1974 Muhammad Ali Signed Newspaper | Web Appraisal | Bismarck

1974 Muhammad Ali Signed Newspaper | Web Appraisal | Bismarck

GUEST: I was flying home from Europe November
1st, 1974, and I was sitting in coach, and there was a murmur of a lot of people talking,
and they said Muhammad Ali had boarded the plane. So later on, this lady in front of me and
myself, we thought we’d try to get his autograph. So we went up to first class, and then, they
said he was upstairs in the 747, so we walked up there, and he was sleeping, and his entourage
woke him up, and he said to me, “Do you wanna fight?,” but he was smiling. And then he signed the newspaper that I’d
brought along. I had bought this newspaper for something
to read on the flight home. APPRAISER: Now, this was on November 1st,
1974, so this was following the Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire, in which Ali defeated
George Foreman. Did you hear about the fight when you were
over there? GUEST: I wasn’t really aware of it ’til I
probably read about it in the newspaper. APPRAISER: Right, yep, well, you indeed had
your newspaper where he opened it up and saw that there was coverage of the fight from
the day before, and were able to pull out, get that page autographed by Ali. A Muhammad Ali autograph these days can be
had for around $100 for some. However, yours is in a much different situation
because of the provenance and the story and how you got it. It makes for a much different piece than a
standard, maybe cut signature. We would put a value on this autograph at
auction for between $500 and $700 dollars. GUEST: Oh, wonderful! That makes me very happy. Yeah.

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  1. Unreal that a superstar would allow himself to be disturbed from his sleep, arise with warmth and welcome a fan and sign an autograph! Only Ali would ever be so beautiful and accessible… A giant full of love, who walked amongst us…

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