43 thoughts on “2020 Candidates Answer HuffPost Questions At AFSCME Forum

  1. White straight millennial males are the most hated group in the world thanks to the left. 1 in 3 millennials have no friends. Millennials have produced more mass shooters than all other generations combined. Its time for the left to end the hatred towards white men. Buttigieg is an idiot

  2. Hey Huffpost, are you going to upload the video to view??? All this video is, is 4 hours of the placeholder image…

  3. Bernie did great. Don't like how y'all held Tulsi to Assad smearing though. Wasn't expecting that because the forum was great even the candidates I won't give the time of day and y'all led with Assad for Tulsi and wouldn't let up . Y'all didn't even touch Kamala on her record in Cali. Now it just looks like you got a bug from Kamala's campaign.

  4. All that matters to me is Bernie showed up for our strike no one else did or even tried. He flew from Wisconsin all the way to UCLA. Took time out of his busy schedule. He has my vote. No one else has earned it.

  5. Joe Biden is a twit. The Democrats had the White House, Senate and House when they didn’t pass the Employee Free Choice Act, the last President to raise the minimum wage was George W. Bush, Obamacare is Mitt Romney’s health care plan and the subsidies for it are subsidizing the FOR-PROFIT HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY, and it’s patently insulting to tell young people facing costs of college and housing in the stratosphere to Stop Complaining, when Joe Biden is standing in the way.

  6. I don't like how they all have stolen Bernie's stump line about health care being a human right. I don't know who I will vote for, but its unethical to repeat someones words without a citation.

  7. Who among these candidates were saying the same thing from the beginning of their public life…Which of the candidate is Morally correct and not Politically correct

  8. This may not be the appropriate time to point out that Amanda Terkel has GREAT legs… but it's hard not to notice gams of her sexy caliber.

  9. You don't get to work for the public. We're not interested in your mentality of harming the USA for others. Take all these losers running for President's security away! They might be traitors!

  10. A convenient timestamp to your favorite candidate:
    Castro- 13:30
    Warren- 29:50
    Moulton- 53:00
    Bullock- 1:10:49
    Booker- 1:28:15
    Biden- 1:46:21
    Williamson- 2:13:52
    O'rourke- 2:34:34
    Steyer- 2:51:31 🙄
    Sanders- 4:02:19
    De Blasio- 4:27:47
    Klobachar- 4:44:34
    Delaney- 5:00:42
    Inslee- 5:17:00
    Gabbard- 5:34:04
    Ryan- 5:50:15
    Bennet- 6:07:25
    Harris- 6:23:40
    Buttigieg- 6:45:20

  11. I guess they've seen what happened when they let Tulsi Gabbard speak. So apparently they're pushing a narrative and not letting her talk, using Kamala Harris's talking points, and giving Kamala soft questions. Media is corrupt…no way…. go figure 🙄

  12. 1. (Mike Gravel)*
    2. Tulsi Gabbard
    3. Bernie Sanders
    4. Andrew Yang
    5. Elizabeth Warren
    6. Marianne Williamson
    7. (Richard O’Jeda)**

    *(dropped out July 31st)
    **(dropped out January 26th)

  13. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the two most qualified candidates for president. I also like their fellow Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, even though those two used to take corporate cash. ANY Democrat could beat Donald Trump in a debate, even non-politicians who will never become the party nominee : Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson.

  14. Hi Joe Biden, Millennials are going to change the system by not voting for you. Go take the silver spoon out of your ass.

  15. The Hillary doctrine got Syria to where it is at, and Libya. Do we want the Hillary Doctrine? There is a three way civil war in Syria, we are supporting Al Qaeda there, and there is a three way war in Libya, we were supporting one faction but now the Russians are supporting him and we're on to another faction. Let's not do this anymore!

  16. I cannot believe those newscasters kept asking Tulsi Gabbard about Assad. She already said she doesn’t want American soldiers to die in unnecessary wars that make everything worse. Why don’t they ask the candidates about the terrible human rights record of Saudi Arabia? Why are other candidates excusing Saudi Arabia’s record, unlike Tulsi who is calling out the Saudi regime? Why aren’t they calling for an invasion of Saudi Arabia to liberate the Yemeni people, or invade Israel to liberate the Palestinian people? Why keep singling out one dictator, while ignoring the other dictators (that just happen to be allies of the US military-industrial complex)? This is a forum about working-class people and union rights, and they keep asking her about Assad. What the hell, this is why we hate the mainstream corporate media!!!

  17. since refusing to fund and afford the advanced details on our italian brunette ladies projects, it seems huffy hasnt been itself and has flopped between low energy narratives of depressing leftist 'persuasion' and low quality substitutes for intermission type events that werent solicited and rarely even encountered. when we easily subtract the traditional biden sanders career congratulations ceremonies, members only, and remove chief warrens multiple ford flopped spirit dances, we can evaluate the tulsi kamala context. that is quite a circumstance of chaotic accusation and fundamental leftist expectation for fairness or at least honesty, isnt it. furthermore what is some genuine popularity and party specific support at the base level being thoroughly ignored and disrespected by the intern impeached press priorities. maybe its time for huffy to take things a little more seriously.

  18. Biden won’t be getting my vote this man is too contradictory the younger generation will slaughter him In the polls mark my word

  19. I'm ashamed my union, AFSCME, would treat Tulsi Gabbard the way they did. They didnt ask her if she supports national unionization. They were out to bring her down. She deserves a full apology!

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