2017 Bullet Journal Flip-Through

2017 Bullet Journal Flip-Through

Hey guys Today I’m going to be flipping through my bullet journal which I used from June 2017 until the end of the year so On this first page. I have my name and contact information in case I lose it and as you can see from the title I originally wanted to use this for the whole 2017 to 2018 school year but I ended up filling out the pages a lot faster than I thought I would and I used up the whole notebook in six months On this next page I have a description of my vision for the school year and Then goals to help create this vision and then habits to reach these goals on these pages I have my future log and again as you can see I thought I’d be using this journal for the whole school year So I have all the months until June, which is the end of the school year? Here I have a quote that I lettered using a crayola marker And it’s a reminder for me to push myself because that’s the only way to improve Next I have a list of some of my favorite quotes relating to these four categories And these are things that I will let her out on my spreads to motivate myself Here I have two packing lists for choir camp over the summer and for my October trip to Chicago Where I went on the California Zephyr, which is a three-day train ride? Here are some doodle ideas which I mostly saw on social media So I copied them down to practice and to store these ideas Next I have my plan for the summer so I have my video plan And then I have the tasks that I had to do every week and Here’s a failed summer study plan I crossed it out because I ended up changing the plan as you’ll see later on Here I have spreads four books to read and books read I didn’t really end up updating these as you can probably see I use Goodreads instead to track my reading Here I have my savings tracker and I wrote certain numbers along each interval on this mason jar and colored it in whenever I reached that amount and I reached the top number on this mason jar so I ended up making a new one which you will see later in this flip through and Here is a wish list This one. I also never ended up updating all that often Here I have a list of my printable ideas and my video ideas This video ideas spread ended up being updated later on in this journal as well. You’ll see that too Here I have a places I’d like to visit spread and I drew these little Polaroid looking things, and I doodled a little picture of the place I never finished these, but hopefully I can remake this and then figure out where else I want to go and Now starting on my June pages, so here is my monthly overview Here are some trackers that I never ended up filling out Then my weekly planning pages This was my first week of summer break And I made this reflection page, but I never really filled it out You’re probably noticing a trend that I never end up filling a lot of things out Hopefully I will be improving at that in 2018 and now here is my actual summer study plan I Ended up writing out my plan, and then I didn’t come back to check things off instead I check things off in my monthly spreads And now here is an attempt at a July monthly spread, but I never ended up using it I didn’t like this thing Here’s a page for testing. This is a Pattern I guess this blue gradient that I ended up using in my actual July pages And then here is an outline for the items I have in my fall capsule wardrobe So here I have a to do list for yearbook which I abandoned and Here is the official Chicago trip packing list not just for the train ride, which you saw earlier, but this is for the whole trip This list is called distracted because I wrote down the things that I Wanted to do when I got distracted from doing my homework, so I just wrote them down here So I could do them later instead of breaking away from my work, and then here is my October video plan This is my back-to-school shopping list of Things that I need to refill for the back-to-school season and then here’s a list of bullet journal themed ideas and now here are my Here are my July pages, and I did an underwater theme So these are the monthly pages, and then here are the weekly planning pages during the summer I only used one page for each week instead of a full two-page spread and then here is an exercise habit tracker and a running plan because cross-country summer training I really like this plan this style of habit tracker with each individual box because It motivated me more to go back and color in the box I don’t know. Why but it really did help so I plan to keep using this habit tracker setup Here is my August monthly page or pages which are Probably my favorite theme ever it’s a Hogwarts theme as you can see So here are my monthly pages. I never checked this habit tracker once school started which whoops and Here are my weekly pages which are themed around the tog Works house You can see whenever I didn’t end up filling out this right side page. I just put in some random lettering so this one is Not my proudest thing, but I just wanted to fill up the space with a doodle So here is my curve of forgetting I Use this sometimes as you can see but I Prefer the printable that I made for the curve of forgetting which I’ll link in the description if you want to check it out So I switched back to those and then this is for my cross-country progress I Only updated it the first time and that I never checked it again Again, I should probably improve at going back to check the things that I make Here are my September pages This was a more bright geometric theme Someone said it reminded them of gummy bears which I I feel fits quite well So this was a template of the exercises from the book. What color is your parachute Which is a book kind of about careers and stuff because I? Don’t really know what I want to do with the rest of my life But a lot of people make me feel like I should know so I tried out this book But I didn’t finish any of the activities So woops and then here are some habits that I want to establish so I can’t establish all of them all at once so I keep them here, and I try to add in one every month and Then here are my October pages. This is a Halloween animal theme, and this is also one of my absolute favorite setups So here is my plan for my Halloween costume I was Wednesday Addams if you saw that on my Instagram story on Halloween and then this is a list of my October favorites I Didn’t end up filming in October favorites video, but it’s a helpful list to see what I likes during October Here is a page force watching and testing new pens and things and Then this is a spread that was meant for my spring capsule kind of like the fall one that I did earlier But this spread I pretty much abandoned and Then here is my new saving tracker which was inspired by Amanda Ashley and her November setup I believe I’ll link in the description and in this savings setup. I color in a JAMA for each time I reach my savings goals Here is my November setup. Which is light bulb themed Someone commented on the video that it looked like I was just drawing a bunch of nooses which looking back It does kind of look like that oops This one has a lot of empty pages, I’m not sure why actually So here’s a list of apps that I have installed on my computer Because I got a new laptop, and I wanted to transfer all of my data onto the new laptop and then here is an updated video ideas where I removed a lot of ideas that I wasn’t into anymore and Then I added some new things based on requests from a time when I asked people in the comments Here is a pen comparison list of pens I want to test in a possible future pen comparison video, and then here is my December video plan Here’s some more swatches and testing and then a list of items that I wanted to put in a holiday giveaway And Then here’s my December setup In my plan with me video I didn’t show setting up these things because I did this a lot later but I didn’t end up using these anyways because Final-season was just kind of a mess this year, so I’ll just used a running to-do list in the Notes app on my phone And then Here’s a list of spreads from this bullet journal that I want to transfer to next year’s bullet journal And I’ll be posting a plan with me 2018 set up if you want to check that out I’ll link it when I post it and So I have a list with the page numbers and then new things I want to add in in 2018 And then here is my actual spring capsule wardrobe list There are a couple of blank pages in here I think I’m just going to leave them blank or possibly use them for calligraphy practice since this is a Rodya notebook and the paper is really nice, so I don’t want to waste it and Then in the very back I have my index for the index I start from the back and then work my way forward So I just have the page number, and then what’s on the page and that Is everything I? Hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it inspiring or a look into how my bullet journal realistically looks like I’ll link more of my bullet journal videos on screen or in the description box And I post pictures on my tumblr in Instagram which are also linked in the description See you next time πŸ™‚

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  1. i intensely relate to the whole β€œnot knowing what to do with my life but people think i should know” thing 😩

    happy holidays! thanks for all the wonderful videos and i hope you had a wonderful year ^^

  2. i've always been known as the kid with the 'nice handwriting' yet my handwriting looks like trash next to jasmine's 😭

  3. The Hogwarts themed pages are so beautiful 😍 btw I've got all Harry Potter movies for Christmas (finally πŸ˜…) and tomorrow I'll make a marathon πŸ€“βš‘οΈ

  4. your journal is beautiful and so creative!! i wouldn’t really say mine was a flop but i definitely didn’t like the turnout of mine this year but there’s so many pages to write on. question is: should i get a new to start fresh, or keep using my old one?

  5. You REALLY don't have to know what you want to do with your life right now; every focus after high school (college, trade, full work schedule etc) is a huge commitment. If you can afford it, take a gap year, or try and get an internship in something that seems like fun to you. Actually think it through if any of what people are telling you to do seems like it's worth it. Thank you for sharing, and I can't wait until your 2018 set up!

  6. this made me realize that i'm not the only one that gets inspired and makes a bunch of trackers and then never gets around to using them… something to work on in 2018!

  7. i was looking at the bullet journals, because I would love to get into bujo, however the journals are kind of expensive. do you have any cheaper but also hood quality alternatives? thanks!

  8. Your bujo is so cool!
    I just got a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook for next year, and it ghosts quite a bit. Do you think it's worth gluing pages together..?

  9. hey guys! i just started a study channel today! i will be very happy if someone subscribed to me and liked my first ever study with me! i got inspired to make this channel by the one and only jasmine πŸ™‚

  10. It looks like you use a lot of small sections of pages for random things and then leave the rest empty. Maybe you could try having a page or two each month for a brain dump where you can put things like that to save space? Just a suggestion!

  11. I used to be the girl that absolutely did not know what to do with her life, and I just figured it out this year! (I turned 21 this summer) I know how depressing and endlessly scary it can be, I've been there, so lots of love to you and everyone who feels the same way β™₯ you're going to figure it out!! β™₯

  12. how do you get your pens and markers to not bleed? I've been using the Faber castell Pitt artist pens in the leuccteurm 1917 bullet journal and it's been bleeding/ghosting. anyone have any suggestions for pens?

  13. most of the time these bulletproof journals make me feel like my journal is really bad so i quit…but this time..yours is just so good it inspired me to try harder. thanks Jasmine!!

  14. finally, after some crazy weeks filled with projects and finals, i can sit down and enjoy watching all your videos that i had missed before. definitely enjoyed this flip-trough! and gotta admit, i'm still not over that hp spread haha. def one of the bests!

  15. You have beautiful hands and a beautiful voice in addition to an on point bullet journal. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  16. I was watching lots of plan with me 2018 bijou videos, until I found you. Now I keep watching your channel. I really like how you set things up , especially your format for one spread per week, but lots of blank space to use as needed each week. Lovely work you do in your journals and videos!

  17. You could use your empty pagesf for swatches of all your pens! That way you can keep track of them and I personally would love to see that video!

  18. No wonder you filled in the journal within 6 months when you start soo many new pages but never fill them in or even started to use them at all ^^ πŸ˜‚

  19. Jasmine, I really liked your bullet journal. So inspiring!!!! I just want to know the background music that you used. Can please post the link or post the name of it? Thanks

  20. Love the highlights idea as I don't get gratitude logs, prob because I'm a grumpy old cow! Enjoying the bujo vids, thank you

  21. So neat! Your handwriting is great! Have just uploaded a flip through to my channel, would love you to check it out! Have just subscribed πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  22. Can you guys help me about my decision on my first bullet journaling?

    Should I make like a messy looking but full of pictures and drawings to my journal like other videos? Or should I do it more like clean and simple way? because theyre really are both wonderful.
    I cant do it both though because it wont match to other months that I made. Cuz for me it will not look good if other months are simple then the other months are like very pumpt up

    Please help me choose. I really want to make my bullet journal look very memorable so when I look back again from the future I can still appriciate what I have done from the past months

    because I dont want to be like others that they made an effort every month that only happens once a year but at the end of the year its not that special anymore

    Btw this 2018 is my first bullet journaling but ive been watching videos of bullet journaling since last year..
    so please help me to be successful to also have a memorable journey this 2018

  23. I am so inspired, I wish I could have amazing doodling skills! I plan on doing a bullet journal when I start seventh grade… Thanks for the inspiration,studyquill!

  24. Me When she kept putting Harry potter quotes out of the Hogwarts themed section: πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  25. omg I love the Hogwarts theme. and that school drawing ,or I guess silhouette, is really good love your bujo!

  26. You should make a how to calligraphy video because you are very good at it! I am also beginning calligraphy and it’s hard for me so I’d want to learn from someone good.

  27. Thank u! This just made me wanna keep doing my journal more! I have tones of ideas now that I can use to my journal. Thank you again <3

  28. OMG, that howgwarts theme is a masterpiece, I'm ravenclaw too. I'm in a maraton of your videos and it's impressive how much you've change and improve your video material.

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