2018 bullet journal set up

2018 bullet journal set up

hello everyone I’m back today with my
2018 bullet journal setup video I’m so sorry this video is late but I do hope
you guys enjoy it. so right here I’ll be showing you all the materials I’ll be using in this video. everything will be linked down below as
usual my journal this year is a navy blue color I’m gonna be using some
stickers from red bubble to decorate it I decided to use this one that says
adventure is calling and I must go. I really like these stickers because
they are removable so I can change them whenever I want. so on the inside cover I’m just making a
little key it’s really simple nothing special. I sometimes also forget to refer
back to my key so I’m gonna try to stick with it this year. on the very first page I’m including a little quote that says “be fearless in the pursuit of what
sets you on fire.” I just thought it’d be nice to start off with all inspiration the second page is a year in pixels of
spread. this was pretty popular this year because I’ve seen a lot around YouTube and Instagram however it was pretty tedious to draw because there were so many lines and numbers but I definitely am happy with how it came out. On a side note have you guys noticed any differences? I finally invested in a mic so I hope you guys noticed the sound difference in quality. I was using my
earbuds before and the quality wasn’t that great and a lot of you guys
couldn’t hear me well so I hope you guys like this. the next page is my 2018 calendar spread I start to make a few minor mistakes in this page and then some major ones later
so I hope you guys understand I definitely recommend that you go in with
a pencil beforehand if you have time and don’t make silly mistakes like I did. the stickers I’m using in the spread are from my shop paperkumaco if you are
interested I do have a small coupon code in the description box below if you want to check it out the next spread that I’m working on is a vertical columns future log. as you can tell I’m trying to keep it really simple for this bullet journal I do love decorating with washi and photos and stickers but sometimes I do
feel like I go a little bit overboard it does make it very personal but it does
also take up a lot of time my main problem with the bullet journal system is that it takes so much time to commit to it however I do like being able to
personalize different things and I feel like it’s useful for many different
reasons however this will be a very busy year for me and so I don’t know if I can
commit to sitting there and taking hours every week just to decorate my journal therefore I’m trying to stick with something very simple this year and see
how that works for me I’ll definitely update you guys at the
end of the month to see how the first month went for me so right here you’ll notice two black columns so what I did was I went in and
for some reason when I flipped the page I started filling in the numbers
entirely wrong so I tried to black out the columns and right over with a white
pen but my white pen wasn’t showing up so I just decided that I’m just gonna go
with the black column I just felt like having it look uniform was better off
than just having two solo black columns anyways that’s it for my silly
mistakes and we’re moving on to the next spread which is going to be my 2018
goals I don’t show you guys what I write down for my goals because a few of them
are a bit personal but one of my goals is to definitely upload more content to my
YouTube channel as well as improving the quality of my content for example with
this mic and then also with my video quality itself I’m also filming at a
different location you guys can’t really tell from this
video but I did get a new desk so I’m working on decorating my workspace and
I’ll have a tour of that maybe next month or so and this is my last spread which is my
dramas watchlist tracker I do watch a lot of Korean dramas so I wanted to note
down which ones I’m going to watch in 2018 the very last step is just to go
back in with some stickers I wanted to keep it simple but I didn’t want it to
be too plain so I decided to add in some stickers at the very end and that is it
for my 2018 bullet journal setup video I hope you guys enjoyed it as usual if you
have any video requests comments question concerns leave them down in the
comments below if you want to check out my latest video
the link is right here it’s a haul from the Kakao store if not I’ll be back
with another video next week bye

65 thoughts on “2018 bullet journal set up

  1. simple 2018 bujo setups ftw! i totally feel you on that, simple bullet journals are a lot easier to keep up with. and the new mic sounds amazing btw 🙂

  2. Very clean and simple, I liked it 🙂 tho I do miss your pages with pictures and stickers. I do also think bullet journaling takes a lot of time. But great job! It looked very pretty.

  3. Yaaayyy been waiting for this vid. I like how simplistic your set up is. I like the Kdrama tracker idea. Might have to incorporate that for myself ❤️

  4. You should watch Just Between Lovers! It's definitely filled with lots of feelings, but nonetheless, a solid cast and production 🙂

  5. I really love your videos and I hope you stay back! Your videos are so well made and are also very fun and motivational! ♥︎

  6. I love your video and the style in which you set up your bullet journal. Also, the sound quality of your video is great! What mic did you go with?

  7. so somehow i didn’t know that your youtube channel was the person behind my favorite sticker shop despite following your instagram account and being subscribed for like six months 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Pls give a deep planning about the kdrama spread! I watch them too and I have no idea how to make a spread for it…….. Pls make it next time pls

  9. Luv the fact that you have a Kdramas to watch page…Have you seen Lee Seungi's newest one? Love the simplicity of your bullet journal. Will check out the rest. Can't wait to see more.

  10. I like how you did it, nice video and also I'm a big fan of kdramas, what movies did you enjoy the most? I wanna watch them lol

  11. Excellent quality video of a minimalist bullet journal, simple and clean design. You are well spoken and narration was perfect. Well done and informative!!

  12. I am usually a very busy person because I go to a school which makes academics is a BIG part of my life. However I am also an artist and athlete so i thought it would be very difficult to keep up with a bullet journal. HOWEVER with a bullet journal i am also able to stay organized and put in art I include on my pages which makes me really happy. I think thats why, although it takes up a shi ton of time, I keep up with a bullet journal cause it makes me happy. So for all of ya'll being too afraid to start one dont worry. ITS YOUR JOURNAL 😂 anyway idk why I even posted this i should be asleep

  13. Just starting out so do you put the calendars in for the WHOLE YEAR at one time or month (or two) at a time? I sort of lean towards doing the whole year so I know how room I have left for the other items.

  14. Sooo… which K-dramas have you watched so far this year? 😁
    …. I'm new to journally and I'm definitely adding that page to mine.

  15. Would you mind indicating what instrumental you chose for your video? I tried using Shazam for it, it's really nice. Thanks!

  16. Read the actual Bujo book by Ryder Carroll; you'll learn that bullet journalling is not a time consuming commitment at all, rather a quick and dirty way to unload all thoughts from an ADD brain. 🙂

  17. So I pay $25 for a notebook and I still have to make it myself?? You gave me inspiration. I am going to create my own business and sell to Americans. They pay for anything anyway.

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