10 Bullet Journal Hacks & Ideas

10 Bullet Journal Hacks & Ideas

The first hack is very simple. If you have a bullet journal with an elastic cover and need a pen loop you just need to hold the elastic like this until it crosses the front of your bullet journal diagonally Then all you have to do is to insert a pen in the improvised pen loop and it should be secured to tuck in your bag or your pocket. For the second hack, you will need a journal card, or a piece of scrapbook paper and a few dotted stickers. For this hack we will do a foldable index, so you can assign colors for different topics in your journal and still be able to access your color code at all times. Just think of how you would like to color code your journal entries and stick one dot of each color in your cards. You can think of things like schoolwork, chores, family time, your hobbies, etc. Just write next to each dot, the assigned topic and grab a piece of washi tape and stick the journal card in the first or last page of your journal. This way you can pop out your colored index as you leaf (skim) through your journal and still keep it hidden when you are not using it. For the third hack, I’m going to use a very simple trick to mark permanent pages. Just grab some washi tape and stick half of it on the length of the border of the page you want to mark. Then flip the page over and fold the washi over the page. When your bullet journal is closed, you will clearly see the washi tape border. And it will be very easy to access that page without having to flip endlessly through your journal. The fourth hack is directed to everyone that doesn’t like drawing but still, loves to decorate their bullet journal with hand drawn doodles. GraphicStock was kind enough to partner with me for this video (#Spons) So I accessed their illustration database to show you how you can find copyright-free doodles online. And download them and bring them to stick them in your journal. If you aren’t interested in paying to download these images that’s fine and understandable. You can find the 7-day trial link in the description box and you can download these banners for free And keep them in your computer for future use with a maximum of 140 downloads for that 7-day trial. This website lets you download unlimited images without having to pay for each specific download Which happens in most stock image websites. If you happen to think on selling stickers or use images for other commercial uses You can use all of GraphicStock’s images freely, since they come with 100% royalty-free agreement. So basically all you need to do is print a desired image on sticker paper, cut the stickers And simply decorate your bullet journal with this really easy hack. One thing that I also love to put in my bullet journal is a vision board for that year or that month. I just like to print images that mean something to me or that inspire me and stick them in a 2-page spread in my journal. I think it’s really cute and gives a pop of color to your notebook, while also keeping you inspired and motivated throughout the year I think this is also great for people that use journals for scrapbooking and memory-keeping And with a bit of imagination you can make a really cute vision board. For the sixth hack, we are going to make our own card stock dividers This is a really simple DIY and it can give a whole different look to your basic bullet journal. You only need a piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors Just mark the size of a journal page on the cardstock paper, leaving enough space for a tab of your desired size to stick out of the paper. Just cut yourself my divider, make a cross with the glue stick on the page where you wish to divide your bullet journal And your DIY divider is finished! You can now decorate it or use it as a dashboard for sticky notes or rapid-logging I love to keep a 2-page spread for brainstorming. The problem with brainstorming is that it normally involves a lot of messy writing And you end up wasting precious space in your journal for your temporary inserts. So what I like to do is save a 2-page spread and brainstorm with sticky notes, instead of writing the page itself. Personally I use this for video ideas or collabs I want to make and when I accomplish these things I just peel away the sticky notes. If you need extra space in your bullet journal, I recommend you stick a paper envelope on an empty page If you use a plastic envelope, you risk bending your bullet journal with time And it’s also difficult to stick to paper without the usage of a stronger glue. In my case I decided to use a bit of washi tape to achieve a more colorful look and it’s also stronger enough to make sure that the envelope won’t fall off. For the next idea, I wanted to show you a very basic thing that I normally do, but I don’t see many people doing Whenever I get these flimsy, semi-transparent plastic flags. I never use them mark pages, since I think they are not resistant enough. Instead, I love to use them within the pages to highlight notes and section parts within my log entries Since they are transparent you can stick them on top of anything you’ve written and you will end up highlighting that portion of the text. On the other hand you can use the arrow-shaped flags to point to certain pieces of your notes to draw your attention towards them. Finally, we are going to make a bullet journal divider using nothing more than the pages of your bullet journal. Also a piece of washi tape. All you need to do is select the page that will divide the different sections of your journal and fold that page in half As you can see in the picture Don’t forget to leave at least 1-2 millimeters on the edge so we can secure the fold in the next step Grab a piece of skinny washi tape and stick it on the entire length on the folded page Making sure it connects to the other page. Then your divider is done! I normally use this whenever I want to get rid of a page without ripping it off and it really spices up your bullet journal and makes it look more interesting. I hope you have enjoyed this video! Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you next week bye 🙂

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  1. Of all the bullet journal videos I have watched, yours is the MOST HELPFUL for those, like me, lacking doodle skills and can't draw a straight line even if their life depends on it lolz

    Thank you so much! <3

  2. Thank you so much for watching our videos and subscribing. It means a lot. All glory to God!! Make sure to LIKE our other pages also!! GOD BLESS – www.youtube.com/pbnjband and www.facebook.com/pbnjband

  3. Update: graphicstock.com is now storyblock.com and is $19.00 per month and some images have additional fees. but very few.

  4. I like all the hacks and I will probably use them in my bullet journal, but since it is going to be finished soon I am looking for a new one and have been wondering which one do you use?? Love your videos 😀

  5. How did you print the images off your computer and made them stickers? I’m not sure if you said something about how you do it. Is it an expensive machine or a special kind of paper?? thx

  6. Hi and thank you for your video! I am new to bullet journaling. I didn't even buy my journal yet! I am trying to download the doodle banners template but it's showing a price. Is the free download still available? If so, how do I access it?

  7. FYI *** your video has been stolen. It already has 10 views in a few hours on someone else's chanel. You need to report to yt admin to recover your revenue. You should also add your chanel name to your titles so can do a quick search of your videos to ensure all your videos belong to your chanel. Good luck 🙂
    I've linked the offenders video below

  8. I have been watching bullet journal videos so that I can brave it… and I find this video really super helpful! 🙂 Thank you for making it and for sharing.

  9. I did the vision board hack and posted the video on my channel. Will be sure to mention you, thanks so much for the suggestion!!


  10. I love the tip for the brainstorming page with the post-it notes, I will give that a lot of use now, and in different ways too. I also liked the turning a messed up page into a divider instead of ripping it off. And I have to add I was trying to identify your accent, first I thought you were Russian then it finally really sounded like European Portuguese, awesome!

  11. I liked the index card, but not for color coding, and the permanent page for the end of my planner as this is where I will put my FlyLady stuff. TFS, Nicole

  12. Why does every hack video consist of the same hacks?! Here's a bullet journal hack video hack- watch other hack videos first!
    If I see the pen loop hack one more time I'm gonna stick a pen in my eye! 🙄

  13. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩🇦🇩

  14. Folding that page was was an INCREDIBLE relief to see so I can fix a large mistake on a whole page! LOVE it! Thank you!

  15. now I need to buy a new bujo and plan some ideas out 😭 lovely video! (I also have a video filmed on my bullet journal on my channel💗)

  16. Idk do you use some auto-translation for video titles in other languages, but if you can change it manually, correct title in Russian is "10 хаков и идей для Буллет Джорнал" or "10 хаков и идей для Bullet Journal" (I think people from russian bujo community don't even translate this term often). Please change the title if you can! Your video is really nice but the translated title looks as dumb as auto-translation on aliexpless x(((

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