Today we have a very special
guest with us today he’s very intelligent, very smart, very handsome and mashaAllah a really good guy to get along with sadly Ali couldn’t come What will we be doing
today? What are we not gonna be doing today? That’s the real question.
So we’re gonna be looking at some headlines Some headlines that some
right-wing (kind of) tabloid newspapers have been, putting up about Muslims (in
particular) and we’re gonna look at some of the retractions that they have made
thereafter. So Daily Star first released an article, December 2016
‘Almost half Brit Muslims want Sharia law and wouldn’t report relative in Isis
shock study’ My God but then in February 2017 -Yeah
-They retracted that and said almost half of Britain Muslims want a “softer” version of Sharia law shock claim from study So they’ve taken out the whole Isis thing completely? It’s gone mate it’s disappeared These newspapers they rely upon market research companies yeah who kind of do a
very very small scale study now they try and generalize on the British Muslim
populations. So they get like a thousand people, two thousand people, ask him some very vague questions that you know, it doesn’t have any kind of
direction and then they’ll take the answers from that and they’ll put it
into a headline and this is fear-mongering and it kind of makes
people scared of Islam as you can you can kind of gather from this Just in case people start saying that we’re conspiracy nuts…
you might be but i’m not yeah, so we’re gonna check another one okay ‘Gunmen screaming “Allah Akbar” opens fire in a Spanish supermarket Oh they go it right
they said Alla HU Akbar normally it’s Allah Akbar -Really yeah?
-Yeah, it’s progress Okay. While wearing suicide vest filled with gasoline and gunpowder’ so they changed this -That was in January
-Yeah -Then in March they retracted it ‘Gunman opens fire in
Spanish supermarket while wearing suicide vest filled with gasoline and
gunpowder’ so what’s been omitted here/ What’s been taken out…
there’s no “Allahu Akbar” thing this is not the way the media works it won’t tell you that Muslims are terrorists But they’ll do this kind of Associative
Reasoning, so they’ll bring phrases that are associated inextricably with Islam
and then they’ll kind of attach it to kind of terrorism and stuff. Next headline Daily Express ‘Voters in areas with high Muslim population must show passports
amid voter fraud fears Then they changed that and said ‘Voters in “vulnerable” areas
may have to show passports government proposes Do you know what this shows? It
shows the desperation of the right-wing media to try and attach the word Muslim
to anything which is actually negative -And they’re doing is successfully
-yeah because most people will read the Muslim/ISIS sort of headline because: Number one
it feeds their narrative they’ve… they believe it’s reality and they’re much
more receptive to it and then when it changes it’s not on the front page, it’s
in page five or six, in a dinky little section underneath the sofa advert
-That’s a good point That’s true yeah ‘Anger as less than a third of Muslim
nations sign up to coalition against ISIS’ Correction: ‘Muslim nations sign up
to coalition against ISIS’ so here it’s very clear that the media is trying to
actually get you not only to to think in a certain way but to feel in a certain
way. “Anger” is as an emotive word. You should be angry… is the real subtextual message being sent foreward Be angry with Muslims, be angry with Muslim
nations, be angry with what’s not happening ‘New five pound note could be
banned by religious groups as Bank can’t promise they’re Halal’ ‘New 5-pound could be
banned by religious groups as banks can’t promise what note is made of’ The word Halal is taken out You know why? Because it wasn’t just something that
was an issue for Muslims it was by Hindus and Jewish people as well.
-Yeah ‘Schoolchildren banned from singing silent night over fears it will offend
other religions’ then this was changed to ‘Head teacher rubbishes claims that
schoolchildren stopped from singing Holy Night’ This newspaper here has show been shown
really like just with the examples we put forward, to be an incompetent
newspaper. Like how many mistakes do you have to make in order for you to have
some kind of quality control? Another headline from Daily Express ‘Students left without Internet after Islamic state hack major computer network’ so now Isis is attacking schools now mate Did they retract that as all yeah? They
retracted it ‘A UCL student who asked not to be named said “the timing is
dreadful, it makes you think that it was the work of a terrorist organization” so again it was an opinion of an unnamed student yeah? is this seriously like… when
you talk about like academics and stuff like this is a newspaper, so it’s a
national newspaper… this is pretty much fake news. It says here, this is quite, this
is quite shocking this is ITV as well which is very mainstream ‘Half of UK Muslims would not report extremism’ yeah? Okay, first and foremost, I would
love to know what kind of… and this is a question I want you guys to always ask,
because on a sociological level you have to ask yourself if they’re generalising
half of the UK Muslim population, we talk about two and a half, more than two and a
half million people by the way, it’s gonna be three million soon yeah? Let’s
say almost three million people in the UK. How can you generalize 1.5 million
people? How many people did you actually ask? What was your study? Was that a study with a thousand people and how can you generalize 1.5 million based
on a study with a thousand? And that’s what they usually do… and was it a
cross-section of most people in society? Have these critical questions in mind. When you go back to the website this headline is not even there no more ‘Isolated Islam: British Muslims are so cut off from society they think seventy five
percent of UK is Islamic report reveals’ You know the census? There’s like a census and there was an analysis done on the census of 2001, because every 10
years they do a census in this country yeah? In 2001 they had, they had like analysis
on the least integrate sections of society. At number one was the Jewish
society, so in other words the least integrated religious group or let’s say even ethnic group (because Jews are ethnic and religious at
the same time) were Jewish people You’re going to get my channel shut down by talking about Jews That’s point one yeah? Number two was the the
mainstream white population that was number two,
Muslims were number three on the list yeah from what I remember. So here the
issue of integration, whenever you hear integration you kind of think of Muslims don’t you? Yeah but really is the reporting being done properly? Because according to
the raw data, according to the raw data actually Muslims don’t fare “as badly” (and
obviously we don’t put that in a negative way) but as badly right as
for example Jews or Jewish community we previously reported that
the case review said some segregate muslims believe Britain is a 75% islamic, this
was incorrect in fact the review cited a survey of people in one largely Asian
school, who saw fifty to ninety percent of the population of Britain was Asian.
So they went to a school, asked a bunch of kids, and then generalized that in their
heading. It’s humiliating this is a humiliating
sociological approach ‘Holiday terror fears: ISIS report
reportedly issue direct threats to Brit holiday destination Spain and obviously
this is one of the is probably the most popular destination, so it’s gonna scare
a lot of people, they’re gonna feel very inconvenienced it’s gonna be like “Oh
Muslims again! Now we can’t even go on holiday Because it’s frustrating people
isn’t it, and then what happened with this was, they just said that the page
disappeared ” Abra Cadabra” This was a very famous headline ‘One in
five Brit Muslim sympathy for jihadis’ now I remember coming across this
headline as well and I thought whoa! Brothers like Muhammad Hijab, what is
going on? Why have they got sympathy for Jihadis? Look first and foremost you have to ask yourself, once again first question, what’s the sample
size? Who did they ask? How did they get this information? Ask yourself these
questions, honestly as Muslim you have to equip yourself with this critical thinking and non-muslims. And the word “sympathy” by the way you could feel sorry for
someone who’s doing ridiculous things yeah like for example you could feel sorry for a paedophile/murderer because they have transgressed on themselves so badly
that you can feel sorry for…so it’s very ambiguous, it doesn’t it doesn’t suggest
by the questioning that the person’s actually sympathetic to their cause I feel bad: What ‘student’ gunmen who stormed Quebec mosque screamed “Allahu Akbar” told
cops as he gave up after killing six’ They had to change it. They love “Allahu Akbar” They’re saying “Allahu Akbar” more than the average Muslim would say Next headline. So that other one… was it retracted? it was retracted isn’t it? Yeah they took the “Allahu Akbar” out So what’s the conclusion The conclusion is guys listen. You really
really have to be… first of all let me equip you guys certain things yeah? Number one: Don’t trust statistics Because statistics are manipulated very very easily
especially when it comes to headlines Number two: Be critical thinkers, when it
comes to any kind of survey that they come with, you have to think to yourself: Who are the sample group? Who have they actually sampled yeah? How many of them
are they are they generalizable? Is it a cross-section of society? These are kind
of like sociology questions that you on a GCSE level, you kind of learn yeah? Number
three: Then ask yourself, what is the raw data holistically show? For example like
the issue of integration yeah, if we look at integration as a holistic thing. Is it
the fact that Muslims are the least integrated? If integration is the problem
is it the fact that Muslims are least integrated or are there other groups, other
societies because the latter is actually true (if you look at the census data as
we’ve mentioned before) Number four: The same thing applies with now terrorism,
and attacks these kinds of things Look at things holistically. So if you
want to look at violence and murder, look at gang crimes as well because that’s
actually part of the the mechanism Look at different kinds of attacks from
right-wing groups (these kind of things) this will give you a holistic
understanding of a problem. “This is a social problem.” And it will stop you from
being biased “so it must be Muslims all the time” and it’s true from our
perspective we also have to be honest as well, and that’s the fifth point. So as a
Muslim society or Muslims we have to look and say ok we do have issues. There are some people who are radically inclined. There are some people who have this kind
of thought that is instilled into them and they think that every person who’s non-muslim is the enemy. There are some… that does exist
we can’t lie about that as well. However how do we deal with that? Is a different
question. Now should we vilified the whole Muslim community? Should we smear all of Islam with that? And this is leading on to the final thing which i’ll say to you which is, that do not judge Islam by what the Muslims do. One more thing I’ll say is
this, remember this argument. Democracy is meant to prevent a tyranny of the
majority. A tyranny of the majority is when the
majority of people are gone against the minority groups, like Muslims or whatever it may be( black people etc) This what they’re doing here with the media
narrative is actually a contradiction to their principle of trying to protect
minority rights. There should be if anything amplifying the voices of the
minority. They’re going against their own principles or the the Western
enlightenment principles, when they do this. So this is where the problem really
is, it’s against democracy and it’s against liberalism and it’s against human rights, for
them to actually smear a population in the way that they’ve been doing. But inshaAllah I think this video was definitely necessary you know? -yeah
-cuz I I felt this as well with these newspaper headlines, and I found it and I was like
(you know what) people need to… Yeah i thought it was well research as well and Jazakallah for bringing you insight into this
-Any time and don’t forget to subscribe
to Brother Mohamed hijab on his YouTube channel Until next time: Asalaam aleykum Salaam aleikum (Strange noise) We’ll work on it


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