2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Minimal & Simple

2019 Bullet Journal Setup |  Minimal & Simple

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time welcoming
2019. It is a blank slate for all of our dreams
and my goal is to create a bullet journal setup that will help me and hopefully you
conquer this year! First off I want to say thank you for being
so understanding about the timing of my videos! I know that I’m not the only one who is
overwhelmed with obligations and the surprises of life. It really touches my heart when I get messages
of love and encouragement from you, I am so lucky! This year, I have decided to switch over from
a traveler’s setup to one journal. I looked everywhere for the perfect one and
I still haven’t found one that hits all my criteria, but I did find this one called Minimalism
Art. I was determined to get a white cover journal
and surprisingly there are not too many out there with off-white pages because bright white pages hurts my eyes, does that happen to you? I also wanted thick 120 gsm paper, really
light dots and good overall construction, and even though the dots here are a little
darker than I would like, it’s not too bad. The paper is thick, but still kinda see through,
Which I am not happy about and one thing to note is that the dots do not line up from
page to page but they vary so slightly that its okay. I am learning to live these two dislikes because
I already spent the money and started the year in this journal, but I don’t recommend
it if you’re really picky about ghosting. Other than that, it has two ribbons, a back
pocket, numbered pages, lays flat, and has a dedicated table of contents. It is definitely a beautiful journal and I
love how it looks and feels which was very important for me. And I found it just so perfect that the brand
is called minimalism art, because this is the year that I want to focus on simplicity. When I started journaling, I was convinced
that a bullet journal without trackers was not a bullet journal. But after reading the book by the creator
of the method himself, I realized that the system was created from bulleted list and
it organically grew into what we see today. And just knowing that and also listening more
to my needs, I started to simplify my setups and customize it for my goals. Something I highly encourage you all to do. Don’t think that you need trackers, monthly
calendars, movie lists, or anything else you know you won’t use. And maybe all you really need is more time. So take a moment to figure out your want,
and what you want your bullet journal to do for you, instead of what you need to do to
for it, and then go from there. I want my journal to be my sidekick, as I
conquer my biggest fears and accomplish goals that I could only imagine. And in order to do that, it needs to be simple
and very easy to setup and use. So for the cover page I kept it really clean
with a vertical layout and two delicate florals accents to balance out the page. And then I’m going back in with my gold
jelly roll to add in a metallic touch, of course. This is very different than what I normally
do with my illustrations, but I love it so much! For my weekly list, I started using a similar
system to the original by Ryder Caroll, using keys to determine the progress and importance
of a task, versus a basic checkbox. If I need to indicate that a task needs to
be moved than I’ll use this arrow icon or if its cancelled then I’ll use this x icon. You can use these or make up ones that work
better for you! And then on the next page, flowing right into
it, is my focus for the year. In addition to simplifying my life and my
decisions Twenty-nineteen will be a year focused on
failing successfully and on living with intention. Fail on purpose and with the intention to
learn. And choose failures that will allow you to
grow. Live intentionally versus by reaction. Be purposeful in your actions and be honest
with yourself and others about what those intentions may be. You are in control of your future and you
can make your dreams a reality. One of the tricks I’ll be using to make
my planning easier, is printing out more stickers on clear matte label paper. I’ve been doing this for
my text last year and I thought it would be perfect for other things because it blends
right into the paper and doesn’t stick out like a sticker at all. I have all of my supplies listed below, so
definitely check that out if you want to do the same thing! On the next page, I have a mini illustration
of the Bunny and bear exchanging flowers to each other, cheerful and without a worry in
the world. Reminding me that life is as complicated and
as simple as we choose to make it I normally draw so much bigger than this,
but this is so refreshing and the balance between the positive and negative space helps
me to feel calm. Exactly what I need right now, since my studio
is a bit of mess, as you’ll see in a studio vlog coming soon! I’m so very nervous about those, but I think
it’ll be good thing! Next to the mini illustration is my full 2019
calendar. And in order to make this so much easier,
I drew it on my ipad pro, fixed it up in Illustrator and printed it out onto the semi-clear matte
sticker paper! It might sound like more work, but I can use
this same calendar for all of the months this year just by resizing it based on where I
want it. So in end, it is a time saver. I then resized it a little bit and am using
it for my future log so this saves me even more time. If you want do this too, you can download
my calendar for free at the link below for one week only, and if you missed that then
you get it at the shop link below for not too much. I won’t be selling this setup since everything
is customized to my needs, but the january setup will be available next week as a blank
so you can use it for any month even though it will be almost mid January! For the future logs, I broke it down into
4 quarters. This is how I am going to work on my goals
which makes it a bit easier to plan out. Each quarter encompasses 3 months and then
on the left of the spread will be a section for all of the purposeful fails I’ll be
attempting for the quarter to reach my goal. You can use it to set your goals instead and
then use the space underneath the months to list your important dates for the specific
month. This way you can flip back to these pages
even in July and have all of your dates and quarterly goals within a few pages. And then i’ll just repeat this 3 more times
for the next 3 quarters. The biggest pro of splitting up the year like
this is the automatic motivation we get when we know something is beginning. So if you didn’t reach your goal in the
first quarter try something different in the second quarter and so on. Instead of having one year to figure it all
out, you have 4 chances to plan new plans! As another year comes to an end, The bunny
and the bear are so excited that they can’t help but celebrate in dance. It is a moment meant for celebration no matter
if the goals were reached, because the effort alone deserves recognition. Planning way ahead I wanted to flip to this
page as 2019 comes to an end and have it be a reminder to celebrate no matter what. It is also the place where I want to imagine
my future self and manifest those qualities that I desire, now. When we believe that we can’t, we stop ourselves
from believing that we can and then we don’t try fully or freely. This is something I want to change. I want to imagine myself at the end of the
year, having learned all that I wanted to learn and having accomplished the goals I’ve
set, so that I can visualize it and become that much closer to believing in it and believing
in myself. By the end of 2019, how do you imagine yourself. Has your diet changed, can you lift more weights,
have you reached your goals. Are you more patient with yourself and others,
more compassionate,or more calm? Do you love your body and embrace differences
in others versus judging them? This is the place where we’ll visualize
the person we want to be by the end of this year. Socrates once said, to be as you wish to seem. And this is my favorite quote to keep in mind
for 2019 Overall, this setup is exactly what I needed
to start off this year. It is clean and there is a balance and harmony
of space, something that I am not getting from my physical space around me. So opening this journal becomes a little escape
until I can manifest the feeling into my studio. Thank you so much to everyone who signed up
to be a part of the Blush Community, If you want to be a part of the conversation with
me, get behind the scene glimpses, get answers to your questions, and brand new monthly inspirational
goodie bags sent to you, you have to check out the Blush Community page over at Patreon. I just finished redesigning it and I am so
excited to connect with you there! If you want to stop by and see it, that’s
fine too, you can find all of the links you need down in the description! I hope this video inspires you to be true
to yourself and your needs. To think more about you and less about what
others may think or what things should be. And to be a reminder, that you have the power
to change your life and be the person you wish to be this year. I’m wishing you all a happy new year and
I can’t wait to look back, this time next year, to see how far we’ve all come. Sending you my love and I’ll see you next
time, bye!

100 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Minimal & Simple

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  3. So many wonderful comments, thank you! Some of you asked about the music and it is now in the description! And the book I mentioned is called The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, it is definitely a good read for the new year! 💕

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    I have a very Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup.
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