5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following — Instagram Tips

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following — Instagram Tips

Hello, I’m Casey Sullivan I am the co-owner
of Coffee In The Shower. We’re an Instagram account and a clothing brand. Within two
years we’ve gained about 130 thousand followers we’ve gotten about 30,000
orders on our Shopify account. It was about two and a half years ago at my
wedding with my wife the officiant was reading her vows and said that she
promises to always bring me coffee in the shower. And everybody in the entire
place cracked up in his laughing and right there I decided that I’m gonna buy
the website and make an Instagram account called Coffee In The shower. About
two months later we designed our first sweatshirt and put it on to an
influencer account on Instagram and linked that up with our with our website and
our Instagram. Since then we’ve just been building ever since and today I’m gonna
break down five main points that have helped our brand grow drastically on
social media. The first tip is going to be to speak your customers language.
speaking to your right target market with the right platform. So really the
time of the day the day of the week and the content would be the biggest. If it’s
on Sunday probably want to talk about brunch or something they’re gonna do on
Sunday relaxing. If it’s Tuesday night you’re getting home from work you having
a glass of wine we’re gonna talk about something like that. Because you don’t
want to talk about something irrelevant because they’re not going to share with
their friends at the right time. So you want to post something that they can
share with their friends right then to get traction to your page. Alright tip
number two is gonna be put out shareable content. Shareable content is a huge
driving force in our sales and in the increase in our Instagram followers.
Because the more that they share the more you’re gonna get followers on your
page and the more all of your Instagram metrics are gonna go up. Taking your
product say if it’s a shirt with a screen print on it. And just posting on it on
your Instagram is good but if you take it and make it into a meme which people
love to share on Instagram these days. We’ve got a sweatshirt that says “Rosé
Cuervo” and we put a caption above it that says “friend what are your plans
this weekend?” and below that says me and then it’s a picture of the Rosé
Cuervo sweatshirt. So it’s just tying in your caption to
your image in a playful way that people can share. So tip number three is to utilize
influencers on Instagram. Influencers are gonna be your greatest form of sales.
Bringing new followers to your page it’s been huge for us because we started as a
small account it was a joke between me and my wife. But we realized quickly that
you can utilize like-minded accounts that have bigger followers to help you
brand grow. Tip number four is to link your Instagram to an easy to check out
website. The easiest one that I’ve found to use is Shopify.com it’s easy to check
out the templates are real easy to design if you don’t have any web design
or developing background. You can put your products into there very easily. And
link it to your Instagram and within 10 minutes you can be selling. The biggest
reason to do this is if you are able to get somebody from your Instagram to your
website. You want to lose them by them getting your website and they don’t even
know how to check out where your products are. You land on a blog that you
don’t want to read. Land right on your product make it easy to check out easy
to put in your credit card or PayPal and they can be off your website in 10
minutes with a sale. The fifth and final tip would be to keep everything simple
and timeless. Come up with the timeless print put it on a timeless garment and
promote it in a timeless simple way. Which Instagram has been our greatest
platform for that. Make your post simple make your captions simple. Make it easy
for your for your followers to understand because the more words you
use the more they can judge. Less is more on Instagram. All right so that’s it
thanks for checking out the five tips from Coffee In The Shower on how to up
your Instagram game here’s a quick overview. Thanks for checking us out you can find
us on Instagram at Coffee In The Shower and the link will be below. Be Different.

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  3. great vid! what stood out at me is this is the first instagram tips vid that did not mention hashtags once. personally, i dont like em just cos i think they look spammy. but curious if that omission was intentional.

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