Hi guys, it’s Tana just being perfect as always I’m like deciding how I want to film this intro and I feel like I should just do it on the plane Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau. Welcome to my weird flex or welcome back to my weird flex I’m so fucking deliriously tired. It’s insane and I’m in the airport right now I’m at LAX, and I’m headed to Miami Alexa play Miami by tory lanez Basically, I’ve been wanting to do a 24 hour challenge for so long since they were popular like two years ago I remember when Ricegum and Banks We’re in the elevator for 24 hours and I literally thought that was like the most genius thing ever But I feel like every 24-hour challenge is slightly miserable and that’s just like why I haven’t done one yet because I’m like lazy and like who wants to spend 24 hours like being Miserable. This is why other people get more views than me (ajaja) I’ve been wanting to go stay at the Versace Mansion in Miami for so so so long and I finally came across the opportunity to Get to do that with one of my really good friends Anne Marie So Brad and I are on our way to Miami right now to spend 48 hours in the Versace Mansion But I’m gonna title this video 24 hours because I want views Like I said, I’m not claiming in any way to think that this is an original idea I think you and I both know that I’m not really full of original ideas I’m just like really good at like hopping on a bandwagon just like a little too late I think some people have done 24 hours in Versace Mansion as well. But um I wanted to do it too Basically, I just want to go live lavish and I’m gonna record it. So umm Welcome back to my weird rich flex or welcome to it. I can’t even say my own intro right now I love you guys so much setting aside the time to do this and actually Making it happen has been really hard and I cannot believe that it is finally reality And I’m so excited to go. Literally Anne Marie message me two days ago was like, “hey, there’s a random opening in the Versace Mansion the 5th through the 7th” and I was like It’s the 3rd and she was like just go and I was like, ok, and now we’re on our way and it was fucking expensive to get to Miami. So like maybe thumbs up this video. Thank you Yes growing up in the ghetto to going to the Versace Mansion every vlog just starts like this, we r literally that couple like we get it Tana, like you have a boyfriend. Bradd: Hiya beaan I am so tired and we were supposed to get on a 6:00 a.m. Flight to Miami and then we missed it and by we I mean me I told Brad to yell at me, but he wouldn’t. “No, it’s okay”. No, it’s not. Look at the guy at the thing. literally there’s a person on a Segway. Yes Tanacon Versace Versace Medusa head on me like illuminati Brad’s literal first time on American Airlines I know that all my vlogs are me just talking with the things he hasn’t done or tried to but like Brad’s never been on American Airlines because he’s not American like I like I get it but like That’s like (??). I can’t hear out of my left ear. That flight was so fucking long Hey, fuck you. Why? I just spilled all over myself in the plane (jiji) ITS SO BAD This is absolutely the worst I’ve ever looked in front of Brad and there’s Nothing I can do about it cause we’re in the airport. Baby father got me a new hoodie. Thank you, baby father Oh my God you guys I’ve always wanted to go to New York. Im so happy to be here It’s so fucking cuuuute I Don’t even know what this is. like a (?) question mark. Watch it to be like oil or like something bad. Oh my god help These are the stairs that Gianni Versace was murdered on. In fact, I’m gonna go roll around and hope to become richer Okay, you just looking like a fucking drill and I look like a little boy. fuck ups over but Anne Marie’s here Anne Marie’s like, you know I live here it’s like fine they come to my kitchen guys she literally lives here she’s an icon. *contiuning later* Wow, oh my god this tree so cute and Marie is having empanadas and champagne, right? Ah, isn’t that Dummy it dummy Really you guys are saying Sweet and it is the actual most popping room in the entire hotel Really only three or four times bigger than all the other rooms. You’re going to break out It’s our party room like we literally have like DJ booth setups like you’re gonna freak out you’re gonna make oh Yes don’t have friends in Miami because we need to call this. Whoa. Okay, and then ask that I’ll now make some fucking friends Oh my god, I’m still drinking like rich people champagne, which makes me happy like a hood, bitch She’s like I wouldn’t have gotten this cheap shit Wait, literally what the hell Literally already what the hell what the hell it’s it’s like legal. It’s I feel like this room is gonna like set on fire I don’t deserve to be in he’s a bad boy off. Wait, this is so bad. I’m doing about Joe come at me Oh my god, MA 14 people comfortably that’s insane. Really what? This is not real there’s no way There’s no way Emery I feel nervous like fuck you Amy. I know running around a bitch Oh my god, this is crazy. There’s a bidet Yeah, oh my god. Oh my god. Yes pool this balconies huge, bro Oh my god, that’s crazy. Really. Oh my god, the doors are opening like beautifully this is crazy cranberries Guys I have to show you okay Are you kidding are you kidding? I’m peeing in a cold toilet Hurry was literally like oh I’m gonna bring you to my room like it’s like not as nice like just like come to my room It’s like a little it’s just like a little it’s our room. We like walk in it She’s like, yeah like this is Madonna’s favorite sweet They call it the Madonna suite like literally what where am I? I’m in a dream. I’m gonna wake up in LA I really have to say this like I had to use the toilet, but literally what even the toilet paper is Versace, please help me being impressed by the sticker on the toilet paper versus like visible ass fuckin sweet is The biggest bet I’ve ever seen in my entire life like just big enough to hold Brad’s horse dick Ceiling Like I literally thought she was gonna put me in like a hall closet like I thought she’s gonna be like, okay Yeah Like I’m super glad you want to come here’s the fucking hall closet and then it’s just like the coolest place I could be a multi-millionaire all I want but I’m still super fit It’s just like mentally like I have I do not deserve to be Our room overlooks the pool every night people like come to have dinner here There’s all these people literally fine dining and like my slut ass is just up here like bow to get railed Imagine me like screaming like yes, daddy. Hit me hard I can’t wait to do like a full tour Hello am I like anesthetic for once in my life is this miss Betty Good keep in mind right now We’re staying in the Versace Mansion as we speak and Brad is so enthralled right now because tonight we’re going to this club called 11:00 So we’re trying that but Brad’s like like we haven’t slept like at all and he’s so excited baby daddy All right blog I look like a ho because Bradley is taking me to clubs that he’s wanted to go to forever. It’s called 11. It’s here in Miami It’s very very notorious for strippers and bitches and crazy shit I woke up out of my nap and I made myself a girl in like Literally five minutes and I can’t decide if I wanna go like, oh my god That was almost my nipple like under boob or like not so under boo. I just Figure it out. I’m gonna try to walk. I don’t know if you can walk at this stuff I wish I was in bed, but good morning And I’m like a little girl now like also not because I punch it Do you guys follow anyone like pom for like smoke purp and you’ve seen that? Thank you. Thank you Gianni Versace died on these steps. Okay, sorry anyways, and you’ve seen the car service that they always take in Miami. I’ve never taken it No way Hey, Florida go Now we’re going to sushi and I have on pyjamas and I’m so excited And I’ve got to get high. I’m so happy I’ve really done all my things like I I did the shower and the Versace Mansion I haven’t shit here yet sucks a dick bout to get high like literally like bucket list Gianni Versace He’s just like rolling around in his grave like this stupid bitches in my house. Oh My god, I terrified terrified Let’s go stop stop stop stop. Let’s go. No, you’re staying here. You can’t I can’t Oh my god, literally no just right Why did the lights turn off why did the lights turn off? Why did the lights turn off? Why did I – oh God Human is absolutely the most important thing and I just want to let you know the my faith for you is preventing it I feel like it seems like I’m doing this for like the vlog and I’m really just no let me know who’s going to heaven Still not me the few ators Torche Eva Kate you actually go to space we should go to space when you were saying gonna go to space I thought you meant just like get really high. I was like Oh, good morning vlog. This is not really a sign of urban alike on camera guaranteed literally ever in my entire life It’s 11 a.m. But it’s also like 90 am I so? Take that into look how pretty yeah. Yeah. I am now that room is in the morning Ceiling the beds a mess right now I’m about to get it mean but oh my god, the beautiful stained glass perfect for me trying to open the door We haven’t been like that annoying couple yet today, no you’re busy Now we’ve been that annoying couple love me that annoying couple Ruin my life through my life. No, so yes these Like what are you getting to dream? Okay mama I’m getting water Like if every single thing is Versace like a literally a pic of a shark like is this Versace He was just holding this pillow under Ann Marie he was like, but is this Versace Oh, they don’t have text kisses. You’ve never never press every opportunity you walk into you just walking blind bird box It was so awesome because literally every angle is just think more beautiful than anything on the spine and wait I keep putting the olives from like this one event. I keep putting the olives from every martini in my own martini I’m eating another empanada. They’re really good Soccer mom and I’m drunk Versace I spy a video camera baby father. Ah, ah I like those We’re so happy to be here I just I know that that sounds so cheesy But my first thought we can say obviously was like why the fuck am I allowed to be here? Like how did I just wake up in the Versace Mansion in Gianni Versace’s bedroom? Immune booster I don’t know if you think last night but I feel very Living with honey drizzled whole grain wheat Better Look, I just put on gold and that’s that’s a lot about their boobs and a different bikini. It’s so weird I let me never work gold as you know, I hate gold, but I feel like Travie a girl I know cuz I am Murray’s a girl so Camera in the days I read you this is Madonna’s premium a Donatella Versace put a bathtub in here usually like to take showers and it’s the only suite in the hotel with a bathtub I don’t know look at it I’m gonna grin and reason Rhino was a closet and someone just spoke glass outside so they’re like no go out the front door and we just walk out and Yes, Wow rich I can’t think I want to jump off their way this is so rich and died Cuz I know I can we show you random clips that like nothing but it’s so fucking beautiful here, right I don’t think bet alone. Why do I want to fuck this painting? Excuse me? Literally that is richer than all the other we just got one thing in the hall. Yeah The only thing they care about is if you ring this Bell your ring is built Fallacy with a lot of the woodwork. You literally come attacking its cameras early So what does the Belgian trunk point that’s like always growling events significant events that happen about wow, that’s creepy I mean, I’m pregnant clearing the boat and that’s where you used to live in that room on this side. There’s another room That’s just a one-bedroom. We’re gonna right now The clouds that are you look baked the clouds look pink like that’s not a fucking cop there’s no way excuse me right now Yeah Like we do not deserve to be here at all whatsoever. Hello blog I’m back in my silver jewelry, and I feel like a little boy girl again. That makes me really happy There’s a lot of fans outside and I know that you guys know I’m super worried about like invasion of privacy and something that freaks Me out because I always I’m gonna get murdered However, I’m gonna go say hi to the view outside cuz they’re very very sweet and hope I don’t get murdered. So let’s go What’s up vlog they just thought um, yeah, we met a bunch of you guys and then we came back upstairs. Yeah, that’s Brett scum No – no no, no, no You’re crazy You’re insane look at the roof. Oh, I don’t care but it’s never thought you’d come. But yeah, no, yeah Yeah, so Friday night man problems like every so I wasn’t vlogging. Here’s fine. I’m not gonna like show the the the come same So I can’t be in this film But this poof is so good for that like I you just like bent me over a poof There’s come on the motherfuckin. Don’t you it don’t Joe it. It’s better. I’m gonna clean it. Don’t show it. I was born like that my mother For such a bitch I’m Tana That’s both know but you don’t be back. You lean forward lean forward Go to jail period Oh your teeth look so white yesterday Thank You. Dr. Gabriel Stan ball Mario I really want to just like post me aluminized you think don’t want to go anywhere you eat at the Versace restaurant or you don’t Say that for such a mansion and that’s that on that why? The chicken is Versace chicken. The rice is Versace rice The beans are Versace beans and you know what the sauce is Versace sauce, and I want to get anything other than water Versace still water no Versace sparkling waters. Thank you very much. I’m in the Versace mission. I will not have still Bitchy or poor bitches, right? You’re a poor fucking bitch I’m sorry mature now. I’m sorry that song didn’t make you money bitch. Get rich get rich like me Seriously period I keep getting the ceiling because it’s so pretty like I know you’re nothing but I’m like look at the flowers Good morning Still rich It’s five o’clock somewhere he We’re eating at the restaurant here for the first time that overlooks the pool. It’s so dope I’ve been holding it for the grandma morning the best iced coffee ever. I thought it was gonna be gross. It’s children so good so good a Little champagne moment a little orange juice moment. Oh, my god literally fucked me until I got me a success Did you get real breakfast, baby? That’s all you got. Jane – OH It was so embarrassing I but no one’s off but I mean, I really ain’t that something there’s Loki a lot left though It was kind of a good impression fun and like a little slow bulking up You can look over all of Miami Beach at the top of the mansion It’s Christmassy wave look and so there’s a lever Mario wants to crank it you get a permission The windows opening them, you know where they were telling me that like all famous people come in here and steal the stars And stars which are obviously real gold as well Turn the bottom you can see about a lot of them have been taken by some of the most famous people in the world So I’m gonna leave them up there. I’m right I’ll been enough get to steal one sighs Mario just made such a good point that I am literally standing here I’m standing here naked where Gianni Versace used to make it all just But suddenly YouTube likes me Also, yes bikini top Yesterday someone commented on one of my photos and was like, you’re literally at the Versace Mansion Put this over his face No, that’s a don’t work Okay guys and just like that. We are leaving the Versace Mansion saying bye to the Venus sweet I would really be surprised if I ever stayed in that suite again So this is very much a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that’s just crazy. We had such a good fucking time here Like literally we were here for less than 72 hours and it feels like so much longer We really seized our time well and slept like normal people and that’s really good and fresh I’m so sad. I’m so sad Okay, guys, we’re casually out of breath because we’re running through the fucking Miami Airport because they’re like a little late but it’s like fine But yeah that was it for 24 hours at the Versace Mansion and I’m not gonna lie this video and this experience turned out a thousand M is better than I thought it would and I hope You guys fucking enjoyed it because I had a great time Love you guys so much, and I will talk to you in the next video. Bye

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