5 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

5 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

Let’s get promotional, shall we? After you put your blood, sweat and tears
into a blog post the obvious first thing that you want is for people to read it. So I thought
we’d talk about five ways to promote your blog post that don’t include hitting the
refresh button on Google Analytics. You know you do it. First of all social networks of course. The
reason why we are on these things is because there’s already a following for those platforms,
so you build your own little space on it and then you send them to your own network. Certain networks will allow for you to reshare
something over and over. Facebook you might only share it a couple of times, but Twitter
you can send the same blog post out quite a few times. Just get creative with how you
tease it. So maybe you say a quote from the blog post in one tweet, the next tweet could
just be the header, the next tweet could be something that’s a question that you answer
in the post. Get really creative with how you tweet about that particular link. And don’t forget Linkedin and Google Plus
because those are very effective referral networks as well. Speaking of Linkedin, a great way to promote
your blog post is to go to Linkedin Answers and look for someone who is already asking
a question about the type of content you just wrote. If you can go to someone and say ‘here’s
the answer to your question and if you’re interested in more information I actually
just wrote about this recently here’s the link,’ you have just become a resource for
that person. In addition to anyone who sees that question and then wants to know the answer
as well. So you’re not just helping one person when you do that, it’s just a more
personal way of doing it where more parties will see it. I also add every single blog post I so to
my email signature. There’s a tool that I like called WiseStamp. WiseStamp gives you
the ability to add additional features to your normal signature. So you have your name,
your title, your business, your website, but you can also add maybe your latest tweet,
and your latest blog post. So the tool helps you from doing this manually, but it still
gets it in front of the people that you may email on a daily basis. Another thing I like to do is look for blog
posts that are similar but not exactly the same as the post that I wrote. This is a good
time to go and comment and engage with the writer, engage with the readers that are also
commenting below. And especially if the blog is using a plugin called CommentLuv. This
means anytime you comment your last blog post will show up there. So you’re not only getting
to chime in on a conversation that you just wrote about. It’s already linking to that
latest post and you don’t even have to pimp yourself out, it’s just built in. Lastly, take advantage of the connections
that you’ve built a relationship with on social media. If there’s someone that you
think has a similar audience to you and you’ve already over a period of time — not just
recently — but you’ve already been sharing their stuff and you feel like maybe they would
like something that you did. Why don’t you hit them up with a DM, private message, whatever
you want and say ‘hey I just wrote this and I thought your audience might like it.
feel free to tweet. here’s a sample tweet for you.’ Make it really simple, and only
do it if you have been giving giving giving to them. If you haven’t done anything for
them, don’t bother. Because that’s just annoying. I will give you a bonus tip today but this
one is if you have a little bit more time on your hands. I also like to go and contribute
someplace else and do a guest post about a topic that’s similar to what I just wrote
about because if there’s a good opportunity for me to link to that post in reference to
something that I say in the guest post then that’s a really good way to get a back link
and more eyes on that content. As long as it makes sense and you’re not over linking
in the post, the host blogger shouldn’t have a problem with it. And it actually is
really helpful for the reader if they can read something that will help them learn more. No go promote your blog post cause I know
you worked really hard on that thing. Thanks for tuning in. I’m @Schmittastic and @SavvySexySocial
on Twitter. If you like the video, feel free to tweet. There’s a Click-To-Tweet link
in the description. Also, you need to subscribe to this channel, because I would like to see
you here tomorrow. See you then!

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  1. Thank You , you talk so fast , I like that and wish one day to talk like that .Smile

    my mother tongue is Arabic not English but i well understand you .Take care

    Great Video.

  2. Ah! Where have you been?!? I found you from David's Rise to the Top site. You are fab. We should SERIOUSLY do a video collab together!

  3. Oh my god!!!Que bella eres, you should work in hollywood.Here in Venezuela we have beautyful women as you.
    Take care, 1 kiss.

  4. You're amazing! One thing that I noticed with those you are into guest posting after their blogs have been posted they will just leave thier blogs there and never checked them out anymore and never interacts with those who are leaving comment on their articles. They are missing the chances of building a great relationship with other webmasters.

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  6. This video is best starting at minute 3:33 and running at .5 speed to the end. Thanks for the laugh! But seriously, good info to think about in light of running a great blog. Thanks!

  7. I have tried to find some simliar blogs to mine but I have a super hard time….. I would love to find other art blogs, ANYONE!?

    Also how have I never heard of comment love, great tip.


    Cloud Nine Studios

  8. This video is quite old but..
    It's great that you want to help begineer fashion bloggers, but the tips you gave me, wasn't helpful at all. I know that I need to promote my blog on Facebook and Twitter but I still don/t have an audience because my friends are not interested in my blog at all..

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  10. this video was great, talks a little fast so I had to watch it twice, but I learned something today and that's what counts.

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  16. Amy, I am in the midsts of starting a blog. It's about my experiences with dealing with my grandmother's dementia. How would I grow an audience on such a sensitive topic?

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