365 Collage Journal 2015 Flip Through

365 Collage Journal 2015 Flip Through

hi, I’m Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studios where creativity comes to life one of [the] [things] that I love to play with in the Studio is collage and this past year I reinvigorated a project that I did many years ago which was to create a collage [every] day in a 365 Collage Journal, and that’s what I’m going to share with you today I’ve had such fun putting it together. It didn’t last me quite a year but it is full and ready for a flip through for you and just to give you an idea of Where it’s come since the beginning? This is my new? 365 Collage journal it is that both of these are de serres? Sketchbooks I use them because they’re affordable, and they’re strong [and] they pretty much hold together though I did put a little bit of tape on it for an extra binding this is how thick my book became So you can see this is Where we started and this is where we ended up and I hope that that is An indication of just how full life has been over the past year Okay, so today what I’m gonna. Do is just give you a nice flip through through? my 365 Collage Journal I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to make your own I do have a video that [explains] more about the process and I’ll be sure to link to that here we go you you you I hope this inspires you to create Something every day to gather your year and hold it in a way [that] inspires you motivates you and helps you see all the beauty of your here for [more] creative living inspiration come on over and visit [Via] Jamie bindler studios open the door dot Ca see you soon you

29 thoughts on “365 Collage Journal 2015 Flip Through

  1. Thanks so much for this, Jamie — my daily journal is steadily moving toward this and you've inspired me so much with this video! Thanks, too, for the peek into your life & art: I had tears in my eyes when I saw the pictures of Jinx, and laughed when I saw your memorial to "Dierdre" — another Corrie Street fan! — & smiled at the kittens & grinned at your election 2015 page with our new Prime Minister front & centre (your pages look like mine!). These collage journals really do visually capture the mood of the events & days so much better than words, don't they — and I'm a word person! Thanks again.

  2. I saw Ridy in your collage…. Love that great inspiring and creative way of keeping memories of the year. I do it on pinterest but it isn't on a daily basis : I should, it's awesome.

  3. OH Jamie, this is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed watching it and seeing all the beautiful collages you made.

  4. Hi Jamie! I watched your video a couple of weeks ago and was so inspired that I immediately started my own 365 collage journal. I am using an altered book and having so much fun filling the pages. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing your journal with us. I am inspired to do a collage as well as the end masse journal by Shannon green.

  6. Your collage journal makes me feel better about some of the pages in my gluebook not being much more than a background image from a full magazine page. Sometimes those images are "enough" for me and I always felt strange about it.

  7. Dear Jamie I am so in love with your collage 365 glue picture collage books! I must have watched the videos infinite times! Have you completed any more picture books or any more of 365 collage journals? Would you consider doing a flip thru of them? Thank you for sharing 💕💕 Radha

  8. Hi Jamie. Do you know if they still carry this particular sketchbook? I can't seem to find it. Also do you still do this project? I don't see any flip through videos on your channel recently.

  9. Jamie I have watched this video so many time that I’ve forgotten if I’ve commented, (I’m sure I have) but wanted to say how much I love your esthetic and your calming voice and you inspired me to start a glue book which I love working in every day!!

  10. Wow! Love the flip through… very inspiring and motivating. I definitely want to commit to starting my own collage collection. Thanks for sharing.👌🏽🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing your Collage-Book with us. You have created so much great pages. I like to make collages very much. so with this video , I have some new ideas for making collages…..thank you again for showing this vudeo

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