3 Days in Rome Vlog! Colosseum, Forum, Vatican, Food, Travel

3 Days in Rome Vlog! Colosseum, Forum, Vatican, Food, Travel

100 thoughts on “3 Days in Rome Vlog! Colosseum, Forum, Vatican, Food, Travel

  1. Hi! nice vlog! Which month of the year you were there? We are going in winter (January end) & expecting a li'l less crowd. Any tip though? Thnx!

  2. Epicly filmed! A little jelly because we have just started out :p Rome was incredible though, glad we're not the only ones that loved it <3

  3. Very nice video and lots of wonderful tips and ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    Question – on which web site do you advice to purchase the "skip the line" tickets to Rome and Vatican?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. where did you stay there? I'm looking for a good hotel in a good area but not too expansive. do you have any tip to me?
    I'm going in June of 2018 with my mother.
    thanks and congrats for this video!!

  5. Great fun to see good old Rome again! We visited on our honeymoon and have ended up there a couple more times (it's a common stop for Ryanair is your going from west Europe to the Balkans!) New subs here so we can follow along! Drop us a line sometime, maybe we'll be in the same place one day : ) Safe travels! – h&c

  6. You have an "eye" for good film-making! Your vlog is the first that I have seen where "classical music" was incorporated into the narrative. Love this and do more, as your narration is well-done but I think that you like the cinematic aspect of travel vlogging…Yes! L.O.L. Your choice of script, music and scene editing is excellent! I really like your style…

  7. The music was a great choice whilst on the bus tour! Gives me a great idea
    as I will do this also on my holiday in Rome! Count me in as a new subscriber.

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  9. Great video, my wife and I are going to Rome and Naples in July. Just curious which hotel did you stay at in Rome?

  10. It looks like you had a great time, I like the music you chose to show the pictures with, I am going this April 2018.

  11. Good video, I will be there this summer and I like how you tag the places on Google maps. How do you do it, I haven't figure out how to do the virtual map. Any suggestions?

  12. I like his accent. His accent reminds me of……………nothing…………absolutely nothing………?

  13. Nice and informative guide. The restaurant you are having dinner in 11:05 is La Scala in Trastevere? Any other good restaurants in Rome you recommend?

  14. I enjoyed watching your video. Vety well done, and the music is great. My family and I spent a week in Rome enjoying all of the city's sites while traveling through Europe. The Colosseum was magnificent. We look forward to returning and exploring more! We will keep an eye out for more of your videos. – Keep in touch-Michelle 🙂

  15. can anyone please tell from ciampino airport to ciampino hotel, is it better if i get the bus or should i just get a taxi from there? thank you

  16. Love your "cinematic humor"….here and there in your "script", you inject such very clever things!L.o.l. I notice them because I enjoy "screen-writing" and while you are "characterized" as a "travel vlogger", I would characterized you as a "film-maker"; as your "vlogs" are quite sophisticated in their "sequence outline" of shots and "story board".

  17. So you were there 3,4 days? Did you see all the (primary) sites you intended? Was your tour rushed or just …brisk? =p Cheers.

  18. Hi, I did know the line to St Peter's was so long. What time were you there? Would it be better in the morning like 9 or 10? Is there many taxis around?

  19. 4:04 (appropriate number) – You Brits need to make up your minds… Are you European or not?!
    My Opinion is that You are certainly part of the European racial group as you share the same makeup of DNA that comprises All Europeans going back almost 50,000 years.. That is Western hunter gatherers, Early European Farmers and Aryans. Due to the ways in which these groups (who all were originally one group if you trace their migrations back far enough) migrated into Europe you will find more Aryan DNA in the north of Europe and More Early European Farmer DNA in the south. Every European [Including the British] is made from the DNA of these 3 groups. In later periods of history we know that the Romans settled Britain for a while and while they did not leave too much DNA behind they left the foundations for civilization in the form of towns that would go on to become some of the islands largest cities including LONDON. Later some German trouble makers came in and set up operations leaving a large chunk of DNA and a royal family, also sadly ensuring that the islands culture would be more of a Germanic rather than Latin based culture but much of the original celtic culture still remains which is very nice. So Yep you guys are 100% European both genetically and culturally!

  20. Love these excellent made videos … can you help me as going travelling this year have I got it right that from Uk we can only go to Europe for 3 months and then cannot go back for 6 months lol … please could someone confirm this to me as feel like this is just craziness

  21. I am going to Rome for 3 nights/4 days in March, this has added a few more places to visit on our list, thanks 🙂

  22. Which month were you there please? Can i know if you guys drank out of the taps or drank bottled/filtered water? I am a bit of a hygiene freak. Thanks loads!

  23. We too will have 3 full days and stay at the same hotel, the Savoy.. by any chance can you advise me on what camera and equipment you used??
    Also do you have a walking itinerary??
    Great job on this video!! Thanks so much !!

  24. You seriously make the best traveling videos !
    I don't regret subscribing you since the Malta video.
    And I can't believe that an iPhone can record such a HD video like a television camera !

  25. Did the same with Vatican Museum tickets – booked it online and avoided the long line! Best idea ever 🙂

  26. Hey! I like your video fellow Brit (I think from your accent!). You are also funny and great shots, I like the style and music. Does your wife do any of the narrative? I’m going to Rome is 3 weeks, thanks for the tips.

  27. "…or something like that?" Know your material or be quiet. I hope you have a day job because your videos are barely tolerable.

  28. Big Thumbs UP, for the Quick Massage at the Hotel. My favorite Part of the Entire Video. JA, JA, JA, JA, JA, JA, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I looks like you had great fun in Rome, ha ha ha! Made me feel envious for the duration of the vlog..?
    Just a few things I couldn't help noticing, if you don't mind?:
    'Trinità' is just one word, as in 'Trinità dei Monti' (so three words in total, not four).
    'Piazza Navona' with an 'A' at the end. You don't need to make a bigger effort and try to put an '-ee' sound to make it appear more Italian ?.
    Also, 'Via del Corso' with an 'O' at the end. The other attempts, obviously, don't exist although you must have had a few glasses of wine at that point, which adds to the fun of the vlog. So you're excused! ?
    Last but not least, a 'bar' is a BAR in Italy. A 'café' is a CAFÉ too – in other words a usually more refined bar, possibly with a terrace, and serving nice coffees principally, as well as food (sweet or salty, often nothing too complicated).
    And restaurants in Italy, that's true, come under different nomenclature, depending on their different categories, decor, type of food (traditional, more modern, national, local, the way it is made, etc.) and prices. They are: OSTERIA, TAVERNA, TAVOLA CALDA, ROSTICCERIA, PIZZERIA, TRATTORIA, RISTORANTE,…
    Please don't take offence from these corrections! I really love your films and found this one really great too, but couldn't pretend I hadn't observed a few hiccups. I'm too passionate about Italy to let it pass! ?

  30. Awesome vid! The massage part was quite funny ? From which website did you pre-book your tickets for the Vatican etc please? We’re visiting for our first wedding anniversary this November ❤️

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