2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through

2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through

100 thoughts on “2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through

  1. I was trying to bullet journal since june and even though I was still being a mess I was very happy with the progress BUT MY DOGS FOUND MY BAG THEY BROUGHT IT TO THE FLOOR AND DESTROYED HALF MY NOTEBOOK, I mean, it's still useful but it's disappointing to see how ugly they left it and I don't know how to fix it 🙁

  2. I probably have tons of journals at home that I don't use for journaling. Lol. I use them to make sketches or just doodle. Really wanna write though, but I give up a minute I write something.

  3. Is it "high light" the same as bucket lists? I get a little confused by this titles once I'm not a native speaker and I didn't find anywhere I could have an explanation of what to put it on them. I assume they both are things you would like to do throughout a period of time because the content I see on these types of spreads.

  4. this looks amazing 😱 i can’t wait to start one of my own. btw what’s the best bullet journal for a minimalist theme

  5. I love it! I've just found your channel because someone had suggested it under a video and I don't regret it at all! You're so inspiring and you're almost my age 🙂

  6. every time I try to use a bullet journal it always last for only a week or two, I can't get myself to be organised and to write every single plans and activity

  7. im loving your year in pixels and your may title page is gorgeous!
    i've just posted my bullet journal flip through and i would love for you to check it out 🙂

  8. Wow I just finished watching a ballet video of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy then I came here and there it is again (Mrs L)!

  9. Do you reccomend using an index in my bullet journal? I’m debating whether or not to use one in 2019 because I’m not sure if I’ll need it… help??

  10. Je voudrais juste te dire que dans le mois de février sur la page "mots du jour" il y a un mot "palpitant"=exciting .Je voudrais juste te dire que en France on ne dit pas vraiment ce mot on dit plutôt "excité" ou "excitant" que "palpitant" c'est un mot pas très commun de nos jours.
    I'm French this is why I told you that!

  11. i am starting a bullet journal in 2019, because i gave up in 2018. I tried to do a really nice one like some people do, and it was just too hard for me so i quit. I really like your more minimalistic bujo and I'm going to be trying something like that.

  12. Lol, i thought I was going crazy because I heard the ringtone of my phone but nobody was calling me. Then I realised that the background music of this video is the nutcracker theme, which is my ringtone 😂

  13. I have a question for you! Do people ever ask to look through your bullet journal and if yes do you let people look freely through your stuff or do you prefer to keep it private? People at school always ask if they can look at my notes or bullet journal but I always feel insecure knowing that I put personal things in my bullet journal and I wonder if you feel the same with the things you prefer to blur out in the video!?

  14. being a junior sucks and i only had one ap class this semester… next semester i have 2 ap classes and a pap class im literally gonna die i hope my bujo helps me bc im starting that for 2019

  15. Your October and December spreads are absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to be taking some inspo from your bujo hehe

  16. If you go to NY go to the city and Times Square and tell me when what part and yeah so I can meet u cuz I live in nyc (I might seem creepy but I’m just desperate)

  17. hi sorry i have a question, in your goals you wrote “type up old journals”, what do you mean by that? Is that a way you store old journals?

  18. can someone please notice me and educate me on how do "one sentence a day" works, bc i really wanna try it on my own journal

  19. Hi, in the page of June 22-24 which type of pen did you used to make the black boxes? I want a black boxes to write white lettering on the top of them but they have ghosting or bleeding, any suggestions? ❤

  20. i could never keep bullet journals for that long because i get intrusive thoughts that make me think things like "this person would think you're idiotic for having a bullet journal" or "did you realize you could insert something horrible and mutilating to yourself with this book??" like just stuff that completely unmotivates me and makes me not wanna journal anymore so like that's pretty lit i'll try again in april

  21. i know this is a weird compliment but you are really good at blurry out the finnace and haveing it go away perfect timing when you turn the page

  22. Actually about 50% is roughly what you should aim for in meeting your goals. If you’re meeting 100% of your goals, you’re probably not reaching far enough.

  23. When did you start doing this kind of stuff? I’m becoming sophomore this year and I feel like it’s too late for me… 🙄 duuh…

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