2020 Democrats address LGBTQ rights during CNN town hall

2020 Democrats address LGBTQ rights during CNN town hall

100 thoughts on “2020 Democrats address LGBTQ rights during CNN town hall

  1. CNN SUCKS Alphabets town hall debate gave the sane the reason why they're tanking in the viewer ratings.
    The only thing missing from the Corey Booker segment was the bathroom props.
    Biden's set was missing the reason he came out to admit he was a quid pro quo V.P.
    Kamala Harris's set was missing slick Willy
    And finally Cuomo lived up to his name Fredo.
    Enough said. If you were watching this in an airport you'd rush to get on the airplane pushing past the hijackers

  2. No extra rights for these people. I don't care what you are but leave it at home just like the rest of us do !!! Corry is queer too, he was flirting ! Pray ,pray that they will find Jesus and give up the evil lifestyle.

  3. …this is were America is going if the Demo-rats get into power… can you imagine what other countries would think about us and why would they take us seriously..? ..what is even more scary is that studies have shown the sexual preference has 60% to do with a child's environment and only 15% is gentic influence… I honestly think that it could start a loop where more and more children would actually become LGBTQABC.. as the environment becomes more LGBTQABC… it actually makes sense because a child exposed to violence is more likely to be violent as an adult.. why would it be different from experiencing a LGBTQABC.. environment..?

  4. More brainwashing garbage from Ingraham. You would think that with Trump's lifelong history of being a crooked self obsessed liar and with all the lies and garbage that comes out of his mouth every day even Trump sheep would be intelligent enough to recognise him as the lying conman he has always been.

  5. SON: Daddy, is homosexuality right or wrong?
    FATHER: It's wrong, son.
    SON: Why?
    FATHER: Because human beings were not made to behave that way.
    SON: Then why do they?
    FATHER: They simply don't know any better.
    SJW: I heard what you said to your son and you're teaching him hate!
    FATHER: Don't tell me how to talk to my son!
    SJW: I don't care if that's your son, I'm going to report you to the authorities.
    FATHER: For what?!?
    SJW: Child abuse.
    FATHER: "Child abuse"! Who's abusing who?
    SJW: You are? That's no way to talk to a child!
    FATHER: Listen, I'll raise my child the way I want to and you raise yours and mind your own business!
    SJW: For your information, I don't have any children! I don't want to deal with that responsibility that's why I had three abortions!
    FATHER: Then you are in no position whatsoever to tell people how to raise their kids, woman!

  6. 82% of lgbtq XM whatever vote Democrat. That means that 82% of 1%. Wow. No wonder the Democrats want them so bad there must be dozens of them

  7. Elizabeth "Snow White" Warren is a serial liar and victim!!! She lied when she said she was a native American who was a victim of white men!!! She said that she was a victim as a woman of white men!!! Now she is a Democrat, since she changed from Republican, and a victim of Republicans!!! Do we want a victim mentality in the White House???

  8. And now the rest of the story. Those fine dressed young men kissing for the enjoyment of joe biden were none other than corn pop and capn crunch.

  9. Is it just me, or does it seem Fox News sound like they just bought their jokes from Casual Corner?
    Seriously, the week was handed to them on a platter, and this luke-warm plate of slop is all they can serve…
    …it's like not even their black little hearts are in this anymore.

  10. De fund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win. I would like to know why the media aren't going after the democrats like they are with the Republicans? not questions to the democrat but a how a lot to the republicans hmhmhmhm double standers in a big way the media sound like hyenas to the Republicans.

  11. booker just assumed that person identified as a man as he sexually harassed "it." How could he be so violent toward an LGBTQ person?! This whole clown show gave me the heebie jeebies!

  12. the marriage question addressed to warren was staged. the guy is morgan w.cox lll, a major warren donor, clinton devotee and money bundler. so, it was staged and lizzie continues to deceive.

  13. I don't see the LGBTQ town hall as pandering. I see it as candidates meeting with and valuing some of their constituents.

  14. Imagine liking a dude that is single handily ruining the United States, who doesn’t care about the American people and doesn’t have a clue how the world works

  15. What percentage of the USA do you think is democratic? I mean I feel like being republican now a days is just for people who are able to think normally

  16. The more the leftists Dems do this the more  people will hate them and vote  Trump.The are a complete and utter joke, extremely cringe  worthy.

  17. Lbgtqp is a group that is about 1% of the population of this country. If being lbgtqu is who you are you need to rethink your life, its a choice, like being straight and heterosexual, be known for you accomplishment in life not your sexual preference. Do what you want with your lives, but have the respect to leave the rest of the people that are not like you, to do what we want with theirs. Welcome to America. You want a chruch that accepts you….. START ONE but have the respect to leave other peoples believes alone and we leave yours alone. Equal is Equal you are no better than everyone else so deal with it! Question: Lbgtq, Why are all of you lumped together, none of you are like the other, you all are individuals and you should be respect as such .

  18. U know what transppl have bigger balls than u guys,they stand up against all of you and they will win watch them the next 20 years they will win against u all

  19. I don’t care what the news is about. Whether its talking about democrats or republicans doing god knows what, I don’t care. Can someone just give me an objective news channel, please! Where they just say the news. CNN and FOX both pander to their parties and as someone who couldn’t give two shits about political parties, can I just have a simple, “Oh. The republicans/democrats had a thing this weekend. Here are some of the questions they had to answer. Here are some of their answers. That’s the news on that. Take it how you will. Next story.” I expect yelling and arguing and talking about opinions on the View or the Real or Wendy Williams. Like talk shows where theyre supposed to voice their opinion. I just need news to be news.

    I know this is long and ranty and no one cares but still.

  20. I support the lgbt town hall but this is just pandering. Conservatives do this a lot too they have large gatherings like CPAC, it’s just pandering on both sides

  21. I felt my ears turning inside out from that guys' attempt at singing.. He would get booted from any talent contest & I would love to hear what Simon Cowell would have to say. It's just wrong to change the words of a Christmas carol to some kind of political crap.

  22. CNN is an historical embarrassment to the profession of journalism. CNN is a clown network, disgusting and soooo ignorant.

  23. Is there anyone left in the United States who doesn't know that Pocahontas is a bald-faced liar? If so, they must have been focused on a rabbit-warren rather than Pocahontas Warren!

  24. Fredo saying “mine too” to “my pronouns are she, her, and hers” was the only honest thing to come out of this town hall

  25. I love gays they are nice and fun people but kissing between two men is not love its sin and its unnatural. Lets help these gays know more about God deeper.

  26. As a straight/white man, I thought the Booker clip was funny and harmless; (same for Biden)

    If this is the worst that you people @ FOX can find of Democrats' responses at the town hall, then Fox is pretty pathetic and petty.

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