2019 Hope Global Forums Review & Convos | #HGF19

2019 Hope Global Forums Review & Convos | #HGF19

hey how are you this is Andrea with ADS
and I have a special treat for you today we just – a couple of videos ago –
talked about organizing mini conferences and so actually now this is quite timely
because I just got to go to a proper conference which is about 3,000ish
people plus global in nature and everything – the Hope Global Forums – and so
I wanted to a little bit to compare/contrast
visually show you the branding in the space but also just chat with some
people who were there so in this video you’ll see a couple of interviews – chats
with people – they’re first-timers they’re people like me who’ve been there for the
first time there’s people who’ve been there since the beginning the very first
one of these conferences over nine years ago so they say and so there’s so much
here Jack Dorsey CEO chairman and co-founder of Square and Twitter was
here he kind of wrapped up the whole conference let’s see who else
Janice Bryant Howroyd first African- American billionaire owner of a company
was there and Deepak Chopra whom I heard for the first time last summer and now
he was here everyone says he was fantastic I missed him
you know but there’s so much star power T.I. all kinds of people – Ambassador Young
all kinds of people showed up for this of course
why because clearly John Hope Bryant has a fantastic amazing network of people you
can see why in this video later so hope you enjoy this there’s some business
lessons along the way there’s even a lady who interviewed me which is
interesting intriguing very cool very cool just like you’ll get to check that out
and hear a little bit behind the passion behind ADS and otherwise I hope you
enjoyed this video from a branding perspective
check out the greeting signage love that up top and also every single column
downstairs is wrapped and branding and messaging registration was on point
very nicely done love it hey there this is Andrea with The ADS Agency here to
bring the very best in marketing and branding tips as well as business tips for
those of you who are entrepreneurs solopreneurs and personal branders welcome
and this is a special edition with the hope global forum so we’re here live
today and what’s so fun about this is that it’s extremely massive – there’s so
many people here who are here for the first time it’s my first time I’ve heard
about it quite extensively from other friends and stuff before but to be here
is quite different so there’s a very eclectic mix of cultures people from all
over the world who fly in here just to be a part of this day and the topics
just range from everything from FinTech to entrepreneurial and really all
centered on economics as well so how do we make economics better for the
everyday person which is quite intriguing right so we’ll be chatting
with a few first-timers as well and probably some veterans but my quick
takeaways I think it’s an awesome place to meet the people that you meet here
are amazing fantastic they’re in all kinds of different fields I’ve heard
people say that it feels inspiring to be here and all that and as you remember in
our two videos back we were chatting about mini-conferences and how to
organize mini-conferences for your organization this is more of a proper
conference you know because there’s about 3,000 I’d say 3,500 people here at
least that’s what their website says and if it feels absolutely massive so I’ll show
you a couple shots of that too so anyway thanks for being here and now I’m gonna
bring on someone that I think you would enjoy listening to in just one moment –
by the way is their social media lounge fairly popular throughout the day
beautiful lounge area it’s got photo-op areas and also a Twitter board nice
touches very well done so now I’m here with Jay Hicks with Global Asset
Development he’s a first-timer too – yes I am a first-timer – yeah so tell me about your impressions of the
hope global forum so far what do you think – tremendously positive tremendously
positive I just everything that started out with with Deepak Chopra and
listening to folks in the Treasury listening to folks in – in banking and
all these folks having all these great ideas and on how they can make the world
a better place and it’s just phenomenally phenomenal stuff and so
much so that I had to come back for a second day of it so second out I dare
say it was my first day too and I came at like lunch time like basically lunch
time and I feel like I missed so much in the morning because everyone said Deepak
was awesome and I saw him last summer and some people that you know that Chase
had a big entrepreneurial kind of event last summer and Deepak was there and so
people said he was awesome there and I thought he was awesome there but the
same people who went to that who saw him here was like he was world’s like worlds –
even better I see you a long time while YouTube would not but this was having it
live was just another level it was like just understanding how to meditate how
to get kind of divorce yourself from all these little things that are going
around you then trying to put lock in on what is important and I think that’s
kind of where I’m taking away from the school thing is how do we lock on what’s
important everyone’s got ideas everyone’s got these things that they
want to do but how do we put it back together to where everyone can benefit
and I think that’s that’s where the most the work happens and that’s what we need
to be able also yeah I love that and also Janice Bryant Howroyd it was I
think we say her name Howard was here yesterday I don’t know if you got to
hear her actually I gotta meet her going out she was awesome going out very nice
lady I mean I met some of her subordinates
there find people they want to do things and
that’s like I seem saying everybody wants to do things let’s find a way to
get him to do it yes and that did you hear about this commitment thing the
Hope Global Forum commitments that they are asking people to do it – I saw it on Twitter
no no it’s like up here on this screen there’s the Twitter screen I’ll show you there’s like commitments they’re wanting
everyone to make and think about to commit me you’ll make after leaving this
conference to do your a bit of good in the world in your own way right so I’ve
seen that online and part of the things they talked about this conference is the
number of commitments made because of the Hope Global Forum and so I’ve been a
little bit thinking about that I know I’m not ready to quite you know display
what mine is just yet but it seems interesting so we all have our talents
so let’s let’s bring it together I mean let’s smart people do things
because they’re afraid of it let’s not let’s just be let’s just do it – let’s do the dang thing – (laughs) so this is Jay and Jay tell them what you do Global Asset Development – we help businesses stop pitching that’s
essentially what it is he there’s a lot of times people want to go out and find
money my money but typically if you have some type of receipts some type of
things going on with your business already established you can convert an
equity into debt and get funding so in proper funding two points over LIBOR two
years grace seven year turn ah how about me GAD group com that’s
where we’re at awesome I’ll link to that below alright thanks Jay
okay I told you about these column wraps before great excellent branding think
about incorporating that in your next events awesome so I’m here with Laura
Sims with Operation Hope and so she works with small business owners and
wanted to get her over here just to chat with you about what people in her
position do with Operation Hope for small business owners first of all the
Hope Global Forum is amazing it’s my first time here
ok – mine too – yours too? So all first-timers – Jay who just brought you
over he’s a first timer so very cool I think it’s an awesome experience, I hear
nothing but rave reviews about it good so tell me a little bit about what you
do with entrepreneurs with Operation Hope and how you’re able to help them on
their path okay yes and I’m a financial well-being coach for Operation Hope I
handle credit and money management as well as small business the main thing we
do with small business is we have a 12-week entrepreneurship training
program where we bring speakers in we talk about business credit we are
actually going on a trip to Google next week we um have conversations about
access to capital we talk about supplier diversity we talk about all sorts of
things and at the end we do a shark tank and a graduation so that’s pretty
exciting I’m currently doing one in College Park and my it’s been one of my
biggest classes we have like 35 people in the class Wow and so yeah and then
after people go through the program and they don’t have to we do something
called technical assistance where you can just come into my office which I’m at a Hope Inside SunTrust we have I’m sure you know we have hope inside different
employment people as well which is UPS and Delta and the police department things like that but I’m Hope Inside SunTrust and so you’re able to do one-on-one consultations if you just
have a particular issue about marketing you know I can help you or I can point
you in the right direction so in all services of course are free because we’re a non-profit – that’s amazing but how how so how could entrepreneurs get a part
you know be a part of that program okay they want to get involved with the the
shark thing is like how many long how many weeks long is it okay well the it’s
called the entrepreneurial training program it’s 12 weeks ok and at the end
on the 11th week we my students put together presentation for a shark tank
it’s no money necessarily involved but the judges are people who have access to
capital so if they have any questions if you’re missing a component of your
presentation they’ll invite you to think about a couple of things and to include
it moving forward if you are ever looking for money so it’s a good
exercise and understanding what you need to be able to articulate about your
business love it – so 12-week program and then how
do entrepreneurs apply – do they apply? um yes it is
an application process you contact and we have three coaches in the Georgia
area you know you just contact us through email or you know you go online
you find our names so use coaches you just reach out to us and then we kind of
give you an interview over the phone you for my particular class and all coaches
are different for my particular class this is not a theory class you don’t
tell me I want to start a business and you don’t know what it is ok I need you
to have done some research and doesn’t have to be registered you don’t even
have to start it but I need to know that you have a well thought-out idea that
you need to put into so that sets and for the most part the
other coaches but I think they might also allow people who are not sure what
they want to do when things like that but for me you know I need you to know I
totally understand yeah so you’re not all around the world you know let me
help you right right yeah yeah that’s the theory but love it and then
otherwise you know outside of that 12-week program can people just come in
to hope inside and ask for a coach like you absolutely they can come in we do
one-on-one sessions of course everything is free and I can almost guide you as if
we were in class on a one-on-one session or again if you have a particular issue
like financial statements I’m not necessarily well versed in that but I do
have a referral to give you who also works for free so any kind of referral
so I give you some are free some are not because that’s their business but I can
definitely point you in the right direction of where you need to go nice
so you may or may not notice I’m just asking because this isn’t we just talked
about this on our last video last week about the SBA Small Business
Administration and SBDC Small Business Development Center yeah they came to
speak to my class already – Paul Wilson awesome awesome
so you have good connections there y’all play together yes and score – yes out
there I have a score mentor for my financial statements class we just spoke
last week I love it and Laura tell us where you’re from I should ask you
okay well originally I’m from New York born and raised went to Hampton
University graduated degree in marketing and have a plethora of companies in my
background including Black Enterprise Ebony man magazine I’m a real estate agent
have been one for 15 years Wow you know my own business so you’ve been there
done that so it’s not well it’s very cool large that awesome tell you
yeah quick break to hear a quick snippet from Tony Ressler ATL Hawks owner and
listen to the two things that he feels is critical to create real business and
what holds particular groups in America back in this area
listen – most people would rather be asked for money than asking for money. And the truth is – in this country – the ability to have access to quality education Yep – and access to quality capital – i.e. attractively priced capital are the two keys to create real business. And generally speaking, there are many parts of this country many groups of folks in this country that haven’t had access to either quality education or reasonably-priced capital. (applause) And that’s a – that’s a problem! I cannot believe that- see – those are goals (laughs) – you’re funny! Can I interview you? (laughs) yeah you can! Have you had anybody interview you? No – no one’s interviewed me – oh okay let me do that okay you want to do that okay, yeah – alright – has anyone ever
interviewed you? Not on my show – well then I should do that! – okay yeah we’re just having a
conversation yeah we’re just all right we’re ready
let’s go let’s hit this alright I’m here with Miss Judy Chapa – find her on Twitter
– that’s @judyjchapa – very hard to remember I’m sure and I’m here with
Andrea yes and we are at where are we Andrea? – Hope Global Forums – and she’s actually reversed
she’s now interviewing me so I was interviewing people she was like I wanna interview you! So – yeah she’s being indulgent with me
it’s a passion and that was my first career and Andrea is a young
entrepreneur who has a show on YouTube and those of you I’m sure already know
that but so Andrea tell me why did you get interested in doing
YouTube yeah so I actually just randomly fell into that and so I was doing
Facebook live videos back when Facebook live was a thing okay and new and
because I’m in marketing and branding you know anytime Facebook puts a lot of
energy behind something you have to know about it so I said well I need to
know about this for my clients and then you know because there’s certain ones
that I want them to do it so but I needed to know something about it myself
before I went pushing them to do it so I was doing facebook live once a month
just to kind of try it out and really getting on YouTube was a workaround hack
to – I read this thing how you could get closed captions by putting it on YouTube
and ripping down a SRT file and sticking it back on Facebook and so I
was doing that really to get closed caption files okay so you just said a lot
so for someone who maybe has the same kind of ideas someone who isn’t in the
millennial generation say somebody that looks a little older like in my age
group I’m barely in yeah and trying to get onto the YouTube can you break it
down to is it you hard to do is that user-friendly or this should
they contact outsource that and if they have that concept idea because actually
I met someone here today that is looking to start but you’d allow but they’re
intimidated by the entire process of how to technically make it happen yeah yeah
so it actually doesn’t have to be hard I mean right here we’ve got just my phone
camera phone – true – there’s a simple little mic you know that’s up here and
we’re sharing that space and it just plugs right into my phone we don’t even
have our I didn’t even bring any extra lighting or anything today we just
happened it yeah we couldn’t be over there with that fantastic light I’ll
show you in a minute but you know so camera phones have far and above you
know they’ve just grown by leaps and bounds with their technology
capabilities so now you know something like this is just a Samsung Galaxy S9+
– it’s got an amazing picture you know for a camera phone so you – so what’s the
advantage? you said you do brand and marketing that’s Andrea brand and marketing
and so give me an example of good branding oh gosh gosh well where we are
is great branding hope global forums is that’s one of the things I’m covering in
this video is how amazing of a job they’ve done just branding this event
space and the experience here you know so everything from the columns that they
put up you know which are all informational slash great photo-op areas
this backdrop area which they call their social media lounge it’s amazing and
obviously you know a great part of a conference to include and just the way
that they’ve put on this event and apparently for quite some time you know
so that’s correct I went to the first global forum back
into and it has evolved and grown and here we
are in 2019 and obviously you have MSNBC who does watch a live streaming and so
it is totally evolved and I do agree that I think that the messaging and the
branding and the mass marketing integrated marketing has really lived
and taken operation hope and all of its subsidiaries in two of them globally
because it totally has grown and spread not just in the United States but
throughout the world yeah it’s amazing just to hear you know
it’s my my first year but I think it’s also so what do you feel are some of the
biggest mistakes that people make when they develop a marketing program oh gosh
well one is not knowing budgets and any idea of a budget you know so they can go
in thinking I need help I know I need help and I want to look great and I want
to sound good and polish me and fix me and you know you can do all that but you
know there needs to be some purpose behind it and there needs to be a plan
behind it you know otherwise you can just squander the little bit of dollars
you might have you know not use it effectively and then what happens with
that is people say oh that didn’t work I tried a social media girl I tried a la la la person and you know it was waste of money and so you don’t want to
waste money you need to start with a strategy to begin with so you know it’s
connecting those business goals which a lot of people neglect that part too you
know they’re just kind of moving so fast in you know especially the small
business owners who are just starting out you’re moving so fast you got so
much to do you got cash flow to worry about and all that and
we haven’t even thought about your business goals for the year yet and so
that’s what makes marketing and branding effective if you can think of those
business goals and tying your marketing branding strategy to that then that
makes it far more meaningful you know and then you can say okay let’s be
reasonable about our budget what can we realistically you know invest towards
that effort and then plan that out for the year you know so so it’s small
businesses and I do consulting but I recognize that a lot of small business
and I’m sure you’ve run into this a lot of small businesses a lot of startups
you may not have adequate budgets and I think you’re spot-on when you say that
needs to be a consideration so do you ever do bartering or in-kind and like
trade services you know something that they could do is use and because that’s
what I end up doing many I was just on for the first time and
then yeah help them grow their business then they get more money than they can
then they can do which is always you know you do it at least one time and
then they get more successful and then they help you be more successful yeah
I’m sure you have to do the same thing yeah it looks a very that’s a light
secret I try not to do that but you know for certain people I have you know done
an arrangement like that if it’s something I truly need for my business
or otherwise just yesterday at this Hope Global Forum when Janice I think it’s
Janice Bryant Howroyd was on stage with yoga instructor I can’t remember her
name right now but it was a yoga instructor and the other lady he was
helping the unbanked she was saying and the yoga instructor was talking about
how you know she was bartering that’s right services yeah yeah and so
but how she was very strict about it she was saying you know it’s its currency
for currency she’s trying to think of her service as a currency and likewise their
service as a currency and for that to be taken quite seriously you know and so
there is so much to that the yeah I think we’ve all been there you do have
to draw the line and I yeah but I think that you can also offer that for what
like I always say it’s a one-time offer and that’s it that’s a good way to get
thought about that before the one time just to I think it’s also especially
with small businesses hmm but well is there anything else you’d like to add
about what you do how did you know you have a great presence you yeah you
do you market yourself well so I think that
that in itself speaks to your capabilities but thank you tell me a
little bit more about where you’re from and it may be something about what how
this passion of yours began oh gosh we’ll be here all day this super snippet
yeah – the abbreviated version pretend give me the Twitter version the Twitter version
oh that’s even more succinct yes yeah I’m from South Carolina Florida and now
my parents are in Alabama so that’s why I go home for holidays and things and
how this started I was really a pre-med student forever Wow I know just like
completely opposite spectrum it feels like for a lot of people they’re like
how did you get that transition that’s because you know I got all the way up to
the point of taken the MCAT and applying and blah blah blah and something hit me
you know where I was like is this really what you feel you were really made to do
and I think a lot of young people get caught in that trap you know you want to
make your parents proud you want to do something that’s noble and is gonna make
good money and all that kind of thing and so it’s easy to be like home and be
a doctor that’s all never gonna be frowned upon choice or a lawyer or
engineer you know those are all great wonderful yes high paying high pressure
careers yes and you know but actually being into programs that prepare you for
that really showed me even back then which is now close to 20 years ago now
but even back then being in those programs
I saw how health care was so different now and it felt like you had to treat
people like a factory you know and I was just like you know this is not really
what I thought so uh lots of soul-searching time and I thought what
the rest of the world is business I’m gonna get an MBA see if I can figure out
what to do with myself and that was my first formal introduction to marketing
and and marketing for nonprofits and you
know small business marketing and all of that and the large corporation marketing
and fell in love with that I’m not it’s just open up a whole nother world like
people do this for a living and then all those little light bulbs started going
off of a little Andrea what’s good you know being quite creative and people
always point to her for this and there’s you know so once you know what it is
then it comes together well I think what you’re saying is and I think I agree
because you have to follow your passion you have to live for yourself your
parents obviously want the very best for you no matter what they say what makes
you happy and you’re doing your work you want to enjoy yeah absolutely I’ve been a pleasure little pleasure – bye – thank you
you were great! (laughs) so were you thank you that was fun so that’s the end
of all the interviews however I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw in this quick
quick snippet from Jack Dorsey CEO and co-founder of both Square and Twitter
and in this little snippet he you’ll see just a little inside into his thoughts
but also the purpose and mission behind square and also a little snippet about
his five-mile walk he does which I’ll give a little feedback on in just a little
bit but I really wanted you to have a chance to hear Jack Dorsey and what he
had to say here at the Hope global forums this year so here you go organization solve problems
different ways and in our case expresses our purposes so our goal is to solve
problems removing the barrier of a credit check –
increase access trusting and verifying and accepting as many people as possible
we can increase access and these were not these were not excluded problems yes but but yeah three years ago – three and a half years ago when I went back to Twitter it forced me – because I was taking on new responsibilities and it forced me
to rethink a lot of how I was living my life health and simplest
although ridiculous path to do that for myself was to walk to work – and I lived five miles away from the
office but I saw this benefit because I would wake up, I would do my meditation, I would
have a coffee or check my phone and then at seven thirty I would walk and
some days I would listen to nothin some days I listen to podcasts, audio books, some days I take phone calls, but I the other thing is I wear these running sandals – running sandals – those are running sandals? they’re running sandals so they’re the fastest footwear I found so when I really
started walking to work it’s an hour 45 minutes and I got it down to an hour and 15 minutes by changing my outfit, by changing my shoes and it’s so predictable so seven thirty, I get there exactly at the same time, every single time and I know I have this amazing amount of space to think um …to be creative, to learn most importantly – podcasts and audio books um, but it – it’s really, you know, defining a love – what enables me to do what I do because it just takes so much I know always have a place and I always know when I enter the office that I started the day with a win because I walked five miles which is ridiculous and stupid but I learned, I exercised, I was in my community I saw the city I met people and…and…and I’m happy with it. (applause) and I did wanna ask you one last question – because I think we’re both in a way disruptors positive disruptors – and we both, I think, value this calm, quiet place inside us that has to exist with all the noise circling around us I think you get that in your walk and in many ways you’re still walking – you’re not walking to work but you’re but you have now adopted it in the way you flow through life and I walk through life consciously oblivious to most things around me because a lot of it’s noise and it’s not productive and I wanna focus my time my energy on the things I want to invest in you shut it down ladies and gentleman, join me in saying thank you to Jack Dorsey (applause) so Jack Dorsey mentioned something I
thought was amazing I thought you would like to see how he rapped at the
conference but one of the things he talked about which the audience was like (gasp) – what?? – they like totally completely a whole room gasped is when he said he
walked five miles to work every day specifically chooses to walk and he says
he got it down to a science he started wearing all black clothes in case he
sweated a bit he wore you know the best walking shoes running shoes whatever
they’re actually running sandals and he now has five miles down to an hour 15
minutes which is a 15 minute mile walking which i think is very nice I
compare that to my own I do a three-minute a 45 minute three-mile walk
same pace Jack we have the same pace so cool so totally understand the power of
walking talked a lot about that in my Scotland book so you head over to my
Scotland channel you can hear more about that I’ll probably talk a lot more about
that because it was very transformative but otherwise I hope you enjoyed this
video like subscribe if you’re on iTunes Google Play listen to this on podcast do
the same and I’ll see you next time mmm Cheers

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  1. Did you attend this year's Hope Global Forums? Let us know what you thought about it below. What was your favorite moment?

  2. I've never attended, but will definitely have to place it on my calendar for next year. Very nice interviews and snippets video. I really like how you offset the first time attendees with a seasoned attendee (even though Ms. Chappa flipped the script and totally ignored the proverbial teleprompter and took the host's chair, lol). Very nicely done. I was reminded of something I told myself many years ago about investing…"The one thing you can invest in with absolutely zero financial backing and receive a generational residual return is yourself." Feel free to borrow. 🙂 Again, awesome video highlighting the event and capturing the successful branding efforts of the Hope Global Forum. I believe you've just propelled ADSAgency even further ahead! Keep walking that 15 minute mile pace. It's building a sustainable rhythm.

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