39 thoughts on “5 Types of AFFILIATE MARKETING website with examples

  1. Good video Alex ๐Ÿ‘

    Can you have like a combination of all this different sites type into 1 ? Wouldn't that be a veeery good site ?

  2. Do you have any thoughts on downloading WP so you can start designing it before you actually pay for hosting? That way you are not paying for hosting before the site is even launched.

  3. Hi Alex, great video. I'm interested in a blog site. The table view at 1:53 on the baby gearlab (test results and ratings) looks very interesting- do you know if that is a plugin?

  4. Alex I am starting a hunting accessories store. I purchased X theme and Woozone through you what stack would you suggest me using to create the site I want it to look similar to this site http://guide.sportsmansguide.com/ appreciate any help you can offer

  5. Your the best Alex I want to thank you from my heart no Homo! Lol, I wish you success with whatever it is that you want to accomplish!

  6. i need your help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why my kingdom theme is not working, i m seeing this weird page in my wordepress, if i click appearance ย in my wordpress backstage i should able to see every part of my website , now nothing is here ,i am only seeing thisย This Website is Under Construction.ย 
    Come Back Soon.
    i need your help ?
    did i click something wrongly ? i have no i idea , i did homepage step by step but the code you gave us on your website never working , i did try again and again , i am frustrated right now , need ย your help

  7. Love this. In 2 minutes you've answered what I needed explaining. thanks so much! Am only going to do affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

  8. I know how to build sites, I know how to get domains and keywords, what I didn't know, what what sort of site layout I should have been shooting for. I didn't know if I should focus on one product or several in the same niche. This video has answered many questions for me. Liked, Subscribed, and here's a Comment. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks a lot.

    I'm hoping what I learned from this video will be my turning point, to help me get my first sale.

  9. Sir can we work together two or more affiliate marketing on one web site . please suggest , should we take two or more affiliate marketing on one word press site and beside this can we make a compare of two separate online site on one site

  10. Have you made the comparison site tutorial yet? Searching for it but cant find it ๐Ÿ™‚ Your content is super helpful!

  11. Very helpful, but I have a question on the e-commerce type site. When you say to use a plug-in for the "long-tail" searches, does not not work when you use the in-bed codes that Amazon can give you to put a grid of products on your site? Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Thank you!! I started watching you about 6 months ago. Finally started my site… little bit of traffic, 1 small sale! Your step by step approach REALLY helps the newbies!

  13. Great video and thank you for sharing. Have a question. I am interested in the Blog version. I do have a blog site (www.insuranceglobe.net) and would like to offer inside my blog/website books, videos, etc., about life insurance, personal financial planning and the like. Is there a plugin I would need to add books, videos etc., from Amazon? Do I just add one page to my site where I list/show the products? Please, advise and thank you.

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  15. Thanks for this knowledge. Am trying to build a website about softwares but am in a fix now because l don't know which theme is good for affiliate marketing and l don't know where to get content to post daily on my site. Kindly help me recommend a free WordPress theme that is good for affiliate marketing about softwares and where l can always get free content to post on my site. Can l proceed and start creating landing or sales pages even without having a fully functional website? Thanks a million

  16. Hi, thanks for the video.
    Could you tell me how people connect their own cart to Amazon? Do you need a plug-in?
    Can you do this with other affiliate programs as well?

    Many thanks

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