【DIY#36】📰Newspaper Weaving Tutorial・🌸Sakura Flower Pattern・Плетение из Газет・Мастер Класс с Ниной

【DIY#36】📰Newspaper Weaving Tutorial・🌸Sakura Flower Pattern・Плетение из Газет・Мастер Класс с Ниной

Weaving using Newspaper Tutorial:
🌸Sakura Flower Pattern Make 6 tubes being wet. They will be flexible that way. Bend all of them in a half. Then press all of them a bit. Now we can connect them to each other. Place the tubes this way. Press them right away. Keep the tubes being on each other like this. Adjust the second tube. Now take the 3rd tube. It will be placed on top of the 2nd one. And then inserted between the 1st one’s edges. Form a triangle. Press it right away. The 1st triangle has formed. Now let’s start to form the 2nd triangle inside the 1st one. Put the next tube on top of this one. Then insert it inside this one. Remain the edge here. Because the last tube will be inserted inside. Now rotate it like this. Take the next tube. Place the tube around previous one. Around this tube’s crossing. Then insert it inside this tube. The 2nd triangle is started to form. Rotate it like that. It remained to insert the last tube here. Place it around 1st and 2nd ones and insert inside the 3rd and 4th ones. Look carefully. Around the 1st and 2nd ones. Inside the 3rd and 4th ones. Be careful on the last step. Adjust it right away. Check again the 2 triangles to be formed. Adjust the pattern carefully before tightening. Around 1st and 2nd tubes and inside 3rd and 4th ones. All the tubes are placed properly so now we can tighten them. Adjust it again on a halfway. Then tighten it. The hole have to be not seen. So tighten it tightly in the end. Adjust and press it from top to make it flatter. Also adjust it from the backside. The flower appeared to be wonderful. It will be a perfect beginning of the basket bottom.

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  1. Замечательный мк! Пока не получится, не успокоюсь. Спасибо огромное!

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  3. Ниночка,до чего же приятно смотреть на эти умелые и ухоженные ручки!
    Вы молодчина!!! Здоровья Вам и успехов в творчестве!

  4. Спасибо большое, все понятно, буду учиться по Вашему МК, хотя видела уже много как плетут. ..!

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