2019 Bullet Journal Set Up | PLAN WITH ME

2019 Bullet Journal Set Up | PLAN WITH ME

Hi I’m Vanessa Rachaels and welcome to
my channel. Thanks for joining me for my 2019 bullet journal setup. I hope you
enjoy and we’re just gonna jump right into it so my first spread as you can
see is going to be my key. I use squares for my tasks circle for events
and just a line for notes. And then you’ll see that I don’t do an index
page. I’ve just had them in the past and I’ve never used them so I just decided
to leave it out this year. So, here I just went in and I added some drop shadow to
my lettering and then I put everything in like a little post-it note just to
make it look cute and stationery like. My next page is just a quote page, just kind
of to set the mood for the whole entire year. Something I can look back on and
just to keep me motivated and going in reaching my goals for the year and so
the quote reads 365 new days 365 new chances cuz every day is pretty much a new
chance to reach your goals. If you can see I did add in some pencil marking
just to kind of have everything centered and not all wonky and then I just added
some stars in just to kind of make it look nice and cute because I thought it
looked a little plain with just the writing. Following my quote page I’m
doing another key spread, this one’s for my calendar. So this might be different
than most people’s 2019 bullet journal setups as I don’t do a year at a glance
I draw the full calendars as you’ll see on the following pages and then I like to have a key where I can track certain habits like my workouts
and then it’s just easy to refer back to and just look at the colors
I also have my payday and cutoff day just so I keep track of that to make
sure I have enough shifts for the next payday
and the reason I do these large calendars instead of a year at a glance
is because this is just a lot more functional for me I didn’t like the
aspect of having to go back and forth and copy dates into my Monthly’s so I
always just leave one of those bookmarks in the month that I’m in and I just
always refer back to that and I have all my dates in here and that way I don’t
have to copy things and just in my monthly spreads I’ll just have one of
those mini calendars just so I can glance at that. So leave me a comment
down below letting me know what you think about this type of spread if you
prefer the year at a glance or if you kind of like this idea of setting up
your full monthly calendars ahead of time and then just referring back to
them and then if you give this a try also let me know how that’s working out
for you. I’m curious if this is just something that I’m into and really enjoy
or if other people also would like doing this or do like doing this maybe you already do
this. So, yeah let me know down below and then I don’t know if anybody noticed but
in my April month calendar I messed up the days of the week so easy fix for
that was just to go over top of it with a black crayola marker and then just to
write over top of that with a white gel pen instead and then I also did mess up
the days of the week here on one of the months and easy fix for that was I just
used some whiteout whiteout the days that I messed up and
just rewrote the numbers in the right order overtop of the whiteout and you
could barely even notice there was a mess-up and if anybody is curious I’m gonna
leave all the products and everything I used in this video in the description
down below so you can refer to that and if anybody happens to recreate any of my
bullet journal spreads I’d love for you to tag me on instagram @VanessaRachaes. I’d love to just see your recreations. And then on my next video
when I set up my January bullet journal spread I will show cast some of your
recreations. And if you just haven’t had enough of me go ahead and follow me on
Instagram I’m gonna be posting lots of great content on there too. My next
spread is a Future 2020 dates for those appointments and obligations that
you make that won’t be in 2019. I was definitely missing this from my last
bullet journal and then I found myself just like scribbling dates that were
gonna be in the next year just somewhere in my bullet journal. This way I now have
somewhere to put them and I’m not gonna lose them or forget about them and then
when I set up my 2020 bullet journal I’ll just be able to easily refer back
to this page and jot them all down and this page will just be great for
especially like dentist appointments or doctor appointments where the
appointments are so far apart that sometimes your next appointment is in
six months or a year so that will definitely not be on your current bullet
journal calendar. So, I just think it’s very useful and great page. Following
that page we’re just doing a money tracker where I can just have like a
quick overview of how much I’ve made and how much I’ve spent and how much is
going into my savings. And then here you can see I messed up the months so I’m
just coloring it in black and I’m just gonna go over top of it with the gel pen
a white one and it’s just an easy fix. It looks like I meant to color it in black.
Nobody would know the difference anyways. This is something I was also missing
from my previous spread and I think this will be nice to have it
all on one page just so I can track all of that quickly. Nothing too complicated
just nice and easy. I decided to do a social-media tracker here next and I
kind of followed the same idea I did for the previous two spreads where I did
boxes for each day of the month and I switched it up this time. This time I
hand wrote the day of the month in the box and I thought it looked really cute
and nice and in the boxes I decided to do a visual representation of YouTube
and Instagram so I just drew in the logos and I thought that was just really
nice and pleasing on the eyes and so every month at the beginning of the month
I’ll just write down where I’m at and it’s just a nice easy place where I
can just refer back to my social media growth. And then at this point I realized
that I forgot to put drop shadows on the boxes on the previous two spreads so I
went back and I put those in because they just make a world of a difference.
They make your page look so much nicer. Now it’s not a new bullet journal set up
without a goals page of course. So, I kept my goals page really simple. If you like you
can definitely categorize your goals into like personal, health, fitness. I
personally don’t because I feel like it puts too much pressure on me to then have
goals that are just in specific categories instead of just goals about
things I want to have goals about so that’s why I just leave my spread super
simple and then I’ll just go back and just jot down my goals in any which way
order I feel and my last and final spread for my 2019 bullet journal is a
‘things to watch’ page where I can just kind of keep track of TV shows and
movies that I want to watch in the future. Maybe I just don’t have time to
watch it right there and then so this way I just don’t forget about anything
that I want to watch and this will be super helpful for me because I’m
notorious for wanting to watch something and then completely forgetting
about it. So now I have no excuses. And at this point I kind of thought some of my
pages were looking kind of bland and boring. Just too black and white. So, I just
wanted to add some color to them so I decided to continue the theme for my
quote page and draw those stars that I had on my quote page onto all of my
following spread pages that I had created. And you can see for each of the
calendar spreads that I put the stars in different locations just to kind of keep
it different and interesting. And you can see that I come in with my heat tool
every here and there just to kind of speed up the drying of the gel pens. Anyways I’m really happy that I decided
to add all these stars and continue the theme from my quote page throughout my
bullet journal setup. I really like the end result and how it looks. And I really
do think it makes the pages feel more complete. And something I’m going to try
this year is to leave a couple extra blank pages between my bullet journal
setup and my monthly spreads just to leave room to develop more bullet
journal spreads if needed throughout the year or if I forgot to make a bullet
journal spread at the beginning of the year when I set it up that I always have
the wiggle room to add it in at a later time. And I actually think this is going
to be really nice and helpful to have and I do wish that I had done that for
my previous bullet journal because I had all these dates for 2019 that I didn’t
have anywhere to put and I didn’t have extra room in my setup to make a
2019 future dates page and so I kind of wrote them in somewhere and it just
would have been nice to have had that extra room in my set up just to add that in. Anyways that concludes my 2019 bullet
journal setup. We’re just going to do a quick flip through of all the pages of
my spread that were created just to get a quick last visual of all my spread
pages. I hope you liked the video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please leave
it a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to click that
notification bell so you never miss a creation with rache. And rache is me, I’m
Vanessa Rachaels if you were confused [awkward laugh] Anyways bye bye for now and I hope you
come and join me for my next video!

40 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal Set Up | PLAN WITH ME

  1. Honestly.. this makes me very excited😁 i think this is the first channel with which ill be sticking to from the literal beginning.
    Even tho its so colourful its somehow so calming. Love it!

  2. i keep it real for myself. I will not be making a future log and I don't do weeklys. Unfortunately I am an unemployed illustrator and graphic designer so i dont have a lot to do daily. Ill be only puting 6 yearly goals for myself because i think this is what i'll be able to acoomplish. 🙁

  3. Last year I did the same thing with putting all of my months at the beginning of my bullet journal. Just like you described I stuck one of the ribbons there. And then my bullet journal primarily is weeklies because I rarely need a daily. However on occasion I will have a daily here and there when needed. I don't repeat the monthly I just every week I go back to the monthly and find out what's there and put it in. I find it's really convenient because often I'm scheduling things in two months at a time and this month and next month or perhaps I have something that I'm scheduling from this month through 3 months and I can just put them in at the beginning of my journal I only have to turn a page to get to the next month it's all right there I don't have to have a future log did I need to make sure that I remember to look at it's always consistently there in the beginning of my journal month to month. Because I only do weeklies last year I actually wrote out two years worth of monthlies. And sure enough both 2018 and 2019 are going to fit in the same journal even with collections amd the occasional dailies or braindumps. I have never seen a YouTuber using this technique and honestly it saves a lot of time and stress I think it's the way to go.

  4. I set mine up without a year at a glance as well. I'm not doing monthly spreads or anything fancy and don't like transferring dates over so I just did the years full calendar in the beginning as well. Works much better for me that way 🙂

  5. I wish I had stumbled upon this video sooner :O it's amazing the way you set up the year, so functional and cohesive, I love it.

    Also yes for you writing down The Haunting of Hill House <3

  6. I only started bullet journaling a few months ago and I like the idea of the future log, but I really like your monthly idea too. Mu journal is A5 and probably wont last a year but when I get a bigger journal the monthlies will work great

  7. I like your monthly spread, I am just starting out and wasn’t really in to the yearly looks. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I have never done a future log. Like you I did all the months up front but found I did not like them separate from my monthly. I also need a 2020 monthly calendar, so now I carry a purse size 2 year calendar too. I have a child with 16 medical specialist who are 9 hours away, so I really need 2 years at all time. But Bullet journaling is the best planning I have found for me.

  9. I’m setting up my planner this weekend and love your idea of not doing a year at a glance. I think I’m going to try making the full months as well. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The way you do your calendars at the beginning is really clever and interesting! I definitely want to keep that in mind as an option I could try

  11. Do you plan on a regular planner? I bought a Recollections Goal Planner and would like inspiration for horizontal weekly layouts and also the weird circle tracker at the beginning.

  12. I like the big month calendars too, but I need a full year calendar on my first pages for quick reference. But I usually print a tiny one (1/4 of the page maximum) and stick it on the "cover page", together with my "year quote"

  13. This is what I do. As a student, it helps me to stay organized whereas with a year at a glance there is less room to plan and log when due dates are

  14. Hey! Just a question, do you like the look of straight lines or natural drawing lines? I like the look of straight lines but i also dont have the willpower to always pull out a ruler, what do you think?

  15. I love that you start the week on Sunday! Everyone seems to do a Monday start but, to me, the week starts on Sunday. That way I start AND end the week with a day off 😁

  16. Hello! This is the first video I’ve ever watched from you… ur work looks amazing but I think that you should try to emphasize ur voice a little because ur voice is a little monotone and it makes the video boring to watch…

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