5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Embroidery Business | Apparel Academy (Ep. 1)

5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Embroidery Business | Apparel Academy (Ep. 1)

hey guys welcome to the embroidery
insider podcast I’m your host Henry Ma and in this episode we’re going to talk
about why you should start an embroidery business so let me tell you guys what
you can expect in this podcast you can expect expert strategies and advice from
myself that we have given to embroiders over the years and you’ll also see
episodes where we’ll invite guest speakers and experts in their relative
fields within embroidery to come and give their insight and their advice to
you so you can learn from the community of embroiderers that are out there so
before we get started I just wanted to kind of set the tone for what we’re
gonna cover today in this episode we’re we gonna talk about the fundamentals and
the basics of why you should be starting in an embroidery business this is something
that people wonder a lot about okay is embroidery business the
right business for me and is this gonna be profitable so I want to kind of give
you five reasons why embroidery is so popular and why people are getting
into it and whether it might be the good fit for you and how you should think
about getting into the embroidery business going forward so first and
foremost if you look at businesses out there there’s always a cost associated
with starting a business right and the upfront investment but with embroidery
actually it’s quite inexpensive and quite affordable to get started and what
I mean by that is the variable cost if you look at other industries you might
have to you know rents rent a retail space you might have to get the get
expensive supplies to kick-start your business but with embroidery actually
the supplies are very inexpensive we’re talking about backing and thread and the
essentials like bobbin to to make an embroider product and we’ve actually
done the calculations and those numbers come out to be about you know 15 to 16
cents on average per item if you look at the relative percentage of something
like that over the cost of the item that’s a very very negligible chunk of
your variable cost compared to other industries where your your cost of goods
the input that you have to put in to make a product it’s gonna be much much
higher sometimes you know thirty to forty percent of your overall revenue so
that’s one reason why embroidery is so easy for people to get started in
because the relative cost is very very minimal
and speaking of retail space a lot of employers start out at their homes right
in the garage and a lot of businesses start that way so you don’t have to I
don’t want people to think that you have to invest in a retail space in order to
start off in this business your many successful embroiderers started out from
their garage from their homes and have outgrown that and you can decide at the
right time to move into a retail space if that is a right fit for you so that’s
point number one now that we talked about kind of the supply side let’s talk
about the demand right if you look around everywhere then this is reason
number two if you look around everywhere you will see embroidered goods and
embroidered products pretty much any where that you go whether that’s to a
local restaurant to your local Starbucks where the staff has embroidered aprons
and caps to your local gym or any businesses that need embroidered apparel
for their staff the the demand is everywhere and it’s actually interesting
that on one of our Facebook Live episodes that we did a while back
someone asked this question of do you think the embroidery business is
saturated and I flat out told them no and the reason why is because the demand
is so high and the margins are so high that it allows the room and the capacity
for people to get into this business because whether it’s your local business
your your friends and family is for an event for example there are always
people needing embroidered goods and that’s where the the void is for skilled
embroiderers to be able to fill that void and fulfill that need and so if
you’re skilled and you have a niche for example caps or you do something that
you’re the other local embroiderers can’t do then you can fulfill that niche
and there’s more than enough space and and room in the industry
for different niches to to co-exist and therefore I’d really believe that the
demand for embroidery is always gonna be there because every business wants to
show off their logo and and kind of dawn the the company swag and be able to
build that culture and that brand around the business and if you can position
yourself to do well in that space you have more than enough room to go around
and expand your business in your local area now the third reason why an
embroidery business is a good business to start in is because there are so many
good resources out there and platforms for you to get customers and get the
word out there so ranging from free resources like Facebook pages were and
social media where you can build a following and a lot of our customers
have done that just have an Instagram account or a Facebook page and kind of
post a work that you do that is self and word-of-mouth can travel and get you
business in your in your local area in your local network and those satisfies customers who also refer other customers to you in the future that’s a
just a free easy way to get started but also other platforms like Etsy for
example a lot of embroidered and custom goods are made on there and is very easy
to get started very easy to post your customized goods on there for and and
Etsy has a large enough platform that attracts a lot of users that are looking
for embroidered goods on there whether it’s embroidered jackets towels maybe even
gifts for weddings and baby showers so that kind of platform also allows you to
kind of get started without kind of wondering where your business is gonna
come from and we’ve also actually created a
platform called Garmeo which is essentially a platform that links
businesses and and individuals that have a need for embroidery to those who are
able to fulfill that order so businesses that have embroidery machines that are
looking to fulfill orders can join a platform like Garmeo where orders are
being routed to them kind of like an uber for the embroidery space so that
they can take the orders and kind of not worry about dealing with where the
orders are going to come from more so focusing on how to fulfill those orders
and do them well so those resources are are always out there and it’s so easy to
get started without having to put in a lot of investment in a retail space or
wondering how you’re gonna do advertising to get your business now the
the fourth reason why the embroidery business so easy to get started in is
because the cost of the equipment has gone down over all these years now if
you look at maybe twenty years ago the cost of equipment for embroidery
machines are probably easily in the six figures you’re talking about a single
head machine or a two head to a four head machine being anywhere between you
know sixty to a hundred thousand dollars so those costs have gone down over the
years at as technology has evolved and has made it more more affordable and
easier for people to acquire these equipment to get started in this in this
industry you’re talking about single head machines now ranging anywhere from
you know eight to ten thousand dollars on the on the kind of starter machine
side and then maybe twelve to fifteen thousand dollars on the commercial side
so those the the increase in technology and the development in technology has
really helped make embroidery machines and embroidery equipment more affordable
for people to take advantage of and get started and start producing things right
away without kind of a large hurdle or or a cost of entry into this industry
and last but not least I mentioned a little bit about the kind of platforms
where you can get businesses but again customers and business but also
the unmatched support that’s in this industry a lot of
other industries have a lot of competition where there isn’t much
of a community of people that are willing to help to help one another but
I think what’s special about the customer apparel and embroidery
in particular is that people are willing to help each other and there are
a ton of resources out there that are free and and very easily
accessed by by anyone that are looking to learn and as long as you put in the
time and the effort to kind of learn those things you can definitely be
successful in your businesses this isn’t rocket science right and so some of the
resources out there I mean with YouTube being a platform that has a lot of how
to’s we’ve actually also as a manufacturer developed a series of
videos where we teach people how to do certain projects whether that’s you know
towels beanies caps shirts patches those videos are you know free content that we
give to not only our customers but anyone looking to kind of learn about
embroidery in general and give them the tools and tips on how to take a project
from start to start to finish there are there’s are also groups
on Facebook that are very very active we have a group called embroidery and
custom apparel mastery where there’s over 10,000 members in there ranging
from people focusing on embroidery to direct-to-garment printing to screen
printing and those people are very active and asking questions asking how
to price things how to where to get the best wholesale goods blanks and and so
that community of people is something that you don’t really see in other
industries and so that level of resources is free to you to access if
you want to just learn about things right there’s no commitment to actually
join the group you just join and if you want to lurk around and read about what
other people are asking that’s also a great way to educate yourself on this
industry and and along with the resources that we provide on the YouTube
channels with our embroidery hub episodes with with podcast like like
like this where you get these business advice and how choose on the on detect
on the technique side in in video format that helps you prime yourself so that
you when you are ready to make that leap and jump into the embroidery business
you already have enough knowledge and really get a
head start from everyone else and the continual support that you’ll get in
these groups and the communities of people that are very willing to help one
another so we also have actually a private Facebook group for our eco
maçussa MERS only where it’s more focused on the on the technical
techniques and details of our products so that we are also building a community
of people that have our product and can get the support and resources that they
need to be successful in their business so all in all of the resources that are
out there for you to learn and to and to take advantage of but it’s up to you to
really kind of capture that information learn it implement it and then really
execute it in your business to make a difference so I hope that helps those
are the five reasons that kind of I’ve summarized into why you should start an
embroidery business and why it might be the good fit for you so to kind of recap
first and foremost the the setup costs are very very low the variable costs are
very low number two there are a bunch of resources and sorry there’s a they’re a
bunch of demand for embroidery in in every business in every local business
or anybody that wants to brand their their business there is a need for
embroidery so the demand is out there and it’s continuing to grow as people
want more and more personalized goods number three there are a lot of
platforms out there to help you get business so that you don’t have to be
frustrated about how – like how do I get those orders coming in number for the
cost of machinery has gone down due to the increase in technology and last but
not least the unmatched industry support and the resources and the community of
people that are out there that has your success in mind so whether it’s other
embroiderers ranging from other embroiderers to manufacturers like us
where we are providing you with the help and resources to make sure that you are
successful in your business so I hope that helps in somewhere in the in the
description of this of this episode there are gonna be links to other
resources like the embroidery hub episodes that I mentioned about as well
as to the Facebook group that I mentioned
embroidery and custom apparel mastery where you can join for free over 10,000
people in that group and then last but not least if you want more information
on kind of why embroidery is the perfect side business I encourage you to check
out a blog post that our team has written regarding that topic if you want
to learn more alright guys so I hope that you found this episode helpful make
sure to rate this episode and to subscribe to our podcasts for more
insightful information like this I hope to see you guys next time

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  1. Been helping my dad with his embroidery business for a long time. Looking forward expanding it. Social Media is a Great Platform to get business.

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