⭕Skyrim Mods – [NINI] Kokoro

⭕Skyrim Mods – [NINI] Kokoro

Alright, we’re back for another Skyrim Mods video we have this NINIRIM outfit, which really is very beautiful all details black with gold, it looks great, the standard outfit she is CBBE Bodyslide, but I’ll leave it in the description, a conversion for UUNP Bodyslide so everyone can use it because I really like quite a lot of it is very pretty to use we have some separate pieces, this is interesting for us why we don’t need to outfit the whole outfit just what we want we have this differential, which helps us a lot in choosing the clothes, ending video here if you like it leave the like and subscribe to the channel to the next

5 thoughts on “⭕Skyrim Mods – [NINI] Kokoro

  1. Estou curtindo muito seus vídeos cara, você está fazendo um ótimo trabalho. Se puder poderia fazer um vídeo sobre os Bodyslide de UNP/UUNP e CBBE, pois até agora nunca entendi a diferença, isso me deixa confuso.

  2. E aí Manu blz, faz um vídeo de como usar duas armas e elas aparecem na costa do do personagem, porque só mostra as duas se forem as originais do jogo as de mods na mostra

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