful to you… ok, I will call you later funny, but it was Orel&Reshka style, right now you tell to all friends who have another friends, maybe in Reykjavik ok it’s a long story, but my friend Den helped me a lot Thank you Denis he connected me with his friend Polina in Reykjavik and she invited me to stay in her place in my situation, its very tempting offer, I should say and I will accept it lets’ see how Icelandic apartments look like I’m Anton nice to meet you It’s interesting, as you can see Icelandic flat is very small and there is no office but our people will solve the problem it is ex storage room became office No one else, even wikipedia, can share with you so much information as person who lives here for 13 years thank you for this home, hello another one sights Hot springs in Iceland are everywhere but there is something more interesting hot river yes, it’s real geothermal river I have a plan to swim in hot river air temperature is 8-9 C let’s check the water awesome, it’s hot about 40C it’s free geothermal spring in the open air and there is place for everyone you should walk 3 km to reach this place 40 min what is interesting, is that Icelanders even this place made comfortable there are chairs, simple dressing rooms there is enough comfort the same hot spring but with blue water and bar for those who ready to spend some money min ticket costs 50 Euro but on that day I have found only ticket for 70 and 90 Euro and I can come in at 11pm cause there too many tourist who wants to chill here so you should book tickets in advance next point is Valley of Geysers but I didn’t have a chance to show it to you it was too rainy that day no matter winter or summer must have stuff in Iceland – raincoat video not of the best quality, sorry it’s all about weather Now I’m here in the Valley of Geysers here lives the most old Geyser it’s name Strokkur and every 5-10 min geyser shows itself on public that’s it there is one place, I’m driving to place of plane crash dc 9 or dc 10, I don’t remember it’s an old American plane I saw this place on several pages in insta it’s not very touristic place you should walk too long to reach it, but seems very beautiful this crashed plane on black sand I suppose it will be interesting not very touristic place As you can see, reality is different I expected to see place without tourist no parking place instead I see million of people who are ready to walk 3,5 km there and back I see no sense to walk with them right now, it’s insane to see hundreds of tourist on that poor plane as passengers oh, it’s a lil disappointment this sand is like coal dust just deep black color it’s unreal amazing place I wish it could be sunny weather now but now it is rain and nevertheless it is amazing you should see that place one day when it’s sunny weather Water Glacier You see those glacier tongues seems like they spilling over the mountains and the view is so picturesque green meadows and green mountains and suddenly you see blue ice looks like ice mountain unbelievably beautiful it is all a crater of an extinct volcano which is filled with perennial ice you can reach it only on car with big wheels not on SMART But…I know how to see this ice glacial lagoon this is one of the wonders of the world and it’s in Iceland it’s a big lake 18 000 square km this lake was born due to the fact that glacier is gradually melting and all the water flows down from the slopes of the mountains and this lake born with big ice pieces seems that glacier won’t stop melting and lake will be even bigger there is so many countries in one Iceland but right now I realized I can combine it with one more place – Antarctica lagoon is alive all the time you hear the sounds the feeling that someone lives here but it’s just those pieces of ice move all the time icebergs melt A question time! All people want to know why ice in my glass of whisky is white and this one is blue ? since this ice is very old one and it was pressed for a long time and under its pressure bubbles of air were compressed become very small and due to this fact this ice absorbs almost the entire spectrum of colors except blue and became this blue truly, it’s hard to realize how big this glacier is the last time I felt the same, was when I saw big canyon in Arizona but can you imagine how big it is it’s 10% of Iceland territory average thickness of ice 400 m and max 1000m can you imagine 1 km of ice it was building up hundreds of years I want to show you the panorama of this glacier this is all one glacier it’s all around in order to understand the scope of this natural wonder I have to launch my drone Gastello into the space only from space you can see and realize how big this glacier is it’s my last day in Iceland and I decided to treat myself with the most expensive camping during my trip and just look what I can see from my todays’ camp holly mother what a beauty now I understand the thing about camping first of all it’s really cool yesterday, I came back to my tent and felt like ‘wow I’m at home’ second advantage you can post your home anywhere you want you can get any view you want to get such view in the hotel you have to pay min 1000$ you have to pay min 1000$ and here you can get such view just for 20$ ok, guys, do you remember about my tent challenge so the second part of it how fast I can set up my tent in the end of my trip my last score was 20 min 15 sec how better result I will get this time 7 min 50 sec and I even hesitated a lil bit cause seems that this place is not for camping it’s parking I hope you’ve caught the fact that I improved my skills in setting up the tent now it looks like normal tent people, I’m not a professional tourist to set up a tent it’s not very hard thing to do so, if you are afraid of camping, there is no reason cause you easily can do this by yourself and you will enjoy the process as do I No doubts, it’s one of the most beautiful countries I have even seen and Iceland it’s all in one package for tourist Iceland asks you, what do you want, dude you want to see lakes? -ok there are lakes you want to see the ocean? no problem, here it is volcanos? -enjoy glaciers? please, we also have You want something more? Forests? Forests I also have! if there were also palm trees and warm weather then it would be possible not to travel at all and stay here in Iceland in that sense Iceland amazes me at least once in a lifetime every traveler should visit Iceland of course you should be ready for such trip especially for local prices in all other senses Iceland fully meet my expectations Amazing country awesome, agree? want to see? start traveling I was so impressed by Iceland, that forgot to say thanks to my car after a week of traveling here, I’m on the same place after 5 000 km of traveling on this small car on a small car people on the border thought I was crazy that decided to travel by such car but here I am and I crossed the whole country on my SMART and didn’t use any spare on my way if I could do it on my little car then you will do it easily on your big cars and it’s time to tell you about one more advantage of traveling by car you can drive to Faroe Islands not far from here frankly saying, I’m going to do it just right now but about this adventure, I will tell you in my next video Thanks and see you visit Iceland

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  39. Я так переживала вместе с тобой, а потом столько радости, что так бывает, что люди возвращают дорогую вещь, и ее еще и полиция возвратила.👏

  40. Идиот в России мякоть говяжья тоже за 400 сотни стоит, вот это ьлин дорого, а с их зп – это нормально))

  41. Дааа, с луганскими номерами да в Исландии, это как орловский номера на занзибаре))))) героизм!

  42. " Поліна , я на колінах … " – Бумбокс не даст соврать )
    Симпатичная девушка, жаль что не захотела светиться на камеру, было бы интересно услышать ее рассказ о местном колорите и о жизни там.

  43. Замечательное видео! Я в полном восторге! Пожалуй на сегодняшний день самый качественный контент!!! ❤️

  44. Когда Вы нашли свою камеру, я расплакалась!! Вот честное слово! Черт, у Вас классные выпуски!! Смотрю который день друг за другом!!! Восхищаюсь Вами!! Скооолькооо нужно проделать работы, чтобы выпуск увидел свет!!!!! Столько таймлэпсов, столько видеомонтажа, столько нереальных кадров!!! (Вы реально это все делаете самостоятельно?) Супер! Пожалуйста…пожалуйста, не теряйте свои камеры!!!!! Мы хотим увидеть Ваши работы целиком!!!! Удачи! Вдохновения! Терпения! И денег, много денег!! Не представляю, сколько уходит на один выпуск…

  45. Антон, у тебя по ходу уже в Исландии смарт застучал. Клапаны аж в кабине слышно было:)

  46. Ой, Антон! Ну не удивил ты ценами))))))в Канаде в Ванкувере всё то же, и бензин уже почти 2)))) Полина – просто лапочка!

  47. Очень трогательный момент с камерой . Люди Исландии удивляют

  48. Ну это надо же…опять потерял камеру! Антон, я буду ездить с тобой и тогда всё будет на месте и при тебе! Красоты местности тебя дезориентируют….я твой сберегатель имущества в путешествиях👼. Пиши [email protected]

  49. Антон,как зависит цена парома от размера транспортного средства?

  50. А какая хоть камера была на на штативе, которую ты забыл на дороге? Какая модель?

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