10 Teens Who Will Grow Up In Prison

10 Teens Who Will Grow Up In Prison

What’s up guys and welcome to blue jam do you love when justice is served well today I bring you punks who really got what they truly deserved in their cases justice was served more than well teens Featured in this video. We’ll never leave prison They will forever be locked in tiny concrete rooms with metal doors They will become old and die in prison and some of them will even face death sentence How would you react if you were sentenced to life? Well who cares if your record is clean you do not have to worry about that But these guys had to so go ahead and watch their reactions before we start don’t forget to subscribe with your Notifications on so you can keep up with the craziest uploads number 10 Tuna farmers talent on the basketball court made the Garfield Heights High School senior one of the top college recruits in the country But the 18-year old farmer may have forfeited a scholarship and his future when he attacked his ex-girlfriend and her apartment building in Bedford Heights on April 23rd port Of serve a term of two years on that as well Tony Farmer collapsed in court on Tuesday after judge pamela barker sentenced him to three years in prison on charges that include kidnapping and felonious assault Does Tony farmer heads to prison the judge says he only has himself to blame for the cloud that now hangs over his once bright future Describing it could have been alcoholic we did something else it gets consumed by the fire but a significant burn pattern Lane was sentenced for killing three teenagers in Chardon High School last year And it was a shocking morning in the courtroom TJ Lane made quite a statement wearing a t-shirt that had the word killer on it TJ Lane smiled smirks Danny Palmer’s mom Told Lane. I hope you have a cold harsh prison life with monsters like yourself You are a weak vile coward she told him here’s what Nick Walczak mom went on to tell TJ Lane in that courtroom and watch TJ lanes reaction I Will have to eventually forgive you otherwise you will haunt me you will never ever be in my thoughts after this never He was thinking about inviting you back to that table because he felt sorry for you. I feel sorry for you This reaction from a confessed killer was the last in a series of intense moments in this Hamilton County courtroom The family say this was the first step toward healing This is all so tragic the convicted cop killers former neighbor reacted to the judge’s handing down a second life sentence But Nicholas Lindsay showed little interest in the hearing There is no indication that this type of violent behavior will stop where he has significant doubts about the defendants potential for rehabilitation In a 27 page order the judge cited aggravating Circumstances including an escalating criminal history before we sentence Lindsay to that second term with no chance of parole But Lindsay actually grinned when the judge read is ruling the lack of remorse not lost on David Crawford’s daughter Amanda Teenager who killed his great grandmother with a hatchet was sentenced to prison today Antonio Barbeau will be eligible for parole on his 50th birthday Tom. Murray was in court today for the sentencing Instead of starting his freshman year in high school 14 year old Antonio Barbeau will go to prison he showed varying emotions in court at times wiping tears from his face He read only a few words from his own statement Then Barbeau smart and shook his head when the prosecutor spoke 21 year old Branden spencer Of Inglewood bangs his head as a judge sentenced him to 40 years to life After he was convicted of shooting a rival gang member today in LA Superior Court Spencer begged for mercy from judge Edmund Clark jr. Before sentencing Including murder our Lindsay Maloney was in the courtroom. She has more tonight a A sister’s emotional plea to the judge Brings 17 year-old Jacob Muse on an 18 year old ray Campbell to tears The teens are both charged with five counts attempted murder murder burglary and two counts of armed robbery The man sitting here today is not the one I once knew he is not the one I fell in love with he is a coward and Forgiveness is not an option for me after everyone had their chance to speak in this woful O County courtroom It was Dustin Armstrong’s chance to say something about what he’d done Yeah, you wish to say to me part by announcing what I’m going to do here today, so Your honor you know that’s what I see when I look at that’s it. I don’t see a monster Vargo sat stoic in the courtroom you Michaels shame Bargo are sentenced to death he didn’t even flinch when the judge sentenced him to death for the 2011 murder of 15 year old Seth Jackson Investigators say Bargo and for others lured Jackson to a home beat him shot him to death burned and dismembered his body Then dumped the remains all because of a dispute over a girl the judge called it the most cold and calculated murder He’s ever seen the death penalty is not only justified It is the only appropriate sentence based on the evidence and the law of the state of Florida seth Jackson’s family decided not to go to court today Bargo’s Grandmother broke down crying and his family didn’t want to talk as they left court but his attorney pointed blame at Jackson saying he was a violent person who made plenty of threats to burn their house down to rape them to shoot them Jurors didn’t get to hear about that and she believes it will be part of his Automatic appeal to the state Supreme Court, she also feels Bargos age should have spared his life He was 18 at the time of the murder But the judge didn’t see it that way and he agreed with the jurors and Michael Bargo Deserves to die the defendant shall be taken by the proper authorities to the Florida State Prison and there be kept under close confinement until The date of his execution Bargos attorney said they will gather up all the transcripts in the materials from the case and hand them over To the public defender’s office an attorney from that office will file the appeal with the state Supreme Court reporting from the Marion County Courthouse Jeff Deal channel 9 Eyewitness News

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  1. Serves them right!💐To see these COWARDS cry is DISGUSTING!🤢 They should MAN up for their actions!😒 Drama QUEENS!🤢😰🤢😂 Those who smiled and smirked in court, would have cried themselves in jail!😂😂😂😂

  2. I guess some of these kids didnt realize that what they did has consequences…and that last judges double cross comb over is hilarious

  3. Evil motherfukers deserve evil motherfuking sentences! You pieces of dirt shouldn't be allowed to live but you get fucking life sentences

  4. This proves the justice system is screwed up….gave the blacks life sentences and the whites merely years in prison not life-

  5. Every human being has a demon inside their soul.. they just need to conceal and locked them beneath and to the bottom of their soul with prayer. That's all. Everything is in God hand and it is our choice to choose. God bless all of you.

  6. People dislike these nothings being punished for heinous crimes? I can't believe how these jerks have smiles on their smug faces.

  7. i would love to smack those smirks off these dumb donkeys. They are going to become even more violent and vile in jail.

  8. Why dose it say 10 teens grow up in jail and the first teen they show only gets 2 to 3 years he'll be out when hes 20 or 21 lol😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  9. You do the crime you do the time. Then act shocked after killing someone and getting life. Then start crying like a baby. Smh 🤷🏻‍♀️.

    Im glad i don't do crime.

  10. I would like to know more about the Fargo case I'm going to look that up you know attacking the victim it's like a mortal sin in court but I want to know if the stuff that the lawyer is saying is true it's probably not and that's still doesn't mean that the fifteen-year-old kid deserved what happened to him but what's with that judges hair I mean he should go to jail for having his hair like that

  11. Young guys tend to be really fucking stupid. I think back to all the stupid shit I did when I was younger and thank god I made it out of those years alive and without hurting others. These kids probably had no positive role models, came from broken homes or whatever. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. Getting fucked up, partying and having sex sure I get it but killing? You’ve gotta have some morals. Stupid fucks

  12. 2:08 After killing 3 teens he still shows no sign of respect.His mother is so agitated at him to the point when she doesn’t even need him anymore.One massively surprising event took place when he was wearing a Shirt which said killer.I mean this dudes messed up he should have immense remorse for what he just did.He belongs to be part of the monsters as it is extremely unacceptable to Take somebodies life.

  13. TJ can laugh all he wants. The minute he gets out of that prison I hope he is expecting to; be homeless, never be employed, have no wife and have no kids. Not smiling anymore huh.

  14. 4:59 lol this dude is gonna be like 65 years old when he's released from prison. serves him right from assaulting someone

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