3 Steps to Driving More Website Traffic By Repurposing Your Blog Content

3 Steps to Driving More Website Traffic By Repurposing Your Blog Content

You want more traffic. Well, who doesn’t? Everyone does. But to get more traffic, everyone always says
you need to create new content. That’s a lot of work, and you know what? That’s false. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
going to teach you how to drive more traffic with your old content. Number One: Take all of your old content and
continually post it on your Facebook fan page over and over again. If you notice on the Neil Patel Facebook fan
page, a lot of the content I post isn’t new. I take articles that were published a year
ago and re-share them on Facebook. You know what? It drives a lot of traffic. That actually accounts for more than 60% of
my Facebook traffic. That’s right. My old content drives more than 60% of my
Facebook traffic. The second thing you need to do is tweet out
10 times a day. When I was tweeting only once a day, I was
getting less than 1000 visitors a month, and then when I tweeted out over 10 times a day,
I got over 4000 visitors a month. What you want to do is use a tool Buffer to
schedule your tweets, and you want to take all your old content and schedule it on Twitter
and continually tweet out roughly 10 times a day. That way your old content is continually driving
traffic back to your site. The third thing you need to do is you probably
have shared your content on LinkedIn, but you haven’t posted the content on LinkedIn. What I mean by that is you can actually write
articles on LinkedIn. Take your old content, put the first few paragraphs
on LinkedIn, and then at the end put “Click to continue reading.” That “Click to continue reading” link will
drive people back to your site. I do this roughly four times a week on my
LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way for me to drive traffic to
neilpatel.com. And you know what’s happened by doing this? Well, before on LinkedIn, I wasn’t even getting
2000 visitors a month, and now I’m getting over 33,000 visitors a month from LinkedIn
purely by doing one thing, which is taking the first few paragraphs of my old content,
publishing it on LinkedIn, and then putting the “Click to continue reading” link. It’s that simple. You can also use other social networks like
Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, but using these three social networks is what’s going
to drive most the traffic from your old content back to your site. It’s a simple way to get more website visitors.

16 thoughts on “3 Steps to Driving More Website Traffic By Repurposing Your Blog Content

  1. Why don't you use CDR? customer driven responses.. like fancy cars girls etc etc generates more views and if you link your information to something that everyone wants you'll get more views too.. an example: How to buy your dreamcar by generating more traffic from your old content

  2. Keep going Neil. You've got the consistency down. If anything, I'd do more thumbnail split-testing. Look at TeachingMensFashions channel and model him. He's killin it

  3. Hi Neil, I am currently deciding between drive traffic by 1: Paying for adversing 2: Sticking with good old organic traffic, this is driving me crazy since i am new to youtube and dont know what to do, how should I aproach this?

  4. Hey Neil! Great vids, keep it on.

    Quick question though : isn't rewriting the article in LinkedIn going to create an external duplication issue?

  5. Yes I have noticed I thing that you are continuing to repeat the same things on youtube too but in a different way overall you videos are so helpful I have watched 45 until now and going to all 236 I learn a lot of things from your videos ??keep it up Neil and as usual you always reply to my comment

  6. I know a big handful who have used influencer marketing in driving traffic into their blog. It's what i used for mines with phlanx as my platform and so far i'm doing really well with it

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