2019 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Review Is it worth it?

Hey there! Can we talk about the Genius
Blogger’s Toolkit? What is it? Is it a scam? Is it legit? Like, how can there be
93 blogging resources at 97% off? The people over at Ultimate Bundles have
put together this mega bundle of over $7,000 worth of blogging products.
Should you get it? Is it worth your time? Let’s discuss. So, full disclosure: I first heard
about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit back in 2017, when I was a newbie blogger. I had
no idea what I was doing, and I’ll be honest: this Bundle changed everything
for me. So you might be wondering: is it worth it for you? I would say you
should get this Bundle, if there’s at least – if you’re looking at the full list of
products, a couple of courses that you would have purchased otherwise, courses
and topics that you need right now. Don’t be one of those people who buy stuff
and never uses it. You’re definitely going to want to get this Bundle if there’s
something you can immediately implement, right now. That’s my
number 1 tip: that’s how you make sure it’s
actually worth it for you. So, back in 2017, when I bought my first
Bundle, there were a few products in there that changed everything for me. I
was new to SEO, I wanted to learn exactly how to get my blog posts to show up in
Google search results. Fast-forward two years, and between 2018 and 2019, my blog
traffic has grown by 1000%. So did that tip in those few, you know, SEO books
help me? Yeah, they really did. So, if you’re a new blogger, intermediate, or
even advanced, there are courses in here on just about everything. And not just
that, the people who have created the products in this Bundle are pro bloggers,
they know what they’re doing. I just happen to be one of those bloggers. So,
yes, my course ‘Next Level Pin Designs’ is part of the 2019 Genius
Blogger’s Toolkit. OK, I’m gonna take you on a tour. I want to give you an
inside look, plus tell you my top picks for a beginner, intermediate, and
advanced blogger. So, you can decide: is this Bundle right for you? Let’s take a
look. We’ll start with the purchase page, and I’ll take you on that tour behind the scenes. Shh,
don’t tell anyone! So, here is the sales page for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. If you click
my link, you’ll see that I’ve got a nice little message for you here. So, let’s
take a look. To get your copy, it shows you everything that’s inside. There are
some testimonials. A lot of the creators in this Bundle are pro bloggers.
The total value is $7,395, it’s insane, it’s their
biggest Bundle yet. So, if you’ve never heard of Ultimate
Bundles: what they do is they spend months reaching out to top content
creators, asking them to contribute their courses. So, these are, for many,
premium courses. Some of these courses are valued at close to $500,
it’s crazy. So, I know their vetting process, I’ve gone through it
twice. This is the second Bundle I’ve been featured in. So, trust me, when I tell
you, they take time and care to pick all the best products, so that you are
getting the best possible value. Here’s my products. Alright, so, if you’re ready
to get your copy of this Bundle, you would just click this: ‘Get My Copy Now!’,
and you’ve got two options. There’s the Toolkit plus the Cheat Sheets, or just
the Toolkit. So you might be wondering: what are the Cheat Sheets? Basically, the
Ultimate Bundles team went through the entire Bundle. Yeah, they reviewed all of
these products. So they’re basically the Coles Notes version of the products, so
you don’t have to waste time reviewing them. You’re gonna save time, so that you
can just get to the implementation. So, it’s the Coles Notes version of the Toolkit,
they create cheat sheets for every product. And alternatively, you can choose
to just get the Bundle on its own. So, once you decide, you’re going to be taken
to a secure checkout page, and you know what to do here. OK, you should know it
comes with a 30-day happiness guarantee. That means you’ve got 30 days to try it
out. If you decide it’s not for you, you just simply send them an email,
and ask for a refund. OK, you’ve purchased. So, what does it look like on the
inside? So this is inside the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. This is your dashboard.
You can download everything in one click. There’s also a user manual, it’s pretty
great. It’s gonna help you make the most out of this Bundle. So I’ll just show you,
like a few pages. It also has a table of contents, it’s gonna help you set goals,
it’s really great. And you can also track your passwords. So if you’ve never
purchased a Bundle before: these are all the product categories, they’re easily
organized for you. But you’re going to access each of these products
individually. So, say, for example, we’re talking about Pinterest, and these are
all of the products here. You’ll see if you get the Cheat Sheets, you can
download them one by one, or all at once. So, this is my course. To access it, it’s
gonna take you right to my school page. If it’s a PDF, you can just easily
download it, just like that. So, that’s my look at the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. I
took you quickly behind the scenes, to see what it’s like. It’s super easy, the
only thing you should remember is that you have until this date to download
everything in the Bundle, or to sign up. And then, you still have access, as
long as you’ve secured your copy. Like I said, there are 93 blogging resources in
the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. That’s a lot. Don’t kid yourself that you’re actually
going to complete all of these courses. You probably don’t need to. So I’ve
picked the top choices. So, I’ve got my Top 10 Picks for Beginner Bloggers. So these
are the products. If you’re just starting out, and you’re trying to learn all the
basics, we’ve got Simply Branded. I love this
course, it is a great starter. If you have no idea what your fonts and colours are,
what branding even means. We’ve got WordPress 5.0 Masterclass. So if
Gutenberg freaks you out, or you don’t even know what that means,
you need to take this eCourse. We’ve got the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy,
which you definitely need to make sure you’re blogging legally. We’ve got ‘Start
A Blog The Right Way’, I really love this eCourse. Really simple way to start your
blog, without making any of those beginner mistakes. We’ve got the One-Year
Content Planner. I love this planner, I love printables. And if you want help
with figuring out what you’re gonna write about on your new blog, that’s the
workbook for you. We’ve also got the SEO Playbook For Beginners. You got to
learn SEO, it is a long-term strategy for consistent blog traffic. This one
teaches you all the basics. You’ve got ‘Create Your Perfect Opt-in Freebie.’ You got
to grow your email list, nobody wants to just sign up for a newsletter. This
course is gonna help you create the perfect freebie. We’ve also got ‘List By
Number.’ So, if you want to know how to set up your email marketing system,
whether that’s ConvertKit or Mailer Lite, this course has everything you
need for that. And we’ve also got ‘Affiliate Marketing Simplified.’ We all know
that affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to make money, this course shows
you how. Also, one of my favourites in this entire Bundle: we’ve got the Secret Sauce
To Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic. Angela breaks it down for you. And this is
such a cute and creative ebook. OK, total value for the beginner
bloggers: $514. So, if you finish those top ten products, that’s the
value for you. But of course, you’re gonna progress to being an intermediate
blogger. So, you know you’re an intermediate blogger when you’ve set all
the basics up. You already know WordPress, you already know how to publish and
create content, but you want to start making money from your blog. That’s why
I’ve picked all of these. Bloggers’ Secrets, such a fun eCourse that breaks down
step-by-step secrets that are gonna help you achieve blogging success. We’ve
got ‘Elementor For Bloggers.’ It’s a fun page builder. Pete shows you exactly
how to use it. So, if you want to build sales pages, that’s what I love using for that.
Speaking of sales pages, we’ve got the Sales Page Starter. So,
if you have a product, and you’re like: ‘Oh gosh, is anyone going to
buy it?”, you want to check that out. We’ve got ‘Tripwire 101.’ It’s time to start making
some money. You can also plan out your content with the Content Strategy
Toolkit. We’ve also got the Affiliate Terms & Conditions Templates. So, if you
want to create an affiliate program, you really want to get this template. And of
course, my own course: Next Level Pin Designs, where I show you how to design
ten distinct styles of pins that are gonna be super click-worthy for you. We
have the ROI Action Plan: are you wasting time and money in your business? Let’s
figure it out. And yes, your blog is a business. We got ‘List-Building Insanity.’
This course is epic, shows you exactly how to build your email list. And finally,
one that I love is ‘Goodbye 9 to 5.’ So, if you want to quit your job, and have your
blog be your full-time business, like it is for me and so many other bloggers,
you’re gonna love that. So, those are my top picks for the intermediate
blogger. Total value: $1,219. Remember: you get all of this, and
more, inside the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. So, let’s move on to those pro
level-bloggers. You’ve already got all the essentials down. The pro level-blogger
is moving to the point of making serious money. But also you want to shift
into new mediums, maybe you want to start a podcast, or start blogging. These are
the courses for you. So, we’ve got ‘Designing With Typography’, love this.
Breaks down how you can use typography to increase sales, increase subscriptions,
it’s so great. We’ve got the E-Book Bestseller Bootcamp. If you want to write
a book, you need to get this course. We also have ‘How To Grow Your Blogging
Income Through Facebook Ads.’ So, your funnels are working, let’s double or
triple down with those ads. We’ve got ‘Social Boom.’ This course teaches you how
to use social media, it covers all of the main platforms. We also have the Blog
Flipping Masterclass, which is going to show you how to flip blogs. Forget
flipping houses, buy and sell blogs, and make serious money. We have the Virtual
Assistant Jumpstart. If you want to start a virtual assistant business, this
is the course for you. We also have ‘Affiliate Promo Prep.’ So, let’s start
getting serious about our affiliate marketing. This course helps you set up a
profitable promotion. Let’s talk about ‘Live Streaming 101’. So, if you want to
start doing Facebook Lives, or YouTube Streaming, this course is gonna set
you up for success. We also have the Instagram Content System. OK, Instagram
is great for building your brand. As a pro blogger, you got time for that.
And my last choice is the Podcast Launch Toolkit. Alright, that’s it. Total
value for the advanced blogger: $1,454. Like I said, all of
this comes included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, with $7,000
worth of products for 97% off. So, there you have it, those
are my top picks. So, what do you think? Is the Genius Blogger’s
Toolkit right for you? Like I said, make sure there’s at least a few products
you’re gonna use immediately, and that there’s a category – maybe it’s
monetization: ways to make money, if you’re looking to boost your traffic,
you’re curious about affiliate marketing, there’s so many products in
here that you need right now. There’s no point buying something if
it’s just gonna collect digital dust. You can also click below, and check out my
complete review of the Bundle. I’ve got thoughts on all 93 products. Yep, I did
that, I’ve had the Bundle for a few weeks. So, I hope to see you inside the Genius
Blogger’s Toolkit, I appreciate you using my affiliate link. And like I told you, my
course ‘Next Level Pin Designs’ is a part of this Bundle. So, I’ll see you in my
course as well. Let me know if you’ve secured your copy, and what your favourite
products are. I’ll be seeing you inside the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.
This is Nadalie Bardo! See you later, bye!

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