3 Very Useful Websites for GFX Designers – Urdu / Hindi

3 Very Useful Websites for GFX Designers – Urdu / Hindi

Awesome! means internet had been issued this time Come on Assalm-o-Alaikum!
Welcome to GFX Mentor I’m your teacher Imran and today I didn’t come to take any class I’ll share with you all two most useful websites rather, three websites 1 website always you have seen, which images mostly i use in Photoshop that is most of the time people ask me again & gain which website i use to download images so, if you watch here this is a free images website it means, this website is created by creative common this web was controlling copyright issues basically that was creative commons, right and, CC is the licenses of creative common all images in unplash.com have 0 license That means you can download images from here even you can use it in your commercial projects no one will claim you that is the best part of this website but, they say, say thanks if possible you should say thanks, who captured this photo he/she will be happy that’s okay, now second website. this is a most old website which i was using long ago you can guess from it’s homepage latest update date is january 27th, 2013 in this website you’ll see a marvelous thing innumerable textures, free textures alot of there are some fonts also but best thing i get only textures in this website so, if i click simply on texture here you will see and find alot of, alot of textures for example and even you can search, my all time favorite texture leather you search here leather, see i have already searched Now you will see a post of this here so you can watch here with the google search any way, this web is attached with google search if you click on free Hi-Res Leather textures so if you see, these are very high quality leather scans and you can download all these, these are very very high quality textures but seamless is the very useful part in it so if you download from 1st link, Hi-Res Leather textures have only 180 MB size and if you download form only seamless one, it’s only 2.5 MB size look, I am downloading and I’ll show you the result of seamless textures all right, I’ve downloaded leather textures I’m simply doing unzip it on my desktop, like this you can unzip it any where, where you want if you go inside in this folder you will see 3 resolution texture of each like 300×300, 400×400 and 700×700 which is so amazing, if you zoom it and look it’s very high quality texture, and the best part is, it’s seamless seamless means, you choose any leather texture in these and drop it on Photoshop, see this i am dragging it on PS and if I select all [CTRL+A] go on edit and select define pattern I’ve taken small size of texture image, right Now i am taking a big size file like, 1024x 1024 and if i fill pattern on it which I’ve defined before see this, this is completely seamless and very good result and it’s very helpful for you all if you watch on fuzzimo, there are available many more textures these textures aren’t created by themselves (fuzzimo) these are real textures which are scanned, that provide a high result how to create seamless, you all know how, you can all also create seamless all right, 3rd website is very important, means life saver that means you will feel very happy and good and will enjoy most of the time we go anywhere and we’ve to do some works on Photoshop and in there’s computer Photoshop is not available now you will not install Photoshop there if there is internet available where you’re going so, go on photopea.com and I’ll recommend you that press F11 on your chrome browser or whatever browser you’re using F11 will change into full screen of your browser this is complete Photshop, online PS from here you can create new file even though, you can open any file from your PC see this, I’m opening a JPEG file and that’s my last video tutorial thumbnail if you wanna take layers, even blending modes are available opacity option is available even though, blending option is available here so, for example i drag a rectangle here double click here, see this you have bevel & emboss etc each and everything is here right I extend the size so my sons/daughters, you have online PS Photopea.com it’s not a payable online software But i wanted to share with you all it’s very helpful if you don’t have PS anywhere and internet is available then use it and enjoy and the best part is all shortcuts of PS also work here many tools are here but definitely some of the tools etc will not be here but I don’t think there will be any stoppage in your work due to few tools so I hope, you like these there websites tell me in comment that should I make this type of video as a tips video should I make or not so I hope you would like this video if you like this video, if you like this video so please like, subscribe and share my channel this video should be shared, right Thank you

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  1. Sir you are doing great. Today's video is very very needful to graphics designer. Specially the last website is special one for me.

  2. You are the real mentor…. I didn't know any thing about any kind of designing… Now, I design logos, brouchers , cards and banners at my friend's shop…

  3. thank you sir bhut pasand ai apki video me pakistan se ho mene apki first video dikhi ha bhut achy lagy spacially photopea.com great wab hay thank you again plz ase or videos create kia kare

  4. Hey Hi Imran Sir, How's lyf?? I watched your akely na jana humein chor ker tum wali video and my heart dropped down in my tummy that whyyy.. but whatever you said was absolutely correct.. i love the way you teach the way you speak nd everything about yew.. i was swamped in my own jhamely that's why couldn't watch your each video but I'll definitely make tym for the channel soon I.A.. I'm begging you that never ever think to shutdown the channel plzz.. take it as a threat.. LOL! I've a request that plz make a detailed video over what i.t courses should we learn must and how to create our own customized invitation card+print
    Lots of Love

  5. โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜Š
    Yeah, Best Mentor
    Make more videos like these. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™‚
    May Allah bless you!

  6. Definitely Sir, you are always same to us such as that, you are our pathfinder, you showed us how to paint,how design, how to edit, from where get help, so we, specifically myself learnt almost everything from you, so I hope you will alongside me as the time goes. Take care Sir, Love u so much Sir, deep deep respect not so much lesser than for my parents respect for you from the bottom of my heart, Assalamu Alaykum.

  7. 1) Unsplash 0:32
    2) Fuzzimo 1:32
    3) Photopea 5:00
    Be sure to hit like button.

  8. you are great sir , apka knowledge jo ap share kr rh h iska ajar apko akhrat m b milyga aur Allah isko sadqa jariya bna de apke ly ameen lots of prayers for you

  9. Amazing sir kindly please ak video ap hamary design kisi platform pay sale karne ho earning k lie or pakistan me wo withdraw ho to btaiga video me

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