12 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

12 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

– You’re listening to
The Femtrepreneur Show, and this is episode 48. In this episode, we’re talking about why we still continue to blog in 2017 and what the big benefits of blogging are for your business. (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Mariah. – And I’m Megan. And we have talked
previously on the podcast about alternatives to blogging ’cause we know not everyone
out there wants to blog. And this time we’re kind
of flipping it a little bit because if you follow us you will know that we do blog. So we wanna address why we blog. What are the benefits? And start a little series on blogging and how you can use it in your business that’s all about courses. – Yeah. Blogging when you look at it as a marketing channel
for your online business or to promote content that
helps you promote your courses, it’s really, really powerful. And of course, as Megan said,
we do have an entire podcast about why you don’t have to blog. (laughs) So it might seem a
little counterintuitive, but the reality is that we do still blog. And we started out as a blog. And it started out as the platform how we built this business. We had just the podcast for a while and that at our time of recording this we are actually bringing back dedicated blog posts in
addition to the podcast. So obviously there’s a
reason that we decided we want to have the long
form written content as part of our content strategy, not just the YouTube
channel and the podcast. And we want to talk about why. Because you might be
sitting there thinking, “Should I have a podcast? “Should I have a YouTube channel? “Should I blog? “What’s the best thing? “What’s the most strategic?” So I just want to talk about our decision to continue blogging even though I feel like it’s been declared that blogging is dead
like 100 times probably in the last 10 years. (laughs) – I feel like just yesterday I
saw something that said that, and I’m just like, “I disagree.” And we do also now, we have
changed our show notes. So our show notes for the
podcast used on our website used to be just like bullet points like you see underneath our YouTube videos or underneath the episode like in iTunes. But we’ve actually changed that also where on our website and our blog we have fully fleshed out blog posts that accompany each of these episodes. And to me, the reasons why we blog answers why we’re doing a
dedicated day of blogging and why we’ve changed our
show note structure, as well. – Definitely. We’re trying to make the
most of everything we do and this is part of our strategy to leverage the content
we’re already creating and turning our
transcripts into blog posts and all that kind of stuff, and getting every little,
squeezing every little bit out of all the content we’re
creating in every medium. Which is something
we’ll talk about as that I do think one of the things
that has changed in 2017 is blogging is more multimedia. You see a lot of people with blog posts with an audio blog post. Like you could listen to me reading this blog post out loud. Or I even see people with videos that are just them reading through their blog post as video. So it’s creating multimedia experiences, but the core of it, blogging
is still super powerful. And yes, there is other platforms. Yes, people watch videos. Yes, live video is huge right now. But blogging is where it all started. And I don’t see it going–
– Written blogs. – Yeah, I don’t see it
going away any time soon. So, let’s talk about why we do think that it’s worth the time
for us to have a blog. I will preface this by saying that at the core of it, I enjoy writing. If you’re listening and you hate writing and it is not a skill of yours and you’re just like, “That
makes me want to die,” don’t do it. Go listen to our other podcasts where we talk about alternatives. – I want to challenge
that a little bit too, because you’re a great writer. – I love writing. – And so you enjoy writing. I do not identify as a great writer, but even when I’m doing my YouTube videos, when I was doing them
once a week, I still had a fully fleshed out blog
post that accompanied it because I know that people
want to, I’m jumping ahead, but I know that I needed
to do that for my audience and that I shouldn’t just be doing a video with like two sentences underneath. I wanted to leverage what I was creating. So some of the reasons of why I did that we’re gonna tap into here also. So even if you’re not a great writer, that doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t try to blog. Yes. – I think, okay. – No, I totally get, like,
I’m not a great writer but I still believe in
the power of blogging. And maybe it takes me a little
longer, but it just means I’ll get better with practice.
– It’s worth it. – Yeah. To me the reasons we’re gonna through make it worth it for me to
try to work on my writing. – Perfect, love it. Okay, well now you’ll
have the two perspectives of someone who loves writing
and defaults to writing and then someone who doesn’t. And I think that that’s even more powerful that it really is worth it. Okay, so let’s jump in. Why do we blog? Why should you be blogging
if you have a business if you ever hope to
create an online business or have an audience that you monetize? Why do we keep blogging in 2017? So, to me it’s definitely by far the easiest way to get started online. It’s the easiest way to start
creating and sharing content and therefore building yourself a platform or an audience
online is blogging. There’s no overhead. You don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is your computer
and an Internet connection. I think a lot of people think creating videos, creating podcasts, you have to buy a microphone
and you have to buy a webcam and you have to buy camera
equipment and lighting and all these things. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but in terms of barrier to entry, blogging is probably the
lowest barrier to entry, and if that’s where you
start, then go for it. If it’s easy for you to just
set up a Squarespace blog and just start typing, and
there’s nothing stopping you and you don’t have to sit there
being like, “I don’t know. “I don’t really like myself on camera,” or, “I don’t really wanna do a podcast,” or, “I don’t understand the tech,” or even like you said, the editing. You don’t need to have a dedicated editor or learn software to edit. You just upload a blog post. Start there. It’s easy. – Yeah. It’s definitely, for the person just starting their business, also, and you’re in this stage of refining what you even talk about and
trying to figure that out, to me this is just, I don’t know. I don’t wanna just repeat
what you just said. But it is definitely the
best way to get started. If you’re at zero, starting
with written blog posts is like so easy. – It’s cheap and easy. – Yeah. Even if you don’t have a
laptop, you can go somewhere where there’s a laptop that
you can use, or a computer. – That’s true. – You just need Internet. – Yeah. It’s so, so true. And the other thing is
that it’s not expensive. It’s just very cheap to get started, which I think, if you’re on
a budget and you’re like, “I can’t even afford the $70 microphone “that we’re using right now,” then don’t. I didn’t. I just started with blogging. So cheap and easy. Okay. – I wanna talk about the
second reason why we blog. To me, this is something we’re starting to embrace more and more, but was always there, is that written content allows
you to get found in searches. And it’s just the easiest
organic traffic generation that you can get. We’ve always known that
if we write great content we’ll get found, and I still believe that that’s at the core of great content. It’s writing things that solve people’s questions and problems. But by having it in writing, that’s what Google is searching. So when someone is typing
a question in Google, if it’s not written,
it’s not gonna come up unless it’s the title of your video. And think about how much more
of a limited space that is. Your video title can’t be that long. Whereas you can have
a 2,000 word blog post that answers this question and has all those different keywords and terms that people are searching that Google will pull from that’s just a bigger thing to pull from. Does that make sense? – Totally. – You can’t trade that. – Totally. I think about that a lot with our podcast and our YouTube channel, that there’s only so many words involved and you really have to be careful
with what you title things and stuff like that. A lot of people at the beginning are trying to get found in searches, but then their titles just
get weird and click baity. – I know. – When you have more followers, it’s just like, “What did I do? “Ah!” (Megan laughs) But I think it’s having
text and having words is actually really important
for SEO, essentially, which is something that we’re
learning about. (laughs) – Which is search engine optimization for those of you that don’t know. Yeah. We’ve never been huge SEO people. We don’t game keywords
or anything like that, which you shouldn’t, ’cause
you’ll get penalized. But I do think it’s something that we, as we’re at a stage in our business when we’re trying to
up-level across the board, it’s like, “Okay, what’s the easiest way?” We talk about low hanging fruit a lot. What’s the easiest way for
us to do what we’re doing now and up-level and get way more results from making just a few tweaks? And one of those things for us is just focusing a little bit
more on SEO than we have been and focusing a little bit more on the way we phrase the title or having fully fleshed out blog posts. We’re already doing podcast episodes. It’s not that hard for us to
take words we’re already saying and refine them into an
easy to read blog post. So those are just some
little tweaks and changes that we’re making that take
what we’re already doing and make the reach even greater. – Definitely. Super important. And I think this is in a similar vein. Our third reason is Pinterest traffic. So one thing is that if you’re looking to
get found on Pinterest, which is a great source of traffic, it’s our number one source
of traffic for sure, you wanna have, imagine that you’re listening
to this podcast right now. There’s nothing for you to pin. You’re listening to a
podcast, and that’s great, and you might wanna
tweet it out or whatever, but you can’t really because you’re listening to it on iTunes or in your car or whatever. Even if you’re watching this on YouTube, there’s not a pin-able graphic on YouTube. So it’s great for getting found and getting traffic and
links to our freebies, but it’s not getting shared like that. So our text blog posts are
generating Pinterest traffic because we can have these
Pinterest optimized images inside our blog post. People who are reading them will click the little
Pinterest icon in the corner and pin it, and we will share
it on Pinterest, as well. So to me, it’s harder to
get that Pinterest traffic going to your YouTube channel or your podcast on iTunes
or wherever it lives. So I would definitely think about just having that text-based blog post just to be generating Pinterest traffic, which is super powerful. Something we’re also
focusing on more this year. – Yeah, totally agree. So another reason that we
still blog and recommend it is because you can grow your
audience with this home base. I don’t know if you wanna go into more detail on that, Mariah, but I loved the concept of, when I first came across Femtrepreneur, Femtrepreneur.co was the home base when I wanted to see
what Mariah was doing. What content has she written? What webinars is she doing? What’s available for me to buy right now? I knew I just had to go to this one place, and I could get all of
those questions answered. – I think it’s kind of weird right now in the landscape of social media. I think it’s kind of weird
that people are so scattered. So I know brands and people
that I love, and I follow them, but I go to their website
and there’s nothing there. It doesn’t seem updated. I can’t find a link to
their latest course. I can see on Facebook
that they’re launching it, but I can’t even find it on their website. There’s no blog post. It almost looks like a ghost town. And so to me, if you don’t
have your own home base that’s your blog that’s branded and it’s being updated with content and it’s a place where everything looks like a your universe, this universe that you’re creating just in this little portal, just within your computer screen, it should be this experience of going to your brain or your universe. And you’re creating that, and you can’t create that
on other people’s platforms. I don’t go to Facebook and feel like I’m immersed in someone
else’s creative brand. I don’t go to YouTube,
YouTube looks like YouTube. It doesn’t look my website. You don’t get the vibe
of anything from YouTube, you know what I mean? – [Megan] Yeah. – And I think if you
wanna grow your platform, you wanna grow your brand,
you wanna grow an audience, you have to have a home base that people can just type in your domain and they can find your
most recent content. They should be able to find
links to what you’re working on. They should be able to
find your most current, like you said, webinars,
courses, whatever, products. But I just feel like so often, people put so much on just
social media platforms and they’re just totally
neglecting what is their home base. – [Megan] Yeah. – We’ve always really
focused on the home base, and maybe at the expense
of neglecting social media, but to me, that’s where I control things, so it’s more important to me. ‘Cause I don’t control if
Instagram shuts down my account, right? – Right, yeah. And something that I wanna clarify, too, before we keep going is
we are zero percent saying that other types of media are bad. We are pro YouTube, podcasts. We do those things. – Clearly. – [Megan] Yeah.
– You’re listening to this. – The more multimedia, the better. The thought is that you just don’t wanna do these things standalone. If you make this amazing YouTube video and you just drop it on your blog post, which I have seen people do where they just put it on their website but there’s nothing supporting
it, there’s no text, there’s no blog post or
article supporting the video, then we feel like you’re
not leveraging that video like you could be. Instead, if you add in a
full blog post with that, talk about a powerhouse piece of content people will want to share. They can either read
it or they can watch it based on what they want. But I wanna clarify
that we’re talking about the marriage of all of those. Definitely having a
written piece of content but that you can add in
those multimedia things to accompany it as much as you want. Does that make sense? I just wanted to clarify that
these things we’re saying, we aren’t saying they’re
impossible on other platforms, but that it can be leveraged the best if there’s also a written article. – Exactly. Let’s see. The next one is list building. So blogging for list building, there’s so many different
strategies, of course, that you can use to use blogging and grow your email list together. But, the most important one
is that on each blog post you want to have what we
call a content upgrade. And I’m sure we’ll do a
podcast about content upgrades and all that kind of stuff. But a content upgrade is basically a blog post specific download. So it’s a download that’s in the body of your blog post somewhere that’s a cheat sheet or a
checklist or a resource guide, really, really simple,
that someone can download and take what’s in the blog
post a little bit further or get some extra info
or some sort of bonus. So this grows your email list because people have to
opt in with their email in order to get that free download But when you don’t have blog posts, it can’t be hard to
promote content upgrades without blog posts. Now, of course, we have
students and examples of people who, like us, have a podcast
where we promote a freebie, which we’ll promote in a second. We promote a freebie for
every podcast episode. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, then you are on YouTube
and you find us there and then we’re still promoting a freebie. So it’s not like you can’t do promoting freebies or content
upgrades with any medium, but with blog posts, it’s super effective to have people find your content and then wanna download
something directly in the post that they’re already
reading on your website. ‘Cause right now, like I said, you might be listening to this in your car and you’re gonna be like, “I hope I remember to go
download that cheat sheet later,” but it’s not as easy.
– It’s an extra step. – [Mariah] Yeah. – In either situation,
they have to click the link or type in a link in their browser. Whereas if they’re in the
middle of reading an article, it’s there. They don’t have to go anywhere else. They don’t have to remember, ’cause they’re in a perfect situation to go ahead and do it
right then and there. – Totally. Totally. And we have a freebie that
you guys should sign up for. I have a lot of, (laughs) I have a lot of opinions,
and what would I call them? I have a lot of ideas about
how to build a profitable blog, and so I created a free course
that is literally better, hundreds of people have told me that it is better than any
paid course they’ve ever taken, besides ours, obviously.
– Yeah, just saying. – But a lot of people
tell me that this content is literally better than other paid blogging courses they’ve taken. And so we have a free course
called Build a Profitable Blog that you guys can go and sign up for if you’re interested in adding blogging to your online business strategy. I talk about how to build a
blog that actually makes money, how to use blogging as strategy,
how to be smart about it. Like I said, there’s a
lot of bullshit out there, especially about blogging, a
lot of people talking about things that they did five years ago and how they had an affiliate link and it made them a dollar. That’s not the type of
bullshit that I talk about in Build a Profitable Blog. So go check it out. – And you can go to TheFemShow.com/48 to find out how to opt in
to Build a Profitable Blog, which is an amazing
free course that I took. – I reread it recently,
and I was blown away. I think I told Beth. I was like– – You told me, I think, too.
– I know. Oh yeah. I was like, “Guys, when I
wrote this, I was on fire.” I was so passionate, so angry with what advice
other people were giving that I just created it from
this place of pure frustration and anger with all the other bullshit that I saw other people talking about. And I was like, “No,
this is how you do it.” And it’s like my best work. It’s so good. Anyway. Let’s move on. Just had a moment of intense self, just being really conceited
about my own work, but that’s okay. – No, it’s amazing. It deserves it. – So yes, moving on. – You were talking about how you have a lot of opinions about blogging, and that leads us into the
next benefit of blogging is that you can establish your expertise, share your unique opinions, thoughts, and your own perspective. Those could almost be two separate points, establishing your expertise
by writing is so important, but also what makes you stand
out from any other person blogging about the same topic is gonna be your unique perspective, your experiences, your
thoughts, your opinions. And so you can easily translate
that into your writing, and if you don’t do that, you’re missing out on a
huge perk of blogging. – Definitely. You need to have a place for
you to not just rant and rave but establish your opinion and your unique perspective
on your industry. And blogging is such
a good way to do that. It’s really how I feel like I’ve, I’ve written blog posts that
are a little controversial or a little bit different, and the fact that I write about those, it becomes these really important blogs on the website that say, “Wow, that’s Mariah’s unique
perspective on that topic,” or, “That’s her unique strategy,” or, “That’s something that she talks about “that no one else talks about. “She really disagrees with
something in this industry.” And that really, really
helps you stand out, so I do think that’s a huge,
huge thing for blogging, is a place for you to share
your unpopular opinions. Okay. The next one is that it builds trust. So in the same way that it
establishes you as an authority or establishes you as
an expert in your niche, it builds trust when
you share information, builds trust when you share
information consistently or when you share quality information. When people start to come
to you as that go to person, that’s what we’re talking about when we talk about
build trust with a blog, because people say, “Oh, man. “I’m looking for the best dishwasher. “What is the website that I trust “to go and read dishwasher reviews? “Oh, it’s Maggie who talks about “all home appliances and reviews them “and makes really detailed
blog posts about them. “I’ve come to know and trust Maggie.” This is a totally made up thing that I just really went all in with that– – I love it, though. – Made up Maggie, the
dishwasher reviewer. (laughs) – Maybe she’s real. Maggie, if you’re out there, tell us. – Yeah.
– Love it. But I think it’s just an important point. And I guess related to
establishing expertise, to me when you’re blogging, and especially blogging consistently, you can build such a surprisingly
large amount of trust. Your audience will see your
amazing content week to week or however often you publish. That’ll really start to
a build a relationship and trust you as an expert, because if you’re blogging consistently and it’s good content
like we always recommend, then they’re gonna be blown
away by you week to week. I don’t know. To me, just building trust. When I follow someone and
they’re doing good blog posts that are written that
I can read on my phone or while I’m out and about or in bed, which you shouldn’t do, whatever, (Mariah laughs) but anytime you don’t wanna
listen to audio or watch a video when I can just read something and it’s amazing and blows me away, I know how much time it took, it builds such a respect and trust for me for the person who wrote it. – Totally. – Yeah. Great. That’s point seven. (laughs) – Good job. No, just kidding. – Guess I summarized it really well. – Moving on. Okay, so the next point is
that Megan and I were talking, and we were both, I was like, personally, there are times when I
prefer to read a blog. I still enjoy reading blogs. I think a lot of people, I
know we’ve gotten the feedback, the reason we started the podcast, so many people asked and said, “I don’t really read blogs anymore. “I just wanna be able to
listen to you in the car. “I wanna be able to watch your videos “while I’m on the treadmill.” And I totally get that. But like you were just saying, I genuinely enjoy sitting
down and reading a blog post or reading a piece of written content. I have a couple blogs
that I love and follow and read everything
that they come out with. And I like reading. And another thing for me is that a lot of times I’m either in bed or with my boyfriend
or around other people, and I don’t really want
to be watching a video that other people in the room or other people wherever I am publicly can hear and see it.
– On the subway. – Right, yeah. It’s like you’re on the subway
or you’re somewhere public or you’re just waiting in the waiting room and you don’t really wanna be listening to a podcast publicly or watching a YouTube video
loudly in a public place. So to me, reading a blog
still has a special spot for me to be able to
quietly consume content. Same reason that we have
captions on our Facebook videos, ’cause we don’t want, like if you were
scrolling through Facebook and you’re out in public, you’re not just gonna watch a loud video, unless you’re weird. I don’t know. – Plus you’re insensitive
to people around you. – Yeah, exactly. – I totally think, I think you want to read
more than I necessarily do as far as a ratio. – I love consuming–
– I love reading. – Podcasts and videos. That’s probably where I go first when it’s just me around the house, or driving around, definitely
wanna listen to something. But that’s where it’s all circumstantial. I have certain things that I’m
doing that I want to listen. If I’m on the treadmill, I want to listen to a
podcast or an audiobook. I don’t wanna read. If I’m doing stuff around the house, I wanna listen to something. I can’t watch something. So that’s when a podcast comes in. But if I’m, like you
said, around other people or I’m winding down or I totally
wanna absorb the content, I need to read it. I definitely learn through reading. And so I can watch a tech tutorial, but if someone has step by
step instructions written out with pictures that accompany it, that is gonna be a better resource for me in the long run as far
as a reference point. – Good point. – I don’t know. So it totally depends on what
it is and what I’m doing, and so I love all three, and that’s why I keep
going back to the concept that blogging plus multimedia is ideal. Not everyone can do that. We certainly couldn’t
have done all of this without a bigger team or
without the right people or without taking a lot of
time to learn it ourselves. So I totally get that, and that’s why, almost going back to point one is, when it’s just you, it’s probably easier to just start with writing. You can always go back and record a little audio
on your phone and upload it or a little video on
your phone and upload it, but at least you have the
writing as a foundation. – Definitely. – Sorry for the tangent. Clearly, we have a lot of
thoughts on why blogging is great. – I know. – Which I’m glad we’re talking about it. – (mumbles) a long episode. But it’s good. The reason we did this episode is because so many people ask,
“Why do you keep blogging?” And I think that it’s worth it to explain the many benefits we’ve experienced, and you guys should be starting a blog if you don’t already have one
and that sounds fun for you. We’re gonna have a free course, I think, about how to start the blog. – Ooh, stay tuned. – Stay tuned. Okay. So here’s a big one. Here’s one of the ones that I felt smart when I
came up with I thought. This one is creating blog posts. If you can create consistent, whether it’s weekly or bimonthly, whatever consistency you choose, getting in the habit of
creating content consistently in a serialized way where it comes out every single week or every single month prepares you for creating a
bigger piece of paid content. So if you can sit down and you can make a blog post once a week or twice a month or something, that I feel like really prepares people for creating a paid course. So if you’re thinking about,
“Wow, I’m so overwhelmed,” the idea of creating a paid
course with eight modules or four modules and
eight lessons or whatever sounds overwhelming
when you think about it, but when you start blogging
and get in the habit of writing a piece of
content every week or so, you suddenly see how you’re
stacking the bricks of, “Oh, I will just write “a piece of content every single week, “which I have been practicing, “and that’s how my course will get done,” or, “All I need to do is
create one video once a week “and then I’ll be ready
to create my course.” So to me, it gets you in
the habit and the practice and prepares you to really feel confident about creating a bigger
piece of paid content because you created so many pieces of smaller serialized content. – That’s so true. When I look back at the amount of content we’ve created for the
podcast, for example, I feel like when we first started out, it was this stressful experience. And now we’re here and
we can just turn it out. It feels really natural most of the time. And it’s not as big of a deal. And I feel like it’s
affected my confidence in my overall ability to create content. I feel like we could just
almost not have an outline and sit down and still
have a really good episode or a good talk that
would help other people. – Definitely. – The ability to have that confidence, especially in writing,
would be hugely impactful, especially if you’re a person who wants to write a book ever. I would say start don’t
start working on a book– – Yeah. – Until you get in the habit
of creating this content and start getting in that habit, because writing a book
is a huge undertaking. – The blogging can lead to a book deal. I know so many bloggers
that have book deals just from blogging. They don’t even have big audiences. They just have a little audience. But it’s such a great platform. That kind of ties into, not
only does it prepare you and train you to create content and that eventually allows
you to create paid content, but the idea that once
you do have blog posts you can repurpose those
into your paid content. So when I look back and I say, “Wow, I have six months’
worth of blog posts “that I can take the most popular ones “and I can rework them.” I’ll make videos that go along with them. I’ll use them as an outline
to create course slides out of and turn those blog
posts into paid content. That always makes me feel better when I can look at a course
outline that I’m creating, like an outline of a
course that I have to make, and I can say, “Wow, I already
have 10% of this content “that’s already made
because I’ve written it “in blog posts already.” So to me, that’s always an advantage or a little bit of leverage that you have later on that you can use those blog posts as the foundation of paid stuff later. Okay. Let’s move on to the next one, but there’s obviously
a lot of good reasons in that little topic just about that. – Totally. – Obviously, having a blog opens you up to a lot of different
potential revenue streams and what I would call
revenue opportunities, ’cause once you have the platform, the website, the audience, the email list, once you have those assets, you have traffic, you have blog posts, you have all these assets, that can become a lot of
different revenue streams. So yes, it can become online
course revenue stream. It can also become affiliate
commission revenue stream. It can also become, like I said, the platform for you to get a book deal. I’ve had many people offer me
TV shows based on my websites, ’cause they’re like,
“You have an audience. “You’re telling a story. “You have stuff going on. “Let’s put you on TV. “Let’s write a book. “Let’s do all these things.” So it can create all these
other revenue streams that come from the fact
that you have an audience, you have a platform, you have an opinion, and you’re sharing stuff. So just know that it can
open up this whole universe that you might not even know right now. What are all the ways you’re
gonna monetize what you do? There’s so many options. – Okay. We’re wrapping it up to our last two perks
and benefits of blogging, and one of them is how
accessible written content is. People who have visual or hearing disabilities or impairments, it’s so much harder for them to consume audio or visual content. So you can help them by having
transcripts or captions, but ultimately having a fully
written out piece of content is the best thing you can do for those with hearing impairments. Obviously, a podcast is better for those with visual impairments, which is where the idea, and
Mariah mentioned earlier, about reading out your blog
posts can be really helpful. – I was gonna say accessibility
from the perspective of, “Oh, I’m in place where I
don’t have enough bandwidth “to watch a video right now. “It won’t load.” – Oh yeah, like even your
Internet capabilities. That’s so true, ’cause I run into that. Or sometimes I’ll try
and listen to a podcast and iTunes will glitch out on me and be unavailable for no reason. So I definitely think it’s the easiest way on a lot of different levels, great point, for people to access your content no matter what Internet
they have or where they are or random weird podcast glitches
or YouTube weird things. So super accessible. – Totally. And the last benefit that we have is that you start to create
anticipation with your audience when you start posting consistently, which is kind of in line with how we said that
we felt excited about a couple of bloggers that we follow. We look forward to
their posts once a week. Once you get into a groove,
which can take a little bit to get to find your
consistent posting schedule, but once you do, you’re
gonna create this fan base of people who are
anticipating hearing from you, which is so, so awesome. – And such an exciting
thing also as the creator for people to get excited.
– Yeah. – We had a week where, I forget why, but for whatever reason, our
YouTube video for our podcast uploaded a few hours later
than it normally would. And it was a total accident
on our part that it happened. But we had people tweet
us, and they were like, “Oh my gosh, where is the video? “Why don’t I see it?” or, “Where is it?” And it’s really exciting
to get to that point, and the easiest way to start getting there is having these really great
pieces of written content. And that’s like when I first, I said this to you before
we started recording, Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company Design always produces high, high
quality written blog posts. And when I first found
her blog forever ago, I remember being addicted to her stuff and couldn’t wait for her
blog posts to come out. And so I forget what her
schedule was at the time, but I knew it. I was eagerly awaiting
the next piece of content, and so it’s a really fun way to build that engagement with your community. – Yeah, definitely. – So those are the 12 reasons why we blog and we why we think it’s great,
the benefits of blogging. We have all of those
written out in the blog post that accompanies this episode, as well, which again is at TheFemShow.com/48 But in general, like we said earlier, I think our thesis is that you
should definitely be writing. Blog posts that are written are amazing, and adding in those layers of multimedia with supporting images
and videos and audio just makes it even more powerful. – Totally. And if you guys want to
learn my specific strategies for building a profitable blog, building a blog like
we’ve been talking about, something that drives
traffic and creates customers and builds your email list, we have lessons on all of
that in a free blogging course called Build a Profitable Blog that you can get at TheFemShow.com/48 – Yeah. So head over there to get the link to sign up for Build a Profitable Blog, as well as all of the different resources we mentioned during this episode. That’s at TheFemShow.com/48 And if you want to discuss
this episode with us or our amazing community
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submit your question for us and we will answer it. And we will see you next week. (upbeat music)

7 thoughts on “12 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

  1. Hi Mariah, what is your opinion on using Medium or wp.com alongside your branded website to help perhaps lead traffic to your main blog?

  2. So timely- me next sprint starting in August is boosting my blog. I think for me the hard part isn't the writing, it's the photography and graphics, because interior design is so visual. I feel like I have to have amazing imagery for every post. I think I just need to do it and improve as I go. Thanks for validating that blogging is still a thing!

  3. I wrote my first blog post using the Squarespace blog app on my phone and I dictated it since I'm also not in love with writing #win

  4. I'm so glad to hear the video read blog posts are a thing! It's exactly what I want to experiment with with my new site and I've been wondering "is this even a thing? is it viable?" So perfect timing on this for me. Thank you!

  5. Gals, since you archived Facebook group for now. I have a really quick question, your awesome Write Your Email Course, pdf. Is it the actual email course- meaning I just fill in my content right in that. OR is it to accompany a separate email course-meaning is it the "personal" emails that accompany the content hosted on a platform? Does that make sense my question.

  6. Great video! Also I wanted to tell you that there is nothing wrong with telling people that you are great at what you do! You are selling yourself, your brand, and no one else is going to do that for you. It is your advertisement. I make jewelry and I love to wear my own jewelry. I have jewelry that I didn't make, but I don't wear it as much as the jewelry that i have made. My pieces are unique and are well made beautiful pieces. Other people have told me that my jewelry is beautiful and I when they do I always tell them that I made it. this is my advertising. I am preparing to start a blog and maybe even more than one on different topics. Your videos have been very helpful! Thank you!

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