2013 U.S.-Islamic World Forum

2013 U.S.-Islamic World Forum

Title: U.S.-Islamic World Forum, 2002-2013 Title: A Decade of Dialogue Out of the devastation of September 11,
2001 and the frustrations that foster seemingly irresolvable divides; the U.S.-Islamic World Forum was created to build bridges and establish understanding
between Americans and Muslims around the world. For a decade, through honest dialogue in partnership, the forum has tackled tough issues facing our troubled world’s
bringing together leaders to address misperceptions and prejudices and
developing insights into the challenges we all share. Today, many Muslim societies are undergoing tremendous change; rebuilding after years of war; ensuring social justice for the
disadvantaged; creating accountable governance for their citizens. In many
places, however, citizen space upheaval and danger. Crisis that, in part, continue
to define the relationship between Muslims and the United States. In Syria, a
brutal regime fights on despite more than 70,000 dead and one million Syrians
living as refugees. In Afghanistan, as the U.S. mission winds down, Afghans are
defining their own future while grappling with deep tribal and ethnic
divisions. In Pakistan, citizens are preparing for a historic transfer of
power while extremists are waging a campaign of terror. Each year, current events shape the forum’s conversations allowing us to address real-world challenges and opportunities.
Over the past decade, our mission has remained the same, creating greater
understanding and building new partnerships across societies, faiths and
nations. For ten years, the forum has served as a catalyst for
collective action and lasting impact. We have fostered understanding and hope. Today, our working continues, together.

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  1. The very best way to understand Islam is to read the Quran, Hadiths, and other Muslim writings with the understanding of the command of abrogation. To work simply through dialogue is naive, and frankly, stupid.

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