2019 New Bullet Journal/Planner Setup ✨Elegant✨

2019 New Bullet Journal/Planner Setup ✨Elegant✨

100 thoughts on “2019 New Bullet Journal/Planner Setup ✨Elegant✨

  1. Omg this was so beautiful to watch! I really love your bujo and the spread and everything!😍 also love the way you draw flowers❤

  2. I have made a video tutorial on how to draw these flowers, here is the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knAXbrXTNvA

  3. Does anyone have a great idea for a design for this: I have to make certain exercises each day, some of them once a day, some up to five times a day. How do I track this in a smart way? I can only come up with writing the exercises I need to do multiple times in seperated trackers if that makes any sense.. Would love to hear your ideas!

  4. I love all these spreads and pages 😍😍 but I think you should make the text in the video not move 😊😊 Other than that amazing video!

  5. OMG!!! This is so beautiful, I absolutely LOVE your work & this setup ❤️😍😍! You are so talented & I'm so happy I found you here & on Instagram 😊!

  6. I have an issue, I think my bullet journal has less dots than yours, and I tried doing the calendar but I ran out of space because I have less dots, and they are spaced out more than yours. PLEASE HELP. also I want to thank you so much for inspiring and motivating so many people!

  7. This is so so pretty! this was honstly my inspiration to start my own bullet journal. Just copied this for my cover page and kept the month in a floral theme. Im not yet ready to show it off at youtube 🙂 Love your art!

  8. Whoaaaa 😍😍 this is sooo amazing .. the most beautiful journal i've ever seen .. it's soo neat and and and .. i can't even describe how it is .. but you are so talented for sure 😍😍😍

  9. Do you have a video on how to do the various lettering styles you use in this video? Especially the swirly ones?
    Your journal is beautiful! I'm going to have to practice my drawing and lettering 🙂

  10. I'm so curious how you portray your travels. Are there any entries in your travel spread? If so, is there a way to see it?

  11. It looks like printed when it all came in together! Really enjoyed and was amazed in this planner setup <33

  12. i genuinely love your art style so much! its so elegant yet minimal. complex yet simple. literally one of the best bullet journals ive ever seen ❤️

  13. When I show off my art work to my kids.. talk about role reversal! I just love doing this so much! Thank you!

  14. You should partner with a journal company to produce a limited collection. I don't even journal, but I would buy it just for the artwork and inspiration.

  15. Simply LOVE those flowers!!! ** have you considered having a tutorial (or teaching) on how to draw flowers?! **

  16. This journal is now finished, if you want to see it all filled in here is the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP9Lpx2g8M8

  17. i absolutely love your channel!! you're so talented, i recently joined the journaling community and i'm still also pretty new to calligraphy and brush pens. i was wondering how long it took for you to get to this point and honestly, maybe some tips?? anyways, i you're amazing and i hope your art takes off, you really deserve it <3

  18. Do you have suggestions for like cheap quality rubbers that dont ruin your line I'm using stadlers and the other famous fineliners but I dont own rubbers that even after drying dont smir them thanks a lot

  19. You are awesome
    your journal is ❤️
    You did so much hardwork to complete this it's absolutely unbelievable 🖤
    We are lazy enough to draw such a beautiful journal ♥️
    Love your calligraphy and designs😘

  20. Oh my goodness ❣ So nothing against the people whom talk during their video explaining their process, but I thoroughly appreciate this straight forward video all the way. Amazing 💕

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