2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline Road Test Review by Blog of Speed

2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline Road Test Review by Blog of Speed

This is Josh with Blog of Speed, and today
we’re in the 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline. Now, the Dodge Challenger R/T come with the
5.7 liter HEMI engine with 370 horsepower and this is a really great performing torquey
V8. This Challenger R/T is not the lightest car out there, however it’s a musclecar. It’s
large, it’s heavy, it handles very well, but you still need to keep in mind that you’re
not in a light nimble sports car. Now, I really enjoy this car. I think it’s what a musclecar
should be. It’s big, it’s roomy, it’s comfortable, and it has a lot of torque. Now the thing
like best about this Dodge Challenger has gotta be the transmission. It’s got a six
speed Tremec TR6060 transmission, and it’s just a fantastic transmission. It’s in a lot
of applications. It is in the Ford Shelby GT500, the Corvette ZR1, and the Dodge Viper,
so this is a very capable, strong transmission. I really like it. It shifts smooth, the shift
feel is great, the throw is outstanding. It’s not too notchy, it’s not too long, it just
feels great. Now, the other thing about the car that I really do like is this pistol-grip
shifter. It is reminiscent of the pistol-grip shifters from earlier cars such as the Dodge
Charger, Challenger, Hemi Cuda, and really any Dodge musclecar from the late 60’s and
early 70’s. I really like it, it’s easy to use, it’s great when you’re driving aggressively,
which you will if you get this car. Really, to be honest, I really like this car. It’s
a big musclecar, it’s strong, it’s got torque, it’s got a great powerband. The powerband
you get in the car really is fantastic. The engine is so flexible. And with these six
gears you’ve always got the right gear ratio. Now speaking of those six gears and gear ratios,
sixth gear on this is a 50 overdrive, or a .50 if you want to be precise. What that means
is when you’re on the highway at 70 or 80 miles per hour, the car is only turning 1400
or 1500 RPMs. This is really low. So on the highway, I was able to get mid 20s fuel economy,
like 20-25 miles to the gallon, so while that might not seem fantastic, keep in mind that
this is a 4000lb plus car, with a 370 horsepower v8, so those numbers are pretty good. Now,
I’m averaging in the city, around 16 miles to the gallon which isn’t bad, and I’ve gotta
say I’m not driving like the EPA wants me to. So, I’m enjoying this car, I love the
sound of this V8, I’ll see if you can hear it now. It sounds absolutely fantastic, and
you’re going to want to drive the car kind of aggressively because it sounds so good.
So, take those fuel economy numbers with a grain of salt because I love V8s. Now, the
interior comfort is very good on the car. The redline package includes these red leather
seats, 20″ wheels that are black chrome with a red lip around them, and black and red vinyl
side decals. Now, as much as I like the how this car is optioned, with navigation and
all of the the creature comforts you would expect, the model of Challenger I would personally
get would be the SRT8 core. This charger, did I say Charger? Sorry. Challenger. This
Challenger R/T Redline MSRPs for around $36,000 with Nav, this lovely leather interior, and
everything like that. While I really like it, Chrysler just came out with a new Challenger.
It’s the Challenger SRT8 Core. What it is, is a slightly decontented Challenger. The
SRT8 Core has fabric seats, which I vastly prefer over leather, no HID headlights, which
is forgivable, that’s fine. But the real big thing is it has a hundred more horsepower
and a hundred foot-pounds of torque more than this car, and is only $3,000 more. It starts
at around $39k. For me, having a stick muslcecar that has that much power is just fantastic.
This car is absolutely transformed in stick. I’ve had Chargers before and although not
the same car, it is the same platform, and the automatic is fun, but this stick is just
an absolute blast. I really, really like this car. I think if you’re looking for a musclecar,
this is really the only choice on the market. The camaro and the mustang are quite different.
I think this is a car that it’s purpose is being a true musclecar. The mustang and the
camaro try to push more towards either performance numbers and things like that, where as this
car is definitely more of a stoplight racer, but I’ve got to say it’s very, very, very
comfortable, it’s softly sprung but not too soft, you can still have fun the car, and
the big thing I think this has on the other two is flexibility because this engine just
has torque everywhere, I love the six speed transmission. It’s just a great combo. I’m
really happy about it. The only thing I would suggest to Chrylser/Dodge to do with the 2014
Challenger might be to integrate their fantastic 8.4″ touchscreen display in here. It has the
older hard disk based navigation, which isn’t bad, but the new 8.4″ unit absolutely destroys
this in terms of functionality, use, and just overall beauty. It’s absolutely gorgeous,
so I think in 2014 if Dodge does that, and still keeps on with the SRT8 Core, I can’t
see why you wouldn’t want this car. It’s just great for a musclecar. That being said, just
remember what you’re looking at when you’re looking at the Challenger:it’s an absolute
musclecar, I’ve loved my week with it. Kind of sad to see it go, but who knows what we’ll
get next week. Anyway thanks for following, and thanks for supporting Blog of Speed. I
couldn’t have done it without you guys and I’ll keep the reviews coming. Thanks again,
and comment, share, email me [email protected] I’m more than happy to help you guy with your
car purchasing decisions or what to get, but remember at the end of the day you need to
drive all of these cars also. If you’re looking for a car, be sure to take a nice long test
drive and enjoy the car, that’s the biggest thing. So, thank you again, enjoy driving,
most of all, have a good one!

66 thoughts on “2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline Road Test Review by Blog of Speed

  1. One suggestion could you show more of the car. However I still really like the honest reviews keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry lol, I really really really liked this car. It's just the right musclecar. So awesome having a big v8 and a stick. If you want a corner carver, this isn't it. But as a v8 musclecar that is fun to drive and makes you smile, this ticks all of the right boxes!

  3. Nice vid! I have a 13 R/T Plus six speed and love it. The Tremec TR6060 is so fun, and the sound of that Hemi is second to none. The only issue with your video is the lack of exterior shots… The Challenger is hands down the best looking and most true looking of the pony reissues, by far. All is all though nice job. I enjoyed watching

  4. Such a great review, well done! Never seen this channel, so just subscribed immediately! Will wait for next amazing videos! You are right man!

  5. Honestly, that's a really tough choice. From a performance standpoint, the 5.0 is on top. There are a few caveats though. As much as I love the live axle in the GT, you can tell it's there over uneven bumps in the road. The Challenger's IRS soaks up the bumps a bit better than the Mustang. I honestly think the Challenger looks and acts more like a true muscle car, while the GT is more leaning towards sports car. Go drive them and figure out which one suits you better. They're both GREAT.

  6. You love the 6 speed but I don't hear you down shifting properly and letting the engine slow the car down. Also, I'd like to see some exterior shots. Other than that, great job!

  7. Would the CORE editions that you refer to be the SRT/ Hemi V-8 / 470 hp / 470 tq. Tremic ,because you said 100 more hp . If  so the prices start over 50k and up,and you said 39 k for the CORE model. Then for that price it would be an RT instead of SRT ?

  8. "This stick is just an absolute blast". Could not say it better myself. My RT is so much fun to drive, going to pick up milk for the wife was never so much fun.

  9. Nice review!!# I like watching it. Just like some of the suggestions here maybe show the car next time. Nice video man!

  10. Torch is very weak, engine is weak, and so is the RPM. Muscle cars are performance cars. Camaro and mustang do what they were built to do…

  11. Hey Bro I'm confused Between 2014 Challenger R/T Classic and 2014 Mustang V6 Premium Convertible …Wch one is better according to u? Plz Helppp Plzz :))

  12. I wish chrysler had more v8 options like they used to 318,340,360,426,440 I know I missed a few but you get the idea wouldn't it be awesome to see more options?

  13. I'm thinking about getting one of these, but I'm waiting on the 2015 model before going on test drives.  I have one stupid question.  When you drive the manual, can you leave your heel on the floor while using the clutch in this car, or does the travel go up too high? 

  14. @blogofspeed the hellcat looks incredible but insurance man haha I think the shaker is a good middle I want thanks for the feedback.

  15. +BlogOfSpeed People on here don't realize that even though you have cars like the gt500 with 662hp and the ZL1 with 580hp theres something called bhp (brake horsepower) and that's the horsepower that is efficiently put to the back tires, not just dyno numbers. I've driven a stock SRT8 challenger against a gt500 and gave him a run for his money. No I didn't win but remember that the 6.4 hemi is naturally aspirated where as the ZL1 and gt500 both have supercharged engines

  16. My '14 Challenger RT has the 3.92 rear gear so at 70 i'm at ~1800 rpms. My mileage on hwy is more like ~23. I drive around town in 5th and 1500 rpms. YMMV depending on gear selection. Love the 6 spd as well.

  17. Great review on your own experience with this ride. I'm planning a purchase in the near future and the Challenger seems to be the top choice between the Mustang and Camaro. The Hemi is the way to go with the 6 speed tranny. Just spied a '13 model year R/T with short mileage, dealer asking 26k for it. It's got about 5k miles on it. Just might have to do it ! 

  18. The SRT8 Challenger (not including the Hellcat) does not have 100ft-lbs more torque than the RT, that's the only thing you got wrong. Otherwise good review. 

  19. Excellent review @BlogOfSpeed ! This is the best manual trans R/T review out there. I was debating this car over the MustangGT (same year) but having trouble trying to find one on a dealer lot to test drive.(manual) Since I drive literally 90% highway and a fairly long work commute I'm leaning towards Challenger. Thank you so much!

  20. I love how he says perfect muscle car lmao.. 372 horsepower? lmao even the srt version is a shame with only 472..
    buy a mustang gt at 420 horses put a couple bolt ons and will make 480 easy! lmao and it weighs 3500 lbs .. just buy the REAL MUSCLE CAR!! THE MUSTANG!!!!

  21. and everyone keeps mentioning the hellcat, may I mention the shelby? ford all around has a better and faster muscle car lmao!!

  22. +blogofspeed I have same year lowered a bit with foose wheels 19in. should have put it in sport mode and used paddle shifts. my fastest time so far is 5.69 with absolute no upgrades to engine. basic tires as well. cool video though man!

  23. A family member has had his Redline Ralley for over a year + now and loves it even though it has the v6. I didn't realize there was an R/T model with this incredible looking package available.. Definitely gonna look for this trim package when I shop for one. Thanks for a great review and the only thing I wish you would've covered is a quick walk around and maybe quick scan of the interior so I can see what all differences the R/T redline has vs. the Ralley redline. Thanks! Subscribed.

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