5 Things I Regret Buying – SILVER HAIR DYE

5 Things I Regret Buying – SILVER HAIR DYE

Hey guys, so today we are going to take another perilous journey into my drawer of shame If you didn’t know it is filled with things that while I was at the shop I thought I really need this is the most important thing in the world But then I got home and just plonked it in a drawer and never looked at it again So today, we’re going to review whether they were worth buying or not I personally think everything in life is improved with an emotional scale, so if they were definitely worth buying we will use this If they were kind of a bit meh we will have this face I can’t do a serious face without laughing wait. There we go, that’s the screenshot. And if they were definitely not worth buying. I think we can have this face [“NO” sound effect] alright, first thing on list, black water. I’m glad the lid was on right? Or BLK because everything is made cooler if you just remove some letters from the name I should rename myself PHL or HI, that would be hi Hi, a combination of naturally Black fulvic trace mineral a lot of good fulvic minerals There’s no flavor added, so I’m thinking it’s just gonna taste like water No fizz smells like nothing, ooh It looks like coke. I’m just putting out there that is a sludgy dark brown So I want my money back if I saw that coming out of natural spring I don’t think my first intention would be to put my mouth to it. It looks like it came out of a burst sewage pipe here we go It tastes like water. What was I expecting, I don’t know what I was expecting. Do you know when you have a nice bottled water in a hotel and it tastes like really really diluted milk? No? well that’s how I describe it. It’s like really nice hotel [smacks lips] water. so I’m going to give this one a meh I’m glad I tried it but I don’t think I will be getting any more. Next thing I was super excited about, that Dan thought is the stupidest thing ever, It is a lemon humidifier which sits next to your computer and releases a lemon scent. It looks like this I think it’s quite cute Ah the classic blue lemon alright I filled it with water, not black water just regular water and now I’m plugging him in. lemon me up baby It’s not working, come on. I need my lemons. Oh, haha. Just staring at this massive ON button on the front of it here we go AH! whoo, this is so much steamier than I thought it would be. Are you getting that? It’s like being in your own personal steam room I’m probably breaking the camera. Where’s the lemon smell come on bring it to me wait It doesn’t smell like lemons it just looks like a lemon Oh, I feel like such a lemon this is false advertising if you call it a lemon humidifier I’m going to expect some freaking lemons! this gets a [buzzer sound] the face of betrayal.. what’s a face of betrayal? Get out of my sight you lemonless fail. okay next thing you know I’m obsessed with cereal Well, what if I could have cereal on my body at all times? I got some cereal flavored lip balm who doesn’t want the flavor of cereal on their lips all day So we have cocoa pops, frosted flakes oh this must be American because we call them frosties which sound a lot more British. rice krispies, fruit loops, which we don’t have In the uk and is also a travesty and corn flakes not sure I’d want corn flakes on my lips But let’s test it out. I reckon the best way to test these will be a blind taste test Which is not only informative but fun for YouTube. I’m gonna close my eyes give them a swish and then rub one on my lip okay number one. get a good covering. oh oh, I’m getting I’m getting chocolatiness, so that must be cocoa pops Yes That’s a good one if you’re craving chocolate and you don’t have any, just put this in your bag and then you can have a little Chocolaty lip treat. that took my mind to a weird place. Numero 2 let’s put it right on my teeth It’s like a bit plasticky like if I licked a TV remote or something. maybe…is it corn flakes? Rice Krispies?? I’m gonna have the moistest lips in London at this rate I’m getting some sweetness from it is this one Frosted flakes. Yes did you ever get scared of Tony the Tiger as a kid or was it just me? he’s kind of terrifying Froot Loops! Yes, that one is nice. It tastes like fruit more than cereal. the next one, I don’t need to close my eyes It’s corn flakes. I feel like my lips are just covered in fruit, so I’m just going to eat it I cannot taste any corn or any flake it just tastes like air Mixed with black water so overall not bad because of the Cocoa Pops. I’m gonna say yes I am happy with that one. You already know in advance I’m gonna regret this one I got some Satan Spawn gummy Bears Which are angelic little gummy bears with a twisted dark side they contain Habanero Chillies. Habanero Chillies are very hot and rated 100,000-350,000 on the Scoville scale What is the Scoville scale? It’s in the red which is the same category as US grade pepper spray? I mean Tabasco sauce and jalapenos make my eyes water And they’re in the yellow and green. why didn’t I buy the bell pepper gummy bears? okay, I can do this For you guys and science. How many should I have, I’m gonna eat two because I usually eat gummy bears two at a time because they need a friend when they’re dying they even smell hot my nose is watering I’m actually scared. Right, here we go. oh, oh god [coughing] oh, mm, ah, augh, ah [hums] Wow, it’s definitely hotter than any curry I’ve ever eaten. Glad I only ate 2, imagine if I took a massive mouthful of them I mean, I think they’re good to prank someone but for myself, I’m gonna give them the [buzzer noise][“NO” sound effect] last thing is this kpop idol silver hair paste which I saw on a Facebook advert and the guy looked so cool after he used it. I just thought I had to try it It’s got some badly translated Japanese instructions, “this product is a one-time hair” “Water so luble, lines exceptionally dynamic strong lasting shape modeling for hair shine and brings significant unique personality.” Well sign me the eff up. That sounds like my dream life ooh! This looks awesome. It’s like terminator 2 melted into a pot. It kinda smells like a swimming bath mixed with a bit of mint Hmm ah. This texture is making me happy. It says work it from the hair root. So is that my hair root? ugh! It feels a lot less nice in my hair. if I don’t look like a kPop idol after doing this I want my money back looks like a bird has pooed on my head seems to be getting there My head feels so gross now. This is not a dynamic texture at all. And here’s the big reveal *Ba-ba-bA-Ba* What do you think guys? I can’t tell if this looks cool or completely horrific, it feels horrific. It feels like a plastic Sticky wig I do not look like the kpop idol I dreamed of. I’m getting silver everywhere My hands look like I did something really inappropriate to the tin man I wonder if this is what my hair will look like when I’m 70. So based on how this feels alone I’m going to give it a giant regret I think I could ever pull off silver hair because of how pale I am, it makes my whole face just blend into my head. So there we go My drawer is a little bit emptier, my mouth is burning and I look completely ridiculous Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this hopefully yours are a lot less silver than mine You can subscribe by clicking my bubble down here my last video is over there give that a little watch and I hope you are Having a fantastic day and your hair is a lot less gross than mine. Goodbye [Phil gets closer to the camera]

100 thoughts on “5 Things I Regret Buying – SILVER HAIR DYE

  1. watching this like two years later and Phil has gone from being scared of Tony the tiger to calling him "muscular tiger daddy"

  2. Cornflakes are the cereal your grandma buys for when you stay at her house because you mum told her you like cereal for breakfast.

  3. With the lemon thing, in you add a few drops lemon scented oil into water then you'll get a lemon scent out of it, hope that gives you your desired lemon-scented apartment

  4. Everytime I see someone in the comments use his full name I just think of when Dan shreeked and shook Phil and high pitch voice "PHIL LESTER!! YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!" and smile again

  5. Ugh! That silver hair “dye” is what we use for theatre! It’s a paste formula for grey hair when we’re playing elderly people! I knew the packaging looked familiar..

  6. The ad I saw right before the intro was a group of adorable cows running majestically through a field in slow-mo and I feel like that's simultaneously hilariously ironic—because one second you're cooing at cute animals on a screen, and the next you've got "POW, IM PHIL" and it just made me laugh—but also kind of appropriate, seeing as it's phil

    it was nice

    I think it was about dairy and it was there 'cause of phil's description of the blk water

    Also: Phil middle-fingering us (that sounds a bit wrong)

    Update: it showed up at the end of the video, too!

  7. Wouldn’t hair dye work better If you didn’t put in on your already dyed hair. Then you just mix the black and silver hair dye and this happens

  8. Phil: The guy with the silver hair looked SO COOL so I had to try it.

    Me: Well of course he looked cool cause he’s a K-Pop idol❤️😩

  9. For the lemon humidifier, you need to put your own essential oils into the water, so it will make your room smell nice.

  10. At the end when when he said I hope your hair is a lot less gross than mine I laughed because I was just in a play where I had to put in silver hair wax

  11. I literally eat Satan Spawns as if they were plain gummy bears 😂 pretty sure I said this already when this vid came out but still

  12. I got an ad for professional hair dye before this video which is both amazing and inappropriate at the same time 😂

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