25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines

25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines

You’ve got to hand it to the newspapers. They have barely a few inches of space to
cram in their huge attention grabbing headlines and not that much time to think of them either. As a result, in spite of the editorial process,
many times you get some funny headlines slipping past the writers and editors. I’m Mike with List25 and Get ready to laugh
because these are 25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines. 25. Well, at least they got their money’s worth. You had one job! Turns out you did it quite well. 24. Look, I’m no lawyer, but I think…I THINK…he
may be guilty. Also what lawyer is gonna take that case!? 23. WHAT? And where exactly do you think the HOMEless
go HOME to? 22. OH! I KNOW THAT GUY! He’s part of the infamous sunglass ninja gang. 21. In other news, no it doesn’t. 20. Well, I would hope so because if they did,
well then, that’s an entire new set of problems. 19. And their job is now done! We did it everyone! Good works! 18. As opposed to…? 17. Well, at least we know they’re truly siblings. 16. The real news is, they were looking for a
lovely coffee shop. I’d like to imagine they were all suprised. 15. Those darn 20-25 teens! Always screwing up statistics! Damn Millenials! 14. What? Your sewers don’t smell like sunshine and
butterflies? 13. Argh! I HATE when I do that. I need to learn to stop. 12. Two questions…1) Why? and 2) Did it work? Okay, three questions: Where did he “learn”
to do this? 11. That would seem like a good start! Oh so THAT’S why we’ve had so many breakouts! Dammit, Johnson, I told you to order the medium-open
locks! 10. I don’t beleive you. What proof do you have? 9. Was the write of this article one of them? 8. Just one? That’s not a very good cemetary then. 7. Phrasing! 6. As opposed to sending them to the…closed…school? That’ll teach them! (Or not…get it?) 5. Yeah, hey, or, you could not! This might explain where those funds have
been going. 4. That’ll teach those zombies! 3. They sure aren’t. 2. NOOOOOOO! They weren’t prepared! 1. I wonder if this was an intended pun. So, what’s the wackiest headline you’ve ever
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100 thoughts on “25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines

  1. My favourite headline, from Christchurch, New Zealand, many years ago; "BIRD HIT BY 747." A more truthful headline there has never been.

  2. Headline; Man laughs ass off after watching list25 post about WTF headlines! Search for his ass continues…

  3. I’m reading this at 2 am and giggling loudly…my pets are concerned…thanks Mike πŸ€¨πŸ˜†

  4. I live in the Metro Phoenix area, and thirty years ago, there was a morning paper, The Arizona Republic, and an evening paper, The Phoenix Gazette, both owned by the same company. In their "Local Living" sections, a lot of the articles were duplicated, usually even down to the headline. One day, they both printed a story about how dining out in Europe could be significantly different from dining out in the USA.

    This was the afternoon headline: "The Pitfalls of Dining Out in Europe."

    This was the morning headline: "The Dangers of Eating Out Abroad."

  5. OMG my jaws are aching. This was hilarious. I swore I wasn't going to say WTF once while watching this but at number 13 I blurted it out. I'm just glad I didn't make a bet on not saying it. I would have lost out not just once, not just twice but three times πŸ˜‚

  6. Mike! I love having you but if Juan could jump in a few times or do one or two videos I'd like that! But keep up your work guys haha good job

  7. On a trip to Ireland there was a paper that had a headline β€˜Cork man drowns.’ Cork, if you didn’t know is a place πŸ˜‚

  8. The Herald of Free Enterprise was a ferry boat that sailed between England and Europe. In 1987 it capsized not long after leaving Zeebrugge harbour heading across the English Channel. It capsized and nearly 200 passengers and crew members died in the disaster. Several days after the tragedy the ship was righted by specialist salvage tugs. And the headline in one British evening daily paper was: "Hooray, and up she rises!" It went out on the early editions, but when the owner of the paper saw it he made sure it was changed for the late edition and the sub editor who created the headline was fired on the spot.

  9. The Chick headline is accurate and not in error. The woman concerned was called MS Chick. And you do realise that editors often use those WTF headlines on purpose? It's what makes our working day more bearable.

  10. I remember an apology printed in a local paper, last week we congratulated (name) on retirement as a detective member of the police farce, we of course ment a defective member of the police force

  11. Very recently we had a headline in the Marshfield News-Herald that one of the local churches bought the old strip club on the south side of the city πŸ˜‚

  12. Re: #13: There was a story I remember about Fox almost suing itself over the Simpson's parody of the Fox News ticker.
    Another headline I remember seeing: "Dead man ordered: Get back to work!"

  13. Years ago, some lawyers agreed to give free advice to indigents. The headline: "Lawyers Offer Poor Free Advice."

  14. "World war two bomber found on the moon"
    This came from a (now closed) UK tabloid called the Sunday sport. Was a bit of a joke newspaper and was famous for its outrages headlines and topless women in every other page.
    Some say that the story is true and it's a government cover up.

  15. #12 ~ that's not the man in the article is it? It says that the guy is 18 and he looks to be 48. #9 ~ that's her last name hahaha

  16. "Man Has Sex With Sheep; Cops Can't Find Him…Because He's On The Lamb!!"

    [Not real, but I though EWE would like it!] πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

  17. Mike, do a list with WTF captions to pictures. Examples: When Mickey Rooney died, People magazine had a pic of him with his ex wife Ava Gardener. Trouble was that it wasn't Ava Gardener it was Esther Williams, one of his movie co-stars!!
    When Neil Armstrong died, same worthless magazine ran a pic of him on the moon. Yep, fail again because the pic was of Jim Irwin of Apollo 15…the Moon Rover in the background made the distinction obvious to anyone who knew the details of the Apollo program which the editors of People magazine do not.
    Great channel BTW πŸ™‚

  18. An all Time Favorite from The New York Post – April 15, 1983 – HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR. I still have a copy of the edition from that day. I can send you a pic if you like πŸ˜‰

  19. Not quite the same as a headline, but I once saw an ad selling a mare (female horse) that was apparently half gelding (sterilized male horse).

  20. Be interesting to see what news papers did in the past when they couldn't print their stories as they wished. In South Africa, during apparthied they would put black blocks where text should have been.. There by letting everyone know they were censored from running the story.

  21. "Vehicle involved in chase has at least one suspect in it Officer says." HMM. Well SOMEONE had to be driving the car ! That would be one right there. ( I suppose this doesn't qualify since it was a broadcast instead of a newspaper.)

  22. Okay, THAT eased my depression.
    The worst headline I remember was in fact two headlines placed opsing each other. On the left page was a full page story about a woman whose ex-husband had destroyed her eyes. He was sent to prison but was now to be released – so she was scared. Article showed her face with empty eye-sockets. On the right side was an unrelated article with a headline: New eyes are needed!

  23. The Mayor meant that the homeless need to go back to their HOME TOWNS, so they stop destroying his city's neighborhoods and living off of his county's welfare….it's basically what needs to happen today….

  24. I like Mike, I like List25. But I have to point out almost all of these were featured at one time or other in the segment Headlines Jay Leno used to do on The Tonight Show. Still hilarious! Not claiming plagiarism; he has to get his material somewhere. But for all of you who find this list funny, check out Leno Headlines on YouTube. There's about 8 hours worth. And I've seen them all multiple times. It is very interesting to see Mike's reaction versus Jay's. In some cases I like Mike's reaction and funny quips more than Jay's

  25. American vice president Nelson Rockefeller died of a heart attack while having sex.
    The next day news headlines were β€œNelson thought he was coming but he was going”

  26. Some of my favorites are: "Kids Make Nutritious Snacks, Scientists say"; "Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charges"; and "Typhoon Hits Cemetery, Thousands Dead" – yes these were all real headlines.

  27. Many years ago, a small town in Essex, just north of London, had it's library closed due to financial cuts. The headline for the article about this read: 'BOOK LACK IN ONGAR'. Genius.

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