5 Worst Cheap Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

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on The Las Vegas Strip. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. And in this video, I’m
gonna be tellin’ you some of the worst places
to stay on this road, the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is a very
interesting place because there’s some really great hotels, but there’s also some really awful hotels. And those are the ones
I’ll be showing you here. This is part of my series on Las Vegas. I’ve got a whole bunch of
other videos on Las Vegas, including, where you can go to see the best free shows in Vegas. I’ve also got videos on what hotels are actually good to stay at, so you can check those out
in the description below. And we’re gonna begin
with the fifth worst hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. This prestigious location
goes to the Excalibur Hotel. The Excalibur Hotel can be found for $27 a night on November 27th. I used the same date
for all of these hotels. On Trip Advisor the
Excalibur gets 3.5 stars, with 3,588 reviews. And the biggest problem
with the Excalibur Hotel, it’s big, solace, and it’s dated. It has over 4,500 rooms. The hotel was built a long time ago. Really doesn’t look like it’s
been remodeled in a long time. Many reviewers on Trip Advisor
cited long lines to check in. 45, 50 minute waits seem
to be pretty typical for people checking into the Excalibur. Looking at the check in
area in the lobby here, you can see the line, not too short right now and
they’ve got some rope set up. It can get very much longer. The common areas of the
hotel, they’re dark, they’re musty, they smell of smoke. One reviewer on Trip Advisor
said that “Oh my gosh, “our entire floor smelled
of mariajuana every time “we came back and left our room”. Taking a walk down the
guest room floor hallways. When I did it there was a couple big bags of trash that just
appeared to be left there, pretty picturesque, and
these hallways are not all that refreshing either. Also, some of these rooms
can have pretty bad views. If you’ve got like a third floor room, and you look to the inside, this is probably not what you expect when you get a room on
the Las Vegas Strip. Another reviewer on Trip
Advisor says “If the management “has half a brain they
will tear this place down “and build another hotel and
casino they could be proud of. “But this ain’t it”. The fourth worst cheap hotel
on the Las Vegas Strip, is the Hooters Hotel. This hotel can be found for $28 a night. Three stars. 3,646 reviews on Trip Advisor. A reviewer on Trip Advisor
said “The starting advertised “room price of $36 became
almost $60 at checkout “because they asked to
pay an additional $27 “per night as a resort fee”. That’s something to keep
in mind for a lot of these cheap hotels, the Excalibur included. They’ll often charge
resort fees that make that cheap room rate actually double. Another reviewer said “The
pictures online looked way better “than the room actually looks, “I wouldn’t recommend
this hotel to anyone. “The only good thing about this place was “the access to The Strip is one block off and the ease of getting a taxi.” They also said “And oh, by
the way, the whole place “smelled like sewage”. Another reviewer on Trip
Advisor says “The whole hotel “is in desperate need of renovation. “The bathtub was disgusting,
there was dust everywhere, the caulking had mold around it. “Once I complained about
the smell in the room “a staff person came and
sprayed this awful spray “that made the room smell even worse. “The bed was the worst, and
it had a sink in the bed “as if the bed frame
was broken on one side.” Another reviewer says
“The only glimmer of hope “for this hotel was the food
and the hospitality staff “inside of the actual restaurant. “The service inside the
Hooters restaurant was great “and very fast, so only
visit the Hooter Hotel if “what you want to do is
eat in the restaurant. “Skip the actual hotel rooms.” The third worst cheap hotel
on the Las Vegas Strip is the Travel Lodge Center Strip. The Travel Lodge Center
Strip, and the next two hotels in this video,
they are really bad. This hotel, not quite as
cheap as the previous two, for November 27th it’s $67 a night. Travel Lodge Center
Strip on Trip Advisor has three stars with 1,079 reviews. One reviewer on Trip Advisor
says “If you’re interested “in location in the heart of Las Vegas, “this is perfect. “If you care about feeling
safe, a clean room, “and nice surroundings, get outta here. “This isn’t it.” The next reviewer said “Our room was old, “and the windows looked like someone had “to pry them open in the past. “I did not feel safe in this hotel. “The room had a musty smell to it. “Think poo, plus
detergent, mixed together. “The bathroom was dirty. “Overall, this was the worst
hotel I’ve ever stayed in. “I much rather pay extra
to stay somewhere else. “Definitely my first and last visit.” Another reviewer said
“reaching my room door, “the door was hard to
open and it had clearly “been forced open previously. “The security latch on the
door was snapped in half “and had to be replaced. “There was damage to the
wall where the door handle “had impacted it, even
though a strike plate “had been put in place.” Another reviewer on Trip
Advisor says “This place “is a total dump. “The room was musty and
moldy, you could see outside “from around the air conditioning. “The air conditioning sounded
like a jet plane taking off. “And this place with all of
it’s flaws it’s not cheap.” And also they talked
about the door and said “You had to slam the
front door to lock it.” Another reviewer agreed
the air conditioning was extremely loud and they
also comment and said “The corners of the hotels
inner courtyard were used as “urinals by pedestrians of The Strip “crossing the hotel entrance.” The second worst cheap hotel
on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s another Travel Lodge. This is the Travel Lodge Las Vegas. It’s located right next to
the Circus Circus hotel. You can get the Travel Lodge
Las Vegas for $37 a night. On Trip Advisor the Travel Lodge Las Vegas has 3 stars with 537 reviews. The first reviewer where
I’m gonna pick from sums it all up, and they
say “I chose this hotel “because of the location,
it did have that. “It had nothing else.” Another reviewer on Trip
Advisor says “The room was “an extremely poor pair and smelled like “some type of overwhelming
floral scented carpet deodorizer, “like you use to cover
up pet urine or smoke. “It was bad. “It burned my nose, it was so strong. “And on the last morning,
I woke up with bites, “and there were bugs walking around. “This was literally the worst
hotel I have ever stayed in.” Another reviewer says “Our
stay at this place was terrible “The furniture was broken,
the mattresses were so hard “I couldn’t sleep, the bathroom
was hot, it was very small.” Another reviewer on Trip
Advisor says “You get what “you pay for, so don’t be expecting much. “There was a pair of fake eyelashes stuck “on the wall in the bathroom,
from someone before us. “The beds were cheap and awful. “The shower took forever
to drain; therefore, making you stand in inches of
water while trying to shower. “The outside stairs
coming from downstairs to “the second floor smelled
like human urine.” Some reviews said this hotel has nothing. But one thing it did have, a
free laundromat in the lobby from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. And boy, what a depressing lobby it is. And now ladies and gentlemen, the time you’ve all been waiting for, the worst cheap hotel
on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s part of the Circus Circus, but in particular, it’s the
Cirus Circus Manor Motor Lodge. The Cirus Circus Manor
Motor Lodge rooms can be had for $19.80 a night. On Trip Advisor this portion
of the Circus Circus gets two and a half stars with 291 reviews. The only one of these
hotels on the strip that gets less than three stars. The Manor Motor Lodge are
these three story buildings behind the main buildings
of the Circus Circus hotel. These buildings are awful. To check in for them, you have to check in at the main Circus Circus check in, in the main building. And then, you follow these signs that say “Manor rooms this way.” You cross this really long bridge. I feel like it takes about
10 minutes to walk from the check in area over
to these Manor rooms. You’ll know you’re there because it gets really really depressing. Here I’m pointing at that
bridge I just walked across. The big pink thing is the Adventure Dome, and I’m standing on the third floor of one of the Manor rooms. So, let’s go ahead and walk on in. The first thing I noticed
when I opened this door was an amazing smell of smoke and must. And the whole hotel, really
just has a wet smell to it. And I think I found the
source of that wet smell. It appears the ice machine
had sprung a big leak, and the entire ground
floor by the ice machines and the vending machines was wet. They don’t seem to take out
the trash in this building. There are big piles of trash everywhere. They push the bed linens
around in these big orange carts that look
more suitable to hold trash than clean bed linens. And then on the wall, there’s
these wires sticking out. There was clearly
something here electronic, they just removed, pulled
it out, and it’s okay, just leave it like that. What’s the big deal? You’re only paying $19 a night. A reviewer on Trip Advisor
said “This is the worst “hotel I’ve stayed in. “The room stinks like smoke, “the whole building is old and run down. “I had to go buy some disinfectant wipes “just to use the toilet.” Another reviewer said “We
had stayed here years ago, “and figured it would be
a nice stop for the night. “We were wrong. “The place is filthy,
the carpet is disgusting, “the windows, the doors, are dirty filthy. “I hated to have to touch the door.” And another reviewer
said “Thin walls, bugs, “far away from The Strip and it’s just a step above a homeless shelter.” Thanks for watching! You might also enjoy
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