6 English Questions That Are Rude To Ask Any Girl | English speaking Lesson By Niharika

6 English Questions That Are Rude To Ask Any Girl | English speaking Lesson By Niharika

So do you deal with lot of women? Well if
you do, then there are certain things that you need to avoid mentioning in front of a
woman. So what are these things? That’s what we are gonna learn today. HI everyone I am Niharika and welcome back
to a new lesson. Well this lesson is especially for the men who deal with lot of women in
their lives. Now there are certain things that you are not supposed to mention in front
of women and that’s what we are gonna look at today. Now at times, men just pass funny
remarks or they just say something that would turn a woman into a lady dragon. Yes, so to
avoid that kind of a situation, here I have six tips or six things that you are not supposed
to say to a woman. So let’s get started. The very first tip that I have for you is
talking about their weight. Yes, women are extremely sensitive about their weight. As
a description, well they might be as light as a feather, well just for them. But probably
they weight too much, but this doesn’t give you a chance to talk about their weight. It’s
absolutely not acceptable to woman because they are very sensitive when it comes to their
weight. They are very sensitive and emotional when it comes to eating. so for example, i
have seen men who say to their wives or to their girlfriends that, “hey is that all you
are gonna eat today?” so are you kind of directing that, hey look at your weight and with this
weight you think you are gonna eat so much of food today? So, that’s not acceptable,
the woman is definitely gonna get offended, it would hurt her feelings. So avoid talking
about a woman’s weight, whether she weighs as light as a feather or whether she is weight
too chubby or obese. Do not talk about her weight. The second tip that I have for you, is, before
and after pregnancy remarks. Now when a woman is pregnant, it’s the best thing that happens
to her. So you should feel really happy about it rather than passing weird comments. For
example, before pregnancy, women tend to gain a lot of weight. Well because they have to
eat a lot of healthy food so they tend to gain too much of weight. So people tend to
say Oh my God, look at you, you look huge. Uh… that is gonna upset that pregnant woman.
So please don’t do that. And then there are certain after pregnancy remarks. people either
comment about their post belly, post pregnancy belly or people comment about when the woman
gets back to work, people will say that, are you sure you’ll be able to handle this work?
Now that you are a mom. Well duh yes of course she just had a baby; she didn’t have a brain
surgery. So she is as capable as before and probably more efficient than before. So please
do not pass any negative comments before or after pregnancy to a woman, okay? The third tip that I have for you is comparing
a woman to another woman. Especially your mom. Oh yes men adore their moms. Probably
they are mama’s boys. So they tend to compare every woman they meet to their moms. That’s
not acceptable. A woman would always like to have her own independent identity. So respect
that and stop comparing her with your mom or stop comparing her with any other woman.
Okay especially husbands tend to compare their wives with other women they meet. That is
not acceptable. Okay so if you are comparing her or any friend, any girlfriend or woman
colleagues of yours with your mom or with any other woman, you need to stop doing that,
okay? The fourth tip that I have for you, is talking
about their age. So lady, how old are you? Hmm…. the woman is not gonna like this question.
Again women are very sensitive about their age. They don’t like to really show or really
tell people how old they are really. So asking questions like, how old are you? So is this
your 30th birthday? Is not acceptable. It’s good manners if you do not ask a woman’s age.
So even if she looks way too old to you, okay, may be in her 50’s, may be in her 60’s, just
give her a compliment. Tell her that hey lady, you know what, you don’t look a day older
than 20 so which means she looks just 20 years old. Whether she looks old or not doesn’t
matter, just compliment her. Alright, the next tip that I have for you
is, talking about her menstrual cycle which means talking about her periods. So all women
go through this awful time and in their monthly cycle or when they have monthly periods, they
are way too annoyed, they are irritated and they start crying for no rhyme or reason.
so even if you know that yes probably she is having her periods, you don’t have to mention
that or you don’t have to talk about it because there are people, there are men who would
come up to a woman and say that, uh… is that the time of the month? You look irritated.
Well don’t do it. Just ignore it. Okay let that moment pass, let those days pass and
you need to ignore rather than mentioning it, okay? And then the last tip that I have for you
is, using profanity. Well when you are with your boys, when you men are hanging out, you
tend to use a lot of profanity. It means that you tend to use a lot of abusive language,
which is fine. But in front of a woman, uh… doesn’t show good manners. It’s absolutely
bad manners.so words like bitch or slut, they are horrible words. So it’s like pulling a
pin out of a grenade. So dont’ use words like bitch, slut, whore, uh… they are horrible
words. You don’t say these words or you don’t use them for women. Especially if you say
it in front of a woman, she is definitely not gonna appreciate that. So no use of profanity
in front of women. okay so these are the 6 tips that are gonna
save your lives.so just go through them once again, do not talk about their weight or the
food that they eat. Do not pass comments about their pregnancy. Do not compare them with
any other women or your moms. Do not talk about their age; they are very sensitive about
their age. Menstrual cycle, talking about their periods is not appreciated and then
the last tip that I have for you is, no usage of profanity. No using words like bitch, slut,
whore, etc. Okay so keep these tips in mind, trust me they are helpful and they are gonna
save your lives and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then you take care.

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