100 thoughts on “5 dead in shooting at Annapolis newspaper, shooter in custody | WJLA-TV coverage

  1. So can we ban shotguns now you all protested the AR-15 ugh I'm sure if they are white they will be labelled right wing and a trump supporter.

  2. let's just say what all the politicians say 'thoughts and prayers' and we will wait for the next one.

  3. The mind is the most powerful weapon. The key to this systemic problem is Education. We need to teach how to gain control over ones thoughts, actions and feelings.

  4. Why do these people seek violence as an answer? all these shooters are pussies, if you've killed an unarmed man with a gun, you are nothing but a pussy

  5. Well, I'll be cynical: As Trump has stated before, the mainstream media (MSM) is clearly the "enemy of the people". It seems to me that Trump is simply getting what he wants. Other white people attacking and killing his and America's enemies for him.

    Why wouldn't he be pleased about this? Huh?!? Karma is a bitch.

  6. If you yell fire in a theater and someone dies, you get charged with murder…Trump just said last weekend in rally, "the media is the enemy"…he's been yelling fire and more people are now dead…!…smh…this is 🇺🇸

  7. Does anyone else find the cover photo for this video disturbing? The original picture was a picture of the scene. Why was it changed to a generic “4th of July Celebrations” cover photo?

  8. We all are gonna comment on this, everyone will say they are either for/against the possession of firearms, the politicians will send thoughts and prayers and do shit, then everyone forgets, we get some peace and quiet and in a little while another shooting will happen

  9. The WHITE GUY did it…AGAIN. Who's to blame Guns, Mental Health, the cool-aid, Trump or his pet gold fish Abraham?

  10. This is something that was bound to happen, I'm surprised it hasn't happened to a bunch of reporters. The media likes to inflame, control and alienate regular people. Expect much more of this and can't say I feel bad at all. Media deserves this and than some

  11. Notice all these shooting did not happen until Trump took office and he is not doing anything to even try and fix it! Does a boulder have to fall on everyones head before we admit the truth! How many people are you going to let die to support this administration which does not care or have no kind of plan in place not even for our schools!

  12. It's so sad that the other day at work the administration team was yelling very rude at a coworker to where they was in tears….I was so nervouse of the out come I was ready to sneak out the side door of my job….not to say that this was the case. ..but I was feeling like this could have happend…..smh

  13. Sources close to the investigation are reporting that the shooter was motivated by Maxine Waters and her call for an anti-American revolution.

  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/26/more-than-100-politicians-murdered-in-mexico-ahead-of-election.html

    But please, do carry on about Gun Violence and Open Borders in America.

  15. Ban liberals that take up Maxine's Waters call to attack…once this guy is put in jail are you going to be concerned they are separated from their loved ones?

  16. I've seen so much ignorance in these comments and everywhere. if you are so idiotic you blame race or the president you are a waste of air.

  17. Well that's a hell of a way to bury testimony from capital hill on FBI corruption of the Obama administration. Way to go deep state!

  18. Proverbs 1:24-26

    24 Because I have called, and ye refused: I have stretched out mine hand, and none would regard.

    25 But ye have despised all my counsel, and would none of my correction,

    26 I will also laugh at your destruction, and mock when your fear cometh

    What did you think would happen when you kicked the Word of God out of the country?

  19. Give up those guns America, the UN isn't happy you still have them. Never let a good drill go to waste.

  20. Wonder is Maxine waters should be blamed for this!? She's a warmongering evil bitch who should HANG for treason for enflicting hate and inticing war.

  21. These false flag shootings are ridiculous.The New World Order wants to take our gun rights away. As usual, no blood, no tears, no REAL wpunds. Politicians are gonna come out talking about "gun control" . I just dont understand how people are still falling for these.

  22. Sounds like a Illegal mexiCant named Ramos was fed up with the lying ass media and decided to act…

  23. Unfortunately mainstream media like ABC MSNBC and CNN well somehow I'll turn this into being President Trump's fault. And the families that are dealing with this tragedy and the loss of their loved ones. These people are morning, yet these news entities will drag them through their swamp along with the Democratic leaders. How shameful and disrespectful. God bless these families who lost their loved ones. Please God give them the strength to pull through. My prayers go to all who lost loved ones in this tragedy. God bless you

  24. To all the families who have also suffered: Know that all of the people were brave. God was with them all. This person that did this is evil. I'm so sorry for all who have lost their loved ones. May God bless you, may His light look upon you and give you peace. Amen

  25. Too bad it wasn't Cathy Griffin, Snoop poop, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Robert Denero, Peter Fonda, Linda Sarsour, …maybe next time


  27. I'll make it clear: Sometimes ABC News doesn't bother with changing the thumbnail when they livestream an event. It happens. Often.

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