5 Ways I use To Earn From Blogging & Youtube India|Hindi Video

5 Ways I use To Earn From Blogging & Youtube India|Hindi Video

Hi! Everyone , welcome to Wiseshe Makeup , this is Anamika And today’s video is in Hindi Now you please let me know sometimes I do video in English and sometimes in Hindi So, should I continue doing this If Not, then why I shouldn’t do video in Hindi Or if I should do then why I should do it Likewise I am doing this video in hindi But you will get English subtitles here. So, who don’t know Hindi can read English Subtitles So , todays video is not on Fashion , makeup or DIY which I usually do And if you are new here Than do not forget to SUBSCRIBE on the Red box given below So that whatever video I upload, you receive the notification of the same. So for today, I have written down few points So, that I do not forget or miss out anything I am into the Blogging and You tube since many years Its been 8 years in Blogging I started Youtubing very late But I am doing Blogging since 8 years. When I started Than I didnt know anything Even I didnt know the different textures of Eyeshadows What are the different varieties of lipsticks available I didn’t know anything of it But I was passionate about makeup Rest, How to earn from this Profession Or how this can be considered as Career I didnt have any idea about it. So, when I now look back I realise that I have come so far.. i never imagined i will come this far and i will be able to learn so many things Or if I will be able to gain so much of experience. All this looks dream to me I am pretty happy With the little achievement , respect and dignity earned from this. But of course, Inspite off doing good in life You always have this desire to do better and i still hold that desire to improve myself everyday One should always think of improving themselves everyday If this desire vanished away then there is no scope of improvement left The very good thing about this blogging and vlogging is It’s a great career for women In this profession, you do not have to leave your career Or you do not have to take a break You are not required to take a break in this career You can take care of your children You can very well take care of your family too.. You can go for vacation with your husband anytime And can enjoy fully. And speaking about how to earn from this profession than ofcourse , I will not tell you how much I earn from this . Probably I will let you know in the coming videos But I can tell you this, that from the amount which I have earned from this I have done many foreign travelling I have sponsored all my baby’s toy, clothes and educational fund I have invested in small Property as well So , all these things I have done by earning from the blogging community And this is very good platform Which everyone should try out. But yes, this platform is very difficult Generally, everyone finds there profession is difficult Similarly, in this profession lot of hard work is involved And the patience level which you need to maintain in this profession it sometimes breaks you down completely from inside. It is that difficult at times But if you continuously keep moving ahead And also keep improving than it will take you to the new heights of success Of course, your fate also matters But if you know you can do this then Just go ahead and do it. I will let you know more things later on But there are few things which I will let you know today is that There are 5 ways to earn through Blogging and youtube The first way by which I have started earning was through Adsense Adsense gives pretty less amount in starting Infact to get adsense in starting is very difficult Google expects that , your account must have been active for last six months It needs to have good content Than only it allows you . Even I had taken lot of time, in taking adsense approval only. till that time i had not earned any income. After that also, I tried to do my work continuously Somehow I was liking my work So, without expecting any returns I continued doing my work And gradually the things kept on fixing at their level And finally I received considerable amount from Adsense. When I received my first cheque, it came very late I received it after starting 9 or 10 months of my work But the happiness of that first cheque was irreplaceable from any other cheque I have ever received I dont know however, but the first cheque is always the first cheque So that was an exemplary happiness which I have ever received and experienced. Some people think that Adsense gives very less amount. and also its not that good but The reason behind it is that , you must have not done the SEO Properly If your SEO is good enough than definitely through keyword ranking you will be able to get good organic traffick on your blog. which is completely a different domain altogether And after that your Adsense revenue will increase in good amount I know many such people whose Adsense revenue is around $10000 per month And they are doing so well So you see, if the Adsense revenue is so much than the rest of the things would be fantastic So, the first way to earn is through Adsense Revenue which is nice to try if you are serious in this profession and if you get deeply into the details of this And slowly if you keep experimenting in this, you will earn very good revenue from this The second thing by which we can earn is the Affiliates Many people must be aware of this term Affiliates If you dont know, I will tell you As you know there are many eCommerce websites like Amazon , Flipkart etc and many more.. But as I am affiliated with these two websites only, Amazon and Flipkart So, if any product is sold through their link Like suppose If I have done review of any Lipstick and if I have provided link of these websites from where you can buy the products than these websites provide certain amount of commission to us. And so, a considerable amount of revenue comes out of this process also. Generally, this Affiliate helps the Technology bloggers to earn a lot But slowly, as the Cosmetic prices are shooting up So, a major chunk amount comes out from affiliates which can cover you many expenses Its a good amount where you dont have to work very very hard. you just need to give affiliate link and you get the revenue from it this is again a work which requires lot of patience It needs intelligence of mind you need to read it very thorughly for its acceptance you will need to check the analytics so, as I said, you need to improve yourself every day And than only you can move ahead in life. The third way to earn revenue is through Paid Advertising There are many sites which can give money for reviewing their products As you know , If you have considerable amount of following on Instagram as well the companies give good amount of money for reviewing the products the same thing happens with Youtube as well as Blogging So its good way and very good amount to earn if you have good following on all In starting, its difficult to get in touch with companies as they dont value much with less followers But slowly, when you develop the good and organic following which is very important So, that will make you earn good amount of revenue And the very good thing about this profession is that You are not totally dependent on the single revenue model as , adsense is there, affiliates and paid advertising is also there So, its not that you are putting your money only in one basket But there are lot of things you can do as well. So, Paid advertising was the third one , the fourth one which I like is CPM Advertising As there are many companies who are working for CPM advertising Especially because there have been so much of machine learning and so much of technology which makes user experience very good So, it helps in making CPM advertising very good So, generally when you place a video or add on Youtbe channel or on Blogging sites So, the companies provide a video or banner and when people watches it and the as the no. of views of it increases than they pay you accordingly Or based on the number of clicks they pay , or depends with policy of different company but that is also a very good amount of generating revenvue mechanism so, if you work out properly and try out As this is my fourth way of earning income I havnt earned much through this mechanism but I have earned more through Adsense and Affiliates The fifth way of earning is my favorite way of earning Although I should have mentioned it before also That is Brand Collaboration As most of know what is this brand collaboration In this process, we try to approach all companies Like Lakme, Loreal, we try to approach these company and you say that You are a Advertiser, Blogger or Youtuber And you have good amount of following I would like to work with you Initially , if your following is not that good than Probably they will not reply to you as well and you will not be able to do anything Dont get disheartened, try again And get considerable amount of following by doing good work continuosly And than you try to approach them again than gradually you will be able to collaborate with brands second thing is that once you get contract from one brand than, So, it kind of becomes forever, in the sense that As I collaborate with Lakme or Maybelline so, it continues forever So, you get the regular income from it So, ofcourse whatever tips I have given you It requires lot of time, hard work and need to improve you work a lot . You yourself needs to do editing, photography, look beautiful and maintain also, you should be aware of all the latest product You should write well These all things are very difficult to be in one person and to improve oneself in it is very difficult but generally you must have seen that this is done by two sisters together Or husband -wife, Boyfriend- girlfriend do together So, I do feel that you need to have one person of technology or if these days if you have money you can hire from outside as well so, these things do help you out but so, you dont have to only follow passion here you have to think in both ways as, you have to think professionaly As well as you have to think in many other ways. So, I will not make this video too long If you like my Video I would like to do it again So, donot forget to Subscribe and Like And also do not forget to let me know what more video should I do..Bye Byee

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