4 Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING | Power Phrases for Work | Funny Power Phrases

4 Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING | Power Phrases for Work | Funny Power Phrases

These are four magic duct-tape phrases, MAGIC!
If you have these four magic phrases, you can respond to anything anybody ever says
to you while buying yourself a moment of time to think while regaining your composure. No
matter what they say to you, if you are insulting to me, if you’re disrespectful to me, that’s
about you. I’m a person who validates you. And so they all start off the same way: That’s
interesting. And then there are four ways to finish that, so they all start off with
that’s interesting, but number one, Tell me more. Say that out loud “That’s interesting,
tell me more.” Say that, “Thats interesting tell me more.” Say it again! “That’s interesting
tell me more.” Say it again, “That’s interesting tell me more.” One more time! “That’s interesting,
tell me more.” That is the number one phrase of all time, where if you add that to your
verbal repetiore, and whip it out all the time, it’ll serve you if you haven’t consciously
added that, interesting tell me more about that, interesting go on. That one phrase gets
me out of so many different pickles, ah but not everything. So, tell me more. Two, Why
would you say that? Number three, Do that? Number four, Ask that? I don’t care what somebody
throws at you, if you can respond by saying, interesting, why would you say that to me?
Interesting. What you say is, that’s interesting tell me more. That’s interesting, why would
you say that? That’s interesting, why would you do that? That’s interesting, why would
you ask me that? There is nothing that you can’t respond to, but what happens to most
of us is somebody says something thats not… honorable and our ego rears its head and says
something disrespectful back. If instead, when I feel that chemical reaction in my body
, that’s starting to, that tastes toxic in our mouth, you know you can taste the anger
sometimes? In those moments that’s where I want to stop and instead of saying the first
thing into my brain, I might say to you, well that’s interesting why would you say something
like that to me? Becasue the responses that I’ve gotten when I choose that path, you know
when I’ll say, why would you ask something like that? That’s when the master teacher
appears, that’s when that person, who at first looked like a horrible energy vampire, when
I ask that person, interesting why would you say that to me? And I really mean that, you
know, why would you be saying that to me? It is amazing what’s reflected back to me
in those moments. What I see in them, you know what, when the invisibility cloak is
finally dropped and I find out why you’re saying these things, why you’re asking me
that, or I’m just showing you what a savvy communicator looks like. Maybe that’s the
lesson of this, is to show you you cannot rattle my cage. With those four phrases there’s
nothing that you can’t respond to, even if it’s like, you know, like a not so nice question.
But its true, a lot of us we get taken off guard because somebody asks us, you know like
those of you who are like not married, people will say at, you know family gatherings, so
when are you getting married? When are you going to have kids? When are going to have
kids? When are you getting married? I want to start asking people, interesting why would
you ask me something like that? You know, interesting, why? A lot of us will say to
our employees, you need to be at your desk by eight o’clock tomorrow morning, can you
do that? And they’ll say things like I don’t know, maybe… A lot of employers, you know
the bosses, they’ll snap right back and they’ll show that person that they’ve lost their cool,
but you know how we’ve all seen supervisors and managers say things to employees such
as, well interesting Dan tell me why would you say that? And when I watch it I’m like,
ooooh thats good! It’s like watching them go yaaah! Right in the face, you know what
I’m talling about? It’s like watching them give a karate communication kick! That’s the
way I want to communicate, you know, I want to take steps to become more like that and
if you send me e-mails I will send you lots of information so that you can take steps,
but I know it’s time for lunch, you guys, so here’s what I’d like you to do now. Please
keep my e-mail handy so that you keep in touch with me, even if it’s just a fun story. I
need some thought of the day sometimes, if you have a good book or a good resource, if
you would like, because this is usually a full day course, and I have to cram what I
can. If you would like more resources, book suggestions things like that, just shoot me
an e-mail, and I will get back to you. I am so grateful for this morning, I’m gonna see
you during lunch, we’re all going to get lunch, I’ll come and harass you during lunch as well.
But, you know it’s true that not all of my sessions, wherever I go, not all of them are
fun, like this. Not everybody treats me the way that you all treated me here and I want
you to know I cannot tell you how grateful I am, because when I go to different places,
I kind of know what to expect and even though I have not met most people in this room, I
knew what to expect when I got up here this morning and it was such a delight getting
up and coming down here to meet all of you because you’re always so good to me and I’m
grateful so for that. So I hope to see you all again really soon in the future and until
then keep in touch with the e-mail and I’ll see you during lunch, ok guys? Thanks a lot!

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  1. That's Interesting the personality of this guy reminds me of Richard Simmons. And good information here.

  2. e is forgetting people texting & messaging, not telling U this stuff to your face. How do U respond to someone saying U need to change so U don't make people not want to be around U. This is all made up stuff since this guy hasn't seen me with anyone except 1 time in 8 yrs. he popped that out on his own saying yes U were charming at the Christmas party. U have that in U. Like that is the only time he has ever been with me with people for a long time!!
    He mostly drops by when he has a spare minute & I mean a minute. He is very wealthy,successful. Not too unattractive or out of shape.he is however a Scorpio! I told him we could not ever get along. He mostly just gives me things,like I'm his poor project. Not his equal. When he came by out of the blue & said he had just a few minutes. I said why don't U come by when U have more time? Well the shit hit the fan.He blew up shouting at me I don't have any free time!!!! Then he stormed out of my place.. He has also said things like this to me in the past.I am the greatest health care person in the whole world.I could hardly keep from laughing. He acts like many very rich people I know.Their time is so busy. They always say they R busy for U to call them back.If I say why don't U call me when U have a moment to call me since I can't see when U will be free to chat. They look shocked! Like how dare I suggest they call me!!!!

    Anyhow I don't see how this works very well when they don't talk to U,but message or text U mainly.. Hard to do this. I did say in a message when he put me down again. That's interesting. Thanks for sharing. Then when he talked about how he use to be like me,but learned from people he pushed away being so intense. How he changed because they didn't like how he was acting. Trying to show me how he changed from how I am to how he is .& that is why he has many friends! he doesn't have real close friends in general that I can see except his partner in work who is his roommate too.

    I guess he was trying to show me how wrong he was & how wrong I am & when I do what he did people will like me.People happen to adore me. I am very kind,thoughtful,helpful & giving even though I have no money.I give of my time & energy to others.I see need & offer my help. I grew up with rich kids who's parents were too busy making money to spend time with their kids.. He is treating me just like that. I am not reacting to his constant digs & insults. Oh he says nice things too.Even says I love U. Yea right.. He keeps tabs on look what I DID FOR U EVEN WHEN I DIDN'T EVER ASK FOR THE CRAP HE DOES OR GIVES ME. He gets mad when i tell him I don't want something he went out & bought for me. He says I should just accept it shut my mouth & say thank u. even if i didn't want the item he got for me. Some nerve!!

  3. This guy has a very agricive style of talking all I see is supreced anger. So after all this technique is not so good after all. Maybe it'sa good technique if you are a poltican or CEO and can never loose your face. But if someone is rude to you just be rude back. In this world not everbody is brought up by good parents that teach you how to behave and treat other people in a nice way. Some parent's teach there children to be rude laie all the time and the only important thing is to be the best and a winner. Kids don't do what you tell them to do the do the same thing's as there parents do. So if you as a parent smoke and drink infront of your kid your kid are going to smoke and drink as a teen/adult. It's all inherant behaviour but conformity in a group is also a big factor people are always going to pick at the one,s that sticks out. So just be rude back if someone insult you. Then be smarter stronger faster and treat other people in a nice way. The one's that insult other people to look better are always going to be losers in the long run.

  4. Best phrase when someone asks you a question: "Well, you know, you never can tell." Shuts the other person up immediately, with a look of perplexity on their face, and you walk away clean.

  5. But i have to disagree with the fact that someone else cannot control your reality, i get up everyday ,from a sleepless night and with a positive affirmation in my mind and try to live in my house, but then this man leaves traps for me, everyplace, trying to take food away trying to hold my animals over me, this is worse than any nightmare, and i am sick out of work, and all i do is clean cook and try to make peace in my house, so ,he has the money, so yes he can get up in my face and belittle me curse me, man handle me, and verbal abuse me anime he wants, so i stand up to him and say get out of my face back off, the he runs to the animal bin to through out 45 DOLLAR BAG OF ANIMAL FOOD, THIS IS A NEVER ENDING HORROR FILM AND I HAVE BEEN TO ARTEMIS HOUSE HE GOT ARRESTED FOR STRANGLING ME, AND I NEARLY LOST MY HOME, MY MOTHER, IS HERE AND I TAKE CARE OF HER, SO I LIVE A HELLISH LIFE THAT I WANT TO CHANGE , BUT IT SEAMS THE ONLY WAY OUT WILL BE SUICIDE ,but OF COURSE THAT IS WHAT HE IS HOPING FOR, SO I GET UP EVERYDAY AND DO MY BEST TO HIDE AND AVOID HIM ,PRAY FOR ME AND MY MOM PLEASE,

  6. I have watched this video several times….always find it to be very useful for those trying communications situations.

  7. Keeps on making sense when others lose the plot. Thanks, Dan. Bought the book and just getting into the good parts,

  8. Unnerving a narcissist that lives in your house is just plan stupid. Then u get a mental beating . Wow . Not good enough for everyone. If it's a strange r. Well that's really not good enough either. Rethink the equasion

  9. The "magic" is that these questions redirect the "problem" back to the perp. It cancels, if you will, the insult or harsh statement/question that the perp delivered to you. It's brilliant. Rather than getting a bad reaction from you, the perp is getting the problem dumped back in his lap.

  10. Hi Dan I find video very helpful and instructive. It is very well done and I appreciate your professionalism, teaching ability and how entertaining it is. Well done! I have used these magic phrases and they really work! The one I use most is "That's interesting Why would you say that?". I have purchased you book "Energy Vampire Slaying 101" and I am reading and studying the book the way recommend. I have learned so much and I do want to be a good communicator as you are. Please keep up the good work. I have seen many of your videos on utube and have subscribed for a few months. Thank You Dan!!!

  11. You know those stupid yo mama jokes? My favorite way of responding is by saying my mum is dead, she’s not dead, but the reaction you get is wonderful ?

  12. That's interesting. 🙂 I might have to try this on the asshole I work with who I have noticed has this predictable pattern of, every time I tell him i'm going on break will without fail say, "I thought you already went on break."

    "I thought you already went on break."
    "That's interesting. Why would you think that?"

  13. imaginations !
    Step into real world, say "tell me more" & they will keep telling you more & more.

    why would you tell me that?
    they will tell more n insult you more…. lol

  14. I remember watching this video years ago through a different account (my old account) and it was the first video I watched by you and admired you ever since. Eventhough I tend to switch and delete accounts a lot out of my inability to stick to one thing for too long, I know I have a problem, working on it, but nonetheless, I always followed you back whenever I made a new account!

    Man this comment is longer than I anticipated.
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

  15. 1. That's interesting tell me more…
    2. " " why would say something like that?
    3. " "why would do something like that?
    4. " " why would you say that to me?

  16. For the first 42 years of my life, I had zero skills to protect and deflect against toxic people, which made me an easy target. I've been building up my arsenal and I'll definitely add this to it. 🙂

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  18. Hello Dan, I found this video about a year ago. I wrote down those 4 effective phrases and kept them in my wallet. They are still there and it's amazing how much I use them. Thank you so much for all you do!

  19. Tidy your room

    1. That's interesting… Tell me more
    Its a mess
    2. That's interesting… Why would you say that?
    Its a mess
    3. That's interesting… Why would you do that?
    Do what?
    4. That's interesting… Why would you ask that?
    Cause its a mess and messy place atract vermin and smells
    Thats intresting …
    But in and say its not, your a slob
    Thats intresting why would you say that
    Are u on drugs. .
    That intresting. .
    But in no its not im off ..byeeè

  20. Mom: have you eat your breakfast?
    Me: that's interesting tell me more.!
    Mom:wtf. Are you in drugs?
    Me: interesting why you asking me that?

  21. This is great. I’m always at a loss for words at the personal questions people ask me. And how to handle
    Questions of topics I wish not to discuss

  22. Watch, practice, watch again…repeat. The message is timeless and expertly presented by a HUMAN BEING who should be considered a pioneer in developing and promoting effective communication techniques that can be used by everyone. We celebrate and honor classics in many genre like cinema, theater, music, etc. This is a communication classic. Bravo Dan, this presentation is enlightening.

  23. I’ll answer an idiot’s question if possible depending on what that stupid question is and then I’ll say in a firm and calm voice, “What else can I help you with? “ They just flatline, sometimes laugh out of being blank and have no idea what to say! It’s amazing. Try it with annoying people. You know the ones.

  24. He scared me when he screamed "Magic!" He spoke like they were all in trouble. If he worked at Hogwarts he'd be snapes teachers aid.

  25. Almost like a 5 yr. old that gets on the "why?" rant and answers EVERYTHING with, why?  It's an open ended question and round we go:)

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