5 Tips For Starting A Blog & How Writing Helps 2018

5 Tips For Starting A Blog & How Writing Helps 2018

hey welcome back this is andre from
andre elvine calm and today we’re going to talk about the five tips for starting
a blog online and how riding on it often helps i’m always bummed bought it with
different emails and different conversations with local business owners
small business owners about blogging and starting a blog and all these different
questions so i said to myself hey why not bring a couple of videos on starting
a blog and different things around starting a blog and maybe that’ll help a
lot of people and get a lot of questions answered we’re gonna zip through these
as quickly as possible and hopefully this will give a lot of understanding to
starting a blog and riding on a glide so check it out hey one of the things that
I rely on is simplicity and simple marketing simple content marketing for
blogging can be attained and the reason for that is because local business
owners are in one area they’re not expanding their business and you know in
different states and have all these different businesses and different state
they’re in one general area so I like to keep everything simple I believe
marketing should be simple so blogging will be something I’m gonna go through
these five tips with simplicity and mind so that’s just a note to you all so
insane that though these tips will be helpful to any small business owner or
to any blogger these tips are very very helpful WordPress is one of the biggest
if not the biggest publishing platform for bloggers in the world WordPress is a
very very very easy platform to use as well there’s two different WordPress
sites you have wordpress.org and wordpress com here’s difference
wordpress.org is a self hosted site like this site right here let me go over here
how to build and create a blog a website that i put together um actually in one
of my demonstrations you may find the video if you look around hi actually put
this website together within like five minutes the self hosted website is the
one that you want you don’t want the wordpress.com site right here there’s a
lot of different pros and cons to it but the wordpress com is a free site but you
have more control over the wordpress.org and how you can access the wordpress.org
site is when you purchase your hosting and I’m going to kind of go over that
just a little bit as well in this video 1-click installation method is after you
purchase your hosting account you go into your back office and you actually
select which publishing platform that you’re going to use in this case
wordpress when you purchase your hosting account you’ll get a user and password
set up your username and password and you can go into the back office of your
hosting account you want to scroll all the way down to almost the bottom there
and you’ll see WordPress there you’ll click on it and this screen here will
come up and this is the one-click install that we talked about but before
you do any of this stuff here you want to check and make sure this good stuff
is right I always eliminate this here because if you don’t when you’re ready
to install the domain here you will install the dot-com slash WP so get rid
of that so it can come out as the domain com so I’m not sure if I explain that
properly you’ll see a forward slash here in WP
if you leave WP and that’ll be your domain name you donate may for example
will be how to block firstpost.com / wpn you don’t want that so i always
eliminate that make sure you come out here and check everything else put the
site name in site description this right here is very very important site name
set up your username and password for your wordpress so that’s going to be
separate than the hosting account so make sure you write your username and
password down in a safe place you’ll they’ll send you that via email or
whatnot but make sure you write it down the safe place ossining you come now
here and press install installing the plugins and themes on wordpress is even
easier than the one click method that i showed in the previous slide um i’m
going to go through that with you and install the plug-in and you’ll see how
easy it is okay back in my wordpress dashboard i am going to install a
plug-in as you can see all the different selections right there alrighty search
plugins here you go one of my favorite plugins is Yoast SEO install right here install now and what
that does you see it here it improves your search engine optimization it’s
taking a little while before it installs but it’s going through it there you go
and you can see installed plugins right here Yoast SEO and you just press the
activate button and there it is and then obviously you go in and put your
settings and all that stuff but installing plugins and themes on
WordPress is very very easy okay quickly themes you see appearance i’m not going
to actually install the thing but you go to appearance and you press themes and
you can actually search the different themes or you can install one of these
are add new theme by clicking this button right here when you have a new
blog writing often can be very very helpful this is kind of a two-part thing
for me um the first part I’ll say is for the search engines to be found for your
website to be found within the search engine it’s really very helpful if
you’re right often the second part to that I’m going to show
on the screen here I wanted to kind of recommend this particular blog post by a
blogger named Chris Lima it’s called the five reasons i recommend daily blogging
even if you disagree so i’ll have a link in the description and you can check
that out as well the flip side to that if you didn’t want to write as often if
you want to just kind of write something very very spectacular and promote it um
I guess promoted like Facebook ads or something like that that can be helpful
as well so it’s kind of a two-sided issue but this article here breaks it
down very very good as well if you if you’re blogging daily and you can see
the benefits of it in this article the costs that are included when you are
starting a blog so actually they’re very cheap there’s 22 costs that you’re going
to occur one for your domain name which is an annual fee and one for your
hosting account which is a monthly fee your domain name you’re going to pay
somewhere between seven to ten dollars you may pay a little cheaper than that
and like i said its annual fee your hosting account is going to be a fee of
anywhere between six dollars and ten dollars a month you may be able to get
that attacked cheaper as well so i just wanted to go through that there are
costs involved when you’re dealing with the self-hosted blog which we highly
highly highly recommend a self-hosted wordpress blog thanks for watching this
video I hope this video was a great help to you if you want to start your blog
you should see a link in the description below click that link
below and hey get started today hey once again thanks for watching

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  1. I love the WordPress CMS (self hosted)…easy to use like your video states. Great explanation…good stuff!

  2. Creating a website will be so easier now for my business and writing can be so easier too with consistency posting. Awesome advice and video.

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