Hi, friends! Elizabeth here from
Plant Based Bride and today I’m going to be doing a flip through of my last
bullet journal as you will have seen two videos ago I did a set up in my new
bullet journal which is from dingbats it’s this one here from their new earth
collection it’s the Great Barrier Reef one so I just got set up in this one I
did my October plan with me in here which you will have seen last week and
by the time you see this video I will have started using it but as of right
now it’s actually still the very end of September so I haven’t started
officially using this one yet but I’m very excited to but I thought since I’m
just a couple days away from finishing up my Rhodia Webnotebook it was time to
do a little flip through and show you everything that I’ve done since January
which is when I started in this notebook so a little bit about this notebook
first this is the Rhodia Webnotebook notebook in an a5 size it’s in this silver color
which I really love I actually wanted to get it in black because up until this
point I would say 95% of my journals have always been black I just prefer
that usually and I found this for sale on I think it was the chapters indigo
website because I could not find the Rhodia Webnotebook in any of the stores
that I normally buy notebooks from and I really wanted to try it and I found them
and they were on sale but they didn’t have the black in stock they only had I
think their Orange and another colour and this silver and the silver was the
most minimal it was the most neutral so I decided to get it and I actually adore
this color I feel like it has held up really well the elastic has definitely
gotten a little dirty over the course of the year but the cover itself actually
still looks really beautiful it has a little bit of a texture and I just I
just feel like it’s held up really well and I actually really like this lighter
color and the slight sheen to it so that is this notebook I would
definitely recommend the Rhodia Webnotebook to someone who was looking for
a notebook to try if you would like I can also do a full review on the Rhodia Webnotebook now that I have used it for… What month are we in? September. 10 months. so now
that I’ve used this notebook for 10 months straight I definitely have some
thoughts and if you’d like a review I can definitely make that for ya! So let’s
get into the notebook. So I’m just gonna open it up here the inside is just this
silver that’s the same color as the outside and I didn’t write anything in
there. The first page is my please return to page and as you can see I just have
some washi tape here that’s my phone number under there and while I love you
all I don’t really need everyone on the internet to know my phone number so
I’ve covered that but that’s normally what it says there I just have my full
name and my phone number so if I did lose it someone would be able to call me
and let me know that they found it. Next page is my index I only did two pages
for my index and that actually worked out I didn’t even finish it so this is
just all of the different pages and spreads and their corresponding page
numbers the Rhodia Webnotebook doesn’t come with its own page numbers so I
actually had to number the pages myself which honestly I didn’t mind, it only takes
an extra second when you finish a spread to add a number. Next I have my future
log so this is set up in the same way essentially as my new future log which
you will have seen in my new bullet journal setup video it’s very similar
the styling is a little different but otherwise the setup is the same I really
like this set up myself so I just have all of the months and a
mini calendar and then space to write dates and events underneath so that is
there then I have some more spreads here so I have my clean home spread which was
sort of supposed to be a setup to help me get on to more of a cleaning schedule
I definitely use this for reference to remind me of things that I should be
cleaning because I’m really not a cleaner at heart I am organized but I’m
not tidy so this helped for that but I didn’t actually use this to check off
doing these things each week I kind of just would flip back
to this page from time to time to be like oh yeah I need to remember to clean
the mirrors and the windows or something. So I’m not gonna be remaking this spread I just didn’t use it that much but it
was good for me to write at all these things because it kind of reminded me of
some of the things that I don’t do too often that I probably should do more
often. This page is my need want and waiting on spread so you will have seen
I made a new version of this in my new bullet journal that’s actually a double
page spread so I have a bit more space as you can see I was getting right to
the bottom of the want list my waiting on was right to the bottom here I found
this spread really useful just to write out things that I need, that I’m still
waiting to get, things that I want to get that I’m trying to see if it’s actually
worth it and if I actually should get it and then things that I’ve ordered that
I’m waiting on having delivered so I found this a really useful spread which
is why I recreated it in my new bullet journal. Next page I have my sort of
ideal morning and bedtime routines I definitely didn’t stick to these I have
a lot of trouble with having routines in the morning and the evening especially
because up until pretty recently my schedule is very different everyday and
I’d have days where I worked until 10:00 p.m. and then the next day I’d have to
be up for work to start work at 7:30 in the morning so my schedule was all off
and messed up and recently I’ve gotten on time way more of a regular schedule
with my work schedule which is great so I’m going to start incorporating more of
a routine but I think I need to start a lot smaller I was a little bit over
ambitious with this and I just tried to start too big so I need to start small
and my current kind of mini routine that I’m trying to stick with is waking up by
8 a.m. every morning taking my temperature first thing before I get out
of bed drinking a little bit of water and doing at least 15 minutes of yoga to
start the day and that’s kind of my plan for my mini morning routine but I’m
trying to stick with and trying to keep it really short so that even on earlier
mornings I still have time to do that it only takes you know 20-25 minutes to do
all of that and then bedtime basically just washing my face and doing again 15
minutes of yoga so that’s my current very pared down routine that I’m trying
to get into and it’s going okay so far definitely not every single day but it’s
starting to become more frequent which is good and hopefully soon it will
become a full-blown every single day kind of thing so next was my daily dozen
page which is just the dozen things that you should try to include in
your diet every single day I’ve not done a great job with this my eating has not
been awesome for the past couple months especially just stress and stuff and I’m
not a very good cook so when my husband’s not around to make something I
find it very hard to make food for myself and it’s really just not a
priority if I could survive without eating I would but unfortunately I can’t
so this I haven’t stuck to very well but it’s something that I hope to
reincorporate a little bit later once I get my life together a little bit more
next page here was my date night spread which you saw I recreated in my next
bullet journal I really liked the spread I didn’t do any of these first ideas so
they are a still fair game for the coming months and years but we did a
bunch of these ideas down here and a couple of these we did more than once so
I just did a little dot under the month we did it and then crossed off the idea
next page here is my new year’s goals for the beginning of 2017 some of these
I have accomplished some of them I have not but I still have a couple months
left of 2018 to accomplish them so I’m not too worried so now we’re into the
monthly spreads if you want more detail of any of these spreads I talked pretty
thoroughly in all of my monthly plan with me videos so you can go watch those
they are all in my bullet journal playlist on my youtube channel and I
will link it in a card but if there’s one that really stands out to you you
can watch that video individually to get a little bit more insight I’m going to
try to go a little bit faster because otherwise this video will go on forever
so this is my January spread I did just a snowflake sort of theme which I really
liked it was very simple very sort of icy and seemed to fit the whole vibe
it’s my monthly spread all completed we have my habits and my mood spread as you
can see a completed mood spread this was my original setup that I did for quite a
few months this year with just tracking my moods and my sleep all through the
month in a graph and I have moved away from this now just because I found I
wasn’t really gaining any more information from it and I wanted to try
something different but I really liked this for the first probably six months
of the year and again this is how I did my habits for quite a bit of the year
I’ve now moved away from tracking this many habits just because I felt it was
too many and I wasn’t able to keep up with all of
them and you know the ones I did keep up with easily were habits I didn’t really
need to track because I was just doing them and the ones that I was trying to
implement I just had too many at once and I wasn’t able to keep on top of all
of them so I’ve moved away from this kind of layout now but you’ll see for
the first probably six seven months this is what the habits and moods looks like
every single time so next we have my weeklies this is the weekly I have used
through this entire journal it is very boring but it’s what works for me and I
love it it is the rolling weekly layout if you haven’t seen my dedicated video
on a rolling weekly I will link it in the cards for you to watch right up
there because this layout is perfect perfect thing for me and if you go watch
that video you will see exactly what I mean so that’s the first week then we
have week 2 we have week 3 and we have week 4
this page is my how to draw line art animals double spread I made a video on
this after my April plan with me where I did a line or an animal sort of theme a
lot of you asked to see more animals and so I made this spread and I actually
just flipped back from where I was in the journal for April and found a double
page spread that I had skipped over and not used and decided to use it up so
that’s why it’s earlier in the journal but these are all the animals I drew in
that and I’ll link that video if you want to watch it next is the start of
February for February I did a heritage theme so I did thistles for my Scottish
heritage and I also did roses for my English heritage and this quote says be
so full that even if they take and take and take and take you can still be
overflowing by Alison Mele it’s hopefully how you pronounce their name
and I am a month calendar here again just roses and thistles for what the
theme I’ve covered up some personal information down here again the exact
same habits and moods spreads next I have my weeklies so again I have week 1
week 2 week 3 again some personal information and week 4 as you can see a
lot of times in the last couple of weeks I won’t add any kind of extra design I
will if I have the time but honestly my week to week life is pretty
ridiculously busy so we don’t always have time to add colors and drawings and
make it pretty and this is sort of the day-to-day of my bullet journal and then
we also have week five here which was the end of February start of March here
I have my five love languages spread which I also have a video on which I
will link for you if you want to watch it I did the quiz and got my results
wrote them here Jason did the quiz and got his results and I wrote them up here
this I always meant to write in again in pen and I just haven’t gone back and
done it but I like this spread next I have my little drawing roses tutorial I
posted this on Instagram I think I made videos of it on Instagram but just how I
drew the three styles of roses that I did throughout the spread and then I had
a little master to-do list that I wrote here just because I had a bunch of to
do’s that I wanted to transfer over into March and I didn’t want to forget about
them so I wrote them there now we go into March which was a coffee theme this
was definitely my biggest plan with me in 2017 up to this point this video went
mildly viral about 70,000 views or something like that I don’t know where
it is now but that was a bit shocking to me and I was really exciting that people
were loving what I was doing especially on something like a coffee theme because
I am coffee obsessed so I was happy about that so just did my latte art
March cover page using tombow brush pens and my cult page but first coffee then I
have my monthly spread using some coffee plants here my habits and moods again
exactly the same just covered up the habits on this one next I have my
weeklies on this one I just have a couple little coffee beans which I
thought was really cute and again my next weeklies are just very
straightforward and practical minimalist useful that’s what my weeklies are for
now we’re on to April here which was my line art theme or my liner animal theme
in honor of my 5 year anniversary which was very exciting for me so this was my
April theme I have my eat sleep save animals repeat hashtag go vegan quote
page I love this quote because this is pretty much what I want my life to be
just saving animals all day every day so here is my monthly spread
very simple I really liked the way that I did the header up there and I really
like these fish sharks whatever they are that I drew on there again I have my
habits and moves just again covered up personal information we have our
weeklies here so we got week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 and we’re on to May so May
was a Star Wars theme this one didn’t do as well as I hoped it would but I guess
not everyone is quite as nerdy as I am so that’s okay I’ll deal with it I
probably will do more nerdy spreads and themes in the future and I’ll just deal
with the fact that not everyone is as into sci-fi
as I am it’s okay so this is my Star Wars theme for May since May is Star
Wars month and has Star Wars day in the months may the force be with you of
course for my cover page then that’s no moon it’s a space station here I have my
monthly I went with yellow and tried to do the font from the title card of the
movie I have my habits and moods again and my week leaves of course I had to
make a point of may the fourth be with you and Revenge of the fifth because
there’s no way I couldn’t then we move on to week two we have week three week
four I actually think this is so funny I’m gonna go back again because look at
how my weeks super well done you know my first week is always really nice because
I do it in my plan with me video so I have set aside time for it my second
week I still have those titles those headers I really went all out I just did
not the yellow the next time I only do the one header but not the other header
ahem week four just my normal handwriting that’s it I also didn’t
really use this weekly that much so maybe that’s why I didn’t put the effort
into it because I clearly had a busy week and didn’t really use one bullet
journal that much then I have a blank spread here I must have just skipped a
page by accident then I have myself Care spread page I made a video on this which
I will link for you in the description box if you want to watch it just some
things to do as self-care a mood tracker and a gratitude log and I
have this I don’t need rescuing artwork at the bottom with Princess Leia
with galaxy hair then we’re on to June which was a cotton theme and the quote
page there’s beauty in simplicity my monthly and my habits and moods I didn’t
complete this at the end of the month and you can see my habits aren’t super
filled in I don’t really remember what happened at the end of June but I must
have gotten pretty busy now at my weeklies so we have week 1 instead of
week 2 here I have another spread so I put in a work tasks spread because I got
promoted and had a bunch of tasks I had to keep track of so this is my initial
work tasks spread it’s basically just a to-do list with space to write the
completion date you’ll see later I made a new spread for tracking work projects
once I completed this one and then I have this page that I made a vote as if
your future depends on it because it does this I wrote before the Ontario
provincial election which happened in June and it didn’t go my way
unfortunately not enough people went out to vote so this is a reminder to all of
you voting is important please please vote please next page is week 2 then we
have week 3 and week 4 and we’re on to July which was a watercolour moon theme
this was my first time ever using watercolors and I had a lot of fun with
it for all of the watercolor moons I did them on watercolor paper and then ripped
them out and glued them into my journal because I didn’t think the Rodya Webb
notebook paper would be able to hold up to the amount of watercolor I wanted to
use so that was my cover page there with a mini calendar which I don’t do very
often but decided to add to this page then I have my quote page which is the
simple and classic love you to the moon and back then I have my monthly spread
and my habits and moods we have week 1 next is a packing list because I was
going to the cottage with my husband and my family so I have my packing list here
and then I did a little cute collect moments not
sort of art quote page on the other side and this moon I actually made Tom bow
brush pens I have a video on how I made this moon with my brush pens and I have
a video on how to do a watercolour moon specifically again everything will be
linked in the description box and all of these videos can be found in my bullet
journal playlist next I skipped a page here for whatever reason sometimes that
happens unintentionally then we have week two here we have week three week
four which it looks like I wrote week five and then try to fix it and also I
apparently started on Thursday so I don’t know what happened with this week
it was a mess all around clearly then we have August which to date is my most
viewed plan with me video it’s nuts we have surpassed a hundred thousand views
which honestly flabbergast me how does that happen I don’t know this was my
Instagram followers control my bullet journal idea month thing and you folks
decided you wanted to see a fairy light theme so that’s what this was I’m
definitely going to do an Instagram followers control my bullet journal
video again in the future but I do think it would help a lot if I
had more followers to be honest not because I just want more followers
honestly at the moment I have just over 5,000 followers and when I post
something to my stories I usually get a couple responses right away but it
usually takes a good 24 hours for the majority of my followers to actually see
my stories and respond and if I’m setting up a bullet journal I kind of
want a good response pretty immediately so that I can get the response and then
do it in my journal ask another question get a response do it in my journal and
that’s what a lot of people who make these videos do they have such a big
following that they can get a couple hundred or even a couple thousand
responses within the first 10 minutes and that makes everything a lot quicker
that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t actually ask you that many questions for
this just because I knew I would have to wait at least a couple hours each time
before I really got any good feedback and that was not going to be doable for
me to be able to actually make this video and get it out to you since I also
have other jobs and I can’t just sit around all day waiting for you to
respond so as much as I had a lot of fun doing this I really love how it turned
out and I think a lot of you were happy with it
I’m gonna be waiting until I have a few more followers to do this again maybe
I’ll do it as a 10k follower thing as a celebration of hitting 10,000 on
Instagram I’ll probably do another one of these so let me know in the comments
below if you want me to do another one and if setting 10k as the goal time to
do that works for you so this is my August cover page then we have the quote
page which is a Dumbledore quote happiness can be found even in the
darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light
this quote inspired an entire video about positivity culture which you can
watch if you’re interested then we have the habits and moods this one is a
little different actually added a third graph which kind of makes it a little
harder to see but I did not only sleep hours and my moods but I also added in
sleep quality so that’s why there are three graphs this time then we have week
one here we have a little interruption for hey thank you spread for 5,000
followers on Instagram and 13,000 subscribers on YouTube which I hit in
August then we have week two we have my new work spread so as I was showing you
my old work spread was literally just a to-do list which I’ll try to find to
compare for you here so my old work spread and this is my new work spread
this is the brain dump and the Kanban board I made an entire video on this of
course so I’ll link that for you in the description box if you’re interested in
how this works next I have week 4 and week 5 then we
get into a to-do list I just did another master to-do list of things I wanted to
keep track of just like I did however many months ago then we go to September
which is the final month in this journal I did sort of a wildflower foraging sort
of theme I painted these mushrooms with watercolors and it says autumn killed
the summer with the softest kiss then we have my monthly spread here we have my
new health tracker which I obviously changed up quite a bit if
you’re interested in why I changed it and what this is all about I would go
check out the September plan with me video where I go into detail then we
have week 1 we have week 2 week 3 and week 4 which I am currently in so this
one isn’t completed yet and after this week I just have some blank pages so I
still had a couple pages left before I hit the end of the notebook but I pretty
well filled it right up and I’m probably going to use these pages to do a couple
pen test pages for my Rodya Webb notebook review if you want to see that
and or for a big journal comparison video that I kind of want to do so I’m
glad I have a couple pages left so that I can do some pen test pages to show all
of you how this paper holds up and at the back of course I have some ink I
have a pocket full of random pieces of paper and I have this little pen loop
that I stuck into my journal because the web notebook doesn’t come with the pen
loop and that’s it that is my whole journal full write-up I really really
enjoyed using this row to get web notebook again the color really grew on
me I’m so happy with how this turned out I love every single spread that I did I
don’t know which one I would say my favorite is though hmm I kind of want to
pick a favorite let’s see my favorite spread probably would have to be you
know I think I have to say my favorite spread was my moon spread I just had so
much fun learning to watercolor and I love how the moon’s turned out
especially this moon phases section that I did here for the monthly honestly I
just really really loved doing this one so probably probably the watercolor moon
July is my favorite month I’d love to know what your favorite spread was I’m
really curious to see if it’s the same as mine or if there was a different one
that you loved the most and of course if you have any requests for videos you
want to see leave them in the comments as well because I would love to make
more videos that you want see and the last little thing before I
go I mentioned this in my new boo Joe setup video I asked if any of you would
be interested in seeing flip through of my old bullet journals because I have
actually been bullet journaling for about four years and I have a lot of old
notebooks and a lot of you seemed interested so if you liked this video
and you want to see those make sure to give this video a like so I know I
should prioritize dragging out some of those old notebooks and giving you some
fun peeks into how I stipple it Journal years ago so that’s it for this video I
hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you very soon in my next one bye friends

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