16 Best Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Alternatives For 2018 – Weekly Photo Blog With Joe

16 Best Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Alternatives For 2018 – Weekly Photo Blog With Joe

hey everyone Joe here well welcome to
another weekly video blog well this week I thought I’d do something a little bit
different and I want to give you the 16 best or at least the top Lightroom and
Photoshop alternatives on the market now these this list day here I have 16 plus
one Armel mention at the end so you have to watch the very in salute the Armel
mention is but these are no in no certain order
so and what I’m gonna paid for a lot of them are free Simona are all Windows
some of them may be all Mac and it’s pretty much a mixture of all and even
some of these actually work on the even on Linux so while I said I have a whole
bunch here you know this is probably the far as I know the biggest list anybody’s
ever try to put together at least that I’ve seen most most time you go search
fuck I’ll turn is whatever the people I gave you the top five baby top tea and
well I have sixteen alternatives here plus one honorable mention so I hope
this list is pretty in there for a lot of folks now in this video I’m not gonna
demonstrate every program I mean if I don’t write any of these programs some
of these I’ve actually use and some of them I have used or don’t but don’t use
currently so anyway they’re pretty much just bunch of them that I know about
some I’m I’m used a little bit and I just won’t kind of mention these and
this basically this video is for you to see what’s out there
then you can decide if you want to download the trial and a try model not
an y’all says some of us I’m a paid for but not all of them there’s quite a few
here that are actually free so a lot to choose from so let’s get in here and uh
let’s start going over the list here okay here we are on our first one-on-one
photo raw 2018 this is the latest version obviously it says 2018 and of
course it’s a try for free or buy and it’s for a Mac and
windows no subscription needed and this actually has a file management stuff in
a lot of people want to get away from Lightroom so this one could be a good
alternative for you now this one has a lot of your basic features and stuff and
but one thing I do like about this one as it has a built-in xgr and panel
stitching in the program so you don’t need to go to an external program like
Photoshop or anything and it’s pretty pretty decent says its celebrated but
you know you’ve really just got a download this and try it out on your
system and see if you like it or not you know yeah it may run Gradle some systems
may not run great on others but it looks pretty in-depth no ID privilege has all
the features that Lightroom had has and even more so it’s pretty decent it’s
like I said it’s one of the professional ones and I’m not sure what that your
price is on this one I’m just click on buy now here okay well this is probably
one of the better one says full $119.99 and you get the Plus version a plus pro
whatever which is $129.99 and says here a year I guess that maybe like a
subscription type well no a lot of people don’t want to go subscription but
the regular full version isn’t and it comes with a 30 day money back at tea
now on a point out a couple of these I am affiliated with I have not affiliated
with this and obviously but you know I’m just gonna lean Kamal down there you
just that way so much as a couple my are affiliated with that’s how I know about
I might use them but some of these are quite a few of these might affect I am
NOT and good handful mall so off to actually free as well so just have to
download and try it out for yourself if you like it and test all the features if
you want to know more about them just go down description and click the links and
you can find more about these the software and stuff you know this is a
lot more features I can cover in one video for each one of these would be
here for three or four hours and my mouth to be completely dry so now the
next one here course Luminara I’m affiliated with after what I love this
program so young and we get this one currently it doesn’t
have a file manager at the time making this video although we do expect when I
come out here relatively soon it’s already in the works they’ve already got
most of us just you know beta testing out the bugs and stuff in the file
manager that’s basically all they’re doing right now and it’s almost ready to
go but I like luminaire I like the way it works they’re adding so much more
things to it make it more professional each update it’s just it’s now four
window windows and mac used to be only for mac and it’s also GPU accelerated
switch is also really good thing about it I said it’s a new one they’re still
working out a few kinks and stuff hearing they’re updating a few things
but for me for the price it is the most promising application out on the market
at least in my opinion others opinions may vary but obviously check it out link
down the scription below see if you like it and like I said you may may not like
but hey it’s pretty decent little price for it you know like I said you can
download the trial and figure it out for yourself now we couldn’t make a video
without mentioning GIMP the GNU image manipulation program I have been using
this program since the mid 90s yeah that’s I’m actually been using him for
such a long time but I haven’t used it in the past couple years really because
I’ve moved on to more professional things but it’s a really good graphics
program their thing I’ve always been really enjoyed using it
as but it’s to me it’s you know it’s free but there are some things that you
may have to work a little harder at to complete that some things may be more
automated for in other programs but you know for the price of being zero dollars
can’t beat it you know it’s a really good program so if you like it you know
you can always donate to it they even accept Bitcoin it seems now on
the screen so you know it’s not too bad but yeah I’ve always locked it to me
I have never really liked gift for you know editing photos to me it’s always
been more of a image manipulating app or drawing my web graphics now doing web
graphics and banners and uh you know any kind of flyers and stuff get was for the
most part for very long time I go to program I used a lot and that’s a new uh
to me it’s really great fuck photographic graphics morning is just
for basic when you own one photo it is another photo but it could be done for
that so I had to mention it because it is a great a Photoshop alternative if
you’re on a budget and that budget is zero so do check it out now another one
here I am affiliated with but I do use a new love and this is probably one of the
main reasons I don’t use GIMP anymore it’s affinity photo
I remember beta testing for this one just a few years ago has been that long
and I really do like it now it is a paid for one and they also have a Windows and
Mac version although it’s not that expensive it’s about $60 I think $59
it’s listening to peso price right here sorry depends on what the exchange rate
is of course yeah I’m in the Philippines that’s wise listen the pain that you
feel people pays full price in case you might wanna don’t get confused that’s
not two thousand four hundred and ninety dollars as 2004 ninety pesos which is
about lakh current exchange rate para forty nine fifty nine dollars I think it
is around 60 like I said when you go to click on gonna tell you the price in
your native countries you know money you know you did it but this one’s really
great I really do like using it although I am NOT that follow directly photo
editing however a lot of my graphics you know and stuff that I use on my web
block weblog my YouTube channel and I use y’all do edit photos in it when I’m
using it for those type of things to me it’s this miss is three it’s working a
little bit too hard just to edit a bit photo I like things when it comes to
photo editing things I could edit mass numbers which is always while Lightroom
appealed to me so much and this one’s when those are getting
you can batch edit and everything but it doesn’t have that same feel to it but
anyway it is a great program I love using this thing over Photoshop the way
you can get to a lot of the tools and stuff and hop printing out of a raw
processing to me just feels better implemented in Photoshop is so if you
are using Photoshop you’ll probably really dig this program and not to
recommend trying it especially if you’re sick and tired of Adobe’s a subscription
service this could be the program for you a few things I don’t want to point
out about it has a really easy photo stacking merging things also HDR merging
panorama merging and all that really built in and it works really good but I
said overall it’s a really great program we’re all supporting everything you
really do gotta check this one out this is probably one of the top ones without
breaking the budget I do believe and like this one I do I can use and I said
I’m affiliated with so if you do decide to purchase it it will help support the
channel you know but that’s not why I mentioned that I mentioned because it’s
just damn good another here Pixlr now it doesn’t matter what you use you could be
on a Chromebook and this one will work as long as you have flash on your
browser and that’s because Pixlr is web-based now they have two versions
here Pixlr editor and pics were expressed Express when is basically uh
presets drop it into finer minor adjustments kick out a photo or it’s
pretty good the editor is almost like the other ones if it’s web-based so you
do everything inside your web browser this can be good if you your computer is
old or have a lot of speed to it don’t have a good graphics processing and you
just really want to add photos well if you have a good web or a good internet
access you can upload and you edit everything a pixels so yeah you have to
kind of upload things to kind of edit and everything cuz it has to be done on
their server but I think this is a pretty good option
for somebody that way you don’t have to worry about downloading anything if
you’re for example in a business of something other you need to edit
something right quick you don’t have to worry about the IT department approving
coming a software to compile on your computer
bah-bah-bah you just hop on the web right quick and ended up something be
done with it no installation necessary as long as you have Adobe Flash Player
which I thank someone real downside to this and the plus side to it is you
don’t have to install it is free so another great one now here is one I
would still I would be using right now if I still use some Linux stuff as a
daily driver but since I don’t use the next two much more anymore it’s a shame
because this is just a really great program
this is darktable it started out as a Lightroom close and really if it is
completely past Lightroom and far as features and everything this is a really
really good program I have tried to use it recently but it was back when I was
on Mac OSX and it just didn’t run integrate on OS X but it’s actually a
lot of people say it runs really good on Windows of course it’s natively runs on
Linux Sofia Linux user and you’re not don’t know about this yet you know what
kind of box are you living in you know because almost this privilege I think
comes standard with most every Linux distro out these days and I said it’s
really good what if you don’t know about it yet do check it out completely free
open-source nothing wrong with that another one who got here is raw therapy
and Roth is another one those good ones that’s completely free you can donate to
you help support it everything and it’s another really good luck no editing app
pretty much like the right light Raymond away let me open up one of the
screenshots here what you get a plug could look at it see we got you know
what you could call it I can’t think of anything histogram big word for certain
it’s late in the evening of course you can like contrast
saturation black you know a lot of adjustments go out tone curves there
here you you know it has a lot of stuff to it and all therapy is actually I
think a lot of people do mentions that you really really good and you got a
really just try it out like I said it’s one those free ones download it you know
can’t go wrong if you do like it if you don’t like it hey you ain’t lost nothing
but a little bit of time trying something out before you go try it out
for paid one now here’s another one that out caption one from phase one and this
is kind of one of those more of expensive ones but it is a very
professional one in case somebody wants to stay in the professional market you
can download and try it out though let me see here what the meaning you say
what’s new full control benefited raw tethered capture a lot of people do
actually use this and a lot when because it just was a lot faster than Lightroom
is worse Lightroom slow it’s kind of reason we’re having this video
conversation because Lightroom it just went downhill
but anyway has a post be really fast when it comes to tether to capture let’s
see what it says workflow and performance full customers tools
keyboard shortcuts you know graphics acceleration obviously and the gravity
acceleration is something that probably wouldn’t allow the free ones don’t
really have or have implemented really well so that’s why you may want to get
one of the more professional and if that’s a concern to you if not you know
the free ones could be good alternative for you see instant tether capture
capture ones and minimize workload maximize efficiency
I said I’ll link it down in the description below you can check it out
see if you like it or not you know there’s nothing where uh bad we’re just
trying something out see if you like it before you buy then we have DxO photo
lab this is another one that’s pretty much like a Lightroom a clone and but it
has a lots and lots of little features and so if this is that your postally
want a really really good ones on the market I haven’t actually used it I
tried it years ago so I haven’t used this latest version but if you want to
try it out you know link it down the scription you can try
for you by you know doesn’t hurt trying and keep things moving here a little bit
we have another one by Corel now I don’t have a Corel PaintShop Pro on here but
that is another one but since I’m trying to stick to more photo editing unless
you know your graphic design I tried it include Paint Shop Pro but we do have
after shot pro three here’s the latest ruin latest release of it
there’s Persian as to what I was looking for has raw photo editing compressive
watermarking has highlight recovery you blemish remover tools you know you can
download it it’s not priced too bad here currently I think this may have a deal
go when you say 40% off it way so it’s probably $79.99 they got it going for
forty seven ninety-nine it’s worth trying out not you can
download trial and stuff and try it out and it’s got 30 day money-back guarantee
you know pretty decent what it looks like it’s always been you know fairly
it’s not probably been my favorite of everything out there but it hasn’t been
bad either it’s just one of those you have to get used to it you’ll probably
really enjoy it but you know each to their own but you got to mention it
because it is one the top ones out now here’s one that surprised Provo it is a
basically really simple one but it does have a really nice file manager what you
can do editing is you know kind of basic on this one but it’s actually pretty
decent it’s a shampoo photo commander 16 I said it normally goes like 40 99 but
they’re really they do sell it about 50 40 $14.99 under $15 pretty much what the
normal price is for if you’re a you know basic person that just their lights
download photos just a little tweaking to before you upload the photo to
Facebook or whatnot you know you’re not really heavy into a
professional photo editing this could be a good one for you know not a bad little
photo manager stuff Wilson you know basic you know editing and stuff it’s
pretty nice I was testing it out the other day it would not be something I
would use my daily driver but for something like my wife for example or my
daughter this would be permanent right up their alley in
because it’s not very complex but it does offering your things keep your
photos mannish and stuff so well I think it’s worth it really stands out
especially for the price point of under $15 I think it is really good for that
now here’s one everybody already has a pretty much already has if you use any
kind of Google products and you probably didn’t think about this one when it
comes to make the video and that is Google photos yes Google photos and the
reason is we upload stuff to Google photos you can now and for a while now
you take like you want your photos that you’ve edited and you can go ahead and
you can edit it now they have presets and stuff but they can also let you just
you know it’s just like here your color light has exposure contrast highlights
shadows whites blacks didn’t you know basic stuff you can adjusted it is when
those online ones so you do have to upload them to the photos but if you do
uh this won’t do some basic cropping stuff adjusting color you know these
saturation in increase saturation change the color tone to a warmer you know
color balance just skin tones of course every photo show two wheels making Blues
deeper stuff you know or even I love what they call pop here which is
basically just clarity you know you can also do that you can also do cropping
and stuff you know really not bad you can change your aspect ratios you know I
think it’s pretty decent for what it is so anyway looks at it’s free it’s going
to load your photos to Google photos and when you do you can edit all your photos
or thirds it’s not too bad alright everybody already has it too
so that’s another one of those if you got the internet bandwidth upload your
photos and stuff too you good to go all right here we go digicam now here’s
another one that’s free you can download and looks fairly decent for the most
part I remember using this one years back kind of testing it out I think it
was much older younger than and I really haven’t tried this latest version but I
wanted to mention it it’s on those free ones if you want to check it out
could be yo could be something that you really interested in I said it’s
basically the built-in file managers some adjustments and stuff you can do do
check it out you don’t sit I’ll link it down below I don’t we’re going to much
more detail about it but it’s one of those good free ones could be worth
checking out right here we’ve got another one a CDC photo studio this
one’s uh one of those paid ones but it’s not all those expensive ones either now
they do have a great diversion system the basic one I got listed for $39.99
they got a 49 I think in a 59 version so you can even though this and says
discount right now but they do have some other version stuff you can check out
and it basically has built-in file manager and then you can do adjustments
and stuff I’m gonna see if I can’t find some good photos of it but here’s the
file manager for example and basically yeah here’s adjustments and stuff you
know it could be something you know somebody’s interested in checking out
and seeing if they like you know and from upset for the price it could be you
know pretty good in case something like the a shampoo one I just mentioned the
photo commander isn’t enough you know but you want a little bit more then
maybe something like this might be a good step up for you now here we got
another really expensive one actually I don’t know the price of it right now to
be quite honest with you haven’t never bothered with it editing skin software
is exposure x-rays I’ve never actually bought this one actually I’ve never even
download and tried it out a lot of people mention it to me but I’ve never
actually got around to it I probably really should try it out someday but it
is one of the top ones on the market and it listed as one more professional ones
so if you’re interested in you know be able to uh edit photos and stuff in one
I don’t know what this one particularly offers over the others other than it’s
just one the top ones out let’s click on features and see what it can tell us
right quick nothing website here we go complete photo manager virtual copies
collections subset image comparison sound a lot like Lightroom
and come organization like the watermarking yeah it’s pretty much a you
know non-destructive editing over 500 presets basic effects advanced effects
overlays grain tools it’s basically just a better lightroom alternative out of
the other so anyway if you want to learn more about it it’s a lot about this one
and like I said I have it really a bad memory actually downloaded and tried it
but I wanted to mention it if you want to try it download it and try it there’s
a trial links down the description below finally number 16 here and this is
Pixelmator now this one is unfortunately a Mac only and I have used pixel miner
haven’t used this latest version but I was using it when I had my Mac and
everything I really didn’t like it overall it was kind of quirky the way
thumb some things worked but after you get the hang of it kind of really
enjoyable but yeah I really didn’t like it said this is the new pro version and
it’s called whirlwind and they lost nickname and stuff up there but it looks
says Mac only unfortunately but it wasn’t very expensive and when I
actually bought Pixelmator before it’s a really good drawing program that also
lets you do a lot of photo editing stuff my daughter still uses it on the Mac
which I she doesn’t have this updated what I probably should go in there and
update tomorrow for but yeah if you want to learn more about it it says in the
Mac store if you’re a Mac person you probably already know about it anyway
but anyway I’ll link it down description below of everybody else it won’t know
about it as well now before we get to the honorable
mention I want to just post this a quick affiliate advertising it right quick if
you like this video they may also like stellar Phoenix photo recovery stellar
Phoenix photo recovery software helps you recover deleted and lost pictures
audio and videos this software is a choice for millions
across the globe for its ease of use learn more by clicking the link in the
description below ok everyone well here we go and it is
the Nik collection you probably said jealous about for a while
and really is all the programs are listed so far have been in production
still getting updates as a reason their own here there are a lot of things I
didn’t mention that’s cause they kind of gotten no updates lately lots of kind of
you’re dead on the it not being improved in any but unfortunately DxO purchased
the Nik collection from Google early last or like let mid last year sometime
I’ve got when exactly was back in 2017 it’s the 2018 case you don’t know now
anyway they’ve purchased it and if I don’t keeping it updated and they’re
planning on releasing a new released come mid 2018 so I will leak this new uh
new homepage soon to be homepage it much to it right now uses this is it and he
male address they’ll notify you when the the newest update is out and you can go
ahead and download the current ones for free while you’re at it if you don’t
already have it but in case you already haven’t you just wanting y’all know one
the new ones come out go ahead and pop your email address in here because I
already have because these are really good I did always love silver effects
Pro and really about to see what comes of the unique collection and of course I
want to keep updating all this as well but anyway that’s it for this video I
hoped you liked it hope you might find one of these apps useful and you want to
etch it down download them try them out for yourself I said a couple of my I’m
affiliated with but I’m not affiliated with all of them but if you do want to
support my channel and anything in any way you know of course using my
affiliate links down description Bulls always way to help but while you’re down
there I also check up my Spreadshirt store so you can get cool t-shirts of uh
logos and stuff a photographic or any stuff that I’m creating trying to
creates a lot of graphics it’s getting suggestions in the comments of stuff you
like to see on t-shirts no post those down below and of course if while you’re
in there check out my amazon astore my Amazon stores where I post a lot of uh
fine stuff on Amazon my photography related and your tech related that’s
going on really cheap I don’t just post anything if it’s something I say that’s
a really good value but for example I just recently put the Canon 18 to 55 mmm
TM lives in there the refurbished version is going for 90 something done
it $97 when I pup when I actually put it in there and what the price is right now
but it was under $100 and so if you’re looking to replace a wore out 18 to 55
lids and use Canon BAM its saviors a few dollars and purchase that one if you
don’t have the money that great to a really high-end lens so for example like
that so you know anyway but anyway that’s it for this video if you haven’t
subscribed yet go ahead and subscribe and if you watched this video how about
giving it a thumbs up on the way helped thumbs ups always highly appreciated and
anyway my name is Joe and I hope see in the next video

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  1. For this weeks photo video blog I though we would do something a little different and I would go over 16 of the best Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop alternatives on the market. This list includes paid and free software ranging from Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. Even a few web based ones.

  2. Thank you, great, was looking for an option to light-room, which is my favor one right now, but is getting to old and lagging. Did try capture one, but could not figure out its use for my workflow.

  3. I was a long term GIMP user too before switching to Adobe. GIMP has a pretty steep learning curve but I loved it for composite work. You can't argue with the price lol. I use the Nik software as plug-ins in LR and PS and rate them highly. I can see myself potentially adding Luminar as a plug in to my Adobe package particularly if DXO decide to pull support of Nik software in Adobe and only make it avaikible within their own editing suite or as a standalone paid product.

  4. Thank you for making this video because LR has been freezing and slowing me down. They need a LR and PS like program in one!

  5. Hey Joe, hope all is well. For some reason not getting your new video's have you been bashing democrats? hahaha

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