? Podcasting vs. YouTube (Which is Better?)

? Podcasting vs. YouTube (Which is Better?)

– Hey, what’s up guys? Pat Flynn here. Thank you so much for
joining me here on this video where we’re gonna talk about
podcasting versus YouTube. I’ve recorded over 1,300
episodes of podcasts. I’ve recently hit a 100,000
subscribers on YouTube. Thank you team Flynn for those of you who have supported me to get there. Super awesome. I love both platforms but if you’re gonna start
with one or focus on one which one should you start out with? So make sure you stick around, not just because we’re
gonna talk about that but also because I am going
to give away some stuff like we always do on these live streams. So again, thank you for joining me today. Welcome to team Flynn. If you haven’t yet subscribed
to the channel, subscribe now. We hit over a 100,000 subscribers. I’m looking forward to the next 100,000. So what’s up The Hustle Husbands,
Andrew, and Brad, and Sam welcome. thank you for being here. We have a little chart today and this is what we’re gonna go over. I’ll explain this in just a moment and actually, I made a mistake. I was supposed to flip it
and then reveal it later but hey maybe this will
tease you to stay on because we’re going to talk
about some important stuff. You have video, right? Video, super engaging. You’re watching a video right now. Podcasting, passive consumption
of much longer form content which one is better? We’re gonna talk about that right now but I want to say hi to
David, Livestream Universe, Lydan, MMA Pixels, Drew,
Kelly, Nick, Patricia, thank you all so much for the love and the 100,000 subscribers. I cannot believe we got
there despite not being able to spell very well but hey,
that’s what we do here. Now, I have a couple quick housekeeping announcements for you guys. First of all, I want to announce the winner of the 100K contest. This was a video that
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you’re getting congrats from the community here as well. Mina, and Severnclan, Andrew. Chest drum roll, yeah exactly. So, alright cool. I also want to give a shout
out to the list of people I have who got the date right. There were I think you
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which was March 21st. Now, we turned a 100,000 subscribers here on the channel at 6:16 a.m. and I know because I was
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closest one by just a few hours which is really cool. Serious Blogger says, what’s up? Hey Pat Flynn, says
Sunsational, Ask Eve or Yvi. Let’s see, who else is here? Guys, no matter where you’re
at just give me hello. I want to see you in the chat and this is an interactive thing and we’ll be going over
this actually right now. So let’s talk about that. Let’s just get right into it. I don’t want to hold you
longer than I have to. So podcasting versus
YouTube, which one is better? Actually I want to hear
from the community, those of you watching
now and maybe the replay and also make sure you
stick around to the end. I’m doing a giveaway
and by special request, I’m also doing a giveaway for those of you who are watching the replay too. There’ll be a chance for you
to actually win something and I’ll announce the winner
on next week’s broadcast. So make sure you stick around but hey, I want to hear from you guys, those of you watching live right now. Which one of these do
you prefer to create? We’re talking about creation here. So I know maybe this
is a little bit biased because a lot of you are on video. So maybe a lot of you will say YouTube but which platform do you
like better for creation? We’ll start with that question. Do you like YouTube better or
do you like podcasting better? Hustle husband says, podcast is great because I can listen on the go. Podcast for sure. Creation, I love making videos. I love YouTube for creation. Why podcasts or YouTube? YouTube extracts video
and repurposes as podcast. We’ll talk about
repurposing in just a moment and how to actually approach that and even if it is the right thing to do. Patricia says, YouTube. Podcasts Insights says,
podcasts, of course. Dustin says, podcast. Nine to five or Nine to FL
or FI says, YouTube for sure. Creation video over podcasting. Wow, we got a lot of
division here in the audience and I’m going to go over these things and I’m gonna explain exactly
what these mean, right now. So comp means competition. Meaning how many people
are on that platform and where might you be able to best set up so that there is the least
amount of competition. So we’ll talk about that one. Kind of think about which one
you think is best for that. Reach, which one has and gives
you the most potential reach. So as a creator, by going on
either video or podcasting, which one can potentially
give you the most reach to find the most people? Now, there’s obviously
different approaches that you can take and of course hopefully on each of these platforms,
you’re creating great content because that’s the secret
to anything, right? Like you could have a video channel, you could have a podcast, if it’s not great then it doesn’t really, none of this stuff really
will mean anything right. Next is findability. How can a person find an
episode that you create or a video that you create, we can kind of determine which
one is better from there. See a lot of people
saying podcasts, video, wow there’s a lot of division here. I don’t know if I saw
somebody say Instagram. I’m like you’re not in
the right video right now. Anyway, I’m just kidding. Consumption, which one
is easier to consume and which one has the
most consumption time per publication essentially. Next, we’ll talk about relationship. The relationship that you
can build with your viewers or listeners, which one
is of these is better. Engagement, which one allows
for the most engagement for that piece of content that you create. Analytics. I think that one may be an
obvious one for those of you who have done both analytics
for podcasting and video. Then we’re gonna talk about creation, which one is a little easier to create. And lastly, we’ll talk about
which one is trending recently and hopefully those of you watching this, whether live or on the
replay can use kind of the analysis here as
a basis and foundation for decisions that you
make moving forward. The last thing that I would want you to do if you’re just starting out especially, is to go I’m gonna create a video channel and a podcast right now. The number one fact is
when you divide your energy and focus amongst all these things that require its own focus and
time and energy and effort, then none of them are gonna
have the chance to succeed because you’re dividing that energy. When you can put all the energy
into one of these platforms, whichever one it might be
and we’ll see which one we like better at the end and which one you like better at the end. And then you gotta
remember, this is my opinion as somebody who’s created
1300 podcast episodes and now over 300 or so videos
and a 100,000 subscribers. So this is coming from somebody
who has been in this world, in each of these worlds,
for quite a long time now. The YouTube channel started in 2009. I started podcasting in 2010. Alright, if you guys are
with me give me a thumbs up. If you’re watching live,
give me a high five or some emoji of some
kind to let me know that you’re there and you’re ready to go. So we’re gonna start with… Mina says, this is my first
time attending a live stream and now you got called out for it too. which is cool. This is so cool, lol. Depends on the market, yes that’s true. which is why we’re gonna
go over this analysis and hopefully you can
take this information and move forward in a more educated way with whatever it is
that you have going on. Okay, so let’s do this. Okay, I got a lot of emojis. The emojis on YouTube are so different than like on Facebook and Instagram, especially like the smiley faces. It kind of looks like
a jello kind of thing. Anyway, okay. So let’s talk about competition. Sheer numbers. Let’s talk about numbers. On YouTube I heard recently and these numbers may be a little off but there’s so far apart
that it’s gonna make sense. So on YouTube there’s
right around, what I hear, 500 million channels. 500 million active channels. On podcasts… there’s not even million yet. So when you talk about sheer number and competition related to, okay, how many of these things are going… Actually let me pull this down so you can see the whole thing. So 500 million versus 500 thousand. That’s pretty insane
when you think about it. Okay, how many people are there and how many people I’ll
have to compete with. Now, in each market it’s
gonna be different like I said but in terms of just competition
in the numbers aspect, I’m gonna have to go with podcasting and this is why you’re seeing a lot of people podcasting today is because there’s less competition there. You can create an audio
file and put it up there and there’s gonna be less
people to compete with for that particular market that you’re in, most likely because there’s
a lot of YouTube channels. I mean, YouTube’s been around for… I mean actually, YouTube and podcasting kind of started around the same time but podcasting is now
starting to pick up steam and it’s starting to go mainstream. More people are discovering podcasts. I would say that, I mean, I
know a lot more statistics related to podcasting
in terms of each person, on average, subscribes
to five podcast episodes and listens to two hours a day. Now, I would assume that the numbers are a little bit skewed on YouTube because of certain channels
such as gaming channels where people are literally
watching for hours but you know, in terms of
this the number of people who are on that platform, I’d have to give that one
to podcasting for sure. My voice is out of sync? That’s weird Podcast Insight says, I think you got that stat from my site. Lynden says, yes, awesome. Okay, so that’s competition. Let’s talk about potential reach. So when you create something
on a video or a podcast, what is the potential reach there? I think and this is very obvious, on YouTube virality is
so much more possible. On a podcast for example,
a person might be listening on the go and just the
ability to share that episode is a big hurdle. That is a hard thing to get a person who’s listening to your
podcast while walking their dog to do versus somebody
who’s watching a video who can click something and share it and easily have other people share it too because unlike video, podcasting is not a
network or a community. It’s it’s own individual piece of episode that will have to gain
some momentum elsewhere if that makes sense. So yes it could potentially
be in the rankings for certain categories in iTunes or it can potentially be
found in search engines posting back to your website
or wherever it might go, go viral in a particular community, like on a forum if a
person spreads it around with some influence but I got to give it to YouTube for that one there’s so much more potential reach
when it comes to YouTube and number of views if that makes sense. Voice sync is fine, yeah
Patricia you might just want to refresh the page perhaps, that could help. Greetings Cisco, good to see you and thank you for all of you
who are watching right now from wherever in the world you’re at. We are alive right now and I’m stoked because we’re right in the middle of talking about YouTube versus podcasting. Make sure you all stick around because we’re gonna do some giveaways. I’m going to ask you a couple questions. I’m gonna pick one winner
from those watching live and for those of you watching the replay, there’ll be a way for you
to potentially get selected to win something next week. So stick around, okay. Next, we have findability. So this kind of goes along with reach but think about it. If I’m looking for something and I think a lot of you know this because a lot of you use
YouTube specifically. I think you know where my
answer is going with this one or my selection. I’ve learned so much just from searching and looking things up on YouTube because there’s so much content there but also in terms of your creation, your video versus your podcast. It’s so much easier to be
found via the search engines and not just the search
engines, think about this. YouTube has an algorithm
that is being perfected all the time to suggest
videos that are best for different kinds of viewers. There’s an algorithm
at play, not just that but there’s an algorithm with search that is much better
than on iTunes as well. So there’s search, there’s the algorithm, and there’s also suggested videos. Yes, there are suggested podcasts but you don’t see them pop up, they don’t happen on a video
card after a video’s finished or after a podcast is finished. You have to actively go
from one video to another and there’s again, the
algorithms at play to show a viewer who’s watching your video, the next best video which could
be yours or somebody else’s. You can be found on somebody
else’s video channel as well, which is a big strategy actually. Most of my video views
on YouTube have come as a result of suggested views
on other people’s videos. That’s not gonna happen on podcast. Yes, there is a tab in
podcast to see people who listen to this podcast,
also listen to that one but that’s literally it. So I think is very obvious
here which one we select. For findability, you’re
gonna do YouTube, right. And people are asking
okay, well can you do both? We’ll talk about that
at the very end here. So consumption, and by consumption I mean how many minutes is a person gonna be consuming your content. Now, this is a big
discovery of mine lately since going very hardcore
on YouTube recently and that is five minutes of
watch time or more is good. When you have watch time
that’s over five minutes, I mean that’s above average on YouTube. That’s a long time in the YouTube world. On a podcast and thankfully, iTunes is coming out with
some better analytics that is showing us how
much of a podcast episode people are listening to,
which wasn’t around for years. I mean, just imagine, they’re
just now coming out with this. People are listening to
eighty to ninety percent of an episode, sometimes over
an hour of listening time. So imagine an hour of you
and your message, your brand, your voice, your offers,
your call to actions, in front of a person versus
five minutes or less. Hopefully more but most likely less, if you’re just starting out especially. That’s a huge gap in consumption. So I have to give consumption… to podcast. And when you think about
it, it makes sense, right? People are passively
listening to podcasts, they’re on the go, they’re
listening while in the car. There’s a 143 million
people every single day who travel in their cars to and from work in the U.S. alone and many
of them are by themselves and so they’re gonna be
listening to podcasts because it’s education on wheels, right? You don’t really want to
suggest people watch videos in their car, right? Plus, you know, if you listen to videos, you’re gonna potentially
miss something ’cause video, I mean it’s visual right. So consumption, I got to
give it to podcasting. Alright next let’s talk
about relationship. Which platform allows you to
build up better relationship? Now, let’s talk about video really quick. On video specifically,
you have the visual, You you can see me, you
see my hands moving, you see my weird mannerisms and whatever and that just allows
you to know me better. You don’t get that on a podcast. With both, you can hear the voice and you can get into
storytelling with both. I mean, both are great for that. With the podcast however, you’re listening to my voice in a very
intimate environment. There is no distractions at the same time. You can’t click out of a podcast as easily as you can click out of video, which again leads to that length of time that people are listening
and consuming your stuff. So honestly, I have to give it to both. Both video and podcasting are great for relationship building, whichever one you end up focusing on it’s going to allow you to
build a deeper relationship with your audience which is key. And both of them I would
say, are a great compliment or in addition to a
blog that you might have or if you wanted to start out
on one of these platforms, either one would be great
if, and hopefully it is, building a relationship is
really important for you. So let’s go here and here. I listen to podcast while I drive, it’s awesome, says Shayan. Oh consumption, would be podcast. Lots of time I turn away from YouTube and just listen when nothing
but voice is going on. I love YouTube Red, so worth it, says Tim. What’s up Tim. Tim Schmoyer in the house. Go follow him, Video Creators. He’s helped me out so much. He’s a major reason why this channel now is a 100,000 subscribers. So thank you Tim for being
here, I appreciate you. Woohoo, my average view time is seven minutes and 58 seconds. That’s great, that’s great man. That’s higher than average for sure. Let’s see. Your last video spoke on
keeping people on YouTube opposed to leading them away. YouTube is watching that, correct? Yes, that’s another thing. YouTube, just to get a little
bit into the detail here. I learned this from Tim
and Amy and Sean Kennel and also Roberto Blake,
who’s gonna be on… Roberto Blake, a lot of you know him. He’s coming on the video
channel on Tuesday. You’ll see him in the Tesla. We’re doing tactics in
a Tesla with Roberto. A lot of you are loving that a mini series and thank you for all
the feedback for that. So let’s keep going here. Let’s talk about engagement. Which platform, YouTube or podcasting, allows for better engagement? Well, think about it. We’re engaging right now
while creating a video. You can thumbs up, you can leave emojis, you can reply, you can leave comments. Can you do that on a podcast? Not directly on the podcast
consumption platform. You can do that obviously in a forum, where you’re talking about that show. You could do that obviously on a blog post where the show notes live
and that episode exists and you know, I have
engagement on my website for particular podcast episodes as well. Especially when I have a
call to action at the end that says hey listeners
go here, leave a comment, you can win this, or what’s
your opinion on that. So yeah, The Hustle Husbands
is like YouTube, duh. So for sure, YouTube’s on engagement. In terms of getting your listeners active. John in the house. John Pullum, hey John, thank you. Buy your kids an ice-cream on me, I look forward to our 15-minute call. I sent an email and
Jessica got back to me. Thanks for all that you do, #TeamFlynn. Guys, follow John. He’s awesome, he’s been a big fan of SPI and a big member of team Flynn
for the last number of years. He sent me a lot of
cool stuff that my kids and I played with and
he also sent me this box that when you open it a spider comes out, which freaked me out John but I love you, thank you so much. Seven dollars and seventy seven cents, I love that too because that’s, anyway. There’s a there’s a hidden
story related to 777, if you’re in one of my courses
called Smart From Scratch but anyway thank you
so much for that John. I appreciate you man. That’s called a super chat guys. If you haven’t seen one of those before, anybody, any of you can pay some money to have your comment be
shown and sticky at the top of these chats, which is really cool. So can you do that on podcasting? No. Can you go live with a podcast? Well, kind of I guess
Anchor and other ones, they don’t necessarily
allow you to go live but it is something that’s similar but you can’t get this kind of engagement. So definitely, engagement,
YouTube, hardcore. Patricia says yes, a lot
of podcasters have a group for sharing and community. Yes, that’s true and there
is a lot of engagement, especially if you have a great show. I mean, think about things like Serial. I mean, there was so much
engagement related to that podcast because people were just talking about it. So again, going back to
what we said earlier, make sure you create
stuff that is shareable whether it’s a podcast or a video. Just make sure it’s something that people would want to share. It’s a little bit more of a
hurdle to share a podcast. A little bit more hurdle to
get engaged with a podcast but for obvious reasons. Alright, next. Let’s talk about analytics. So if you haven’t done podcasting before, a lot of you are on YouTube. YouTube is blowing my mind with analytics and the things I can learn about how people consume my videos and how people get to my videos and now they’re coming
out with even more things. I learned this on Tim’s channel recently. They’re coming out with more analytics related to impressions. So how often are my videos showing up versus how often are
people actually clicking. So very Google-like and it make sense because YouTube, you know, is
a part of the Google company. But with podcasting,
seriously, it is so far behind. The one big complaint I
have about podcast is that podcast analytics are crap. Yes, we understand how many
people have downloaded our show from our server, which is
really important obviously but we don’t even understand of the people who downloaded our episodes,
did they even listen to it? Do they even actually
get through the episode or through the part where
I have the call to action to actually go and subscribe
to my email list or whatever. Only recently has iTunes
given us, as podcasters, an analytical tool which is great but it’s still very limited
in what it offers us. It’s only tracking who consumes
from an iOS 11 Plus device. Meaning you’re on that new, the new iOS, the operating system. Anything 10 and below,
doesn’t even get shown there. So I am thankful that iTunes is finally, and Apple is finally giving
us stuff to get excited about as podcasters but it is so far behind. So analytics, I got to give it to YouTube. YouTube’s analytics is telling you what’s working and what’s not. With podcasting you kind of have to guess or put things into place on your episode so that you can see if
it’s working or not. Versus, you know for example, like did this episode collect
a lot of email subscribers or the one before that,
you know, things like that. So Se7en says, thank
you for the information. Cool things, haven’t
heard of it, says Tim. Hey Tim, says Se7en Blessings. Podcast Insights, some
companies have better analytics if you use their embedded player but that’s a small percentage. Yes, absolutely right. So I don’t know if this is
killing you Podcast Insights but there’s a lot of
marks here on YouTube. Alright, we’ve got two more to go guys. We’re gonna talk about creation trending. Make sure you stick around I
got a couple giveaways for you. It’s gonna happen really fast ’cause we’re almost at the end here but thank you for sticking around. I appreciate you guys for being here. I hope you like this format. I haven’t done kind of this thing before. If you’re watching live right now, let me know what you think of this. Is this engaging, is this helpful? I want to know if you think so. Thumbs up or thumbs down. Either one just let me know. It’d be very helpful for me. So I can make sure to provide better information for you moving forward. Okay, next let’s talk about creation. In terms of okay which
one is easier to create and I can tell you by far that a podcast is so much easier to create. You don’t have to worry about the visuals. You can do it in your underwear. I don’t do that. Now, a lot of you who listen to podcast… I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s rewind, no, I’m just kidding. But in terms of creation,
I can batch process, I mean I used to do this
when my Ask Pat podcast was coming out five days a week. I used to batch process an entire month’s worth of episodes in three hours. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I get 25 episodes done and
I’d be done for the month. Now, I do batch process my videos as well and that happens on Tuesday. So if you follow me on
Instagram at PatFlynn you’ll often see me behind
the scenes here in the studio filming with Caleb on Tuesdays because we want to get through
as many videos as possible that were planned ahead of time. But in terms of creation,
you just have to worry about speaking into a quality microphone at home and then uploading it to your server and then the rest of the
world can listen to it. You don’t have to worry
about the visual engagement that’s necessary in a
video to make it great. What I’ve learned and from people like Tim and Roberto and Amy and
and Sean and many others, is that in order for a person
to stay watching your video you have to include a
lot of visual elements like pattern interrupts
and things like that. A lot of different angles and of course, if the content’s great
they’re gonna stick around but those things help a person continue to watch your videos. On a podcast, you just
have to tell great stories and be engaging and be interesting and give information that’s really helpful and again, remember people
are listening for much longer. So. Creation, I got to give it to podcasts. I got to give it to podcasting. So batch process. Hey what’s up CJ, good to see you. Stan, thumbs up, thank
you I appreciate that. Barry says, yeah this is a good format and timing the UK’s perfect. That’s good to know because I had no idea. Hustle Husbands says, you can do videos in your
underwear too if you get the… I mean, you don’t know what’s underneath this shirt right now, I’m just saying. So that’s true. Let’s see, Brooke says, video
really only works for me because art is so visual. Good point, again, remember
I was talking about niches earlier or neach-es
for those of you in the UK but I like niches because the
riches is are in the niches. The reaches and the neach-es
doesn’t sound very cool, but yeah, okay cool. So Tim is Tim Schmoyer
from Video Creators, helping change lives
of one video at a time. Okay. Last, let’s talk about trending. Now, there’s gonna be
perhaps a little bit of back and forth on this but
I’m gonna make it quick. I was that VidSummit,
which is an event put on by Derral Eves, who I have to
also give a big shout out to for helping me get to
a 100,000 subscribers. Follow Derral, he has nearly
a half million subscribers. He talked about YouTube, he knows the guys at YouTube, he has a lot of the
greatest latest information about YouTube as well. So I went to VidSummit,
met a lot of those guys. That’s actually where I
got very connected with the kind and welcoming community that is the YouTube community. The podcasting community is great as well. I’m actually keynoting Podcast Movement and I’ll be speaking at VidSummit too. So this is like, I’m speaking at both of these kinds of things later this year. But Gary Vaynerchuk spoke
on stage at VidSummit. He was the closing keynote
and he spoke about how all of the video people who were there should be paying attention to audio. It was really interesting for him to go, Gary V with a lot of influence,
saying hey video guys, you guys need to start
paying attention to audio. Which A, was really exciting to me because primarily I was a podcaster and I feel like I still
am primarily a podcaster. I mean, if I had to choose
one of these to start from scratch, I would
choose podcasting mostly because of the creation process and the relationship building process. If I could start with
a small very intimate group of listeners that could become fans, who could listen to me much longer, that’s gonna be a lot
easier for me to work with versus, you know, this very
crowded space of YouTube. But YouTube has been fantastic too. A lot of things are happening
on the YouTube space in my brand that have
never happened before because of the videos I’m creating. Anyway, Gary is saying you
know, Alexa and Spotify and iHeartRadio, which is gone bankrupt but you know, video is
great but audio is something you should definitely pay attention to. And when it comes to the sheer numbers and things that are
finally starting to happen in the podcasting space, I really do and this may be a little bit biased but I think the trend is upward, much bigger on podcast versus video. Now video is definitely being consumed a lot more than ever before
but same with podcasting but I think trend wise,
if you’re gonna start and have that be a factor, I really do think that
podcasting would be it. Now let’s count these up here. One, two, three, four, five. And then one, two, three, four, five. So five and five. And guys I did that on purpose right because really, the real
answer is both are great. Both are great for different reasons depending on your niche, who you are, what you feel comfortable with, the kinds of things you want to create. If you want to tell very long stories you need to do it very well on YouTube with a lot of visual
elements to go behind it. Or you could just tell a great story as if you’re sitting with a friend in a cafe on a podcast like thing. So John says, podcasts
are easier to learn from while you’re driving, true. Podcast is more your own than renting your own space on YouTube. That’s true as well. So podcasting, you actually
quote own that content versus YouTube which is really
reliant on their platform but YouTube’s given you a
lot of things to work with. The analytics, the
findability, just the reach which podcasting does not. So there are pros and cons to each and I’m hoping that this
video has been helpful for you just to make decisions moving forward because a lot of times we make decisions without even knowing what’s going on. Hopefully you know a little
bit of what’s going on now so you can make an informed
decision moving forward. Now, I do want to talk a little bit and right after this point, I’m gonna ask you guys a question and one of your answers will
be randomly selected to win, to win something, I’ll
mention that in just a moment. And those of you watching the replay, same thing I’ll ask a follow-up question. a different question
and if you’re watching the replay of this, answer
that in the comments and I’ll select somebody next week. So the last point is can you do both? Now, like I said earlier
you shouldn’t focus on creating both channels
at the same time to start because that energy’s gonna
be divided between the two and none of these are
gonna have a chance to actually give you what it
could possibly give you. What I would do is start with one. Pick one, based on what we talked about. Master that, get the systems
down, the procedures, perhaps hire a team to help you. I mean, I’m at a point now with my podcast where I can just film or excuse me, record my voice and
that’s all I have to do. Everything else happens because over the last eight years I’ve
been able to build systems and I teach this stuff in my
course Power Of Podcasting. But pick one and then once you master that and get comfortable and
get that extra time back, then you can potentially focus on getting onto another platform. You can cross over. You can have audio be put into video mode and if you do that, make sure
you have visual elements. Don’t just put a card up
there with your face on it and then have the audio play. That’s not gonna be very good
for you actually on YouTube because people are gonna click away. There’s nothing to look at,
there’s nothing engaging. That’s gonna hurt your watch time, that’s gonna hurt the rest of your channel and the videos from what I’ve learned. You can take videos and
put them onto podcast but you got to be careful because you want to make sure that you don’t say anything
such as hey, look at this or what about this thing on audio. If a person hears that they’re gone because they’re feeling like well, this wasn’t even meant for me. This is this is just regurgitated stuff that I could find elsewhere and I’m not getting a
great listening experience. I feel like each platform
has its strengths and there’s different kinds of content that resonate and work best on each but you can play around with playing on each of them at the same time for the same specific content. There’s a couple people
who do that very well. Chalene Johnson and also Antonio Centeno from Real Men, Real Style. They repurpose their
content very well too. So perhaps we’ll do
another video later about how one might structure that but hey, thank you so much
for watching this video. Cookin’ with Kibby says,
what about sock puppets? VidProMom says, YouTube has
been huge for me my blog. Marcus says, this is so
incredibly helpful and clarifying. Thank you. Hello Internet does both well. Oh cool, I thought you were just saying hello to the Internet. No, thank you Hausa, I appreciate that. Yeah, we’ll talk about this more but I’m grateful that you’re here. Thank you for sticking
around, I appreciate it. I have to finish up
because I gotta get home to do a workout with my trainer but before that, I want to
ask you guys a question. So I want you to tell
me in your own words, if you had to start from
scratch and pick one of these, tell me which one you would start, video or podcasting, and why. And I’m gonna pick somebody in a minute after you ask this question. I’m also gonna ask the replay
viewers a different question so those of you who are
watching the replay right now. Think about your answer to this question. If you’re watching the
replay, I’d love to know, what demonstrations using this format would you like me to do next? So which, so again, remember
this is for the replay viewers. If you’re watching the
replay, answer this question. I’m gonna pick one person
at random next week. So you gotta come back next week and you could win both a signed
copy Will It Fly?, my book. My Wall Street Journal bestseller
and an Ask Pat T-shirt. So first of all, make sure
you also take a moment if you haven’t done so
already to subscribe and join #TeamFlynn. Just hit the subscribe button below. Hit the notification bell so you can get notified when
the next videos come out. So for those of you watching live, which one of these would
you start with and why? There’s no wrong answer. Again, like I said five and five right. But if you’re watching the replay, what kinds of videos would
you like me to create in a live format like
this where we can interact but I can also teach
and reveal some things at the same time. So I’ll pick one of you
watching the replay next week when we go live on Friday. So let’s see, we got… Wow, we got a lot of great answers. I would live stream a
podcast so I can have both. That’s another option too but you also have to be careful
with the interaction part like if I put this
interaction part with you into a podcast then that
wouldn’t be very good for a listener as well. But you can strip that part out and edit what goes on
the podcast obviously and that’s what Chalene
Johnson does very well. John says, I will start with video because I can compress more information into a YouTube video. Podcast because I have a
face for radio, says James. Healthy Christian Mom
says, video, it’s easier and I feel like I can connect
with my audience with visuals. So hopefully those of you
even watching the replay now or here in the chats can kind of see of reasoning from other people. So again, thank you so much. So the winner today,
I’m going to pick Lydan. Lydan Coleman. L-Y-D-A-N and Lydan congratulations man. Shoot me an email
[email protected] You just won a signed copy
of my book, Will It Fly?, and also an Ask Pat shirt
which we will send for free to you for being a part of team Flynn and for being awesome. So he said, podcast because
you don’t have to look good, get done any time of the day, and again that was just randomly selected. I just scroll down and
pick somebody at random. So Apple rnb says, call me. Video Creators, I do
both podcasts and YouTube because there are different
tools for different audiences and you can serve an audience
differently with each. I definitely have people, actually those of you
watching this video right now, raise your hand if you
listen to the podcast. I think this will prove that a lot of you actually listen and consume on both, which of course strengthens
our relationship and you get stuff on the
podcast that you don’t get here and you get stuff here that
you don’t get on the podcast. So how many of you actually
listen to both the podcast and are watching this video right now? So a lot of you, Brooke, Hi Brooke. Hustle Husbands, Adams, yep, I listen too. So to Tim’s point, you can do both and you can have different things on each but again, I wouldn’t start
with both right at the start. So hey guys, great job today. This was a lot of fun. Thank you so much. Make sure you subscribe
to the channel below. We’re on our way to the next 100,000 guys and I’m so glad that you’re
a part of it with me. Look forward to more videos
like this in the future and videos coming next week. We got Roberto Blake
coming in the Tesla for Tactics in the Tesla on Tuesdays. So look out for that and guys, I love you guys so much. Take care, cheers, and I’ll
see you in the next one. Bye guys.

100 thoughts on “? Podcasting vs. YouTube (Which is Better?)

  1. Great, thoughtful video, Pat…thank you. Question: What kind of camera do you have connected to your computer for this live stream? Thanks! Nancy

  2. Replay – Video to do next: Analytics breakdown! How do you leverage or effectively execute on the data?

    Great to have met you at #VidSummit2017! Looking forward to seeing you again at #VidSummit2018. (Canadian Naval Vet)

  3. I would like to see you do a "whiteboard" style live video showing the processes you have implemented for the creation and publishing of your podcasts (how do you come up with subject matter, any research, reaching out to experts in that particular industry, etc.). In other words, can we rent space in your brain? We just want a peek so we can follow your lead. I think I would've picked starting out with podcasting although I would have to practice speaking slowly and lower my voice a few decimals. I would need training!! Thank you for another great video.

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    I would love to see a live video about your team and what they are doing behind the camera while you are live. Maybe also the technology behind it. Those banners you were putting up at the bottom of the screen, were you queing those up? how so?


  7. Great info Pat! This helped me realize why "syndicating" my podcast on YouTube isn't really working and why I need to create more unique content to see YouTube fly. Would love more info on creating cross platform content or how to fix the problems with each channel you identified here like how to improve podcast engagement or YouTube consumption. Started with and still love your podcast too btw

  8. On average I get around 2K views per day on my podcast and only about 60 (yes SIXTY) per day on my youtube channel.

  9. Thanks for the great info. I love doing both. I have 165 subs on podcasting yet I have a large reach for a new podcast station I think (2K average hits per day, 7 months old.) But I want my YouTube channel to grow as well and it is like molasses.

    I would love to see videos about marketing or sharing a podcast and what the pitfalls are on using twitter and facebook for social networking. People rarely click the links even when they "like" it. People claim clickbait is bad yet everyone uses it. Does it turn people away? Also, why do these other people who do the same kind of thing I do have tens of thousands of subscribers and get 1000s of views but I'm still at 1000 subs and 100 views per video. I don't think I suck. Is it because I was using a title of a story instead of "5 scary stories…??" I think their videos are great as well, and mine aren't terrible either, so why do they run circles around me? Same type of content, same plain old picture in the background. Is it the livestreams that I don't do (no, they don't show their faces either.) I mean, I love to see their success, I'm very happy for them but I'd like some too. LOL People either don't like my stuff or they have a hard time finding me. How can I tell? My podcast runs circles compared to YouTube.

  10. For a future lesson: How to be found better on iTunes. I’m starting a niche podcast. And likely enrolling in Power Up Podcasting next round (when will that be?)

  11. LOL!!! Alexa heard you say "spotify!"

    Just wanted to say, I agree with your evaluation (as if MY opinion matters)… the cool thing is that YouTube also offers a LOT of the same benefits of podcasts (such as embedding in your blog post, etc), but "share-ability" is MUCH easier with YouTube. Using YouTube (with video) gives you the ability to export audio for podcasts which helps you promote your YouTube channel, or your blog post, which you can use to promote your YouTube channel.

  12. Here's my answer to your replay question:

    I'd LOVE for you to do a series of live videos on how a full-time worker could "invest," say, 16 hours per week into a side hustle (affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc) to create a starting income of $1,000/month and then scale to $5- $10 per month.

    I've seen a lot of vids and heard a lot of podcasts, even bought a lot of courses… but, I've not found a SINGLE course (or series) that spells out a PLAN that is easily duplicable for GETTING STARTED from step one to step done.

    I've listened to your podcast for years (about 7), watched your YT channel for years too… I know you're the man who could do this project!

  13. I would start with podcasting because it is less distracting and will allow me to dive deeper into the content without filtering too much.

  14. #Answer Which is better and "why" Interview Podcast VS Just my Thoughts Podcast (conversation with the listeners)

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    It was kind of clear that youtube is more time consuming and it is not a smart move to start both, but was very good to hear that from someone else 🙂 Going to start a podcast first.

  16. I'm only a year into Podcasting and I'm at 2 thousand listeners and I've decided to wait for a while before launching a youtube page , the way I format my show , would be very challenging for you tube so I will take time to learn before I come here

  17. Hi. Great tips and thanks. I started with YT in 2012 and created only a few videos and then stopped for a long time. As of last year, I started my Podcast because I found it easier however now when I recorded I do it in both formats. Pat in your opinion for podcast what are the most important analytics? Followers, download, likes and for YT? subscribers, time, shares or likes?.

  18. Like back in the day, Beta vs VHS during video machine time. VHS was cheaper to the masses but Beta was better quality

  19. If you make your YT videos then convert them into mp3 for the podcast would that affect your number of YT views? Or is there a way to connect the 2?

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    @ATLWIZTECH Twitter fb blogger Instagram and gmail

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    So do you suggest that I should put my audio podcast on YOUTUBE?

  22. Podcast because of the specific audience I am aiming for – people on the way to/from school. Easier to listen in the car/public transport. I also want the listener to create images in their own minds of the content, not always have them have that work done for them. Might move to Video after a season or so.

  23. This video is incredibly helpful to me as it's a big decision I'm needing to make as I move forward with consistent content. It's still a hard decision, but I am much more thoroughly informed on each of these considerations now so that hopefully my decision will be one I won't regret. Thank you!!!

  24. This is clear for me Pat. Thank you. I will go with podcasting and master it. Then consider moving to another platform. I feel like podcasting give you the opportunity to be a better storyteller than video who actually make you think a lot about a lot of things.

  25. Like many, I've been struggling with this question. This video clarified the issues and showed me that YouTube is my initial path. Thanks so much! I can narrow my focus. Good thing, right?

  26. Excellent video and analysis. I think the fact that there is 1000 times more competition on YouTube clinches it for me. Podcasting is where my efforts will start.

  27. I started with Podcasting. It went well, though I stopped podcasting when it was costing more for hosting than what I was making. I am pivoting to YouTube because it's cheeper to maintain and I have a higher chance of making a return on my investment sooner than later.

  28. Hi Pat! How do you set up your sound to be this good on a video for YouTube? It's clean, clear and free from ambient noise… Any tips would be appreciated!

  29. i agree with the one or two i seen who say podcast on you tube. upload ur podcast or if possible do it on youtube. i found the podcast that i watch and inspired me, on you tube. other than that wouldnt even know where to find podcast's

  30. I am just starting, I have a YouTube channel and then someone told me about podcast. After listening to you, it seems that YouTube is the way to go, but then again, podcast seems easier…

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  32. Great video, but can't you do youtube and your podcast as one? Upload your YouTube video to the podcast or upload your video podcast to youtube.

  33. I started my YouTube channel about three months ago and have been struggling to get subscribers. I started my podcast about a month ago. I have a lot more listeners on my podcast than I have viewers on YouTube. So in my experience, as a brand new channel without a network, it’s easier and faster to get a foothold as a podcaster than a youtuber. I think much of this has to do with the way the YouTube algorithm favors large, popular channels because that’s where they make more money. That’s just my experience from the past few weeks of doing both.

    I really enjoy making videos, but it is a lot more work and generally takes a lot more planning. I can crank out a podcast episode in an hour from recording to editing.

  34. I been podcasting on YouTube for the last 5 years it is the best and easiest way to get your podcast out there.

  35. Good presentation. Very informative, because I don't understand Podcasts. If I knew how to find and listen to podcasts, I might think that was a viable option.

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  37. How does having my YouTube RSS feed help me? Will YouTube hit me for duplicate content if I load the audio from my podcast to YouTube which is exactly the same is my video? Will I get him for duplicate content if I use the audio from my video for my podcast?

  38. Loved this. I just started my podcast this year because I love being able to just pull out my mic and speak without having to have the lighting and camera and all that for video, plus I am camera shy, I can do it of course but the purity of my message doesn't come through as strong. I LOVE podcasting and I am excited to see where it goes by the end of the year!

  39. Update as of April, 2019 – latest data shows there are still only 660,000 active podcasts, still well under 1 million. Isn't that insane? It's picking up speed though, so if you're at all interested in starting a podcast, nows a good time to get in while we're still "early"!

  40. Hey Pat, I have a channel on YouTube called Bloody Chicago, and a web site maggionews.com, there are over 200 videos, i am going to start a podcast, about crime in Chicago, i go into the neighborhoods and film the violence. I have over forty one thousand subscribers, and over 8 ,million views, any advice on how to make this better and profitable?

  41. I do both YouTube and Podcasting. I would rather Podcast instead of YouTube because I can pickup my Zoom H4n Pro Recorder with my Dynamic Mic and record one or ten podcasts, depending where I’m at, weather it be at a locksmith convention or metal detecting an old home from back in the 1800’s. I enjoy listening and watching your shows. I’m a subscriber.

  42. Good info. Thanks. I watch lots of youtube for short tutorials but podcasts are my goto format for extended learning since I can drive / walk etc. I also read lots of audio books. I NEVER sign into any podcast platform. It's raw rss pulled into pocketcasts, or nothing. If a podcast requires a platform sign in, I'm gone. Speaking of which what is your podcast rss feed? Would like info on taking podcast audio and sending to youtube as well as podcast automation and production. Ron.

  43. For those of you talking about monetizing, if you sell anything across state lines in the US (and that's what the internet is about), it's about to become a nightmare for small companies due to the Wayfair US Supreme Court decision in 2018. The ruling allows states to require sales tax to be collected across state lines by vendors selling into a state, including "digital goods" in 26 states and counting. So if you sell a podcast or whitepaper etc. into one of those states, you may have to register, collect, and remit locally specific sales tax. Google wayfair supreme court sales tax. Ron.

  44. As an added bonus, with youtube you get to play hide and seek. One day you're looking for your videos and POOF! They are gone. Youtube, at their own discretion and without any warning whatsoever, can terminate your channel without you knowingly violating any of their terms, which are so broad anyway, they can be interpreted to fit any mold they see fit. If you publish conservative or overtly Christian content (unless you are some whacked out, fringe outfit), you are at risk. Many channels (Christian or otherwise) have been tossed to the youtube dustbin of history over the years. Whichever way you go, keep online and offline backup copies of all your content.

  45. Hi Pat. I love your stuff and hoping to ask a quick question. I am embarrassed to ask this, but I'm trying to link my YouTube Channel to my instagram account, but can't find the youtube link. All it says is youtube subscriber. 🙁

  46. YouTube makes me feel like I'm at the level of a stupid 8th grader. Podcasts make me feel like I'm at the level of a sad adult.

  47. This video is so very helpful! Thank you. I really want to start podcasting. I am a student journalist and love the idea of storytelling so I believe podcasting will be the perfect platform for me, at least to start.

  48. I am looking into the podcast area still and have gotten as far as I have the issue that has gotten me stuck is how to easily perform interviews without trouble. Everything I have been trying to do seems to be causing headaches and I am really getting frustrated. I have started to follow your youtube as it did get my attention, thank you. I am quite far in building my podcast site but this issue with the desire to do interviews and not finding software is really frustrating. If you can assist I would be quite appreciative.

  49. Love the video, I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison though between the two because they are different mediums that appeal to different kinds of people in general. I would also say that it is highly subjective and ultimately a personal choice in the end. It’s blatantly obvious that the argument tends to favor YouTube in the long run. I personally didn’t have to even see the whole video conclusion to simply know the the argument was won by YouTube hands down in my opinion. Just the first criteria of competition alone spoke volumes and ended the debate for me. Podcasting does really well due to The simplicity in the creative process and getting started to begin with. And with close to a million channels is quite impressive and certainly displays an enormous potential for continued growth which would make it appealing to most people starting out.

    However podcasting simply cannot touch the reach to a general audience that YouTube already does on daily basis. 500 million channels and counting speaks for itself. I would say that might be because we tend to be more visual than anything else in today’s day and age. If The idea is to get our message across to people and generate an audience in your respective market and therefore grow both your content, reach and your audience, YouTube owns this arena at the present moment and has I previously mentioned it’s not even close.

    Don’t get me wrong I love podcasting and I think it has a future still despite the exponential growth of YouTube even today but the facts and figures illustrate that podcasting tailors to a smaller sized audience and is really marketed and appealing to a certain kind of person who simply engages more with the audio experience than not. In the end I has previously noted it’s a personal choice for everyone.

    On a side note: just asks yourselves this question? Pat has this video on YouTube. Would he generate an equal if not more of a response by his audience if this video were a podcast episode on his channel?

  50. I have a"friend" I follow on You Tube and she's well established on You Tube with 468,707 subscribers, and well over millions of hits on most of her videos. Business wise wouldn't it be more beneficial to also Use Pod casting to broaden her "business/revenue"? She does Tutorials, she does Reviews and also has Give a Way's frequently. Can't she have the Best of Both Worlds and do the same?

  51. I am a newbie . I think i will go with the podcast first . Through my podcast i can engage some followers which will also help me in my other channels too in the future
    I will also be comfortable doing it. As i feel i am great with speaking and i have a conviction in my voice .

  52. Hi Pat, would you recommend creating two YT channels, one of them dedicated to just podcast episodes? If yes, does it matter which channel gets created first (for example, the one created first becomes your primary channel and it can’t be changed later on)? I really like your videos, I’m learning so much. Thank you!!

  53. Thank you after listening to you I am confident to launch my Podcast – thinking about a name now.

  54. I am just exploring how to get my info out into the world, introduce specific topics, refer to both books I have written, so me as a huge NEWBiE, I am going to go with Podcast. My content is rather personal and specific. There's more, but ….. )

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