5 Essential Records to Start a Record Collection

5 Essential Records to Start a Record Collection

Hey everybody out there in the vinyl
community. I am Mike Oliver. I have a lot of records. I also have a fatal brain
disease. My life is now threatened to be shortened due to this disease called
Lewy Body dementia. It’s the second leading cause of dementia behind
Alzheimer’s disease. I have created a blog counting down the records that I’ve
collected throughout my life. Myvinylcountdown.com is my blog. I chronicle
all of these records. I started with 678, and I’m guessing there’s probably 800 or
more. We’re gonna pick just 5 out of this that
would be the foundation of a record collection. If you decided you want to
start a new record rock collection and be cool then you need to get these five
records. My first essential building block record
is Layla by Derek and the Dominos. Eric Clapton and Duane Allman famously became
friends. There was a lot of substance abuse going on in the making of this
record, and there was a lot of Blues and broken relationships. Everybody got
together and made one of the greatest white blues records
I believe I’ve ever heard. This is a newer issue. I had the old one and it just
got worn out. My next record here is Prince 1999. It’s a little older, but
this is where he really blasted off into superstardom. Two record set. “Party like it’s 1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” one of the great songs. “DMS,” “Automatic,” lots of
good stuff on here. Here’s my man, and his name is Van Morrison. A lot of Van
Morrison will do, but I would pick this one to start off with called Moondance by Van Morrison. He’s just been doing his thing for decades, and it’s
superior to almost all music. I know I’m being a little hyperbolic here. This
one’s a good place to start. It has “And it Stoned Me.” The song “Moondance” was a
top 40. Van always keeps good musicians. He’s an incredible singer. He’s an
incredible songwriter. He’s a must for the foundation of your record collection. My fourth essential record for your starting record collection, it’s a
compilation, Best of Otis Redding. He could sing the phonebook and make it
sound great. He has such an amazing soulful voice with his inflections. He’s
best known for a song, “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” which is unusual for him
because it’s kind of a slow ballad type song and he does a lot of deep soul. He does, “Try a Little Tenderness,” “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” “Cigarettes and Coffee” is just heartbreaking. The songs are well written, but his voice
just takes it to a whole new level. Fifth on my top five, Ms. Dolly Parton. Not really a rock and roll singer but influential across all genres of music. A talented singer, songwriter, and performer. The Best of Dolly Parton, this is the
middle one with “Jolene,” “Traveling Man,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Love is like a
Butterfly.” This is the one to get. This is some older stuff where you actually
hear her yodel because she started off in hard country bluegrass. But this is
the one to get to build your collection. I promise you it is well done. So those are
my five essential albums for your starting record collection. There are
many more out there, and I’d love to hear from you about what you think are the
most essential records.

3 thoughts on “5 Essential Records to Start a Record Collection

  1. Howdy Mike.
    Its interesting that this vid was posted the day after I'd come to the decision to keep my vinyl albums (around 300 of them) rather then get rid of them. I've had those albums for a long time and each has a story to go with it. I also decided to get my stereo equipment up to speed and checked online as to where to purchase a new stylus for my Technics turntable and new subwoofers for my Cerwin Vega speakers. My JVC receiver works just fine. The cabinet that holds everything but the speakers is also fine. I also have a cassette player unit, so I reckon I'll keep all my cassettes as well.
    Also, I looked into making a rail to display some albums on the wall. The artwork on albums is so cool. I'm thinking about using wood casing for brick doors and windows that is easily purchased and measures 1 1/2" by 2" by 8', because its deep enough to easily hold the albums propped against the wall. I'm going to put up a wall full of albums, but that won't get them all on the wall so I figure I'll change the ones on display from time to time.
    It was a treat to watch this vid and I thank you for sharing it with us. I bookmarked your blog, which looks cool and interesting, and I'll be checking in to see what you're doing from time to time. : )

  2. Thank you for sharing. I would not replace any of your five suggested starter albums. I will suggest a sixth to make a half dozen: The Dark Side of the Moon.

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