10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips – Gordon Ramsay

10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips – Gordon Ramsay

first up the proper way to chop fresh herbs to get maximum flavor chopping herb the secret is to chop them not bruised them now basil this is a soft herb so treat it with some respect when people go mad chopping herbs all the goodness comes out on the board I want the goodness left inside the basil place them all inside one another with the largest leaf at the bottom and it’s almost like rolling a cigar large one at the bottom small ones in the center and then look place them down together just roll them nice and gently don’t bruise them step one rolled ready to slice sharp knife imperative fingers tucked in the bottom part of your knuckle is the guide between you and the herbs that their tops you can cut your finger really important to get counsel with a knife and just practice rolling the knife across the board and relaxing that wrist it’s all in the wrist action so herbs up fingernails tucked underneath and just up and down up and down and there you have a chop basil that’s not bruised and smelling very fragrant right coriander so you get the bunch of coriander hold it down and just lightly shave the leaves off the stalls bunch them up together and then just again let the knife do the work tuck the fingernails in and just chop once and once only don’t hack it just chop it you can always identify when you bruise the herb when you’ve removed the herbs off the board that’s a big green patch mmm full of flavor and none of the goodness is left on the chopping board if you have fruit that’s not perfectly ripe the tip is to put a banana in a paper bag then add your unripe fruit put it in a dark place and the banana will speed up the ripening process of the other fruit you can’t appeal and cut a mango the easy way homey you stalk end up cook either side of the stone cut all the way into the flesh making squares without cutting through the skin then turn it inside out and carefully cut your pieces off a great tip to prevent burning sensitive skin when working with chilies to get rid of that spice and that heat on your fingers a little bit of lemon squeeze a little bit of lemon juice and that instantly gets rid of the heat fresh lemon juice for perfect ball potatoes always start them off with cold water and never boarding water this way by the time the center’s are the potatoes are cooked the outside won’t be falling apart my tip to get the flesh out of a Kiwi this is simply cut the fruit in half and scoop out with a teaspoon try it it really works I absolutely love these peppers now they have the most amazing sweet delicious flavor with a really nice crunchy texture and the most exciting thing about the peppers is that they’re just as delicious raw or cooked to identify the perfect pepper must be smooth and firm and not a wrinkle inside now how to cut the perfect pepper stalk off pepper down and get the knife start from the top and slice all the way around basically we’re gonna be slicing around the seeds look no faffing around but this isn’t perfect Christmas tree of seeds and have got the mess all over your board and more importantly is twice as quick discard that now we’re gonna cut it into a julienne flatten the pepper skin side down onto the board cuz it’s a lot easier to slice through the pepper and just lift a knife up and down and basically julienne is a chef’s word for strips these are absolutely perfect for sewing and that’s what we’re looking for they’re crunchy delicious and more importantly no seeds deed for a great tip to check if a pineapple is ripe is to pull a leaf out from the top if it comes away easily it’s ripe and ready for slicing a great tip for getting meat or fish to cook faster is to score it which allows the heat to penetrate quicker this also allows mayonnaise to be absorbed more deeply a great tip for stopping potatoes apples and avocados from going brown wink cut simply cover water and add a squeeze of lemon the acidity stops the flesh from oxidizing which is what causes the color to change it’s almost like sort of rewinding giving birth okay now you’re putting it back in once it’s been born

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  1. I feel for cameraman…. He is literally dancing while speaking each word.. This man can't stand steady – but manages to do everything well!! 😛 : P 😛

  2. I've learned a lot from Ramsey, but I've gained the most from emulating him by storming into the kitchen of restaurants and berating the staff.

  3. Chef GORDON is the type of guy that in his childhood his parents had to hide the olive oil instead of the cookies

  4. The way Gordon was bouncing around with the pepper made me think he might’ve replaced that basil or cilantro with coca leaves

  5. I don't always like Ramsay … and that is as a former chef (No stars, but a very positive review in Long Island's Newsday when I was just 19). Most of this was pretty good. He did one thing to repair what always makes me cringe in OTHER videos…he actually showed people how not to injure themselves with a sharp knife. JUST FOR THAT…this is a great video that everyone should watch.

    I learned from a real chef, and one of the first things he did was show me how NOT to cut myself. Not long after, the damned guy then replaced all the clam knives with sharp ones. I'd gotten used to opening clams with a dull knife. On the first clam helping out the pantry guy on a massive order, I gouged my palm. My helpful mentor grabbed a salt container, poured it on my gash, said "go in the freezer and scream and get back out here. No time for you to go to the hospital now." It was on Saturday. My job was to plate everything, pull from the over-under where the chef put them when I called to plate a table , make the chef's plates look good, expedite/handle the chits, and turn tables. He wanted me on the line as we were doing 200 plates easy.

    I still have that scar…but considering I only had two kitchen wounds in 13 years, and that one was worse, it is such a thin line now (the stitched one, shorter, uglier and more visible). I wonder if stitches are good or add to the wound.

    The second wound was just foolish.

    Cheers Gordon. Respect your stars. Worked with chefs like you. Sometimes feel it is more about drama than the food (and that might not be his choice).

  6. What's with all the jumping around? He looks like he's doing the pee pee dance. Great chef, though.

  7. Instructions unclear. Ended up with pepperoni pizza cheese toastie with spicy cheesy garlic bread slices for the toastie

  8. The herbs tip was really nice. already knew the rest. (thanks to other videos and programs of his). he really shows cooking isnt rocket science and everyone can put up something nice for dinner.

  9. Great… Now I know how to cut the pepper perfectly, mango, kiwi and chopping the herbs… You are awesome chef Ramsey

  10. You say to not bruise it so many times. When will there be a dish where you do bruise an ingredient.

  11. The spanish title here says "Diez concejos de cocina…" It must say "Diez consejos…" Consejo and concejo are very different things.

  12. For the pineapple (i have tried this) smell the "butt" of it and if it smells sweet it is perfect for a fruit salad

  13. I must be a natural chef, the pepper is how I have always done it since childhood, I always cut the mango cheeks off and score it then push it out in cubes

  14. I have to say, superb demonstration. Iv'e spent a good amount of my 30ish years teaching other cooks what you showed here. To me it's rather simple, but Iv'e seen way too many cut herbs wrong. Wasting most of the "flavor" on the cutting board. I love your teaching vids. I use them a lot when teaching up and commers. Seems they are more inclined to listen to you, rather than me. but in the end, it's all about them learning. So I say cudos to your teaching vids. They have been a great tool for me showing the younger generation the "how too's".

  15. OK. Just an interjection here on a whim. The chopping knife you use on the red pepper is not one of your knifes you showed on your other vid on essential tools for chefs vids. I don't mean to nit pick, especially since I also use the same knife as well. but I think that knife should have been mentioned in your other vid. I only say this because it is to me another essential tool for every chef.

  16. your tip with peeling a kiwi? I've used a spoon to get boiled eggs from their shells without splitting the egg (for pickling). Works just the same..

  17. Thanks Gordon. As a single dad I am learning and practicing your teachings with my kids. We are eating better and bonding over your teachings. Thanks man!

  18. No le hagan caso al de cortar la cebolla, me corté el dedo haciendo el segundo corte 🙁 , yo nunca me había cortado antes.
    Ignore the one of cutting the onion, I cut my finger making the second cut :(, I had never cut myself before.

  19. Recién descubrí estos videos con sub en español…. Aprender del mejor y sin saber inglés era difícil.. Gracias Gordon!!

  20. My exam passed by my brain saying now I know how to chop chop chop Marijuana. Much respect Chef Gordon.

  21. Julienne is chef's word for strip. I just understood the joke from FRIENDS where Monica was giving her trial as a chef and used that word which made the chef creep horny

  22. Why are so many people wasting that much of a pepper??? You can just cut them in fourths then carefully break one them of and cut the pale, bitter inside off and their you have it!

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