Плетение подсвечников из газетных трубочек! Запись трансляции!

Плетение подсвечников из газетных трубочек! Запись трансляции!

so I connected
everything seems to be good I’m waiting for the first
guests in general guests hello hello everyone
big you on the line broadcast
or if in a record will look then
immediately rewind somewhere in 10 minutes
we will begin that is the first 10 minutes immediately
rewind boldly these are organizational moments so that
greetings to Julia you are the first so again
my nose itches Olesya how are you doing
we have rain in the back very strong
will soon be knocking mihail hello
my greetings hello 10 we wait for a minute
all or maybe not ten can be
six minutes and a check very good hope
in transliteration anastasia is good
let’s do now the necessary
settings but in general as usual yes we have
here preparation is so clear
stella and necessarily andrey
zdravtvuyte and I told her how many are you
how many are you now
be sure to everyone I will reply with us
Today weaving candlestick so now all of us
remained perfectly to all we see greetings and
old too all-all-huge
hi i am now Quickly you all
I will re-read compulsory hour
I will make the necessary settings and
VKontakte of all let me know that we are here
so so so agate is good something you are very
today is active and By the way, I noticed that
activity will wean for very
good for Mondays so everything
still sleep and on very
good activity so everything is now me
Quickly it all I will do so like
all yes so open chat in a new window
know these before video settings they
always as before broadcast and in the beginning
always broadcast so what about
all now say hello to hope
veronica olesya grief Andrew julia greetings
hello to all hi and so 40 larisa
leaves of polyne to us joined eugenia good evening
Hello everyone gorged on the smoke yes we
today bought a melon and I’m generally high and
ate so I have here there will be some
notice to phone well, all right
I think nothing scary and magic so
I will not be a candlestick Looking good.
hello, hello, great then I’m busy there
good will of the Sannikov evening boat
all-all-everything hello Great Victoria
Hello Michael so the phone was turned off
tubes prepared there are motor commands in it
now there will be a team engine hour quickly
all connect it’s already hot
Dina begins larissa walya katya
olga amelia ameli probably yes hello
hello to you great how did you sfotkala
yawning a bowl is her husband photographed her
he was sitting here and I that’s where it’s at
stool sat al but about the forest hope
gulmira and the people pulls up
anastasia louisa hi hai hai fishes
hello to all zulaiho hello hello maria
Hello vested with olga
active thursday higher because the end
you want to take your mind off and do
Yes, I also noticed hello hello and Elena
all the greatest hello mrs may
LIFE Hello everyone I also hang
does not load into live chat only
alive then close this
broadcast go out and re-enter it
like everything will be OK
Irina Golubtsova greetings hello
anastasia to all good evening and chair
and even watch tula sergey at home yes he already
at home everything came back with It will work
be here something is walking and
do not talk pay attention
look the first time I’m waiting something new
Tatyana well, I hope that without knowing the new
family will or not we will be today
candlesticks I prepared a bank
for this if we have time will remain
or even if we are in forces will or I have
tubules are not will end
we will begin to weave second option
candlestick elena come to you great
I already have a New Year mood up to
acoustics or classics are compulsory
OK candlestick
it is not safe it will be as though it will be
apple sata bank and in general by the way there is an option
candlestick which I I want to, that is, he will
impact is lower but here it will be
candle in general by the way a candle
you drive insecurely so says yes a long time
it’s time even for a shot chat to him
him to the room hiding hi snow
dropped shadow heaven hello hello, great, what
let’s start oh oh but honestly
something I forgot now I will return for
sprayer before their loved ones
humidify tubules now a moment so here I am already
returned miss you
briefly departed well that let’s
start until 6 minutes all Let’s begin so let
so here I am now I will switch so there
we were a cat I think that’s like this
will be fine yes it is visible so well that
tubes already prepared the truth
I know them beautifully this afternoon you are not
are they already barber dried up
Hello hello they are already
dried up and me have to
moisturized but I know today somehow
very bad prepared for
there is not even a broadcast the broadcast is the same
well and to myself wicker not so
I have a weighting agent for the banks to have it
us nowhere and not in what place is not
filed did not fall so what are you giving
Let’s start on such that more wet
tubules this is more dry for
the whole floor falls we have today
today is a day like this everything falls down
lay then all and all it is clear that we still have
we have no snow yet until the rain
with might and main so well, as usual we
we will not hurry before laying out
straws then I look at
I do not really have no calculations
how many tubes taking for a basis up to
for the bottom but I about this
I do because I earlier such
small braids about I even
I do not know by sight as it were calculated
yes how many of that will be how much worthwhile
they will be close be located
somehow by sight so a bag with 10 kopecks
collect will be excellent
weighting agent with us looking for a planet of me
colored tubules paints for batik
interesting option Elena in which city
you live from me Karaganda Kazakhstan
we are from st. petersburg but
live under saint petersburg
But in general, as it were that’s like under
Petersburg now so generally in
saint petersburg so such a candlestick
lapses in principle I will easily invent how
easiest to do it’s all about who
weaves candlestick generally with me
1 time first I 2 on 2 I’ll take a look at
at least like this everything will be done at
we’ll see yes we’ll see but all
is equal to us these lines do not care
It will be necessary without this there is nothing in this
topic what color stain
painted tubules ebony yes
absolutely exactly light Good evening Tatiana
writes in Moscow in Moscow the rain is pouring from us too
hello from the point second time on
there are very like
victoria writes great sorry that I
I can weave but with I’ll be happy
I can not observe weave to
hello hello from us strong wind is good
and the water is good we will necessarily transfer
you are next to lies and ears are stirring so on
guard your own food hello to all the boat
you are a super master thanks a lot but
for super master me still far away but thank you
I will cut the paper anastasia writes
great also good Good olga evening
evening while I’m here you can to tell so here it turns out
I can two by two can be a third
I’ll add a tube Let’s see
I’m just the bottom in this time I do why
because his and so she will not be seen
will be under our bank so well the candlestick yes y
us soon that holiday and this one as
his lord i forgot by the way who will remind
what a holiday halloween yes now
some New Year is its fashion
to celebrate who wants to keep up
With time, you can weave the
next lesson we we will definitely
weave dogs New Year’s this
all sorts of things attributes are required
we still have October so now we
we can weave next time yes here
now a candlestick it can be worn on
new year is rude saying yes and
on halloween very will suit
now I read pakalne here
grasped quickly esteem
chat hello hello of something
have not seen you for a long time how are you at my place
the board is criss-cross lined
centimeters convenient to lay down pipes
even this is great brand
hello to us on Urale in Yekaterinburg
there was snow now plus 4 but then we have
will soon come more lips Hello janochka
hello what candle you will put but
then in the bank in the bank I do not I know maybe
some small candle
here is an example for me here and there is a
there is little more candle
let’s see in general I somehow in the bank
I lit it here stencils did
all sorts of different figures was not interested
good evening anastasia writes
Svetlana joined
Tatiana today is the day the teacher by the way way
by the way let’s me with you today
chatted for a day teachers
all is well thank you just preparing for
exams all we prepare like you
body all well yes also for exams so
like another October so ha is probably hyia
ege up thank you Tatiana chko
great to you too all the lightest
by the way yes all teachers
congratulations on their professional
holiday and I wish patience in love
work inspiration that’s all in all
such a the best best wishes
good luck in job inspiration in
creativity of luck in overall all the best
I wish everyone in school now works Hello everyone
really love you learn ghalina writes
weaved fruit Very nice, thank you
great for help thank you galinochka
good evening frets cuckoo cuckoo
joined good evening and in this
year exams take it’s okay you are our
teacher we are you congratulations, thank you
great now by the way, here I am
I start to braid on my bottom
this way let’s try yeah
thus I’m braiding by the way the color of tubules
bad somehow some
dark-dark somehow nonsense, but it is
dark blue like this that all I think is that
ok here i am see the first row I
wove a group of 4 yes y me here is the group a
now I immediately group of 2 begin
disconnect here till a long time to tinker
with them immediately to 2 disconnect and, as it were,
all than if the time is we will be like I am already
repeated with a plait 1 candlestick option
if time is from shoulder and second
option time will i shorten so now
broadcast time because the quality
decreases after two hours somewhere and therefore
here two hours probably it will be a maximum
two and a half so this is the maximum
I will not long cast
do because quality all the same yes I
looked July with agree with you
quality is reduced therefore I will not be long
do broadcast so we
we do not hurry this is the one time
I repeat because I I do not like to hurry
me actually little work is being done
because I’m special I strongly do not hurry up and
you do not advise though Of course not, but every
sub-assemblies wavers his own pace
maybe someone weaves even faster
you can say yes so of course
see for yourself this In general, people are
that I’m generally slow the stove, I even slowly
I draw roughly in I do everything in general
slowly so I I work at my own pace
neatly not in a hurry
good luck helluva hello you
who by profession but in general by profession I
teacher teacher primary classes with
English well for primary
kiddies good evening I got to sit down and I’m spinning
I listen to the straws it seems we will weave
lamp is great Bakurov Elena
hello a pancake how cool is all this
do the umnichka and lenochka thank you so much
We have a teacher’s day in romania wahl congrats
all English on the string and after two
hours to take a break for 5 minutes and start
a new broadcast Svetlana writes and
she will be boot up
another half hour after two hours therefore not
I know, I somehow wanted to so we’ll see
in general there or then we will purify these
live broadcasts we’ll see but for now
this week was three live broadcasts
but honestly this as if very much so
a bit too much but I like I would judge by myself that
there is still touch broadcasts
we are giving our best and you and I
lay out here so let’s see how
on forces yes at us will go
let’s read in as a last resort
it is worth notifying restart
continuation every hours and a half and you can
yes hello dear way at us for
Teacher’s day was already thanks to you naplela
some such incidents
there was no departure from my mother my
Hi, good evening frets good evening
all with the existing teachers on holiday
before joining congratulations
frets hello, we with mom here mom
hello greetings big mum like you
a lot of things by the way very a lot of you so I’m here
good afternoon teacher distant teacher and shadow
rayt to bunting so interesting to communicate
ultimate yes of course I did not eat
here you see my versions with the teacher and the truth
so with holiday 2 so mihail I straws
when I build up with glue I do not use simply
I wind them cool and one edge practically
sharp then glue smear when the product
for example a jug approach to the match
mild I’m actually too
used to build up without Well, how to say without
glue but see here this is twist
after all, I I realized that she did not
very good good the view gives the product well
somehow I realized this like that over time
some understood before and I only
now understood see as it were
tell someone when understands to rude
saying if I see that distance between
tubules then I increase
I push these groups for
in two tubes by one tube here
this way here I get it
I certainly want an angle do a better job here
so let’s do it can be so around
will do do not normally think
that here so here greetings arin hi ilina
I’m great tomorrow to work with
With new forces, cool I congratulations to everyone
and teachers especially Julia
even kind explain cool thanks a lot
dear hello, I, too with you mars alina
hi hello 3 absolutely
Little although every day
go on the air hello to your mother in 777
Thank you so much dear and I would like to
every day but sometimes like this
on broadcast I’m so laying out on the very
business that is it it seems that they are easy
sometimes it takes a lot of power
there is like the energy here it is a lot like
expended on sensations for
feelings say now when the video
about pictures or make a video about
modeling and I’m already by the way released a video about
drawings arinochka so I do
knitted wipes potholes
to make a felt later good good
Lights Shows of course a photo and
showing necessarily take from
and broadcasts be more careful how
let the road I already said you need us
the main thing that was it’s a pleasure
thank you very much yes so too, so I
I feel like you say so and
feels yes so she hi how is the weather all
it’s good we have rains wait for the rain it
element as in the song drank but today
by the way we had time take a walk today
it was not raining in the afternoon straight at all when
no noon rains of rain it’s just like that
pleasure for us not me direct
If honestly like it
know why that here is how here here
how goes and goes that there is no need for personnel
reshoot here I am made a reservation and
made a reservation and it’s me even like it here
when i shoot a video this is some kind of nightmare with
these frames I do not like one thing
other do not like here as though but not
I like it great let it go as it goes and
all such as are so it seems to me you would
did not want to try to make a stream
from plastics characters of all kinds
I do not know how to polpit sculpt while I would with
pleasure at this over
learn so much eugene
Hello plan for your
mother begin to weave interest their
very very in detail all
explain thank you thank you very much
great by the way let me say that
we will have a real weeks what video well
it is not enough to whom that Interestingly so mean
be sure here I am just
asked to make a video about my drawings therefore
I’ve already shot a video on next week
this is all mounting spreading on
materials in watercolors but this is not for weaving
yes and then on weaving
I’m here by the way take my leave to the side
we are taking off the weaving master class on
weaving lizard by weaving a wheelchair
further platem dog we are in a straight line
This is not separate
the master class will be in live broadcast
generally very much by the way in request
something to weave in a straight line broadcast but I
I’ll try it all realize
although very much many any queries
such interesting but here’s a look at
common lizard and wheelchair
it is necessary separate
master class with us I will continue tomorrow, I
all the same upload video from
patterned cotton weaving spread even me
there they accuse all kinds of plagiarism
nevertheless, here so too
spread why I can not lay out
Here’s what’s next with us further here so on
bends, too, lay out video is necessary well
in general, something like this so here we go
we’ll stick it New Year’s Eve
gadgets podstavochku for
bottles in the form of a Christmas tree we will weave in general
Of course we do not have turn yourself see
and so and so we have here all here at us bottom
woven you know me here I have some
ask yes that’s how here is how much to calculate
I do not know such people there tubules how much
how much am I if I honestly can not
I always say make eye contact with me
somehow it’s hard here with this
now what am I doing now I’m here
directly build new straws
why i do it i now I will explain
look at me will be will be here
crossing up to
in communication are very short turns out
Yes, I’ll show you now such here they are even up to
height of the can reach and get
that I do not now raschu here in this place
yes in this place about the slab
even place you plate place of build-up
and then they have I’m just
clean will go to as if along the length and
roughly speaking and I can they also do
the bend is therefore now I will
ramp up increase for this purpose
this time too, yes I I take this
my favorite method but in general to me he
likes more than anything I’m just cutting off
these are the stoeches while I clip these
vertical tubes I’m now I read chat
very much all of you wrote so much so
so-so so no light
liked shadow shadow message
it is clear to all kind Svetlana’s evening
have a nice chat Thank you so much so-so-so all with
holiday recently mastering natalya
she wrote on my opinion about modeling
Good evening everyone arina mazur simply
a lot of you are writing here so I try
read from all say hello
since you have everything to do a favorite hobby
oleg to us joined greetings
Hello fret read country of masters about
twist tubes about the end of twisting at whom 2
centimeter some even one and a half now
that’s fixed on it you too when
learn it pay attention
no by the way I’m not on it paying attention to
I’m at it by the way long such end
here is the twist takes two seconds
half a centimeter but I just draw
attention to the tubules that is, that they
as if were not too floor and that is right here
Here it is, and I so I show, it seems
such a normal but also generally draw
attention to something cocaine length that is
it still will not be longer than this width
strips which you
I use it so this imagine to myself
it always worked like this so I have a message
it did not pass there is such a fret
maple leaves will only be
released already there is on the channel just about
very big emotional
the voltage needed time to gain
the forces of the girl about the rain
peter in the summer of the inhabitants saint petersburg
All of us are shocked the appearance of the sky
huge glowing orbs called sand the main thing
not to be afraid and not call us through yes
cheers, I’m with you, they are you envy let me have it already
already do not pay attention is already yes to me
already here the brains have the right Is it good and you have them ears?
Well done and how many can a day
screw the tubes I a thousand oh I’m at the very
business so but if sit up something to twist up
1000 can but now Lately
somehow I’m not particularly much steeper tubules
well so for master classes in
mostly well like that here I have right now
it is wound one and a half thousands of them while I have
lie and in general you written translation
before broadcast well, cool yeah now we
fix it all now we’ll fix everything corrected seemingly corrected thanks
great so guard thank you from me
build-up large the problem goes very
a lot of time but here nothing
Serious no see all this
cut off under the well see yes under
corners and begin like this
add me here scissors of course
help but there is not just unsuccessful
view in fact all this happens
very very fast Here and so on 2 at us
by the way neighbors swear and ignorant
I hear of course I feel very well
audibly so split the can for
coffee but cans for coffee flatter
probably this impractical because
that coffee is not pour out the sweats
a jar for coffee can be crochet in your plans
there is not a big one but little yulechke is
Lanach small such Well, well, for prizes
prezentik and all kinds of so on and so on
but the big one is not great by the way
little girls sewed there in the group is very
there is a lot of it the cradle is pounding so
as a cat house only just half
is obtained from her place is
this roof half cradles
some house, too take this as I’m the roof
and I think that can this weaving
adapt and when you will
weave a stand under I do not know the tree, but closer
already by the new year but in as it turns out in
end of October yes probably in November well
something like this now here I am all here
this grease with glue now I’m building up
tubules tips I do not trim anything
here I am building up as his vertical tubes
so there is no needs and so on.
they are very good come see
hub-hub right up to end weaving they have
I went very the main thing
fold these tips
yes they add up and very good
enters so quickly I’ll read the chat until
very much now what is written sum
get off well, 400 tubes of thousands of
here if I am of course I’ll sit down and I’ll twist
there they did not even know me tubules 140 in
often accurately it turns out if I
Of course I will sit down and will here and so to twist
twist turns Of course up to 1000 for me
will come out but I’m so teaching I need
diversity in the form activities in
activities therefore I find it difficult at all
there is here and so twist constantly
so you see from me on the channel not only
wattle fence also drawing because
I do not know what I need somehow distracted
from the main would be a kind of activity
I can not otherwise do so neighbors are already something
rushes into the wall you can you imagine
okay I hope that they will not marry for some
framework so son recently
got married with weaving a cradle, so here I am
I say that it is very it looks like weaving
cat house very very similar in
cat houses you by the circle
go to weaving before here this
I put the hats on my pockets in cradle there you just
half take and how as well as braid
half the cradle roughly speaking the same there
the very principle that is add up to one
places turned in the other side
flew on you can wire insert in
the frame itself is her cradle here’s a rude cap
speaking here in this here in hood up
or somehow called and even that’s how they built up
I’ll give you a little bit now
lock in all this at all
just a little bit I’m lying now
I will read and we will we will continue to spin
me, too, such a method the
I like and I left I can not classics
sha’n’t ask yet can montan room
do not scream now I see I will ask everyone
good evening here the conversation was about the weather
it’s raining for someone us today first
the snowstorm was hijacking here is this
thank you frets then how tubules
twist on reception of a stomat in a year
I look not the first time now only decided
subscribe fan great thanks for
subtype tell me please
what should I do colored tubules
the color stays on fingers painted
lacquer was added water and primer as
I now have it fix very
I wonder if you still added varnish and all
equal tubules paint add
slightly more varnish how much lacquer was added
so give how much add lacquer so sound is but
movement on the screen froze means you
go and go re-view of cutters
frets you have on translation of the spit was
was the translation of the spit total product so
I want to see how you flounder with others
plate personality bad understandably do not show
for professionals and I do not understand everything
yes, that is, it is that’s how I am
a shelf wove up to a braid pattern
how long stored products from
I have the tubes here one already stored 9
years of split type but with figure, you can
generally I believe that grammatical
errors can always be fix but life
make mistakes difficult to fix
sometimes impossible it yes that you are right
really in life such a life
thing that’s wrong here it is better not to allow
although why not better allow
allow for them to learn how we are
we will still learn I saw on the Internet
watch the anchor can be when can i ever
can I seem to be not bad but so
neatly as you do not It turns out but this
can on camera so it is seen lyudomila hello
hello found on Internet expanses
very interesting not illuminated
you with a photo yes they are good
let me not always but as far as possible
yes, well, say trimming tubules
somehow you use while is not present
what coolant hub up read the Inca
leaflets of her husband sister saw and
drew here maple on blue
there is no very I would like to
draw a maple these are the ones that I have
were on the picture that yes maybe 1000 tubes per 7
hours cool lacquer add one
a tablespoon of how much water
polinochka on how much water good evening she
hello how much 5 people so listen
split 3d rainbow type the holy turret
curved well we’ll see look at the very
business already as will go so now now
now i am now I’ll turn and see
how will I get here this whole topic that is
she goes like this so then the whole topic goes
but it’s clear, well, that’s it we begin to weave here
I do not care convenient because i
increased racks you see
and as it were now I start to fly in but
what will I do now? I will make the first row
I’m braided is obtained from the left a
from right to left uncomfortable to me now
this weave because Well somehow here I am before
LEGO is now I feel uncomfortable but
nothing wrong do not worry
always diversify its activities
that’s right, we now a jar
we braid on a jar I removed and now here I am
I’m braiding vertical tubes while without
I have this jar it turns out as though
I continue to weave but you saw yes I did it
I continue to understand everything here I will build up badly up to
which in the photo is watercolor well, let’s
let’s repeat well I repeat
I must say what can be done
generally straight broadcast on
watercolors on Monday you can
generally arrange why not here
these leaves draw in
Monday example Yes so here we are too
View I again I repeat not very much
comfortable so i then now I will be like
chicken paw but nevertheless, I already
I will not do it all change because
otherwise I will have to direction
initially everything weaving is therefore
let them remain so especially since now
complicated because first row with us
first rows always complicated but that’s when
transition walls but I always
I call not to be afraid before I call not
fear and continue do it like this
gradually we raise our
gradually and immediately
almost 90 degrees because
they are still us lie down and that’s why we
once took and raised while now I read
thread let and so by the way family
wood by the way great usada write to this in general
ideas from ideas are simple Family Tree
listen but this one me the idea is of course very
liked to weave family tree to
it was possible to fasten I even have pictures
already the idea arose but let’s just like him
really listen thank you very much
you have a straight brain He speaks
cooks here then pull all
normally it will be The brain says so, we with
you are now in one mode woven only
I’m a snail basket need a cool store
fabrics to sell gold thread and thread and
did not try to weave not yet tried
but how is it that straight into weaving until
thread to weave some kind of person
I will be late I’m in trouble after
painting 300 tubules untwisted
tried at least something save tomorrow in
urgently run to seek glue
the moment give it very good glue
there is definitely nothing will uncoil
nothing will unravel glue the moment it
the right thing like this it turns out oh so
it turns out but we still pull a little yes
all this is still in the raw look then I’m going to
it’s all patina pass from above all
see us first row
I will now warm up I can safely put
here in the jar and yes now we will
braid now I’m like this
on I shall place as to you see write write visible
it is all right Is everything well visible and
while we have you understand here we
we are flying the very jar that is we are her
then we do not take out her then
we are already flying along with her products here
so we laps completely
calmly together with form, that is, how we
would use the form for internal
filling but I’m already of course, a hundred times this
she said okay let’s chat now
I read so you can was to turn over and
it was more convenient to weave can be large
they will be on the table I need to here
these racks remained baits and
not fragile is not breaking here and so what do I do
I’m just like this keep the shape keep
jar and start braid
of course increasing tubules
so if a person generally do not draw
can learn you can learn I generally think that it is not
It is necessary to be afraid if you want to express yourself
through work with paints
through drawing grab
tassels take paint and first
just take a draw all that came to you
head line patterns what can be not
know the spillovers florets take and
just dad as if making friends with
paint and then already when you will understand how
tassel work how its best
to hold as better not I know how to mix paints
so on and so forth then take it there already
roughly speaking if you want a tulip
draw a photo see or there
some master classes but
first here just try with
paint play that’s how the kids take
paint and he do not know I’m when I’m with the kids
taught drawing from them here
such a delight causes confusion
colors that are simple and I need, as it were,
generally draw something there they are just
love interfere with color and from
they already have them so much joy
occurs if you do not against I probably
all the same I will take now podstavochku podstavochku on
which we will be with you weave a candlestick
because I see that you do not have anything at all
Yes, and so you are not especially seen as something like this
I do not know, let’s so here maybe I
I’ll do it like this it is visible yes though that that
that I will come here from me gradually and
gradually and a plate it generally went mine
this very can she goes let’s
I now read the chat for a loud
knock and then it’s not neighbors it’s already rain
the neighbors fell silent thank god on there
by the way something was thundering from neighbors I think that
they are of course very well here we are at war
and it seems to me that something they are each other
threw then by the way registration
colorful tubules of frets can
be mosaic at decoration on
cardboard cover to me it seems to you
will be especially beautiful as for example
us and the house well, you can before alexander
milosevic hello to this u
you have something to say midday gone oh how much
Do you have a lot of chat I can even
read me so enlightened so well
painstaking work hello for a long time not
got on the air greetings sasha like
tell you stories everything is fine, yes, not
it was clear you was can not see able plans such
open-work baskets really want to
I’ll try it by the way it was said in
last broadcast when we are a shelf
add what I bought Here is such a fishing line
for the trimmer it is not fishing line is
fishing line for lawnmower and she in
diameters 1 and 3 millimeter that is
for me is suitable I I twist on a spoke
one and a half and she is very well enter into
tubules are in past broadcasts I
showed this purchase listen
fishing line awesome here honestly sorry for
such snow and I bought her in the building
store, that is even in a fishing shop
do not have to go around here us for example there is no
fishing shop nearby we have
building like this that if u
someone also does not go fishing in
construction ask for a fishing line
for trimmer but if end diameter to you
fits here I want openwork baskets
weave by look as it is fishing line in business
that is, together with her
but now it’s gone already faster because
as if the foreshortening Slightly became a stove
here on this podstavochki and me
very easily so let’s go now now
quickly read a lot
directly to you holiday thanks, I want everything here
you chasing talk about
teachers and funny
situations that you were at school
for sure you remember maybe i understand
that some already passed those years
preschool but all is equal anyway
surely remember that something so funny
was I we remember in one of the broadcasts
there they shared different moments
school and it seems to me that this
it’s very interesting I’ll tell you there
I’ll read the chat now while increasing so
the best adhesive Michael speaks with
plasticizer I’m fine, thanks.
we will know to all good evening
elison writes I’ll forgive I say goodbye
version is working case listen well
yulka is also on on left Jul until
I do not remember you talking about sledge answered
old age is not joy about the sledge answered yes
that we will weave саночки саночки да ты
I’m still on a horse vkontakte good light
I do not do it sometimes I just forget everything
squirrel belly joined
notification did not come check the bell
please, because here youtube again something
create incomprehensible and some even their own
account can not login Unfortunately, it’s all
channels suffer now all subscribers
channels so that look
please bell
check out I really did not become
do this alert us directly
on the channel for everyone Yes, I will do
broadcast now so here by the way we
weave and neatly very much
our attention is worth you that they do not have
bent to unnecessary parties
that’s how it all Yes, I can do
maybe someone there will say an account there
she herself all sorts of things do
nothing is visible so with 3d straight family
tree listening but I I will try of course
damn you to me this task
gave it of course yes it is necessary to try yes
well, let’s let’s see what we have
it turns out that we get in
principle, all is sufficient
neatly yes in principle
all is neatly so all weave well
further I who already I’m in a hurry that you’re me
always hurry we will weave in straight lines
broadcasts to me too like this
our activities Thank you so much
enter the data broadcast we are together
here it is a tat I myself undertakes
mosaic is very interesting looks
lyudmila writes wow great and then hello from
Odessa’s Odessa odessa adore tissue
see the broadcast I lay my beloved
cottage save com twist
tubules cool hi natal’e lada can
really think of it mosaic but need
think david cute cheats it is a lot of so
ctto queries yes let’s see the kind
evening to all the galina Hello
I’ll be late late tubules look
nothing wrong then repeat
be sure thanks you still need
spare parts make for Kansashi stick
The youth listen I want bored I
too it is necessary draw and do everything
by my labor I started here by the way
squirrel began twist the tubes with
with glue-pencil and nothing
yes, I got up I want to say this
depends on the paper I used to
newsprint well if you look
there before master classes were
I did not have then
consumer clean paper were
such newspapers and that I want to say this one
newsprint I could stand it
pencil glue glued these
tubules and nothing not
was revealed but how only I start
twist the tubes from this paper from
clean consumer
she could not stand it glue pencil glue
pencil and and just not grabbed by the way here in
compare these tubules from clean
consumer paper is much harder
than those of the newspaper then I have those from the newspaper
even could not do not wet
they moisturize me fine at all
I swear I swear they are generally great and
it was shorter enough Here from this paper
still need and additionally somehow
humidify the work of the potapa
Has increased yes on essence of what is
plasticizer so I went necessarily
order cake Lera writes hello
hello dear good to order cakes
great so and so quietly hope hello from
Ivanovo frets hello hello
good evening so alinochka brovko
joined hi hello, I saw
once with an iron draws oil
wax and by the way I too saw but I saw
Kutyakova draws on this one like this
is called that wears a T-shirt
you see everything from me already latches so
picture when I do be sure to everyone
Hello anastasia which glue
pencil used some
from fix price I honestly used
I do not even remember tatiana chko
joined hi yes, she’s hi
ok, thanks, u like you gods on and a couple
raw materials can be found there where mom or can
be made with some basic
material surah bat ay ay dont andestend
your eating congratulations
you on a holiday writes andrey thanks
thank you very much yes let’s share
let’s share those stories that have
We and you happened at school it’s me
it seems very interesting
any such interesting stories
now I will read the chak will reach the end
because to me even before end do not give well here
in principle, from this place we can
as though already so 4 here here five minutes yes and
it means that before places I’m up to stove it
it is necessary to mark so up to this place I whip
get to the duo and then we will be with
stewards somehow solve the issue this way
quick chat right now read
so good Irina evening what
distance should be between tubules
when weaving the sun about
one and a half two centimeter is mine
there were 19 rows diameter 24
half a centimeter straight feeding pockets
I got this small distance
between the tubes I could not even
make all the flexibility the work went bad
vodka but one and a half or two somewhere
bell is on strange but it’s visible
glitch just like usually squirrel it
a glitch from Kazakhstan to live well
the caterina writes delighted with my
of work thanks a lot
can think of to make a cradle
please others watched nothing
I realized lenochka well let’s just so we
New Year’s Eve let’s finish let’s and yes
although I do not know for sure it will be too late or
it’s not too late there yet no one gave birth
Hello from Odessa Alina Brovko
writes in tildes from fuck you even more
news fuck ups has woven
you are still so flap paper
bought still there already ends I
I’ll think up what we are new things
about the tat and probably it will end again
minigun and houses it is necessary to weave here on
A gift to order is not I know maybe
will have order
well, you have to very
let’s see of course so last year broke
left hand in school drop dead history
Well, what to do? blush at me
the basket tried with right angles ω
skewers more I will practice
Plains to Sasha there training sessions
training for me By the way, too, generally with
these rectangular with these corners nothing
does not go well well something is stuck together
there the most important thing It is necessary to weave not
upset and train like this here I see I’m already
graduated in principle yes, yes, I have here
5 rows here 5 rows and so on
here we have finished weave as a matter of fact we
we can finish see there is
Several variants I like at
measure invented a few options
this and something in I found the Internet
now quickly read and about the hour
to end brace to quarrel sorry
alinochka sorry so vest with day
teachers of everything good on the page
they are irinochka before good evening
not on I will wait thank you very much Elena
good with the whip to new year
a giant Christmas tree with height of you
Ice is already such an idea for you are brave of me
continuous glitches chad not loaded to write Magua
correct no, but nightmare but not what we are
we forgive you from that squirrel squirrel with us
one squirrel yes yes i about the angles
upset the new gossip does not matter
right, well, that bold brave dasha
there are several fools options to do
candlestick let us see what
by the way we are a Georgian can already pull out
without weight, let’s let’s see this
here it is by the stalemate is hidden and see what
we can bind these are the stonks
yes here they are intertwine
completely free let’s say so here
what is an openwork we can go
continue this weaving only
weave through one Well, well, it’s rude
saying here we are one now they are
beginning here this here that there is it here like this
now it’s on its side now let’s see how it’s all
will look and behold so here is the side
this stoechku example do not touch but with
then we this is the stack we will
here is to fly something there is a look we
This series was here’s one we went to
here is the second one in our country. went through one
we leave one we Here and so I take not
I know Che is well Something like this
one Here and so they took a
then we when we get to
this place is rude saying yes here we are up to
this is where we’ll get to The place we will begin
fly here these here stanchions
write what option you like
that is the first option we are rude
speaking vertical tubes cross and
we are flying a new one next here
start a new series and
we cross them here so here
and the second option is we like this
awry first one batch of
yes, awry afterwards the second batch of stakes
waiting for your options how about a Christmas tree
lilichka ha ha I do not I know well, well, about
weight then feed left no, it’s women women I have them
pouch have a pouch put
and here it is here see the space
made then they could have been a hub here
so here they are hiding inside about the school if
I walked and the school passed by home grandmother’s
parents knew that I got two meals
ask grandmother protect you like
Remarkably that wants so that the mode
it’s clear well then such and such deposit than
stained tubule ebony
second option more interesting
let’s try the second one option can be
braid you can braid
immediately cross let’s about experimenting yes
in principle this is the same Nothing will happen
correctly this series finish braiding
above at the crossroads Well, yes, but I want to
something interesting
me as always I want to
interesting татьяна собаки I’m everything
equally unfortunately you will have to
leave your yes yes what do I do
thank you for not delete your
broadcast al-ghoul the whole world
asked not to delete broadcast youtube but she
for some reason ignored all
well, you know a lot of negativity too
goes in terms of what I do not delete
translation because some people when
look up to rude speaking but these
broadcast the same as ended before
Meetings can be then this time I
Of course, of course I do not delete any
no broadcast of course I leave
as if a lot of negativity too i get there
some write well that’s what it’s called a
shadow sorry for dart expression
rubbish all here you are sitting chatting
there is nothing to do with the passing master classes
there is nothing here you turn on
in general, but I decided that I’m starting
decided not to delete broadcast from me
there were such very initial if you
look at all I have a channel history
were the very first broadcast the most
beginning and know yet delete the broadcast
for the story yeah well here I do not know this as
history is like yours life or includes
something you can look rough
saying somehow moments I know that
as well as the negative receive and
the positive is solid some people write
me that they are real under my broadcast about
do something it does not matter weaving it
drawing there twist tubes well
somehow I calmed them down I then thought yes not
It is worth deleting really because
that negative little reviews get
positive more and why
delete this work yes there is a lot
nuances in broadcasts Well, well, well, well
I do not know Well, yes, but on the other
I understand those which remove
broadcasting is possible they do not want themselves
see some another light is possible
they just clean it channel that is
leaving there simply master classes are rude
speaking on the channel well then there is yes of course
their here these are their own Roughly speaking cockroaches
schoolchildren it’s not him where is so good evening
fishing line cheaper and 100 meters
for trimmer much more according to given
we simply fishing shop and
no, unfortunately me there was a full box
buttons once i casket name by molded
and it turned out cool this I can note
come in handy hell too such an option
considered let us then the second
option let’s try and that’s what it is
know at the candlestick candlestick main
no, then how are you technical
characteristics correctly weave a
such drawings can be receive at
ignition is right there candles immediately all sorts of
such patterns can appear so let’s
I esteem your these I in school was approximate
and khoroshist kai but was case when I
I wanted to walk agreed on three
girls you typed make a picnic
sat up to the insult before lunch to the river
great at you handle gold is very
did a good start thank you not to pay
attention to freaks they themselves do not
can but love write and other sim
mucks thank you thank you very much yes i
too, so I think people do not remove broadcasts
after their death to look well yes
By the way, I’m always my husband I will not say
will be mine broadcast watch
so what do I start weave the second option
but here it is simple so I’m bending down
roughly speaking and continue here in
this foreshortening and this stoechku me
here that’s where it goes I miss one take
one also bending it this way here
see what will happen Here from this here so
here I begin to weave look but if not
beautifully will not be have to unweave
but I love experiments and
so that’s almost I’m a spiral
I continue here so roughly speaking
before so so so I think I should not delete
need videos if anyone then he always needs
can receive information before
more in these commercials in broadcasts
even more information than in
master classes much more like
and valuable information also
I believe that yes they are not It is necessary to delete course
but here you can see here already the desire of the
author just have such
the channels they really remove broadcasts
because they want leave on the channel
only master class so neat
the channel will be, well, like from the point of view from the point of view
view appearance you clean channel
but I do not think so I I think on the contrary that
better and better as a people think they both
design channel but it is also like yes but also
but people also think need to be rude
if people even more so ask the right way we
But with you I do not know I do this only
because well, and and because to me
I like it yes do and because
roughly speaking, you need people do not know
it turns out to be nonsense but let’s see at all
what is obtained I’ll see now
almost reached the beginning that’s what it is
it turns out even possible at the top so rude
when you say this way up and now we
let’s skip this one here’s a straw and we take
the one that we have 2 the pipe behind her is here
so here’s some the nonsense turns out
now we’ll see yes nonsense
nothing nonsense to me liked
we untangle all the same something like that
brand-new try something
brand new like try out
so we are now all time does not matter
build-up was see and
than live broadcasts good please
experimented looked so and in
master class I have already show ready
option thanks great
teachers believed in us word and in general I myself
a note about a bad I was writing myself
since the handwriting was like Mom did not want to
do it great alinochki
the Internet is buggy come out and come probably
will be better again probably you have it he
could markets where tubes before you
lie yes tubules before me became
slightly wet from I got my greetings from me
new ago great congratulations we
now the plait for the price candlestick with us all
country then with the birdhouse will be
suddenly spring way mihail zdarov
zdarova zdarov so Well, let’s then
really criss-cross
it will be possible either The second option is
just a spiral like this, every
braid just a spiral
to go up also very interesting
such an option give so
we will not vote again the second option is not
liked it and now re-vote or
Here is this version and from above we begin
treatment or spirals like this
gradually moving upstairs is also very
I will be interesting left tape later
I’ll clean it and it will be cool I think I think so
spirals let’s let’s try it
who is called first then the first is yes
let’s spiral that there is I gradually
I begin to raise here by the way no patterns
I do not do this here too, we look that at
us stoyechki were exactly up stood here
Here and so yes that is so we started like this
here to raise and here can grow
then not to think about it the quality
thanks minus quality or something bad
bad then why need these broadcasts
if later removes them You can immediately
make master classes according to yes i
completely here according to how would you
I do not know why if Honestly, here I am already
said either simply people seem to be trying
make your channel clean nevertheless
live broadcast they live broadcasts
some people specifically create
even a separate channel on the main
do not do live broadcasts
so that he clean only
master classes there or here if some
video only here such videos on
there is a to its
but I do not know how here are these here I have
thoughts but we do not care we will not enter in any way not
we shall be immersed let’s not go into the head
another person yes that is, you, if we
still not read what is there
it in my head but I I do not think I need anything
delete broadcasts the more so for such
technologies as weaving eg I
I look very many watercolorists now
Well, here artists and they conduct
broadcast and they do not remove the translation then
they have broadcasts on the channel
there is and how I thankful because
I learn a lot in the broadcast very
I learn a lot and of course it’s crazy helping
even than the same
master class because that the master class I
I say that very much much is skipped yes
Well, that’s how it would be cut out
skipped though I I say that there are such
who do not like these live broadcasts
and it begins here that is not what it is
although there are fewer Olga did
snail but I did not have time
watch her broadcast though it
left her for two days for two days a little
Of course, yes for two days a little at least a week
there, as if I do not know me it seems that two days
not everyone has enough opportunity for me
some broadcast through
month some find I’m not looking
had time to look in could not
see how it’s a pity when
you find it easier quantity can be
go to a meeting unconditional soup
Well I agree so a little bit like this
like this gradually we just
make gradual decrease yes therefore
we here so here manner
we will correct too is also something
interesting will be then another patina and all
this we cover everything like this here we are, we went
on this here try it now
now right now we are like this here
yes, here it is us rises to
rises and is already
neck of jar the neck of the jar here with racks
neatly I now so
focused on weaving therefore
I fell silent a bit Stream is a joke where
people can communicate share opinions
neigh to light a lamp
mutual learning according to the date
broadcast like this archive or
library de us we can find what we need
you do not have to delete of course yes
remembrance as a tab Well, you have a very
beautifully obtained By the way for a long time wanted
see how the product is covered
patina but here today we’ll see
Another sponge for this We did not find a goal
slightly different option to use
instead of a sponge I’ll tell you I will show that it is important
use that in the farm found ul
Haggadah you can buy it broadcast on
weaving snails price symbolic 50
hryvnia but you see can me, too
start doing something else I I’m sitting here
I skip all and can on the opposite
side, add two working tubes and
weave in a spiral yes by the way, you can
is a patina of the type aging no cover
products are what it is so top and light
color in general aging
before the party is needed I call such a light
easy covering more on top of the color here
we are a little bit like this here we are still a candle
light it she is with me
cooked for To see
generally like that all looks will be Here it is possible in general
dethrone saying this here already in
on this very experiment
and there you can of course a two tubes here
from here to start and here so that’s
cross and we’ll see something
Let’s see Now I’m up to weaving this
throat you can by the way handle
do this candlestick
try yeah you can try the pen
do you imagine me
there was a jar that I prepared for
this candlestick I even and I show on
broadcast in Monday what are you
I think I broke it went to the store
wanted to buy two jars for two
candlesticks and what are you think there was
only one in total is called
fate and how can I did not even know how to buy
so then here already discuss buying tell you the story you
while also think about any
funny which you happened in school
but maybe not funny so well
remembered was us a music lesson
was by the way in the classroom third probably if
they break down or the fifth at us as at us
immediately 3 was 5 class it’s then done already
4 and now we had music and we are sitting singing
song and then I see us become and music
was on the first floor on the very first there
next to the toilet and We were generally not
very good location for the class and then I
I see the mouse at the blackboard really a mouse
I screamed a shorter mouse look shorter
Of course for me it is there was a shock but
imagine in school mouse I still like
was brought up that how would the school this
institution in general in as a result, they
cruel people to me then teased very much
long this very mouse
but the most interesting that I remember that
teacher for me began to swear here
you represent now before see
mouse to school yes come Sanitary and Epidemiological Station there
all other the
disassembly and then she me already even start
scolding what type like are not you ashamed
in the first place lesson and secondly what
you mice did not saw
here is such a story was although it was not
that I have not seen I saw mice with mice
this and moreover earth rats of large
that is, but this is where it was in
village or it was there I do not know in the open air
where appropriate and in school for me it is
was generally out of place so it was easy
shock here is this case of course case
very interesting to I still remember how
I was still teased now you’re funny
all it’s funny it’s all
remember so both so and I
I understood an empty place will be less than the principle
this is a candlestick squirrel up to 25 units
this is the same candlestick here there must be something
such that here well through that there will be light
we will come to terms we will not light a candle
worry light a candle
be today another candlestick
to weave I really want to not
I know how it will turn out at least let us begin
there already as it will turn out especially since now
hour 22 we’ll see I
quick now everything I’ll do it quickly
all you will do a tube is not for me
like here pretty hello the boat
wife joined I will join you with
late nothing terrible for us for it
do not scold in the winter bird feeder
Well, let’s just like us we finish everything there with
your evidence a tattoo on there need
of course and cover no longer acrylic
varnish on water based on what
polyurethane or alkyd alkyd
based varnish yacht for example in winter
she does not have we fell apart
we’ll see how soon I did not accidentally distract
sent to dedicate candlestick can
make hanging here my aunt has a gazebo like this
can hang hang guess tomorrow gossip and
a couple of such criss-cross
before crisscrossing too it is possible and hanging yes
that’s about the pen you can do it all too
make let’s see how many
us but the last one add
last row want right here so that we
the edge of the jar is gone hid himself under
the tube itself. I really weave
the reality of weaving wedding gazebo at
I have a dream to learn weave it
I specialize in wedding products on
order coupe in press weaving in and out
design deal with oh but this gazebo is
type in natural value and in general
by the way you can swathe rings for rings
podstavochki rings for rings
very interesting ideas it seems to me or
caskets any
rings also wedding great idea
it seems to me like this nothing about
the name of what you have the dacha will be inside
candle and lid at the top of the rope
rope and hang at the cottage of rope
possible up to shadow really is not
my day fell ill on mushrooms did not go
the whole day it’s raining from the evening waited and here
is the internet tupit what a pity, here you are
Wow what is it exactly?
not your day probably there was not much
desire to weave it examined the hands already
itches what beauty it turns out moreover
when we have a candle let’s light it in general
will be perfectly simple just perfect by
about bending, you can make a bend
pigtails to what else but on
pigtail I do not know but now we will try
before her somehow do with single
why why not? and no yes now we here
here we finish all this is the last row
which I did not care about here we have in principle
cap hid now
hide hide our they have tubes here
hide here like this there will be the same bend
so we are one straw
here that’s it here is this lower we
Crop here and so here we get the glue I
decided to do so first is a product
special practicality Yes, we do not have
drip glue here once you can even tit
With this tube, we are all like this
close it is possible this one here is the tip
which before sticks out ebony
a little bit of it this tube
it is possible here falls at by the way for this
a tube where we have wicker series now i
this nail file for I will take nails
but not somewhere side by side It was thank you very much
for ymca about direction fibers in paper and
stiffened tubules are not yet
I saw in the form of Olga writes great and you
Thank you for writing now everything is much
easier and faster cool thank you very much for
tip and for comments and in general
that the broadcast looked very, very
happy for cutlets for cutlets for cutlets I already simply forget about
what am I talking about shadow so I’m here
this is now this will be closed here.
now it will close look like this
everything closes now still bend chko
will it also be possible generally directly under
spine and and and trim all and still here
bend the chco will be here see what
and yet this one here he has the tail
plump so I’m not afraid of him
Here and so a little bit sent there
interlacing and this tail can also veins
We paint over you with a tree but this
candlestick Now we are
bend solve the issue so a little bit from us
while watching while I now well
moisten the tubes here These are here for bending and
I will begin the second candle holder
second option by the way you must have seen him
Yelena Tishchenko has master class truth
not quite detailed but
there is this star weave
you probably will seen possible thank you very much so
not natural HIV size on the table
wedding as a decorations and understandably
whether bast shoes do not tried to weave
many will think that you’re in the clothes of us
to weave a cat bast shoes
why in kendo hello i think
that also it is possible about decoupage jar for
weaving before blending days on primer
just stick beautiful napkin on
glue yes yes you can ask for an alinochka
thank you so much weave or
a gift is required very interesting
it turns out and greetings shop all
present hello hello I
adapted push the tubes in
rows of spokes on which I twist
tubes the most convenient
adaptation of the mode hai hai someone on
past broadcasts asked for a cage
it seems to me that she like that
way yes only here without a cane
like this I do not know yet until the cell
I kind of promised but I did not promise when it
I do everything so well let’s splay more
the second option is i by the way this
the candlestick is very long wanted to weave
very long ago, but not all my hands came to me
there as it turns out easier what happened
what is the trash there as though it turns out here
under this candlestick is rough
saying the plate of newspaper tubes
I do not know what will happen it is possible to roll and here under
such a candlestick weave something
openwork look now in general who
wove a candlestick in the star
watch now how how it will be by the way
very first time wanted to try
very much wanted to try this
option should be given somehow the holder
for paper towels
I wove a candlestick asterisks are great means you are already nothing
not surprising but can be someone do not spit
so I did not I’m so from memory without
master classes from me no
master class therefore from memory
now weave let’s see at all chop
it will be yes let’s see what
it turns out and we have 160 man online
zdarova zdarov zdarov by the way by the way
me here these tubules dry for bending
they are too much for me wet
I specifically them has wetted and minutes 20 they
let them stand very moisturizing
good to bend it was more convenient
weighed 1 took the simplest is here
four four tubes are not
I know, too, probably probably it will be
me to weave something yes so the palms tell
how many by 1 subscriber I left the tubes
dye ebony the tree is just there
now I will say now I will say from
200 tubes are painted I had a hundred here
a hundred tubes of grandfather left 100 tubes are on
this candlestick 100 together with racks
together with building because
now I have just the same
100 tubes of course weave necessarily
if you have not done it yet then a must-clip
when you In a similar way
just a little bit more is obtained
in size it what can I not connect
know the mandula you can connect on the Internet
a lot of them like summer to wedding gazebos
there is no kind of like you have to weave
I do not understand experience not enough oh if
honestly here you are I’m wedding
arbor general layman
I would like a photo in general how about
which wedding the arbor is not from
newspaper tubes what’s he like
there is a wedding alcove
wedding gazebo on I have something in principle
so it’s certainly in Internet can be pictures
just look at them probably different
how to say they are different and design
can be so water thank you very much for
what do not you delete video and broadcast
it happens so no the opportunity
take advantage video lessons and later
Anytime look learn
thank you very much for what you know for
that do not scold and do not say something
here we are delirium crazy
are going to thank you you are a huge woman
I do not delete the building I dash evan if
look at the channel old videos
I have them I do not specifically delete
I sometimes know them too I’m reconsidering
yes it’s nice irina Ok. I’m waiting
I’m reconsidering and I thought what I was like
was young yes I’m kidding of course not well
as it were, the chasm it’s still the same
memory and in general, as it were I do not know, and indeed yes
Here I am as already said that in the broadcast
very many nuances of those who
Well, there is no master class and know what else is in here
past broadcast yes I have there in my opinion
there were all sorts of incidents weaving the shelf there
I have straws the stanchions escaped there
still something then and here such Here, the incidents are also very
it is useful, as it were, yes someone wrote there that
it’s very it is useful that there is
such incidents that you can see
in general what errors can be committed
how can they be because in
master class is always everything is perfect, but here
agree always everything is perfect
he drew tied up and wonderful
and then when you start it all
do you o how to draw here
but what and what is in it case of mind there is something
did not work yes and I I do not know by the way what
will be with this candlestick we
let’s see in general an asterisk I
first time who is not a plus
star write maybe I’m here
she began to weave asterisk and you are all already
tide the color already I wore an asterisk
I gave a tattoo cage daughters room
took three-liter jar
the cell turned out beautiful there 2-5 chic
planted a very beautifully flowered
decorated the cage itself white color but here
see three-liter the bank means
fly that’s all it turns out and
the cage is ready roughly speaking in it I have not
you get a picture of colored tubules
can we try oh yeah me by the way such
the idea was also that will try
compulsory julia easy way is she
work and ah dont know if she is he understood the ayrin bought 2 parrots
they are like living things look floral
store found a super fret what length and
I’m under your broadcasts at work stove
great what length your tubes volume I
somewhere 28 29 centimeters I will not attach a tube
. Well, let’s try it with a tatter
very good that can someone
come in handy wonderful then
weave further why in the online store
you will discover from me the truth, too, no, but I
by order plate well I now the order is not
I can weave that as though time
I was not will be above the channel
I work now here while working on
channel in direct but here
I have some orders yes that’s gnome
houses were ordered in October
found the same start to weave soon
quite by the way release a video
weaving to us house or not just
so pure history creating a single gnome
house and here but also generally I like
not now the goal is so here’s how to say
wickerwork I used to have a purpose for myself
now somehow diminished a little
enthusiasm now I’m just so
simply without a target plate broadcasts that what
flaxes and then the plate and roughly speaking so so but
I’m guided by its this one like this
I would not be there just a candle stand
before me it will be all the same stand this one
candlestick but it is possible and simple
hook put someone even just
a candle Here such here is
the candle is here more to star
type pros Englishwoman well, there we had
parrot it to us sold like a boy
was a girl from pecked everything you can
gone already into a different world to the outside it is even easier
lyelik even levik responded in shock about
this alignment so before release a video
well we will release
we will release so how can I enter
the history of your channel but just here you go
to the channel and there video and scroll down
down down down squander all there
videos that go out and most like the most
the bottom will be a video this is the very first
roughly speaking here to me ordered for a new
200 baskets for gifts mihail we
just do not know it just gerakle it in
plan for even 200 baskets of this each
day, and half have already woven
Well, you must be stunned just stunned oh not
I know, I would not probably
weave so split pedestal as a nursery
drawers shadow ride you these ideas are for me this
personal message sense of duplication is not
personal messages because you’re telling me this
you say here The broadcast will pass and
I remember nothing about I will not be this to you
seriously speaking should just forget
Allaah Allah and you are Spik rac
machines of murderers a and measure new julia and energy
elfin where is where an nou julis bad girl out of natalia Elena and then kei okay all
now you throw off I’ll be you here
skidyvay and duplicate not personal
messages and a duplicates the personal
reports that the poet supports the
most rude speaking well, you understand
general so yes now man on finish
such a small us this time for
asterisk small that’s it for this
candle now we will look so
we already need to bend do now i then
quickly this is Here all I finish 36
3635 she is all this belly 3 5 6 3
6 3 5 all this is the last one row is the last row
let it be small to rough
saying so it turns out that we are here this one
let us use this spoke I do not have near
Elena’s here is advice she gave me a spoke
no, and I used the way there are already knitting needles and
cleaned it’s the same here
I do one clean I hide and another simply
I cut off but then hide from us
in general, here’s rude speaking under these
in general under Weaving can be done here.
and ben you tree dye marinochka
these are the tips and they We will not be visible me far marinka I
then if there is anything there somehow tricked
so while we have a basis for this candlestick
we are ready to we postpone it
postpone now we will bend
here on this candlesticks
So bend chco now
we will see it with us so quickly dried up
that but a little bit here so here
we will correct it roughly speaking pen
wipe the noir from 1 to we do not swear
and I even Do not swear at us
mat then so camcorder
will repair from me three machines are available for
I’ll take off the plaiting and I will show machine tools not so
too difficult but simplifies the work
well let’s you can of course be
of course throw off in private messages
of course not even ask everyone
you can all well so what? the bend will be
is simple and admissible as pigtail from as
to tell coarse-grained
speaking but from the bottom with some of these
stewards we are every stoychku
one by one set me up this
the bend is very I like it every time
I use it here but here we make a pigtail
so we are now we put up a friend
for a friend, the question is yes and but what if
rests break down well that’s very good
you need to moisten moistened the water in general
ideally waited a little bit while this is
all of you are hydrating will be like but
the process will go roughly speaking yes straight
inside the tubes if that’s how it is if
tubes are colored stain then they
of course quickly very moistened if they
painted with color together with the varnish
It takes time for them you were wet like
it is necessary to speak roughly so By the way, but you can here
let these pipes go these are the tips here
to start up the tubes right here that’s me
we here so here’s the cross crosswise like this
there is here so here with them to play
see see and let them go for example
right here in these vertical tubes well how
write like a lucifer I’ll leave you for now
you walk well dear ma and so the water is easier
enters the street he cat’s lodger
pet cat the husband wants it all on
the street is straight generally I I will think up in my opinion not
I know from the eighth floor jumps hyper jump
reverse so beautiful it will be
and washes the pens for the whole the length of the newspaper 56 is not this
not badly important that they were of a quality
such but not too flat to
but that’s for quality what you were normal
such that of them there was something
weave so write what can I try
yes, let’s try not here this option
liked something until I saw neither
whom do you mean it turns out that here
from here we go stand out minus the humorist
or humorist is understandable so if it’s down under
spiral and if down that under the spiral
under this here and with us then you see and by the way
Well, well, well. it turns out that
Some of us will leave Here it is oh a
Some of us will leave where here here under
this spiral Well, under one
the level is then needed they were very happy there
hear you I was bored and I, too
vladochka all the good evening nothing
have time for natalya good evening to
Problems modernity and
us on a leash, yes to harness
all the good weaving of communication
Thank you for you too, all the best
Well, I’m here then here under this row he had
us just here too will be and then here under
this let’s let’s try so
means we’ll see this tube proceeds
I miss 1 and that’s it. here here I here her
I hide one I miss the stoic
for the second I hide so let’s see how
we’ll hide we’ll see how to hide
widen a little space is rude
speaking right now and pull out here
tip our tubules pull out
pull out and then cut off to the root Here so then
cut off to the root and this we here so here and
here and cut off under root then you know
now here I have specialists
earlier business here so so 2 times and here yeah
that is, here we have sleeps goes here
now but can long unfortunately
long sleeps here so here it is put on and so here we have it
does not squeeze into general why I do not know
ok now we’ll see again
experiment experiment
scissors is better was at
scissors in general all squeezed
experiments who loves experiments yes that’s how it turns out
let’s see so then at us from here she
proceeds 1 2 is obtained here goes the main thing is that long
Tubules were enough here I am here like
would and have enough jar a small one like this
here we have that Then we get
paste here pva and pull up the main thing
that they are a hall and not did they need a little
words wet new not cooled down
cooled cold if a crease made by this in
raw form they can be to fix Well, that’s it.
it turns out like this the main thing is when
we lit a candle so that we have everything
interesting looked right here we have
here so I fell silent
because again is focused on us
there is simply dense weaving belt
look like what u us an error so it came out
nothing has been corrected corrected here
you can drip glue a little bit from me
the tube jumped out well everything is ok
we will take lessons further you write and I to
Unfortunately, I can not now read
this is my focused
Job of course it’s us all
pull up now when they will dry it up
all tighten I’m leaving you sorry
ela writes goodbye good luck
thanks for stopping by up to ebony till
color of tubes ebony
so on three things like wavers like
remove and draw named thank you not
diluted with nothing and Elena Nikolaev with
hello you tubes only
a glue of the moment carpenter will
experiment immediately paint well
do braided leaves or so
ladochka what you are now glue
use glue moment carpenter
if I need to show Of course I am much
missed a record will be required
Once again here at me today at weaving
well-moistened the tubes were torn
they missed wetted and I again with
you write Victoria cheer is very cool
it turned out thanks but here I have some
here jumped out but in the form saw how I them
just put in and all because here like
they would be already just trying
a jar of a jar they they are therefore
well here we have are inserted and but also
In general here problems there is, as it were, even with
the other side is nothing it is not visible so here
here I have them strongly wet so they
that’s the way we go so now there will be a sound
so terrible is it us at my left
feeder works where he gives him food
us now without five one o’clock in the morning,
very much can be applied glue
in some kind of waves curlicues
snowflakes and by the way yes yes yes it is possible and so
Tassel Yes Yes such inside and
draw I’ll do what I do.
usually something think of this
I do not want to say do as with all top-dressing of the cat went
the feed is recharged but these are the ends here
they are soaked well of course they are inserted Yes, I’ll show you now make a tree good
try it easier Bon Appetit
telling you this one glue here is this glue
which I use for now
the moment he is not in a jar with
the vladochka thank you that
you are always so good you explain
golden hands thank you you are huge
he pours himself food does not work there
car feeder at the certain time
she gives him food rattles it feeds it
gets enough sleep in and in general
this way here we live and he already knows
what time does he have the food is poured out and he
already sitting and general keeps watch after
in general in cats in general in animals
biological clock to present so that
that’s the whole point feels but like this
Here it turns out to me it seems interesting
too it seems to me interesting here you need
something like that unscrew it like I
already said here drops a little
tubules so we now it’s all places with
Here we glue this he all the way back then
Well, we will remove the surplus he then with us
fix all this and here too here all is like this
here’s another turn on include
We’ll see a candle and we have 2 more candlesticks I’m glad that you can not be sorry
that you can not speed up quick 1 time
include already on final result
roughly speaking all all is fixable
fixable in work if there is something you are there
something you do not have it turned out all this
is not experience the main
take a look on your product
think like this can be corrected and
main thing without panic without panic most importantly, without
panic will all be yours get here
tips are soaked so here of course
how here to contrive it’s all to do but we
we try, yes, we try this place
will not be visible where we are there for doing these all
I show you how to fix it here it turned out like this
roughly speaking at the top us like this
it turned out and from below So so while I’m here
we insert a tube I read chat
girls and I sleep gudby shadow shadow
Goodbye goodnight good night and
sweet Dreams the beast eats its own
easily accessible sacrifice
easily accessible victims there are small victims
small-small those pieces of food
by the way here we have here see the working
a tube she closes here this
a tube which us so much but I say
that you can not you could do it
at once to make a bend and do not excel here
these ways
incomprehensible as I now doing
but I just wanted to to experiment
I thought well why no why not
because the tubules stew You can also in any place
before they start why not you
it was necessary to Trudovik learn
children from you would be in delight by the way yes
good thought and it The Trudovik
aim late I realized that this is my a then I’m sure you
I was very I liked this lesson
but with children in school I do not know how to work
Of course I was tired with work in
school was very tired but nevertheless I
I remember those times when i’m kids
school worked and was so blithely fun
well what about now such a candlestick
is obtained so so do we
walk around this white now what will I do
while I will be engaged second candlestick
this we will have prepare and how I am
I will prepare here I’ll dig a little bit
glue right here inwards toothpick is good
do it right there glue inside glue what is on
came up with digs ticks so can titanium in general
but here, as it were, products does not carry practical
goals therefore titanium and not necessarily
will do it all while grasps ae.
I’ll read the chat now literally there I do not know
minute but not to end so that it
grasped otherwise here I have these lines
will get stuck in general it is unclear why
now a moment before I’ll finish it all off here’s the job in
in kind without cut it all
please you so u we are such a moment
costs about 130 at us somewhere a hundred and sixty
Alla dachyka I have then glue
yellowish when it dries and me
remains yellowish ste-at me like I
did not notice yellowish of this glue
everything is like this it turned out like this
Here it is possible here by the way already here here
attach as it is that’s how it’s tied up
while the minutes are full of glasses minute
gallant candlestick class I higher
made it wet now Then and for me and for
fix glue well but you can start on
double counters for openwork single and
second drive away then second uplifts
bend again to double can be up to
girl I could be wanted to learn from you
at work lessons marine titmouse
hello lada.cc hello marina
so now we are the second candlestick
come back now I quick table
spouted to the second
candlestick we come back that
already ate and already ate so here we have it
what do we mean then what do we do in my
one and yes, one by one
cut the straws Here I am purely from memory
Here we cut off on in one that here it was
the distance is so I do not even know me
will or will not it will turn out like this
and that’s the way it is happened
then we are one by one cut off is obtained from
I had 16 tubes up to 8 tubes yes
now and how much I am she missed nothing
I’ll see while it’s good girls thank you for
answer so the first
prepare the workers tubes honestly plate
the first time therefore see what of
it will come out so well somewhere like this
the distance I take generally better than a tick
it’s all about measuring is better than a tick on the line, I do not have
only in the sense little is not only
so at once bend back
that is, I have turns 2 and 8 roughly
speaking backwards these tubes are both 2 and 8 so here we bend and
then we will weave so maybe we do not
have time today to candlestick do but
I’ll show you the idea before roughly speaking idea
such we will have 2 and 8 but the tubes, as always
answer color beautiful then ebony
who are you on a horoscope i by the way
we have bulls here write who you are by
We had a horoscope for my question is this but
we always have newcomers are coming
join us and very interesting
learn spider scorpion is a good sign
hard worker and all good night
I wish you all a dinar good-night check
twin ibex are such all the different memes
then I’m on the wrong side they arched bent
as if yes we will now we’ll see
video is so easy showing now
let’s see how here us way from also scales
2 and a snake man the weather is interesting and
because this idea people thanks gave ideas too
you can install yourself mode tomorrow for dinner
already on a diet I will keep my own
such equipment and lose weight will joke
Of course you are a Levich well-kept garden
feeding circle that’s what he said
what is good oh yeah yes all have already understood
calm down then all yes still understood so well
what are we giving now attach a straw
glue Yes yes yes yes yes yes
calm down please i do
just asked you mister is it good
you live here began to plant
so far from this
a tube we all the same finish our sk
cooking oh god here see a birdhouse
finished before all keep calm
with him it is better not to so to speak
we have to send off for now let the tube with us
so now moscow is not
bird houses from candlesticks are already
yeah yeah I’m now these I cut the tubes
right under the root right under the spine and
if you need something I get and in the previous row by
weaving led like this got everything here too
under the root The main thing that glue
quickly did not grab otherwise you will
incidents that in general all stuck yes yes yes yes here
by the way too interesting option
now I will show here I’m here kosyachok I
I can not see the joint and I am now I’ll show you how to fix it
that is, I see that me here these tubules
dense not fitting to such an easy
sociable ah yeah how many of you are howling
maria god tire hello, I’m you
for a long time so did not see finally you are with us
you are also a Taurus even twins then
how much scales are the virgins Virgo is such a good
sign in general all signs good yes everyone
sign has its own cockroaches yes
it turns out yes yes easier yes, yes, calm down Yes, calm down, we all are
you no longer talking my two
cat talkative but not to such an extent
angry is also is speaking taken with as i am asking his once in a roach
ate and draw just a lily
joined Good evening everyone
belarus with you Grodno unfortunately
late included broadcasting a plate with
you do not dedicate slab other work
but together it turns out much enter hung
together is always more fun before so
join our next
they always broadcast on Thursdays a
some I then notified in advance
if there are any pigtails are here glue
not withered by a draw the terrible will wither
then so what not worry
so that he does not have withered together with
standecks look here we have that
it turned out the work is interesting and
Here I promised show yes that in this
case if us here so that’s all a
we just take them and glue
pasted and all here afraid to say 0 like
still in the toilet and with us type notified and what I
I want to go to the toilet this so that they do not
peel off for now, these
stick here yet others can be
paste it again I say it dries up and
everything is fine while here so
I’ll put it so it’s not stick to the left
loves to talk such a sociable dan
breeds to a nobleman without the breed of shame without
thoroughbred so at us stuck here
stuck means we I’ll start by looking
now as stuck so
Now we are starting circumnavigate
roughly speaking, yes how did you glue in
same direction start wrapping
that’s what turns out realize probably I
I’m doing the right thing the main thing
Distance between racks that is their
not forcibly how can I not say
do not delay pull out and that’s how
they lie down but this one a tube so we have it
roughly speaking and turn around but
here we are building up it’s all about
building is also necessary this one is easier all right
all-all-all-everything here Here and so its yes all yes yes yes yes everything is fine beautifully write natalya
thank you very much and we now light
I have a candle here there is just
let’s see how it works lit but this is at the end
broadcast look there is such a
The candle is easy and everything calm down already too
garna save great easier than new Yes, I like
just sometimes his trolling so what?
let’s go further yes now here and so and
like this up to the group speaking
maybe I do not very beautiful
It turns out that less than that
it turns out that something it will be the first
the asterisk will be therefore strictly not
judge probably not seen so here it’s also better
build up in this place went into the room to her husband
get it and all so frozen all
watching my before so now what
now the last weave but now I understand it we fly like this
that’s right roughly speaking I
let’s see, I’m here this needlewomen that
in general that calm down so already 216 so here yes yes here so
interesting and weave then now
is obtained from above I see you keys
tubules are great julia kambeka
intending snowflake and star
like still give trumpeters twist yes
another 100 tubes now I’ll type
by the way please wait the lion to sleep calls
he has a lot of covenant with me do now I want to
look at all like she looks now
I’ll type a star from newspaper tubes so just to
look at all Do I Correctly Whip and like me
wrong plate but there are different
asterisks but no understandably I do not know
probably all the same all do it like that
yes and so and so then like this
what is there with glue pva you can drop here
type of such an asterisk I so understand we will
weave to all good night I
I will check tomorrow result thanks for
Master Class katerinka thank you
great now a second I’m with a cat
has come everything came back but
like it’s like this with us it turns out like
would be like this something we’ll see
here we will increase something this is obtained fair
once again I repeat that I whip it for the first time
so some The result is I see
that I’m wrong here increased better
in general here build up so sleep
already the caterina left us what junior
cocktail redhead up red-haired but of course
it’s so much more pastel color as
say beige type that in general
although we when I’m in removed we saw him
on avito for the ad was removed
when we saw him was really such
really reddish color By the way, I understand that
that here these here it is necessary clip those here here
that we then we let’s do this to us
liked that he type of very red
the color of the chip here we have it higher
and then when we he came here
pale I think that same What is this cat?
there it is visible when photographed the same
when it is sold at sale to give
the filter apparently did that he was so redheaded
ginger we are looking for something like this
such a star it turns out well, something
here of course not very exactly here is here
it turned out well okay how beautiful
receive thanks great to me somehow not
really like that not very evenly yes
ok now let’s see what we’ll do
turnovers true turnover
let’s see what we have there is exactly
not exactly at sill lay and
the left figure has faded out what a pity for a star
I’m just not all broadcast was surprised
it’s just I wanted an asterisk
here is a candlestick view stars weave here and in
I found the internet here such an option here
I really liked this option is by the way a
here like this see
a little bit it is necessary here that let’s then
I make this happen in order not to
sprawled weaving when I will
to increase that is I I do not do anything wrong
glue just do it in order not to
sprawled weave here already
build up so what? let’s look so
I wrap and well here at You can see us
here are some but all now now i
figured out how it was all to do well and
it turns out that you do that’s all this
is done and here we have also increases but with such a weaving
flow of tubules of course big
is obtained to build up
only in one place behind and while you
make a revolution long distance
it turns out that the corner Well, here that’s so yeah
roughly speaking such an asterisk
now here I started this is not very much
well not very good neatly did
so I start not very beautiful here
see yes what do we have increases
distance from us increase and length
cutoff is obtained tubules 150 online
cool pixels this it means the whole thing
on the Internet in your I write that
good quality broadcast here this asterisk
we finish is obtained as
of course try candlestick on us
will not go because she is big
but you can use it under
some big candlestick
why not here she does it every time
this way lays down it turns out
you can generally flatten out so here so there is further
increase your that you sigh
walks sigh code just and here it is
this one is sometimes I’m so annoyed
so it’s because here very tip damp
so why so how to wait wait
a little more probably more half an hour to three
hours we are with you half an hour still
there will be also all the kind I’m late for everyone
to beautiful and healthy million class thanks
lion’s cup on this star
need but also here I am now 40
tubules wasted forty-fifty
somewhere probably tubes 100
will need at the helm seems
from hours that very much I want yes
here of course it’s like many things well here well
roughly speaking you flatter that this is it
here’s to hide up yours here it’s like this right now more more
I’m probably this asterisk
let’s yulechka I think what do you all
get out and generally if you are going to
weave do not weave be afraid
everything is mandatory it will turn out to be braided
imagine yourself in pleasure until
bother obliquely crooked straight
or something else in the pleasure to weave
there is already quality you will be pulled up there
you will already be watching something like you
best done how do you do this
process reserve
tubules to New Year’s stand
for a glass of champagne well, by the way, by the way
why not and black caviar here
went to the store with husband looked
how much is black the edge is actually this
I thought what it was kilogram 33,900 by
my thousand and this turns out
represent for jar for a jar you
can you imagine horror is just for
a can of black caviar three nightmare
half a thousand here Here you can
to correct look and eyes
stick together go to sleep do not torment yourself can
tomorrow to see Of course, Michael is not
torment yourself I understand what’s late
already in some in general you also have something
of course so that the asterisk becomes
New Year’s need decor add
add we can add some bumps
attach it is necessarily possible so
flatten it I understand what gives here
so here’s a little bit there are of course
so go to sleep just record until
what time do you looked and then
it’s easy rewind to it
time same in the end
I’m already broadcasting I will show there with
candles as and how it turned out as we do
candlestick plays and patina to the patina
promised to show this it is obligatory all
I’ll show you well, already end of broadcast
now we are all we will end with you not
I will much this asterisk to do yes
Well agree that in principle this
the principle is understandable rudely speaking here
and it seems to me that so the first time
well, well, well, she why is there a complicated I
I think that’s fine everything will turn out pine can be
decorate knobs you can
decorate so much than in general, forward
and with the song is not feel free to hesitate
decorate but of course important not
go too far in to our main business
do not overdo it she is from the opposite
hand here is such here beauty with us
it turns out well probably the last
row I already prop fly we weave well in general
you you last plate row yes we have here in 4 and 5
up to 5 turns Of course I still want you
just the principle show how
to finish so we weave in the next
once you know I’m already said what we have here
there is Halloween and I know that some of his
even celebrate so we can
weave a pumpkin small to
next broadcast but we already have between
these are already end up seeing
distance ends so that
I understand that this is already the last that we have
you will weave the last row so that
you can weave interestingly here on
you can tubules
200 probably prepare so I’m all this time
I thought it was stand for
candlesticks well and there is yes I do her
wove as a stand for the candlestick is very
cute the color turns out
nice handles are important thank you very much for
still with black caviar funny story
let’s tell me but if
Of course you do not sleep yet no how is it there
until you sleep lie down
tell on land we revere and here
already almost barely this series is reaching
now everything is 20-35 to 2035 in and it’s good that we are with you
the time was transferred to the hour back, see can
Tim is the same we are on often back yet
let’s go because really much like being them
we need to get but here it is here with us
first first revolution we were from here
Of course, here everything is not very much freer to all
in fact, look finished it turns out
6 6 To put it bluntly yes we we can now
let’s see how finish either we here
so that’s over now I’ll see
just look like better finish like this
here are either recent here or in general here
there is no last one there all taki here here
he asks directly here here and finish here
here let’s do a little bit All is rude to say so Well, that’s what happened.
and behind you and me cut the tubes here
so that’s straightforward spine and there in general
nothing will be seen the main thing is that
trim the spine from the central
county raise stanchions weave on
shape of your candle in glass well yes
by the way I have more and a candle is
than this is so that under this candle
let’s make it of course I feel sorry for this
Candlestick candle do more with me
yet here’s even more this candle
let’s see in general so here we are a little bit
with glue soak here everything seizes at
By the way, we can by the way here here is his lead
its this tube then we have it
it turns out that’s where will go there
go yes and here somehow that’s all in
general if you are for with my fingers
watched then understood yes what and how in general is
such an asterisk It turned out here
here they also began so here I am
overlooked but she a little bit like this
here’s a makey selling beautiful thick
candles in glass candlestick yes yes
accurately lit precisely thank you very much I’m all
could not thank for
the shelf wove thank you so much
very pleased now I have
spices on the spot Thank you so much
thank you dear from the world so on a snowflake
it seems yes, she attacked on such is called
snowflake well what now let’s patina
I’ll show you how it’s all do yes, I say
that I’m such a housekeeper ive housekeeper
but it’s clear who in general I just forgot where u
I’m lying I did not forget they simply could not find
these same sponges which
it’s easier these here I’ll pull here
so instead of the sponge can be used
Here’s the one here rag and the same
it’s easy to do crush
speaking can be toned to
say so now we we finish already and so
what are we doing I take acrylic paint
white can be enamel for radiators You can enamel for
radiators here I have acrylic
artistic white paint any
generally there is no firm important if there is no
sponges in general sponge this is an ideal
if you do not have a sponge yet again I repeat that
you can here like this I put a cloth on
rag this paint here but but some
I will consider this also for example a very
I just do a very just these
toning patina product i
just put it like this very very light
movements along the edges as if on the ribs
weave oh well here it is I keep it that way
camera on the ribs weaving is like this
hop hop hop hop and something turns out
such as some just like this
as if erased well somehow say work
You can do it a little and rub
but here I am movements
clap it with them I do and this paint
I like it as if it is not smeared
on ducts roughly saying she does not
she smears concentrated
white remains here In general, by the way, I
showed how something video, I do not remember
site in which sat on the whole that’s rude
saying but it’s me so cause someone does
in another way though it can this is not called
patina but you can lighter
this is all to do and is obtained under
olden days but here I see not
I want a light tone I I want here is the effect of snow
roughly speaking yes yes snowflakes on
candlestick common here so here Great! Thank you
toothbrush can be before the luminary can be both
and not up to in general, here it is possible
cloth and if there is no sponge like this
I did not become a sponge from dishes for this
purpose of using everything dishes and utensils
yes, let it remain Here you can here is a
a rag and, indeed, any cloth you can
silvery acrylic in me
by the way was the axis oy was I have a silvery I
get it right now I will not be in general
meaning can be understood do not even know inside
somehow walk I will not be inside
goes like this here I’ll leave like this
I can leave it there here’s a walk inside
there is here these here straws tassel uncomfortable
do it after all because the brush
she smears a here here are
applying movements I think
which is very good the first
our work is done yes here by the way here
inside you can know what to put some
greens with a fur-tree or there’s still something like this
now here is our candlestick
and we will be at school with a brush like
you blur and yes it’s so great already
frost cold theme go to the new year to
snowball accurately there is no smear
because it acrylic paint
luciferous acrylic paint
it is absorbed and she then, well, as if now
I’ll show you how I work see no this is here
let’s say cheese is about it looked well here
there is no smearing not that I will point this out
Do not slander on yourself, you just do not
tried it try and
not once in some business is needed
and a hundred times to try then it will turn out
there is so for the nails with large sparkles
if anything flow lacquer for
Nails yes what come out and good fellows and at least
so what if and why here water candlestick
but firstly here here on top I will do
certainly necessary and again I apply
movements there is not just me
a rag she placed it like this
here she is driven no I apply seeds
it is then the paint acrylic will
Most brightly and here you can just like this
on these of course we will do
be sure will be which bank is cold
you are the effect is very good
by the way under it you can hide even some
minor shortcomings pigtails are very expensive
generally cool it is possible silver paint
here I will go silver paint
all the same you can top such a bump in
I will decorate in general contact is mandatory
I’ll take a photo so do in general in general this is already there
on a trick on a jar I will pull as
like a cat frozen I’ll just do it right now.
you are not afraid of that can the bank burst
when the candle glows oh honestly not
I know now we’ll see generally I did in
bank so but without would be just in the bank
I had a candle and how she would not burst with
I do not know yet by the way you can write
really burst and all my works
and I’m somehow did
so I’m so with confidence is all
began to do more we will see something here is so general
where where weaving to be painted there we
we paint it let so will be small candles
floating to yes misfire
Yes, these are my candles so try
all the same on camera this all do not sense
somewhere on the side now candle tablet
really everything this somewhere can be brighter
somewhere not brighter in general as you have there
the hand is rude saying anyway
the paint turns pale a little bit but this
natural phenomenon and the table was picked up and I’m already
so but everything seems to be so the meaning is clear
I will not be well in general here something like this
something like this, let’s then himself
interesting proceed yes
let’s see in general how we have it all here
lights up ready yes which jar in
I did not flutter first I look and simple
jar that generally half a liter
is there anything simple? jar
pickled there are all the cucumbers there.
such other of dispenser corner hanging
paint acrylic paint I’m a brother-in-law market is so candle is not
bonfire you are the best channels
which I met on thank you very much
Well, let’s let’s in general something here
I have the same matches there destined to give
let us pray also to I do not know better than oh I do not know how to dry
it can be hers like this omit as follows
wait, well, let’s now let’s try yeah
she will turn on in general is not this how to say not
pros in these candles here’s something here let’s
let’s see now when off as
here we have it all yes let’s turn off the lights
let’s see how we everything works well, I do not
I know whether you can see this or not, but in principle
works so sorry that does not focus well
Here is such a candlestick I’m getting now
a bit so here so what’s up
cute youth do not thanks a lot but in
principle works by the way and here it is not
Heats up very much inside the can
Heats up very much no it does not heat up
by the way so do not be afraid
Well, well, in principle interesnenko so well
that on this we will end
We will broadcast finish we with you
have worked today earned here
thank you very much for company with you
very nice work so let’s
now I read Very nice, thank you
but an asterisk for what this is also for candles
I did not become include here
please this candlestick is rough
saying here well, I have thicker brush
candle, I just do not I thought that would be
more thicker and so please on the table
put here greens shichko and
decorated herringbone there for example, me
it seems very cute option
well and a candlestick it is possible by the way it hangs Well, it’s okay
Hello you interesting channels
well explain it seems to me that it is better
will look if pour half cans
to lower the water there the candle is the light
it will be more interesting we’ll see
be sure thanks thank you very much
see one head well 160 is better yeah
to light a candle inside such a jar
one can take a long wand a long
the stick is exactly in general and everything is cool
it turned out Elena writes good night
be sure to weave good night
Thank you so much let’s pump out
we will weave on 200 tubules I will cook a pumpkin
a little pumpkin to you Can be seen
casket and yes that’s how we twined an apple
only you there is little fake there
more interesting as it were there a little bit different
same process slightly different nails
I will definitely look now I have it in general in
general yet new year yes let’s
the next meeting and weave skin tusks to
halloween someone wanted to prepare
also prepare so that the split
Poke here there do not know the orange
tubules it is possible take the red
small yellow all you can mix
colors and green tube too
cook, you can fill yourself
colored pebbles yes By the way you can well
in general many different Yes, there are options
can be with stand Here’s how to play somehow
here today I am option up to come up with
you can somehow do not I know differently but not
tomorrow there is no next Thursday
next Thursday 18 hours in Moscow
time if that else and on Monday
maybe we will paint watercolor kai let’s
so who is there interesting pics
watercolor kai in Monday
braiding in the next Thursday 18 hours
evenings all over Moscow thank you very much
all embrace and all good night, bye
while thank you so much were with me today
I hope I hope OK
good night calm sweet
dreams for now until serezhkin you are here
see what amusement and here’s the husband neatly
it sneaks Very nice, thank you
during the change Is time changing
on my October 31 there is no in general I’m an ad
I will do here on the basis of this and
and see you all bye bye till
off for now sweet Dreams

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