1,290,000 CD Flashlight, Budget Light Forum Giga-Thrower!

1,290,000 CD Flashlight, Budget Light Forum Giga-Thrower!

First we’ll try the Acebeam L16. It’s actually pretty good. Now the Giga thrower. Oh my gosh! I’ll be so lucky if someone doesn’t come
after me tonight! Surefire 6p, C8, Acebeam L16, Convoy L6, BLF GT That is so ridiculous. The BLF Giga thrower,
giggles for short. I’ve been waiting on this light for so long, and I’m freaking
out! Aside from being such a beautiful beast,
it’s the longest throwing LED flashlight I’ve ever held in my hands. One million two
hundred twenty nine thousand Lux at one meter. To give you an idea how far that is
that’s a beam distance of two thousand two hundred and seventeen meters or 1.377 miles! This beast will reach. The light you’re gonna see in
this video is only a prototype still. That giggles right there that won’t be
on all the lights, as far as I know that’s just something Texas ace added,
because you know it embodies the light BLF Giga thrower. And also a play on what
it does to your face when you fire it up. So take everything you see here
with a box of salt. Grain of salt? I don’t know just make sure you’ve got some salt.
Even though this thing is pretty big I think it feels like a balanced light.
This body is an 8x 18650 housing. Right here nice big fins. This finish has a few
dings in it because it’s been roughed up by a couple of guys already, but overall
the finish on it is really super nice. I mean it looks good it covers all of the
corners you know. The machining, the design, a lot of thought has been
put into this. I am just tickled about this because it is a reflector base
light. 120 millimeters across that front right there. That’s a big reflector, we
had to have that made. It didn’t just come off a shelf somewhere, and that was
one of the major hurdles and getting this light off the ground. Looking down
this barrel past our 120 millimeter reflector, we have an XHP35 HI LED.
The reflector has a nice smooth finish A.R. coated lens. Up front we have our
e-switch and none in the back. All your control is right here looking at the
threads on this they’re smooth as glass, really smooth, and they’re super thick, too; they’re not just those little bitty thin ones that you can yank the cap off. I
mean they’re very robust. So that brings us to these battery carriers. Looking at
these, they are an original design. I mean I’ve never seen anything
this heavy-duty before in a set of adapters like this they’ve got these
raised brass contacts, good springs that you know the whole thing, it’s just
well-made. It’s solid. There’s no play in it. I mean it’s just really great quality.
Reverse polarity protection. Something else I noticed is that even though these
stack end-to-end in the body, they’re run in parallel, meaning that when you stack
them, the voltage does not increase. I thought that was pretty awesome. Okay,
with my adapters all loaded up, we’re ready to try this bad boy out. All of the electrical contact is made at this end. There’s nothing here at the tail cap end
that needs to be making contact. You can also just put one of those adapters full
of 18650s in there and use the other one as a spacer, and the light will come
on. Our user interface is one click on and then, a ramp! I’m telling you, the
first time I saw that, I about fell over. And it’s not just any ramp, either. It’s a
perfectly smooth as glass, looks like there must be a million steps in there.
Not buh-buh-buh-buh-buh. It’s just like, it looks logarithmic. It is as smooth as
I’ve ever seen, and it’s quick. The other thing I like about it is that
bump at the end. It just stops, and it lets you know,
“Hey, we’re there.” Blink! Same thing going the other direction. Just, just beautiful.
Plenty of range on that. Super good low. One click on, one click off. Tom E., If you
are watching this video, let me tell you, you are my hero, sir. Thank you. Okay, now,
while we are using the ramp mode, we have some options. If you press and hold, you
can automatically go to moonlight. If you want to press and hold from there, it’ll
give you your ramp all the way to the top, or all the way to the bottom. If you
want to go straight to turbo, double click, and you’ll jump to that. Now, when
you click it off, it will memorize the last place you left the ramp, so if
you left it halfway up and you click, you’ll be right there. If you go all the
way to the top in the ramp mode, that is actually high and not turbo. That’s about
2 amps to the L.E.D. When you’re at that, you can still go higher. Double click to
turbo, which is about 2.5 amps to the L.E.D. There are some other things. There is
temperature monitoring. Several other groups that you can program this to, but
we’ll get into that later. Let’s talk about how to carry the BLF GT. We have
several options. Right here we have this little place where you can
hook a strap if you want. Alternatively, there are also places for these little
rings here, and on the head, and something I thought was pretty creative is this. If
you’ve got your strap on there and you want to take the tail cap loose, your
strap gets all tangled up. But not with the GT, because although the cap
is sitting still, I’m not unthreading the cap. It has that rotating ring, and it’s
really smooth, so I thought that was a pretty slick idea.
This right here, you can take that out, and that is the same thread as what’s on
a tripod mount. Now, I do also want to check the lumen output on the highest
and lowest mode, so why don’t we go do that. More awesomeness. Look, I mean look
at that! It doesn’t even fit in my lumen tube! Look. Convoy L6, no problem, plenty of
room to spare. BLF GT. Okay, so after running the numbers, now remember, this isn’t
going to be perfectly accurate because of the way that this beast sits on my
lumen tube, but a rough estimate on the turbo output is 1887 lumens, and on
lowest mode I got 2.5 lumens. I think that’s a pretty good spread. My
yard: about 250 feet to the fence down there.
Acebeam L16, BLF GT. My truck: 771 feet. Big water tower. Water tower: 3442 feet.
Okay, first the Acebeam L16. Doesn’t even really touch it. Now, BLF GT. Yeah. Oh, we’ve got room to spare! I’m as
far away as I can get us, and we’re still destroying that tower. And the beam is
the size of the tower, not just a square dot on there. Clubhouse. Man. Trackhoe. So right there is our building, and way
over there’s our track hoe, and clear on the other side of this chasm is our
water tower. So that’s quite a span right there. Hopefully, we can do that. Water
tower from Golf Course: 4884 feet. Massive hotel. Hotel the size of a marble.
Remember that shot we took of my truck? That one we shot from here? This is that
distance from the sky, and this is the distance that we’re about to shoot: six
thousand two hundred and thirty feet. One point one eight miles. Just look at the
way that it hits that hotel, too. On the far right side, there’s nothing lit up. When I
pull the light away, watch how the edge of it disappears. So we’ve still got
light to spare. Not only that, it covers the entire building. It’s not just a spot
on the building, it covers the whole thing from here. That is insane! And I
want to say from me, thank you to all of you guys for doing this. You know, I know
it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. I’ve already sent the down
payment for my light. Looking now, I see a price of, it looks like around two
hundred and fifty nine dollars, retail. However, if you get in on the group buy,
which is already an extensive list, it looks like you’re gonna save about a
hundred dollars on that price. So I’ll put a link in the description to that
thread so that you can find all the information in the six thousand plus
posts. Be sure to let us know what you think about the BLF Giga thrower. Now, there are
some acknowledgments I feel like really need to be made. The original thought on
this light was from Texas Ace, and him and The Miller have both put forth quite
a bit of effort as far as getting the light rolling, and they told me
specifically there are some acknowledgments that they would like to
be made, and these are them. For more videos like this, be sure to
subscribe. Thanks for watching. Good lux!

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  13. In India, we are very badly cheated, what is the true legitimate rate, not a maximum rate of more than 100 dollars

  14. In India, we are very badly cheated, what is the true legitimate rate, not a maximum rate of more than 100 dollars

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