100 year old newspaper in this flip!

100 year old newspaper in this flip!

okay you know just leaking and all this stuff is insulated with newspapers from like 20s and
the 30s so if you guys can see this peel some of this back this Cabco roofing
old-ass compass is like 1915 so all this is like newspaper from like a hundred
years ago it’s crazy and they nailed it in here
some like plyboard crazy but some people do to save money you know it’s a good
insulation it’s a newspaper but you know I mean homeless people use it to stay warm
but you know shit stays good for like 100 years
you know it was all nailed in all over here john saved a lot of it he has it in his

One thought on “100 year old newspaper in this flip!

  1. I too found 90-year-old newspaper on a 1920's home last month. At some point they used to use hay, then newspaper, then tar paper but it was still effing paper, then Tyvek came along and now every new building is going up with Zip System Sheathing. I personally go for Advantech with liquid flash and tyvek.

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