馃嚥馃嚱 MEXICO!! 馃嚥馃嚱 路 Travel Journal Flip-Through + VLOG 路 What I Did // What I Drew

馃嚥馃嚱 MEXICO!! 馃嚥馃嚱 路 Travel Journal Flip-Through + VLOG 路 What I Did // What I Drew

So if we start right from the very beginning. It was the 25h of May, a Thursday, a quiet
sunny morning in London. And I woke up to find that my peace lilies
had flowered for the first time in 2 years and took it as a sign of good things to come. The first stop on the journey, for me, before
meeting my friends who’d caught an earlier flight, was Dallas, Texas. I was there for an hour at most before setting
off into the air again and then touching down in Mexico. Cancún. We were staying in an Air BnB a short bus
journey away from the hotels and the strip. They put us up in this cute green building
off the main house, with it’s own little courtyard, this pocket of tranquility, where
we were always blessed with the company of Mika, the only dog that would ever make me
a dog person. A gorgeous little thing who I can honestly
say I fell in love with. And there were other friendly companions too. And Sophie, who was a little bit more… wary
of us. Our time in Cancún was brief. we spent our days on the beach, made the most
of that perfect, soft white sand and the stunning blue of the ocean. Lounged and laughed and swam a lot. And at night, severely jet-lagged still, we
bypassed the clubs and stumbled upon The Grand Mambo Cafe where… we just had an incredible
night of live music, drinking and dancing. Before we knew it we were on our way out of
Cancún. A couple of hours on a coach later, we arrived
at our next stop. Playa del Carmen, an inviting, bustling, sprawl
of people, music, shops, food… After we’d settled into our second home,
Casa Piña, which was- by the way- equally as vibrant in colour as our last place, and
had pineapple themed decor inside, we headed out onto the strip to wander, eat and drink
and take in the buzz of the night life. And it was just as lively there in the daytime
as it was at night. It’s the type of place where, everywhere
you look theres something to see. Or hear. One morning, we hurried down to the pier to
catch the ferry to the nearby Island of Cozumel. Cozumel is known for its gorgeous reefs and
aquatic life. We snorkelled, a first for me, and the clarity
of the sea, seeing in person- and almost feeling like a part of- scenes that I’ve only ever
seen on TV, being surrounded by the friendly little creatures of the ocean just a dot in
this big blue body of water, it was an experience that still gives me goosebumps to think about
now. Our guide, Otto, told us it was time to head
back. So we did, reluctantly, and just in time to
catch our coach to our next destination. Merida is one of the most charming cities
I’ve ever been to. It has this old-timey feel, like something
out of a book. Calm and enticing with the most stunning architecture. And the friendliest, most genuine people. But I could say that for everywhere we visited
in Mexico. I mean, like all countries, of course there
is danger and as a tourist, the side of a country you see might be different to real
life there, but for me, I’ve never known anywhere else to make me feel so at ease. That nostalgic feel of Merida was also helped
by all of the classic VW Beetles on the roads. Looking into the history of the town, we boarded
a tiny minibus with a few other people, and took a trip out to three haciendas which were
like plantations or estates built from around the 1700s and owned by Spanish colonisers. A lot of them have been restored to showcase
the architecture and the intricately decorated interiors, but I find that there’s always
something bit more beautiful in the ruin of an abandoned building, something more alluring
about the story it might tell. The final hacienda we visited was the most
stunning of them all. Hacienda Ochil reminded me of an old palace;
its restoration was sympathetic and preserved a kind of weathered feel, so it almost appeared
like a grand building lost in the Mexican wildlife. As we explored the haciendas, we encountered
colourful birds and visited two cenotes; deep sinkholes full of clear, fresh water filtered
through the earth. They were quiet locations, off the beaten
track. The type of stunning place you’d expect
to be swarming with tourists, but we had it all pretty much to ourselves, and it felt
like our little secret. Our last night in Merida was spent in a place
recommended by our previous Air BnB host, La Negrita, a crowded bar with live music
and great food. When it closed, we followed a map to another
place and drank tequila late into the night. This is where it became a family holiday. Our next leg of the journey came with a lovely
sense of being part of something bigger, and a feeling of togetherness. We were in Mexico for my friends brothers
wedding and were picked up and driven by the brother of the groom and his wife- who became
our holiday parents- to Cuidad del Carmen, the hometown of the bride. The closer we got to the city, the more the
rain came down. A downpour unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Just walls and walls of water coming down,
showing no signs of stopping. Roads turned into rivers and as darkness closed
in, it didnt even look like we’d make it to our hotel. But by morning you’d have never known. And we finally got to appreciate the charm
of our new home and the surrounding area. We spent the next few days having our breakfasts
on the beachfront, spending time with the family and occasionally venturing out in the
pouring rain, up to our knees in waterproof coats that weren’t waterproof, to get beer
and crisps. Retreating back to our rooms, soaked, to watch
the downpour from our porch. The day of the wedding finally came. And it was a hectic one, as wedding days always
are. The constant, underlying worry of an impending
storm on the beach ceremony. And couple of us didnt even make it on time. But the important people were there. And the rain waited until it the ceremony
was finished, it actually waited well past the time it had started every other day that
week, and gave the couple a beautiful, clear sunset as they read their vows, and even some
time after for an absolutely enchanting first dance. Pushing our luck with the weather a bit, there
was even time for all of us to have a boogie in the sand before it started chucking it
down. We joined the newlyweds back at the venue
the next day to help clear up, and ended up enjoying the privacy of this beach all to
ourselves, hammocks, and a calm sea that we made the most of until the sun was gone. Before we left Cuidad del Carmen, we, the
newlyweds and a few other wedding guests, took a trip out on a couple of fishing boats,
with the sweetest, most enthusiastic and genuine and warm guide. He showed us the dolphins, who he must see
every day ,but with the same excitement as us first-timers and taught us about some incredible
birds out there as well. After disembarking, we headed to the airport,
and set off on our way to Mexico City. Our apartment there was the most modern. Practical and minimal in a densely populated
area full of characters and sights and sounds. Across the way was a captivating blue house
perfectly framing the tree in front, its pink flowers really standing out against the blue. Our first day was spent at the anthropology
museum. We literally spent our entire first day there,
not anticipating just how much there out lie to see. All of it too fascinating to leave anything
undiscovered. We took a journey through the time-line of
Mexico, from the very beginning and afterwards we wandered the nearby park and met a lovely
old man called Vincente, who got out his notebooks and spent at least an hour talking to us about
ducks. Next, the most incredible experience, we were
lucky enough to visit Frida Kahlo’s house, Casa Azul. It was… beyond words. Such a beautiful, calm space. And just a well of inspiration. Every room and through the gardens, it had
this energy to it, you could almost feel her greatness and wisdom. I’ve never been in another artists studio
before, and to get stand in hers, someone I admire so much, was something I’ll never
forget. Later that day, we explored a local park,
entranced by the nature an echoing drum beat in the distance and the over-friendliness
of the squirrels. And, after taking recommendations from some
of my Instagram followers, we headed to Alameda Central, and just sat and took in the atmosphere
for a while. We walked from there to the Palacio de Bellas
Artes and the amazing building set the stage for an impromptu rap battle. And then we waled to the Cathedral and the
Main square. The very last stop in our journey was the
ancient site of Teotihacán. A huge, sprawling site of pyramids, rich with
history. It’s the kind of place that just makes you
feel grounded, settled, just with the scale of it. We climbed the pyramids, even the tallest,
la Piràmide del Sol, and the view from its peak was enough to take your breath away. And the next day. We came home It was the trip of a lifetime with two of
the most incredible friends, I made memories that will stay with me the rest of my life
and I’ll forever be able to relive it all through these drawings.

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