– [Male Voice] Whether you prefer zipping through the city or tearing it up off road, or causing a wake on the water, these bikes are sure to catch your eye. Hi, I’m Glenn and here are
twenty crazy and unusual bikes. – [Female Voice] Number twenty. – [Glenn] The first bike on our list is an innovative design from Australia. Instead of the usual two wheel set up, the Street Surfer replaces the front wheel with four smaller wheels.
The front wheels have a specially designed
fork which keeps all five wheels on the ground during
sharp turns adding stability. This curving ability makes the bikes feel more like a snowboard or a surfboard. Pricing starts at one thousand dollars. – [Female Voice] Number nineteen. – [Glenn] The Helix bike
you never knew you needed. Although, you might have to relearn how to ride a bike. The steering on this bike isn’t controlled just
through the handle bars. The Helix has steering in the rear wheel with a quick release
lock to keep it straight when it is not in use.
The double steering system allows for a riding style
unlike anything else. Pricing starts around
four hundred dollars . – [Female Voice] Number eighteen – [Glenn] The Varibike
is an attractive design. Made in Germany, it almost looks like a standard bike. Ascending
from the chain ring to just underneath the handlebars is the second set of crank arms that
are powered by your hands. Not only does this offer
an upper body workout, but it also powers your bike alongside your feet allowing you to gain
tremendous amounts of speed. Pricing starts out at five
thousand, eight hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number seventeen. – [Glenn] The K Trac is a traction system that adapts to most mountain
bikes on the market. This traction system
replaces the front tire with a ski and the bike tire with a six-speed track system
reminiscent of an army tank. This new system allows
the bike to get traction in the snow when it usually
wouldn’t be able to. Pricing starts around
eight hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number sixteen. – [Glenn] This next bike
has everyone focused on the lack of a place to rest your rump. When instead, everyone
should be focusing on the Dreamslide’s fancy crank. It has two independent crank arms
that move three times faster going upward that allow you to put all your weight on the descending leg while standing up, making
the bike a comfortable ride. Pricing on this one starts out at one thousand, seven hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number fifteen. – [Glenn] Coming from the
mind of Dave Schwartz, the Flying Rider is made to give riders more leverage on the pedals while riding. Instead of a seat, the
rider is suspended by a harness from above with a bar behind them to push up against while pedaling. While coasting down
hill, the rider can relax and stretch out their legs Super Man style while the harness supports them. While currently in the prototype stage, Schwartz is working on the
final carbon fiber design. – [Female Voice] Number fourteen. – [Glenn] The Quiggle is a super compact, folding bicycle made in Germany. When folded up, the bike is small enough to be a carryon during a flight. Not only is it super compact, with its all aluminum frame, it only weighs about twenty pounds. The upright style of this bike allows for support in
the back and prevents tension in the shoulder area. Pricing starts at
thirteen hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number thirteen. – -[Glenn] The Twicycle,
similar to the Veribike, has that double chain system. The main difference between them is that the handlebars act as the crank arms rather than a completely
separate crank arm system. As well as having an
efficient chest pad for when using the handlebar chain wheel. The handlebar crank arms also have separate gears so that you can change the resistance to your liking. Pricing starts at
fourteen hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number twelve. – [Glenn] Make It Extreme has quite the knack for making
things, well, extreme. Their Fat bike is no exception. Using two donated wheels
from an immobile car, and a few other car parts
they hand made this bike and machined special
bearings for the wheels. It sure looks like a chore to get this bike moving, but it
has style all its own. Just because this is a one of a kind bike doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab some car tires and make one of your own. – [Female Voice] Number eleven. – [Glenn] If you need the kind of bike that makes people do a double take, then the dragster styled Nitro Rail is the bike for you. Even though it looks completely different than any other bike, it behaves just the same way with no sacrifice to the power of the bike. The bike has a sixty-eight
inch wheel base. There’s a full sized adult model and a kid’s sized Micro Rail model as well. The full size Nitro Rail
costs a thousand dollars. The kid’s size is four hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number ten. – [Glenn] While most companies are trying to add as much as they
can to their products, the BiSimple is more concerned with keeping things simple.
With a few different models to choose from these bikes have no chain to drive them.
Instead, the pedals are directly attached to the back wheel. Not only that, but both wheels are free allowing for ultra tight cornering. Pricing starts at one thousand dollars. Before you get caught up with all these fantastic bikes, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and ring that bell icon to stay up to date on the
latest from Mind’s Eye Design. – [Female Voice] Number nine. – [Glenn] While the TreGO is technically a bike add on, it’s too excellent to leave off this list. Able to fit on most adult bikes, you replace your front wheel with the quick connector, which attaches the actual
TreGo to your bike. The Tre can carry up to fifty pounds and quickly turns your
bike into a cargo bike. Tilting wheels adjust to
the ground beneath you to keep you stable while also keeping your items from tipping over. Pricing starts at twelve hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number eight. – [Glenn] If invented today, what would the first ever bicycle look like today? I didn’t even know I needed this question answered until right now. German designer, Sven Rudolph, created the answer to that very question in the form of the concept
eighteen sixty-five. A modern bicycle with a design following the Penny Farthing bicycle, it also includes an electric drive and has puncture proof tires. Since
this is just a concept, don’t expect to see them
for sale any time soon. – [Female Voice] Number seven. – [Glenn] The Explorer
Three is the ultimate in off road hand cycling.
This backward trike is a bicycle that doesn’t allow you to use your feet at all.
Instead, you use your hands for powering the bike.
The cushion chest pad isn’t there for comfort either. It allows you to steer and cycle while your hands are busy pedaling. There are options for drive trains ranging from sixteen to twenty-two gears. As well as an electric assist. Pricing starts at two thousand,
three hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number six. – [Glenn] The BiGen Hank is a classy little folding bicycle.
Deciding to get away from the chain driven drive train, it utilizes direct drive levers that have three different gear ratios due to a hub transmission. The direct drive levers help to deliver an increase in pedaling power over the standard chain driven drive train. Pricing on this one is
five thousand dollars. – [Female Voice] Number five. – [Glenn] The Manta Five might be my favorite bike on this list. Saying goodbye to wheels altogether, this pedal powered propelled bike allows you to transverse
any body of water with ease. Don’t feel like pedaling the whole time you’re out on the water? It also has a four hundred watt
waterproof e-bike motor to power the propeller. A full charge offers about an hour of pedal assistance. Pre-order pricing on this starts out at six thousand dollars. – [Female Voice] Number four. – [Glenn] The Halbred half bike is a uniquely designed cycle.
This half bike was designed to be much more compact than a regular bicycle while also allowing you to get around
your home city quickly. Handlebars are placed
directly below your seat and control turning just like on a standard bike. It also has a standard chain driven drive train,
but a not so standard tiny front wheel. Pricing on this one starts at fourteen hundred dollars. – [Female Voice] Number three. – [Glenn] This crazy bike concept, even though it might not look like it, is entirely ergonomically designed. The Fliz creates an upgrade to walking and shares some things in common with the Flying Rider. It’s five point harness holds the driver’s body
up and since there are no pedals, the driver propels
the bike by walking. The suspended seat on the Fliz eliminates stress impact on the legs while also protecting the rider
from running related injuries. Because the Fliz bike is still in the concept stage, it won’t be for sale any time soon. – [Female Voice] Number two. – [Glenn] Not only is
this Sata bike stikingly beautiful, but it also folds down to the size of an umbrella.
It’s hubblest design allows for a lower center of gravity giving the bike a better road grip, steering, and breaking capabilities. While most foldable bikes tend to run on the small side, this Sata bike does not sacrifice its size for the functionality of folding, and instead the hubblest design allows for the wheels to be taken entirely off while the frame of the bike folds down. Pricing on this one is
seventeen hundred dollars. Before we show you our number one pick, don’t forget to comment down below and let us know which one of these unusual bikes you find most creative. – [Female Voice] Number one. – [Glenn] The entirely custom and limited edition M fifty-five Terminus is a high performance e-bike. Stock motor is seven hundred fifty watts with the ability to upgrade it to a three
thousand watt motor. Or, it can be used as a pedal assist. A full charge on the motor offers a range of sixty miles.
With only fifty-five Terminus bikes available.
One day, these could very well become collector’s items. The Terminus can be all yours for around thirty-five thousand dollars. – Hey guys, this is
Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell
us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe
button to stay up to date on all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching.
I’ll see you guys next time.

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