10 Ideas for the First Page in Your Sketchbook | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 19

10 Ideas for the First Page in Your Sketchbook | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 19

100 thoughts on “10 Ideas for the First Page in Your Sketchbook | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 19

  1. This really inspired me a lot. I was the type of person who doesn't even want to open a sketchbook, afraid that I might ruin it and that other people won't like it. But when I watched this video, I began to realize that doing art is not all about making it perfect, it's all about making it unique and expressing yourself. Being yourself is a masterpiece and being unique is already perfect. Thanks a Lot😊😊😊

  2. Me and my best friend really like art. Not trying to be mean but I’m a little bit better then her and everyday she comes into school saying I’m better then her at everything ( in the morning on the bus I sketch in my sketchbook) because she looks in my sketchbook. I say you’ll get better but she barely draws. It’s just confusing

  3. My first page:

    has the starting month + year and the end month + year in the middle.

    Doodles in the corner for every month so you could see your process in one page.

  4. I have a sketch book before I draw or paint in there about my emotions when I feel like creating one. I’m planning to have another sketchbook and this ideas are great! Thank you!

  5. I actually use the first page for testing new products. I keep it very very neat and organized. I label everything I test do I know which pens will work for what, couch my terrible memory won't help. I usually use my go to mechanical pencil, a 02 micropen, and no color or highlighters to make a contrast (coloring only the eyes and shirt, etc).

  6. Your so inspirational i love your channel so much you really inspired me not to worry so much about what my sketch book looks like!

  7. Im got so inspired by you Mako, I bought my first watercolor pad and made my first page hahaha…

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hey Mako!I am currently in class 7 and I am finding art as really interesting and want to make it as my profession.
    I think I am a beginner ,so please give me some tips to motivate and help myself to make it better.

  9. Am i the only one who skips the first page coz i thought you were not suppose to write something there? Like its just a blank page.

  10. Or you can do what Moriah Elizabeth does! If you don't like it, LEGIT HATE IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND GLUE IT SHUT WITH ANOTHER PIECE OF PAPER. You're welcome.

  11. lol so am i the only one who has always first done art on the cover(I have blank craft paper covers) and first page

  12. OMG How did you know?! I always skip the first page lol, except this month I decorated it and wrote January on it..lol but guess what… I now skipped the second page hahah ! XOXO L

  13. what is the brand of the marker that you used to make your signature at the beginning? pardon my bad English. English isn't my language. But I hope you would reply please 😭 I really want to know the brand of the marker

  14. So many true words were said in this video. It really doesn’t mater if are sketchbook is perfect. Or if we think another persons is better

  15. There are AMAZING ideas, don't get me wrong, but on the first idea, the signature, you didn't even USE the first page!

  16. i really enjoyed watching this video at first i was looking for something to give me ideas on what to draw on my first page but all the things you were saying towards the end about doing something because you enjoy it really made me realize it’s okay if it’s not perfect and i’m glad you see it the way you do

  17. I have no words u just satisfied me so much ur exactly right and thank you for your great great great vedio🤗😀😀👏👏☺️☺️💕

  18. I just open my sketchbook and draw some random thing it doesn't always look beautiful but I don't care ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😼😼😼😼😼😼

  19. This is really informative and inspiring video. I am planning to start with an art journal soon and this definetly helped me with the same. I am just waiting to start my journal. Keep up the good work.

  20. Thank you for the moral inspiration. I haven't picked up a brush for a too long because i have been busy and now I'm just afraid that my art will suck and eventually waste paint, paper or canvas. Im picking up my brush right now. And I am a new subscriber! Love ur video. And your voice is soothing too!

  21. Hey! Thanks so much for this video because I needed it for a school project, but one question. What type of marker/pen did you use to write "Create" and the white outlines? (7:40)

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