5 Youtube Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Channel

5 Youtube Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Channel

– If you’re just getting
started on YouTube I really want to help you
avoid the biggest mistakes I see so many people making. So in today’s video, I’m
gonna share with you the five biggest mistakes I want you to avoid if you’re new to YouTube. Hey guys welcome back
to another episode of Just the Tips, my name is Trena, and I’m a YouTube
Strategist helping you get your creative business on YouTube. Like I said, in today’s video we’re gonna talk about the top five
mistakes you wanna avoid. I’m actually kicking off
a brand new series here on my youtube channel
for the next five weeks to help you YouTube
newbies really understand how to use YouTube and
how to help grow YouTube for your business. So make sure you click
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got five weeks of great content you’re not going to want to miss. So let’s jump into those five mistakes you can avoid. The first mistake I see
people doing is not having a channel banner. So having the Channel
Banner is really important, because when people find a video of yours, and they watch it, they’re excited right? They’re enticed. They’re going to click
over to your channel. You’re channel banner is how you’re going to get them to subscribe. So on that channel banner, you really want to show people what it is your channel’s all about. This is going to tell
them whether they want to keep watching you, subscribe to you, and keep coming back
for more content, right? So make sure you’re
channel banner is set up and make sure you have
a key value proposition. What’s the reason that
they should subscribe to your channel? Have that in your channel banner. The second mistake I see people making is not having a plan for their thumbnails. I am very guilty of this too. When I first started out on YouTube, I just took still shots from my video and like pointed and smiled and put some text on my thumbnails. But, what you really
want to do to make that thumbnail extra good and
have people click on it, is have a plan for that thumbnail. What story can you tell in that thumbnail? What emotion can you
tell in that thumbnail? The thumbnail is essential
to get people to click on your video, because it doesn’t matter how amazing your content is, if people aren’t enticed
by your thumbnail, they’re not gonna click on it. So start spending a little more time on your thumbnails and
think about it in advance. The third mistake I see people doing is not thinking about their title. Again, one of the things
I’m guilty with as well, I thought, you know, just
throw up key word titles, and people will watch
it, people will find it. But what you really want to think about is how are people going to read that? You don’t want to necessarily
write a title for a robot, but write a title that’s going to entice somebody to click. It goes back to your thumbnail as well, your thumbnail and your title should share a complementary story. So whether they see your title first, or your thumbnail first, they both should connect and tell a story that makes that potential viewer want to click on it. So start to thinking about, what’s an enticing headline? Or an enticing title that’s going to get somebody to click to watch
the content you’re sharing. Also, don’t make it click-bait, so don’t lie in your
title or your thumbnail just to get people to click. Because you’re going to see that in your audience retention graph. If people click on that video and you have a huge retention drop, YouTube’s going to notice it an they’re going to stop
promoting your videos. So make sure it tells a story, but make sure that you
deliver on that story in your video. Now we are on to mistake number four. And this is not having a video strategy. So you think you know
what people want to see and you just throw that video up, there’s no planning that goes into it, you just know that’s
what people want to see. Well unfortunately that’s
not going to work on YouTube. You need to do some research. You need to see what people are responding to on YouTube. So what you can do is start typing in your idea into the YouTube search bar, and see what pre-populates. Whatever is pre-populating
are actual search terms that people are
looking for in YouTube. So do a little research, have a strategy going in to your video before you even film. And the fifth mistake that
I see so many people making, and yes, I am guilty of this one as well. Sending people off the platform. So many of you are business owners and you really want to get
people on your email list. So you have a free opt-in
in every single video. In fact, if you watch my videos here I always suggested that
you have a free opt-in. Well, we don’t want to do this. YouTube is not going
to promote your content to new people if you keep pushing people off the platform. So what you want to do
is you want to start thinking in series of videos, and in those first four
videos in your series, tell people to go watch another video. And then at that last video, send them off the platform. So you’re not sending them off the platform every single video, but you do have the opportunity at the end of that video series, say every four to five videos, to get a free opt-in and
get them on the list. And don’t worry, this isn’t going to
affect your email list, if people start to watch you, and start to love you, they’re obviously going to find out where they can find out more about you, they’re going to want to sign up for you. So, don’t let that stress you out. Like, if I use YouTube, how
am I going to grow my list? It will happen, trust me, just don’t send people off the platform every single video. I know. So now I want to hear from you, what are you struggling with on YouTube? What’s holding you back
from starting on YouTube? Let’s talk about it down in
the comments section below, make sure you subscribe to this channel because like I said, there’s going to be brand new videos every single Tuesday for the next five weeks to help you get started here on YouTube, because we’re going to
want to started on YouTube before the new year, right? Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next week. Bye.

23 thoughts on “5 Youtube Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Channel

  1. I love that you're giving us these updates Trena – super helpful! Especially about the titles and keeping people on the platform – same goes for pretty much all social channels! 😉

  2. I've been lucky with some videos in the past, where people have clicked on the video and I have gotten quite a few views even though I had terrible thumbnails! Obviously, I would have done much better with better thumbnails but back when I started I just didn't think about it!

  3. Thanks for being so honest and real about doing these mistakes in the past as well! It shows how much you are growing and willing to share your strategies on this platform!

  4. Good stuff. We creators many time spend a lot of effort and emotion on the content and forget to make sure the advertising (thumbnails and titles) are good.

  5. Love love love your upleveled videos Trena!!! I definitely have done all of these- will add in step 5 for sure! I’ve created my strategy for the next 4 weeks and it feels SO much better to have a clear path!

  6. Love the title strategy! Some of the YouTube titles I see out there are so keyword-stuffed, it. is. ridiculous. 🙈 #whotalkslikethat

  7. LOL What's holding me back? I need to get something to do videos with. Either a smartphone or a computer with a video cam and audio. Saving my pennies with that in mind.

  8. I feel like I could do what I truely wanna do if I had the right equipment and I think I will change things up and really press forward when I am actually able to get the equipment I need. Sad money is the only thing holding me back right now. I will still do my best with what I have.

  9. Thank you for this channel!! I never planned to start using YouTube, but after just playing around with and uploading videos I really want to learn to use it strategically for my business! Maybe you have other videos on this (I'm sure I'll find them if you do), but the biggest thing holding me back is video editing software and the technical things behind a video. What video editing software works and what programs do you use to add words and creative things on a thumbnail picture??

  10. I’m struggling with getting an audience, the audience concept kinda drives me to create in a way but getting a following is difficult

  11. This is really great stuff. I'm just staring on YouTube and would have made each one of these mistakes. Thanks!

  12. I'm struggling with content.think I choice the wrong.one and thumb nails .editing i.feel I'm missing something

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