hey this is Victor I hope you’re doing
well okay so in today’s video I wanted to share with you how I was able to
double my blog’s conversions so one of the things I like to do is you know
number one is keep tabs on what’s going on on other people’s websites and find
out you know kind of what are the latest trends what are people doing what are
they up to and seeing if I can incorporate that into my own site and
then improve my results and so you know thing number one is I like to see what’s
going out there and check those things out and number two I like to test them
and I use a Google optimized for that so I can a be test my website and so I did
a recent a B test on my blog and basically I was able to double my blogs
conversions the number of people who contact me in my lead form was doubled
by this simple design change and so I wanted to share with that with you today okay so here’s what I did so the very
first thing I do is I go into Google search console here and what I’m trying
to do is number one just establish you know kind of what’s the most impactful
thing I can do to improve my website so you know there’s the old 8020 rule
80% of your results come from 20% of your inputs and so as you can see here
most of my traffic comes from this one article I did which was the sixth on
most mistakes smart people make when hiring a website designer it ranks
number one on page on page 1 of Google for hire a website designer and many
other terms so it’s a great article and I get most of my traffic from it
and so I was thinking to myself how can I improve my overall conversions for
this piece of content so this is the article here and this is the format so I
basically have a two column format and I actually took this initial design here
from Bryan Dean this is his website backlinko
and you can see here he has a very similar format my philosophy is don’t
mess with success find out what other people are doing and kind of model that
as well so this is my blog landing page you know quite similar and then this is
the individual blog post here so again very similar to his format and so
there’s a couple things with this number one is you know I’m putting together a
piece of content number one for google but then also for users I’m trying to
get Google to you know come to my and I’m trying to give valuable content
to the user who’s coming to it independent of if they want to work with
me or not right it’s just giving good content but I also want them to contact
me if they have a website project and so essentially what I’m doing here is I’m
adding an advertisement here for my free mock-up and then if you go all the way
to the bottom of the article I’m also advertising the free mock-up
here as well and then the rest of it is this article so this was my initial
design and my conversion rate was okay let’s see I can actually tell you what
my conversion rate is because it was 0.71% so I was you know searching the
internet looking at other people seeing what they’re doing I noticed that Sam
Evans of consulting.com number one does really well with SEO I feel like he’s
working on that lately and that he has a different format so this is his if you
google the word consulting this is like either number one or number two result
right sound googling consulting and yeah this is like the number one result for
that word is this SEO article and then instead of putting the ad on the side or
anything like that he has these little blocks here and I’ll put I think two or
three of them where he’ll have the article and it’s you know good content
whatever and then within it he has these little ads essentially for his program I
think there’s three of them and then they’re just kind of interspersed here
and then when you click on it it takes you to you know his sales file right and
so it’s the idea of interrupting people within the content and having the ad in
that and I thought well that’s a great idea let’s see if that would increase
conversions so what I did is I had my designer developer make a second version
of the article so this is the original version here and so this is the same
article everything’s exactly the same except there’s no sidebar and then I put
my little ad for this free mock-up offer right here and I put it in here I think
four or five times so because it’s a pretty long article so every every
couple of a few paragraphs or so I’m adding in a little ad that says get your
free mock-up offer and that’s it that’s the only change I made to the thing and
at the very end of the article again we’ll put the
monka buffer so I went into this tool this is google optimized google optimize
is fantastic by the way if you haven’t used it it’s free and it’s amazing and
so basically what you can do there’s two different well there’s a lots of
different kinds of tests you can do but the two I use are either one your a/b
testing a certain page like changing content on a page or your straight-up
like a B testing two different pages so 50% of the time Google will send them to
this the original article and the other 50% of the time they’re gonna send them
to higher web designer tube which is this article which is the single column
design and then over a long enough period of time which was interesting
you can see here the reporting about a week into it
the original was winning and I was getting more leads from the original
than I was from the new one and so you know kind of your instinct would be well
I should just stick with that then but you have to let it play out you have to
get statistics significance play itself out and so what happened I don’t know if
it’s still statistically significant enough yet but I think it’s close that
we’ve had eight hundred and fifty four sessions on the original 935 sessions on
the variant and eighteen converted eight conversions of the original and nineteen
conversions on the new one so this is my dashboard here these are slightly
different numbers because these are unique users but you can see here that
the conversion rate of the original is 0.7 percent and the conversion rate of
the new one is 1.3 six percent so almost double what’s interesting is that the
bounce rate is the same and the average time on the site is the same so it
really is just the conversion but pretty amazing stuff you can literally double
your conversion rate by just making the simple tweak on your website and
obviously that’s powerful stuff these are more leads coming to your business
and that is you know impactful so hopefully you found this video helpful
if you did I’d love to receive a like subscribe to the channel if you need
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anything otherwise look forward to seeing you in the next episode


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